tagIncest/TabooIt's All Relative Pt. 01

It's All Relative Pt. 01


All names and characters in this story are fictional and all characters are at least 18 years of age. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

It had been 6 months since the tragic accident that killed my Uncle Steve. His car had been hit head on by a drunk driver when he was on his way home from work one night last fall. The news of his death left my entire family devastated. No one more so than my aunt Elizabeth and my cousin Lauren. He was their whole world.

My aunt Elizabeth, or Aunt E as I called her, was my mother's younger sister. She was far too young to be a widow at the age of 36. I didn't get to see my aunt or cousin much since they lived about 8 hours away by car but I always loved spending time with them at family events or when we occasionally made the long trip to visit. As I matured through my teen years and began to pay more attention to the opposite sex, I couldn't help but notice how well put together my aunt was. Like my mother, she had been blessed in the breast department. I figured that must run in the family. Aunt E was always in great shape and the hours that she put in at the gym clearly paid off.

Aside from the big tits, she didn't look much like my mother. I always made a point of finding time to chat with my aunt when we were together. She was 14 years older than me but still a lot closer in age to me than my mother who was 15 years her senior. She was sort of like an aunt/big sister to me. I felt comfortable telling her things that I would never discuss with my mother. Throughout high school and college, Aunt E would always ask me if I was seeing anyone or ask about parties I had been to. It was like she was living vicariously through me. Since Aunt E had Lauren when she was only 18 years old herself, she never ended up going to college. She worked at a local bank until she met my Uncle Steve. They were married soon after and Aunt E moved out of town.

Things were starting to get back to normal as much as they could for my aunt and Lauren. Aunt E was working again and Lauren had just graduated from high school. My younger cousin had definitely matured over the past few years and had become an absolute knockout just like her mother.

I had just graduated from college myself and was planning on taking the summer off before I jumped into the "real word." While sitting down at breakfast one morning in early June, my mother told me she had a great idea. Curious as to what she might be talking about I asked her to fill me in.

"How would you like to go spend the summer with Aunt E?" mom asked. I knew she had been worried about her little sister since Lauren would be leaving for volleyball camp and Aunt E would be home all alone. I had no significant plans for the summer and getting out of town for a bit didn't sound like such a bad idea. Plus, I knew Aunt E would really appreciate the company.

"Sure mom," I replied. "I know it's been a tough few months for Aunt E and I'd be glad to help out in any way that I can."

My mother wasted no time getting on the phone to call my aunt. I quickly realized that she hadn't yet brought her idea up with my aunt. I guess she wanted to make sure I was on board first.

"Oh stop it Liz," my mother said with that big sister tone. "Sean has no plans for the summer and you could use some company around the house when Lauren leaves for camp."

Aunt E knew my mother was right but still hesitated for a few minutes before accepting the offer. She was looking out the window at a fast growing lawn and figured it might not be bad to have some help around.

"Ok sis. Having Sean around might actually help keep me sane," my aunt responded. "If I had to sit around this house alone I wouldn't do anything but think of Steve. I still can't believe he's gone." My mother could hear the sadness in her sister's voice.

"Then it's done," my mother said. "Sean will drive down on Thursday so he can see Lauren before she leaves."

My aunt started to warm to the idea of me spending the summer. "Sounds good sis. Thanks for always being there for me. I love you."

My mother smiled as she hung up the phone. "Thank you again for agreeing to this Sean. I know you won't see your friends as much this summer but you're doing a good thing."

Most of my friends were already starting their jobs or moving away so I wasn't really making a big sacrifice. "No problem mom," I said. "That's what family is all about."

Chapter 2

After throwing together a couple of travel bags on Friday morning, I said goodbye to my mother and hit the road. During my drive I wondered how things would be with my aunt and Lauren when I got there. I hadn't seen either of them since the funeral and I was hoping things wouldn't be awkward at all.

After the funeral service our whole family gathered at a local restaurant for brunch to share memories of my Uncle Steve. As is typical with our family, it wasn't too long before the drinks were flowing and the tears turned to laughter. There were so many great Uncle Steve stories to be told. I looked over and saw Lauren sitting by herself up at the bar. She was glad to have so much family around but she wasn't quite ready to yuck it up with everyone.

