tagRomanceIt's About TIME

It's About TIME


"Wow. What an incredible day." My eyes seek yours across the candle-lit table. Hypnotized by your beauty, I take another bite of the meal in front of me. "This has ben the best day of my life." The disclosure embarrasses you slightly, but I sense from a day with you. The embarrassment is waning.

I lean across the table and kiss you again. Our first kiss happened just hours ago as we met just inside the courtyard of the mall. Since that kiss, our lips have not stopped moving either in conversation or in passionate embrace. Now, I once again feel your tongue seeking mine. Feeling you wrap yours around my tongue and massaging it. I moan in the dark, quiet Italian restaurant.

"Honey? I didn't want to presume that you were going to spend the night with you. So I took the liberty of making arrangements at a nearby hotel."

Your reaction puzzled me. As if there was a combination relief and disappointment. I seek your eyes to reed deeper but failing in the attempt. "Thank you, Craig."

I smile at you. Content in taking things slowly.

I pay the bill and stand. Offering you my hand that you take willingly in yours. "Shall we?"

"But of course." you respond. Draping your hand on my arm.

Since the hotel is close, we opt to walk the short distance. Though it is short, it still takes us hours to reach our destination. Perhaps we shouldn't have stopped to feed the horses that pull the carriages through the plaza.

Maybe, we should have re-thought getting a piece of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory.

It might have been a bad idea to kick off our shoes and wade through the fountains in the park...kicking and splashing each other. The police officers thought it was a bad idea. *sigh*

Still, eventually, we made it to the hotel. I escort you to your room. "Well goodnight, honey." I say, excited about the promise tomorrow brings. "I am already looking forward to tomorrow."

"Me too", you say. Our arms not ready to let each other escape. I touch my forehead to yours. Smiling deep in your eyes, I pull away and make my way towards the elevator.

You stop me. "Craig?"

"Yes love?"

"I...ummmm....well..." You stammer and I smile warmly at you. The elevator reaches the floor and opens. "Would you spend the night with me?"

I am speechless. This request so genuine. This love so wanted. This moment so treasured. Why am I speechless? I am admittedly debating if I should say "no".

I turn back to face you and you flash me that same beautiful smile that captured my heart only hours before; this time with a nervous edge. Returning the warm smile, I reach for your hand. You grin and take my hand. Turning, you place my hand on your shoulder and lead me inside.

We hold a conversation as only long lost friends can while preparing drinks. Occasionally, I peek around the corner to catch yet another glimpse of you. Each time eliciting the grin that drives me deeper in love with you.

You reach and grab both of the glasses from my hands as I re-enter the living room. I lower my mouth to yours as you strain up to meet my lips. Again, we get lost in the moment. Our mouths intent on the intimacy of our kiss. Our tongues dancing. Our fingers locked in another unbreakable grip.

For several hours we sit side by side talking about life, love, and our own pursuit of happiness. With each passing moment, we find ourselves closer in mind, in heart, and in body.

It's past 4 am when we finally discover the time. Time flies when you have fun! "Are you sleepy?" you ask.

"Not exactly," I reply. "The adrenaline rush from meeting the woman I love has not worn off yet, I guess."

You laugh and roll off the couch. "I'll be right back." You explain.

"Or 'BRB' as we so lovingly termed it for the last few months."

"See you are sleepy" you comment, referring to the fact that the sleepier I get, the cornier and more obscure my jokes get.

"Maybe I'll take a nap here as I wait for you." I confess my sleepiness as you duck into the adjoining room.

Moments later, you come out wearing a wonderfully sexy, feminine piece of Victoria's Secret lingerie. My eyes widen and I whistle my approval.

You delight in my gestures and spin slowly. My eyes drinking in your scantily clad beauty. Watching your every move, even as you come take my hand again and help me to my feet. You lead me to the bedroom.

Once inside, you release my hand and turn on some nice, romantic music. Jumping onto the large bed, you spin to face me lying on your stomach. "One of us – (under breath) and I'm not mentioning any names – is like way over dressed." You comment.

"Like, oh my god...I so like am." I banter playfully.

You laugh and roll over, propped up by a number of pillows. You watch intently as I begin undressing for my love. Nervously, I fumble with the buttons of my shirt. Releasing each one only after a bit more effort than is usually needed.

"Nervous?" You giggle.

"Yes." I confess.

It's your turn to confess. "You should have seen me change into this lingerie for you. Talk about nervous."

