It's Always Time Act 05 Ch. 04


She snuck a peek at her new peaks. She looked like someone had shoved two metal mixing bowls under her dress. The coppery material strained but managed to cover her new assets. The tension in the material only served to make her look bustier. Only served...wait a minute. "Oh, no!" She thrust her arms skyward, ignoring the new power and sinew rippling beneath her skin, watching only how her breasts bulged around her arms. "No, no, no!" She straightened her arms until they were perpendicular with her supine body, wincing as her tits squashed up her forearms.

An undulating shadow fell over Jo. "what?"

Jo squinted up at Unyx. The obsidian Goth girl stood in the sun, her outline obscured by the harsh light. "My serve," Jo told her.

Unyx dipped her head to the left, bowed her body to the right in a single, serpentine movement. With the sun in her eyes, Jo could not make out details, but she saw something loop and swing behind Unyx. "your – what?"

"My volleyball serve," Jo whined. She pumped her right arm back and forth, making her right breast smack into the left. "I had the best underhand serve in the state. Now I've got...tits."

Unyx slithered closer and out of the sun. Her eye-mask shrank into black contacts. The tip of her tail oscillated high behind her head, a hypnotic metronome. "At least you've got...legs."

* * * *

Dee rocked up onto his knees, scooping Eurydice in his arms, molding her body against his. Her surface tension was cool, her breath hot and citrus-sweet. "I love you," she said, sitting in his lap and riding him, "I love you. Cum in me now." She feasted on his neck.

Tomoe knelt behind Dee and embraced him. Her sturdy arms stretched across his, followed their path up Eurydice's back. Tomoe's fingers splayed over Dee's hands, their tips pressed into Eurydice's glistening gel-flesh. Tomoe moved closer still. Her thighs packed against his butt, her navel nuzzled the small of his back. Her ripe breasts mashed into his shoulders, swaddling his neck, even nudged Eurydice where she gnawed on Dee's collar bone. Green, jellied dreadlocks sprawled across Tomoe's chest. Dee was caught in a middle of a three-way clinch.

"Cum in her, Green Man," Tomoe said, matching his momentum, twinning his rhythm into Eurydice. "I want to feel it."

Eurydice pulled away to look Dee in the eye. "Stand up." Dee stood, arms slung under Eurydice's ass. She hooked her legs around his waist, gripped his neck tight. They rose together. Tomoe followed, crushing herself against Dee's back.

"Now don't move," Eurydice whispered, "and let me fuck you." She unhooked her legs. Tomoe pressed her cleft against Dee's ass. Eurydice locked her ankles around Tomoe's back. The green girl tensed and juddered upward, dragging her steaming sex up his shaft until the tip of his cock threatened to pop free. She pressed her forehead against Dee's, chewed her lip, whispering, "Let me fuck you." She squirmed back down, impaling herself with his dick. She gaped, gasping in little high pitched hiccups, grinding her clit against the root of his shaft before tensing, glissading back up. "Let me fuck you, let me make you cum."

Dee groaned, but Eurydice covered his mouth in quick little kisses. "Shh." She kissed him. "Shh." She kissed him. "Cum in me now."

Tomoe reached down, cupped Eurydice's ass cheek in one hand, pawed at Dee's dick with the other. Eurydice slithered back down Dee's shaft. Tomoe explored the gooey margin of Dee and Eurydice's merging. "I feel it," Tomoe said, fingers squishing. "So strong, both of you."

Eurydice shuddered back up him, coaxing a building, agony-sweet flow of precum from Dee's cock. Her lips scraped past his ear and kissed Tomoe's nipple into her mouth. Tomoe leaned over Dee's shoulders, her purring a deep rumble in her throat. Her hand swirled around Dee's nectar-coated shaft, her grip firm and sure, in counterpoint to Eurydice's slow, shivery humping.

The head of Dee's cock smarted with rising pressure. He faltered, bucking, but Tomoe pressed even closer behind him and kept his cock buried deep inside Eurydice. The green girl pulled free of Tomoe's breast. She grazed her lips in circles over Dee's mouth. "Let it happen," she begged, panting and fevered and still humping, humping, humping. "Cum in me. Fill me. Green Man, Dee...You've made me..." Dee twitched, pressure searing inside him. "You made me so..." Dee went rigid. Eurydice sobbed, "Happy."

She slammed her mouth over his and he came.

* * * *

The sensuous, drenching essence above the flowerbed ebbed, evaporating into ordinary air. "Aw," said Jo, pouting and petulant, lounging among the flowers. Then she got a good look at Unyx. "Ack!"

The obsidian Goth girl hovered high above the flowers. Her pale, angular face, liquid-black eyes and silver-touched cheeks reminded Jo of a porcelain Harlequin doll. The choker collar glowed like a hoop of polished, precious stone. The bodysuit flowed down from the choker over Unyx's budding breasts, up her arms, and across her trim stomach. Its glimmering surface egged Jo to ogle and her eyes roved downward.