She had a water with a lemon sitting in front of her but she was spending more time stirring the cup with her straw than actually drinking it. I grabbed my beer and headed over to join her. I had only been legal drinking age for about a year at that point. I was often the one at school who would buy alcohol for my friends since many of them weren't yet 21. It always made me feel important for some reason like I was special. I figured I would try to impress my younger cousin and see if she wanted a real drink.

"Hey cuz," I said to Lauren. "Your mother has told me you're a bit of a party girl so I'm guessing you'd prefer something a little stronger than that water. Want me to get you a real drink?"

Lauren allowed brief smile and nodded her head yes. Knowing she was having a rough day I order her a Long Island Iced Tea. I figured that would do the trick. Lauren was 4 years younger than me but looked just as good as any of the chicks on campus. I knew she was about to graduate from high school and I assumed she was sexually active since 18 is considered late to lose your virginity these days. Plus, I knew from my conversations with Aunt E that Lauren was very popular at school and was the admiration of many of her high school classmates – both male and female. As captain of the volleyball team, the girls wanted to be like her and the guys wanted to be, well...in her.

When the bartender walked away I slid the drink over to Lauren and gave her a wink. She smiled and I couldn't help but notice the way her young, natural breasts hung in the top of her dress as she leaned over to take a sip from the straw. She definitely inherited the same big tits that my mother and my aunt have.

After taking a long sip from the straw, Lauren looked up and caught me staring at her chest. She didn't say anything but she smiled and quickly wrapped her lips around the straw to take another sip of her drink. She let out a cute little burp and waved her hand in the air as if to request another drink. It was a good thing that the bartender wasn't looking or we might have been in some trouble. I ordered Lauren another drink and we chatted some about her plans for college.

Before we knew it it was getting late and almost everyone else had already left the restaurant. My mom and Aunt E stopped over to check on us and said they were going back to a neighbor's house for some coffee and danish. Knowing that we probably weren't interested in coffee and danish, Aunt E asked if I would bring Lauren back to the house since I had my car outside.

"Of course Aunt E," I said. "I'll make sure your lovely daughter gets home safe and sound."

As my aunt patted me on the head, she noticed the drink in front of Lauren and gave her a somewhat disappointed look. "And you little Miss," mu aunt said. "Be careful! Don't give your cousin any trouble, ok?"

It had been a tough day for both of them so my aunt didn't have the strength to lecture Lauren about drinking. Our mothers left and we headed out shortly after them. On the ride home I could tell that Lauren was feeling the effects of her drinks. She was very chatty and started telling me about how she and her boyfriend had broken up about a month earlier. I asked her what happened. She said it was a long story and she didn't want to bore me with all of the details. She told me that she's glad they broke up because he treated her like shit but that she really missed the sex.

I almost drove the car off the road when she mentioned sex. Like I said, I assumed that she was sexually active since she was 18 and gorgeous but I didn't know for sure until now.

Still feeling good from the drinks myself I didn't hesitate to keep the line of conversation going. "The sex huh?," I said as I tried to keep my composure. "Aren't you a little young for that cuz?"

Lauren laughed and reminded me that I was only four years older than her. "You mean you weren't fucking when you were my age Sean? I heard you were a player when you were in high school so don't even pull that shit with me."

I did have a bit of a reputation within my family I guess. Much like my cousin, I got a lot of attention from the opposite sex when I was growing up. I was an athlete so I took good care of myself. I was always in shape and it didn't hurt that I was blessed with a decent sized cock. My mother would always tell Aunt E about my many "girlfriends" that made visits to the house.

"So you've gone a whole month without any sex?," I say sarcastically trying not to sound too creepy asking about it. "Is that what you're telling me?"

"Yes. I haven't had a real cock inside of me for a whole month," Lauren said with a pouty look on her face. "With all that's gone over the past few days I need some right now more than ever. I just want to forget about everything and feel good for just a little while."

I looked over to see my cousin staring right at me. Her arm was moving and I followed it all the way down to her hand which was buried in between her legs.