I guess we both are. I am nervous because I am so in love with you that I want this evening to be nothing less than spectacular." My pants release and fall to the floor. The bulge in my boxers strain against the thin fabric.

I crawl into bed beside you and snuggle in close. I run my fingers through your hair. You talk sleepily. "I am so sorry. I wanted to make love to you tonight."

"You did, honey. You made love to my mind and my heart." I respond. You smile one last time for the night and bury your head in that perfectly fitted place on my shoulder. I kiss your forehead. "Goodnight, my Love."

Wow, what a perfect end to the perfect day. I got a chance to confess my love to you. Again. Perfect end.


And now, with your hand inside my boxers, the perfect end to a day is transplanted by the perfect beginning. Smiling from your touch, I open my eyes to see you peeking down inside my boxers as you massage my cock.

"Mmm. Good morning, Sexy."

"Good morning, Craig." You respond, still focused on the task (literally) at hand.

"A little to the left." I joke and you massage me just a bit to the left of where your hand was.

"What has gotten into you?" I ask, but not for an explanation.

"A new day. A new love. A new expression of that love." You explain in a poetic way. Crawling between my legs and lifting off your camisole and expose your breasts for the first time to me.

I gasp at the incredibly hot sight before my eyes.

"You like?"

"I love." My god, you are beautiful. Did I say those words or were they evidences in my eyes? In either case, you got the message and blush. I sit up in bed and face your topless form.

My hand runs through your hair and down the side of your face, caressing your cheek. You reach to grab it and turn your head, kissing the inside of my palm. Not releasing my hand, you guide it finally inside of your panties, gasping when my fingers run delicately over your clit.

Your hand in my boxers, my hand in your panties, our fingers eliciting pleasure in its most raw form from each other. Slowly, I draw my finger up the length of your opening and out of your dampness.

The disappointment on your face is conquered by pleasure as I bring my finger to my mouth and lick your juices off. "Mmmmmm. You are simply delicious." I continue. "But what about from the source?"

Recognizing what I am suggesting, you grin and lean back in the bed, curling your finger as an invitation for me to approach. I crawl across the short distance to your side and wink at you before kissing you through the thin material of your panties.

You moan as I extend my tongue onto you, massaging your clit through that same thin material. It has got to go. I lick up the crease formed by your thigh and extend my tongue under the waistband, lifting it to my mouth. Slowly, I begin completely exposing my lover as I peel the panties from your body.

I manage to get it completely off and throw it in to the accumulating pile of clothes. You willingly offer your body to me as you spread your legs wide.

The hot breath from my mouth cools on your wetness as I position myself for breakfast. Lowering my lips onto your pussy, I kiss it much like the many kisses our mouths have shared. My tongue rolling over your sensitive lips...up one side and down the other.

Coming to your clit, I slip my tongue and wrap it around the swollen flesh, eliciting a gasp of pleasure. I glance into your eyes and they reflect the wanton, carnal desire I have for you. Your hands roam your breasts...a bit more than massaging them...a bit less than kneading them.

It looks like fun, so as I am feasting on you, I reach up to run my hands over your chest. You take my hands in yours and together we roll your nipples between our fingers.

Meanwhile my tongue explores the folds and shallows of your intimacy. Licking your clit and lips. Then, plunging into your depths! I hear you squeal and wrap your thighs around my face. Thrusting at my mouth...impaling yourself on my tongue.

I extend my tongue deep inside you and curl up the tip to scoop your juices into my mouth. Mmmm. "Much better breakfast than IHOP." I joke. Your laughter and moans mix as I continue tonguing my goddess.

Both hands release mine and grab onto my hair. Thrusting hard at my mouth...then holding my face fully between your legs. You release an orgasm with a scream.

I drink as much of you as I can but there is simply too much. I catch my breath and rest my head on your naked lap. I smile warmly at you. My lover's sex staining my face.

You roll over and reach for the cami that you shed earlier, using it to wipe my face. As you laugh, you keep saying you are sorry for drowning me. I join the playful banter claiming I wanted breakfast but didn't think I would need a doggy bag.

I roll over on my back, catching my breath from the laughter. There's a shift in the bed and I open my eyes to see you crawling on top of me. Without a word, I see the look has returned to your eyes.

"Ummmm?" I start.

"You don't think I am settling just for oral do you?" You ask as you position yourself over my cock.

"Oh my" is all I can mutter as you push the waistband of my shorts over the bulge my boxers have (to this point) contained. Much to my pleasure, the desire is far too overwhelming for either of us to completely wait until my boxers are on the floor.