She found herself staring at Unyx's camel toe once again. Just below that plump cleft, the black second skin swathing Unyx's legs molded and merged into a single, sinuous trunk, winding over the flowerbed behind her, corkscrewing through the air and spindling to a kinked point. Unyx's opal carapace burnished in the Sun, iridescent with oil-slick rainbows. Her tail bobbed up, as proud as a tomcat's.

Jo propped herself up by the elbows, unexpectedly high above the flowers. "What the Hell happened to you?"

"I am myself at last," Unyx answered, beaming.

"Say what?"

Unyx wove up and up on her thick ophidian trunk. She rose six, then eight, maybe even ten feet into the air, arms crossed above her head, midriff swaying to some deep, inner beat. She spoke in dreamy recitation:

     I am myself at last; now I achieve
     My very self, I, with the wonder mellow,
     Full of fine warmth, I issue forth in clear
     And single me, perfected from my fellow.

Jo boggled up at her. "Holy shit."

"Hello, Jo," Unyx winked. "What do you know?" She extended her tail, tip crooked and aimed at Jo. "We are Unyx."

Jo crossed her eyes watching the tail bobble close. "This is you?"

"Don't really know till you put 'r there," Unyx said. Her tail mimed a slow, up-and-down handshake.

Jo shifted her weight, her inner ear confused by her new center of gravity for a moment before compensating. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around the proffered tail. Once, in elementary school, she had been the only kid in her class brave enough to touch the python during a field trip to a petting zoo. Feeling the python's sleek strength beneath her palm had made eleven-year-old Jo's knees wobble and her tummy feel funny. Compared to Unyx, touching the python had been as exciting as holding an old garden hose. Twenty-one-year-old Jo knew the right body part to place the funny feeling in now.

"Mm," Unyx purred, her hands running down her thighs. "Good grip. You've done that before."

Jo marveled at the frictionless, pulsing power between her fingers. Her eyes followed the yards of looping tail and trunk to Unyx's sly smile in the middle of the air. "You can feel this from all the way up there?"

"Of course, silly. What did you think the binding was for?" Unyx withdrew her tail. Its tapered tip grew soft and liquid, the opalescent coating peeling back. A petite, milky-white foot wriggled its cutesy toes against Jo's nose. "Now we are Unyx."

Unyx descended, swaying in that same spellbinding, languid, tempo. "Well, now you know who we are." The black velvet flowed over her foot, zippered into a tail again, and rustled into the flowers. It threaded through the stalks, winding in a great circle about Jo's supine form. "But the important question is..." Unyx arched her serpent's trunk, skimming a few feet above the flowerbed, until she drew parallel to Jo. Her eyes were filled with ink and starred with mischief. Her predatory smile, full lips parted and glossed black, floated inches above Jo's mouth. "Who do you think you are, Jo?" Her breath carried the scent of bittersweet cordial.

Jo tried to shrink down into the flowers. "What—Mm."

Unyx kissed her with lips softer than any eiderdown, the fluttery touch of her tongue electric. The metallic sheen of Jo's rumpled dress reflected in gold fractals across Unyx's second skin. Unyx broke the kiss and drifted up, still within kissing distance.

Jo whispered, "You taste like licorice."

Unyx nodded. Her tail completed a circuit around Jo, its tip lay like a lion by Jo's feet. "And you taste like a cupcake." Unyx crooked her head to one side. "Can you hear?"

Jo tried to focus on the syrupy commotion on the other side of the flowerbed. "I hear that Master guy, Dee. Sounds like he's in trouble."

"Not over there," Unyx dismissed, tapping Jo's forehead with a gloved fingertip. "In here. Can you hear her?"

Jo concentrated. At first, she could only make out the beat of her own heart. But there it was. Blood music, the bass thunder and thud of a rave in a club across the street, but inside her head. Jo nodded.

Unyx's tail stirred, crept closer to Jo's foot. "What is she singing?"

Jo shook her head. "I don't think she is, or maybe I just can't make it out."

Unyx's willowy torso tilted back until she seemed to stand upright in the air, supported by a strong arc of her serpentine trunk. If Jo pumped her hips up, she would mash her naked mons against Unyx's. She imagined grinding away at the triangular cleft of Unyx's sex, exposed just above the point where her legs merged into a single pillar of living onyx. Jo felt her thighs tremble, realized how much she yearned to feel Unyx's frictionless pussy sliding over her own. And if her lips tasted so good and so soft, what would her—What's happening to me? "She's singing to me," Jo said, shivering. "Singing soft, so it sounds just like my own thoughts. But she's singing inside me." Jo scissored her legs, blushed so hot she thought she might faint. "Oh, God, I want you inside me."