"I really need to be fucked Sean and I was hoping that you could help me out," Lauren said as she rubbed her pussy through her panties.

I couldn't believe what was happening. My own cousin was looking at me like a piece of meat while she played with her pussy with one hand and her tits with the other hand. She was pinching and squeezing her nipples between her fingers. I wanted to pull the car over and fuck her right then and there but I was having too much trouble wrapping my head around what was taking place. I told Lauren she had too much to drink and that we were almost home.

When we got to the house I walked up to the front door behind Lauren with my hands on each side of her waist so that she didn't fall over. She took her keys out but was having trouble getting the key into the keyhole. I grabbed them out of her hand and cracked a joke about her being so tipsy. As I reached from behind her with the key to open the door, Lauren reached behind her back and grabbed my semi-erect cock through my pants.

"By the way, you are going to give me what I want Sean," Lauren said in a sexy voice that I'd never heard her use before. "I want to feel that thing inside of me."

I knew the feelings I was having were wrong but I didn't even care at that moment. I wanted to do whatever I could to keep my cousin's spirits up and if it meant fucking her sweet 18 year old pussy then I would just have to suck it up and deal with it.

"Let's go to my room," Lauren said.

As we made the short walk down the hall to Lauren's bedroom she pulled her dress off over her head. To my pleasant surprise she wasn't wearing anything under her black funeral dress. Her body was absolutely amazing. Lauren was about 5'6", with long brown hair, a tan body, and she had an incredible figure. Her ass was as tight as you would expect from a star high school athlete.

As she turned into her bedroom I caught a side view of her naked tits for the first time and it was breathtaking. I followed my cousin into her room and immediately grabbed both of her tits from behind. I've always been a boob guy and my cock stirred as I fondled my cousin's beautiful tits. I still felt a little weird about what was happening but I had never been more horny in my life than I was at that very moment. I worked my hands down the front of Lauren's body until I reached her cleanly shaved pussy. I could feel how wet she was as I ran my fingers from her asshole to her clit several times over.

"Your hands feel so good on my body Sean," Lauren said through a subtle moan. "That thing of yours that keeps poking me in the ass feels really good too," she laughed. "Let me see what you're working with."

Lauren turned around and dropped down to her knees. She unfastened my belt and then pulled down my zipper to free my straining member. She let out a gasp when my cock flopped down in front of her face since she had never seen a cock that big before. She wrapped both hands around my shaft and slowly began working them up and down using my precum as a lubricant.

"Mmm...this looks so delicious. I hope having your little cousin suck your cock isn't too weird for you," Lauren said with a devilish smile.

I couldn't even muster a response before she had me deep down her throat. I could tell this was not the first time she had given a blowjob. In fact, she'd probably given hundreds of blowjobs I thought to myself based on the way she was sucking me off. Her warm mouth felt so good on my cock. She held the back of my legs with her hands as she furiously bobbed her head back and forth. I couldn't believe how deep she was taking me. She took my full length all the way down her throat and held it there until she could no longer breathe. Then she pulled her head all the way back and spit on the head of my cock.

I wasn't sure how much more I could take before I exploded. I could feel the pressure of my load building up in my balls. I kept wondering if this was really happening but there was no mistaking it each time Lauren sucked the head of my cock like she was a vacuum cleaner. I was now holding her by the back of her head as I literally started fucking her face.

I'm sure she knew I was getting close to cumming but she didn't seem to care as she continued to take every inch of me down her throat. "Oh my god, I'm gonna fucking cum," I said as I felt my load ready to launch.

Lauren never broke her rhythm as she continued to suck me while I exploded into her mouth. She seemed to start sucking me even harder making every effort not to lose a drop of my jizz.

"Mmm...your cum tastes so fucking good Sean," Lauren said as she licked up and down the length of my shaft.

After she sucked the last drop of cum from the head of my cock she stood up and began kissing me passionately. Her tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth and I got a taste of my cum from the load she had just swallowed.

Lauren laid down on her bed with her legs spread open. "Now it's my turn to cum," she said as she started playing with her pussy. "Will you be able to get that thing hard enough again to stick in this tight little pussy?"

"I don't think that will be a problem," I said as I moved towards the end of the bed.