I feel your hand grab me shamelessly. Not as a first time lover, but as a long time lover – knowing exactly what you want and certainly not ashamed to take it. I offer my body willingly to the woman who already owns my heart.

You drag the tip of my cock along the length of your saturated pussy. My precum mixes with the remnants of your juices in a delicious foreshadow of what is to come. I sit up and wrap my arms around you as you continue to tease yourself...using me for your pleasure.

The intimacy that we are embracing demands a kiss. Recognizing it, out lips move off each other's skin and onto each other's mouths. With fervor, our tongues press together, massaging, enveloping, tasting.

The cock, which was revealed to you for the first time just moments before, now is slowly hidden again. In its home. In my lover.

Amid a chorus of moaning and heavy breathing, you lower onto my cock slowly – becoming one in such an insatiable unity of body, heart and mind. Your pussy wraps tightly around my cock sending shivers of pleasure flowing like an electric shock through my body and into yours.

Once I am fully inside you, I sigh and lean forward to touch my forehead to yours. Smiling deep into your eyes, I run my fingers through your hair. I caress your goddess-inspired face and cup your cheek in my hand. You turn and kiss the palm of my hand tenderly.

"I love you Craig." You attempt to say, but are interrupted by my own confession of love for you.

I run my fingers once more through your hair. This time I grab your hair and your head tilts back. I move my lips to kiss and nibble on your sensitive neck. Instinctively, you begin massaging your breasts as I feast on your neck. Your own hands assist my whole form in the quest to pleasure your body completely.

As one of your hands caresses your breast, the other runs along my chest. The pleasure so intense, we can't help but writhe against each other. Our hearts pound against each other's chest and soon finds a rhythm and starts beating as one.

Fittingly inspired by our hearts beating as one, our bodies begin to move as one. Driven by the same purpose, driven by the same desire. I cling to you and lift off the bed with you. Then, falling back to the mattress and bouncing...crashing inside you with a raw, animalistic desire enhanced by an emotional high.

I gasp and kiss you deep. My chest heaving against yours with the deep breaths. With your hands on my chest, you press me back onto the bed. Holding your body up, you begin rocking your hips against mine, impaling yourself on me in short, and deliriously arousing thrusts.

The sight before me sends shivers of delight through my body. I see my lover, clothed in the morning's first light. My gaze slowly roams your body. Drinking in your beauty. With no rush, my eyes lower to see my cock glistening with your wetness before you envelop me again. Our pleasure both heightened by the loud moans and screams.

I reach up to roll your nipples between my fingers, tugging them ever so gently. Your countenance changes as you see the playful gleam in my eye.

"Ummm, Craig?"

Without responding, I roll you over onto your back and thrust down, grinding you into the mattress. Returning the playfulness, you tell me that you like being on top and roll me over on my back. Not settling for this arrangement, we roll over and over...each turn pushing me deeper, and more completely, into you.

The laughs echo through the room as they mix with the moans from the sheer pleasure. Soon, we are wrestling on the bed. Our bodies such a tangle of flesh it's nearly impossible to determine where one body ends and the next begins.

The wrestling gets more playful and more intense that, unaware of our position, we roll off the bed and I manage to pull myself under you as we land in the pile of clothes that were shed hours earlier. You land on top of me...driving my cock deeper inside you.

Not letting the humor of the moment overshadow the passion, we continue thrusting madly at each other on the floor. Soon, I warn you that I am going to cum. Instead of climbing off, you respond "me too" and lower back quickly onto my cock.

I reach to hold your hands. Wanting to hold them during the intimacy of orgasm., I feel your fingers curl around mine. I hold your hands tightly, intimately. You pull them up behind you and I kiss your mouth as I sit up under you. Nipples digging into my chest as we continue writhing and kissing.

Moans resonating through the room as I cum inside you. Feeling the flow inside you, you smile and close your eyes feeling your own orgasm release.

I reach up on the side of the bed to grab a pillow. With me laying back, you are content to leave me inside you as you curl up against me, resting your head again in that perfect spot on my shoulder.

"Finally." I whisper and laugh. "Reality is so much better than the dream." I say and kiss your forehead.

We stay curled up on the floor for the better part of the morning. Dreaming. Planning. Loving. Caressing.

Reluctantly, I roll out from under you and get to my feet.

"Love?" You ask. "Where are you going?"

"I need a shower." I respond. I curl my finger at you in an invitation to join me.

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