"What is she singing?" Unyx demanded. "We need to know. She's planning something terrible and we need to know what it is." She softened. Her tail caressed Jo's ankle. The power in that one touch made Jo whimper, her sex throb. "Once we know, we'll go anywhere you want."

"I don't know. It's not loud enough." Jo felt teary-eyed from the effort of straining for an inner voice that lingered beyond true perception. "I don't know."

"Well, then," Unyx said, her fingers flexing, extending into claws, "maybe she needs something to sing about. How's 'bout a little Keats?"

Unyx's tail lashed around Jo's ankle. "Let the mad poets say whatever they please," Unyx said, her tail creeping up Jo's shin. "Of the sweets of Fairies, Peris, Goddesses." The coiling tail trapped Jo's calf in a silken, thrumming vice. Jo quaked with need.

"There is not such a treat among them all..." Unyx raised a thumb-claw to her own neck, just below her collar. "Haunters of cavern, lake, and waterfall..." The claw dipped into Unyx's smooth throat. The tail looped snug above Jo's knee.

"As a real woman," Unyx said, and drew her thumb-claw down between her breasts and over her stomach.Her ebony second skin split, revealing a long stripe of creamy white. Unyx's tail encircled Jo's thigh, forcing the tingling tension in Jo's sex to ratchet sky-high. "Lineal indeed..."

Unyx aired her pale bellybutton. "From Pyrrha's pebbles." The rent in her second skin yawned, revealing the inner rise of ivory breasts and the curves of a flawless, porcelain tummy. The strip-tease stopped a hairsbreadth before exposing her nipples or outer labia, her second skin refusing to part farther, as if too selfish to share. "Or old Adam's seed," Unyx finished, pressing the tip of her tail against Jo's inner thigh.

"Oh, fuck," Jo cried, thumping her head against the flowerbed, pulling her hair, "Tiamat's right. Shut your fucking mouth and fuck me already!"

"Adrasteia!" Unyx zoomed close until she and Jo were nose to nose. "We bound you once, bound you while you still held this girl in thrall. Tell us of what you sing."

Jo's vision swam red. Her blood sang in her ears. Her mouth filled with the flavors of baking cookies and hot, melting chocolate. She fell into the dance. "Frenzy."

Jo lurched up to suckle on Unyx's neck. "Frenzy." She wallowed wetly between Unyx's breasts. She heard Unyx's heartbeat race, felt the silken, python-grip on her leg loosen. Jo kissed and nibbled her way down Unyx's marble tummy. "Frenzy," she hissed, and buried her head between Unyx's thighs.

"oh." Unyx's eye-mask unfolded wide over her brow. "oh – that..." Jo's hand reached for Unyx's breasts while her tongue wriggled deep into her sex. "that's – a – ah – good – mm – song."

* * * *

Eurydice broke her slamming kiss, crooning in pleasure, relief, and a hint of triumph. She searched Dee's face as he spurted into her, his body seizing once, twice, thrice. He fell back, knocked off his feet. Tomoe had to hold him up, arms hooked under his shoulders, her grin canary-eating. Dee's cum spiraled and suffused Eurydice's core. Her eyes glazed, lips upended in a hazy smile. She slid off Dee's dwindling member—the movement made him shudder, his reaction triggering a gush of joy and nanogasm within her—and slipped down into a crouch, hugging his knees. Three helpless, drunken giggles escaped her: "Ah-hah, ah-hum, hm-mm."

"Wow," Dee gulped, breathless. "What happened?"

Eurydice could only hug and hum. Tomoe spoke up behind him. "You came, Dee. Ever done that before?" Dee turned his head, blinked up at Tomoe from between her honey-gold breasts. "No? Well, when a man and woman love each other very much..." Eurydice burst into a fizzy giggle fit at her words, falling onto her butt and drubbing the flowerbed with her feet.

"Very funny," Dee smiled as Tomoe lowered him to the ground. "I mean, I felt it would last forever." When he touched down onto the bed, he added, "What's with all the flowers?"

"Dee," Eurydice wheezed, "what were you trying to do?"

Dee's voice floated up from a spray of mimosa. "To make you feel as good and as happy as you make me feel." Eurydice clucked and cooed and reached out for him, a particular part of him. Dee shied. "Careful, careful. Afterglow. Ah, anyway, I know you've always wanted to fuck me in public, and there we were, so I wanted to give you a damn good public fucking, I guess." He sounded very self-conscious and muttered, "Public fuckability."

Tomoe stood over the mimosa. "You went demiurgic."

The mimosas stirred as Dee glanced up and then further up, "And you went She-Hulk. Wait, 'demiurgic'? Is that supposed to mean something to me?"