Just as I prepared to part her pussy lips with the head of my cock I saw what appeared to be headlights turning into the driveway through the window.

"Oh shit!" I yelled out loud.

"I know Sean," Lauren responded. "I can't believe we're about to fuck either but I want your cock in me so bad."

"No. Fuck! Our mothers just pulled in the driveway. I need to get out of your room," I said in a panic.

I was surprised that Lauren had more of a look of disappointment on her face than panic. "I can't fucking believe this. I NEED TO GET FUCKED!," Lauren shouted at me.

"I know and I want to fuck you more than you know but I don't think my mother or yours would appreciate it, much less see it or hear it," I said

I quickly pulled my pants back on and headed out of Lauren's room downstairs to the TV room.

When my mother and Aunt E came in I could tell they had had a few more drinks at the neighbors and I'm not talking about coffee. My mother told us she was tired and was heading straight to bed. She came over and gave me a kiss on the head before she went off to her room.

Aunt E wiped down the counter in the kitchen and tidied the place up a bit. She mentioned that she was also exhausted from the emotional day and was about to turn in for the night. I had a strategically placed pillow from the couch over my crotch to hide the erection that I still had from my time up in Lauren's room. I couldn't get the image of Lauren's lips wrapped around my cock out of my head and the tent in my pants was proof of that.

I didn't think much of it while I watched my aunt fix the pillows and cushions on the other couch but I must have turned 5 shades of red when she pulled the pillow off of my lap to return it to its usual spot. She didn't notice anything at first but when she turned back towards me to say goodnight I could tell she had spotted the large bulge in my pants. My aunt just smiled and said, "Goodnight Sean."

Chapter 3

I arrived just about an hour or so before Lauren left for camp. A part of me was hoping I'd miss her so I could avoid any awkward moments as a result of the funeral night. She had sucked me off that night until I came in her mouth and then I was inches away from sliding my cock into her young pussy before we were interrupted. I wasn't sure how she would react because I hadn't talked to her since that night.

Aunt E, or Liz as she asked me to now call her, had fixed a farewell dinner for Lauren. It was her favorite grilled salmon with asparagus. We all sat down to eat and my aunt asked me how my drive down was. I told her about my trip but it was apparent that I was distracted by my sexy cousin across the table. Lauren was wearing a tiny pair of black shorts and a white sports bra that was so tight you could almost see her big tits right through it. Her nipples were poking through the skin tight material. My aunt noticed her daughter's hard nipples and the way we were looking at each other and asked if everything was alright.

"Yeah, everything's fine Liz," I quickly replied. "Me and Lauren bonded on the night of the funeral and I think we're both sad that we won't be able to hang out at all this summer."

"Oh really?," Liz replied. "Bonded, huh? I'm glad you two have become closer. Family is so important and you two are very lucky to have each other as cousins. Don't ever forget that."

My aunt said that I was free to stay as long as I wanted so she was sure I'd see Lauren when she came home to visit. Just as we finished eating there was a beep outside. Lauren's ride was there. She gave me a big hug and then a kiss just at the corner of my mouth. I noticed the smirk on my aunt's face when that happened. Lauren then gave my aunt a hug and a kiss and she was on her way. Me and my aunt stood out front and waved as the car disappeared down the road.

"You must be exhausted from your long drive today Sean," my aunt said. "Why don't you bring your bags upstairs and take a shower while I clean the kitchen."

I definitely could use a shower and it would give me a chance to release the load I had built up before Lauren left. "That's a good idea Liz," I said. "Ha, Liz. I still feel funny calling you that. Anyway, I'll be back down as soon as I'm cleaned up."

My aunt smiled at me and I made my way upstairs. I threw my bags on the bed in the spare room and stripped out of my clothes. I grabbed a towel and took a quick peek out in the hallway before crossing into the bathroom. I hung the towel on the back of the door and turned the shower on. While the water was warming up I grabbed a bottle of lotion from the sink and squeezed a bit into my hand. I began stroking my cock while in my head I pictured the moment that I was about to enter Lauren's sweet hole. I was pumping my shaft furiously as I imagined what it would feel like deep inside of my cousin's pussy.

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