"Not really. Look it up later on the Internet if you want. Let's just say you got lost in the moment there for a while, Dee. Put out some serious yang." Tomoe shrugged one muscular shoulder. "Not that any of us minded. But even you can't keep that kinda thing up forever, if you know what I mean."

"I feel like I've been hit by a truck," Dee admitted. The spice flowers rustled. "Man, this is comfortable. I think I'm falling asleep. I haven't slept in days, you know."

Eurydice sat up, scooted over, and looked down. Dee sprawled over the flowerbed, chest heaving and slick with sweat, face beet red, his flagging dick slick with her honey and the dregs of his orgasm. She leered.

"What are you looking at?" Dee asked her, sounding muzzy but suspicious.

"You," she said. "It's been a lifetime since I've wiped you out like this." Her eyes roved. She scooched closer still. "I love it, it's so adorable." She dropped a firm hand on his thigh. "I wanna do it again."

"M'sleepy," Dee mumbled.

"Nuh-uh." Eurydice scooched close enough to press her thigh against his. "You put out, Dee. You totally blew my mind." Her sensitive gel picked up the little temblors in his overworked muscles. It felt deliciously sexy. "I've got more nanomek in me than I can ever remember. But that only makes me want even more." She wanted to lie atop him, feel his body tremble beneath her, inside her. "So now we're gunna go all the way."

"'All the way'?" CeeCee swaggered up, her rich flesh sinfully plump and lush, smelling of caramelized sugar and overindulgence. Her eyes scintillated with yellow sparks. "This is going to take extra innings."

"Yeah," said Raspberry, stepping out from behind her. Her lavender gel had darkened into a deep, imperial purple, the hue of raspberry wine. "Thanks for the quick pick-me-up, stud muffin, but it just made my cunt itch for the real deal." She loomed over Dee's prostrate form, reeking of boozy, raunchy sex. She drank in his nudity, his sleepy vulnerability. She gritted her teeth and growled, "I am gunna make you cum harder than you've ever felt in your life."

Dee snapped awake. "Um. What?"

"Uh-huh, sure." Eurydice flashed a mouthful of daggers at Raspberry. "Take your best shot, you little linzer torte. I'll top it. Winner eats out the loser."

"You're on, bitch," Raspberry hissed. "Step aside."

"Whoa, whoa!" Dee waggled his hands. "There's no way I can..." Tomoe made a psst noise. "What?" Tomoe pointed. Dee looked down. His dick crept slowly skyward. "Whoa."

"That's Mine." Eurydice straddled Dee's legs.

"Nope." Raspberry sat Dee's chest. Her ass nudged his chin. Her pussy drooled searing nectar down his sternum. "That's Ours."

"That's just typical," CeeCee said, glancing around. "What do I get to do?"

Raspberry and Eurydice, not looking up from Dee's lengthening prick, chorused, "Bed trick."

"That's my cue," Tomoe said, sitting in the lotus position, resting Dee's head in her lap.

"That'll work." CeeCee mimed cracking her knuckles. "Hang on, honey. It may not be bumpy, but you're in for one Hell of a ride. If you can take it."

"Well, Dee?" Eurydice wriggled her butt down his thighs and onto his knees, bent forward until her lips skated over the tip of his dick when she spoke, making him twitch and twist with every word. ""

* * * *
Please to bend down for the one called the Green Man
He wants to make you his bride
Please to bend down for the one called the Green Man
Forever to him you're tied.

And you know for a million years he has been your lover
He'll be a million more
And you know for a million years he has been your lover
Down through the skin to the core.

—XTC, Greenman
* * * *

Act Five Interlude: Pitiful Me

Eddie shouldered the bedroom door shut. The patter of countless bare, petite, rampaging feet drew near in the hallway beyond. Eddie's shaky, slippery fingers fumbled with the doorknob lock. The catch clicked into place an instant before something heavy whacked into the door's hallway side. The door jam creaked but held. Eddie heard a muffled, "Oof!" followed by a petulant drawl. "Aw, Eddie. Come out and play." Someone scored long fingernails—painted cherry red, Eddie wagered, how they all loved cherry red—over the outside of the door. "We've heard so much about you." Many more hands joined the first. "And sisters share."

Eddie threw his naked back against the door. "Whose idea was it to come upstairs?"

The cable guy cranked open the bedroom window on the opposite wall. "It was a good plan, dammit! There's enough ivy on the walls to climb down easy." He had lost his work shirt during a harrowing moment on the stairwell. His chest and shoulders festooned with fresh hickies, smudged lipstick prints, love bites, and fingernail scratches. He reached through the window and rattled rusty steel. "I didn't know they barred the windows." He gave the bars one last shake before throwing his hands in the air. "Must be an old panty-raid thing. Sorry, guys. I fucked up."

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