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It's Fun To Play at the YMCA


When our last child started school I spent the first couple of weeks enjoying my time alone, but it wasn’t long before boredom set in. After almost fifteen years of raising children, I just wasn’t prepared for that much peace and quiet and I longed for the company of adults.

Our neighbour Carolyn came to my rescue. She manages a local YMCA and she told she was looking for someone to work casual, part-time at the front desk and doing light cleaning. I jumped at the chance. I needed something to help fill my days and it would be something to put on my resume when I was ready to move on to bigger and better things.

My husband Ben was very supportive of the idea of me going back to work. He has been the sole bread winner for the last fifteen years and although we were doing OK financially, we decided that whatever extra I might be able to earn could be socked away for a romantic getaway.

I quite enjoy my work at the Y. It is a co-ed facility, although about 80% of our clientele are men. In addition to the usual weight room and swimming pool the YMCA has a gym and hosts men’s, women’s and mixed volleyball leagues; a men’s basketball league and on Thursday evening we have men’s drop-in basketball.

Which brings me to my story.

I am scheduled to come in on Thursdays from 5 until closing at 9 p.m. This was a particularly miserable winter’s night in January with lots of snow and howling wind. The temperature had dropped to close to zero and no one in their right mind would be out on a night like this. Right?


Believe it or not, five guys showed up for drop-in B-ball. So while they spent an hour and a half dribbling, shooting and yelling at one another, I made good use of my time catching up on all of the laundry (towels mostly) and wiping down all the weight machines.

At 8:30 I flicked the gym lights off and on to remind them that it was almost closing time and they obediently headed off for the locker room.

About 10 minutes later a guy I knew only as Jim, a thirty-something lawyer, was the first one out. He said good night and trundled off into the storm.

I waited another 10 minutes and when no one else had come out I went to the entrance of the men’s locker room, loaded down with towels. The locker rooms have no doors, instead they have a privacy wall just inside the entrance. I hollered into the room.

“Are you guys decent in there?”

“You bet!” one of them answered.

I walked in, my view obscured by the pile of towels I carried and made my way over near the lockers where we stored them. I could hear water running from the direction of the showers and that should have been my first clue, but it didn’t register. I stacked the towels on their shelf then turned to face three naked men. One was obviously still in the shower.

They stood in front of their open lockers and I think one of them had a towel draped over his shoulder. All of them had big grins on their faces.

“I thought you said you were decent.” I said.

I’m sure I had already turned several shades of red, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to look away. “We’re all very decent guys, we just happen to be naked.” Dave McNeil said.

“And obviously not shy.” I said.

“Well the way I figure it, you being married and all, we aren’t showing you anything you haven’t seen before.” Dave said.

He was right, but in fifteen years of marriage, and for almost two years before that, my husband Ben was the only naked man I had set eyes on. Now in one instant I was faced with no less than three and a fourth just around the corner. I was trying to think of a way to make my exit without appearing as rattled and embarrassed as I actually felt at that moment. Yet, at the same time, I was enjoying the scenery and had no desire to hasten my departure.

“Maybe you can help us settle a little disagreement we were just having.” Dave said.

“What about?” I said.

“Well, we were trying to decide which one of has the longest cock.”

Dave was obviously trying to add to my embarrassment, and I wasn’t going let him.

“You mean ‘penis’ don’t you?” I said.

“Nope. Where I come from we call these things ‘cocks’.” Dave said.

“Well, where I come from it’s got to be hard to classify as a cock. And, as far as length goes, the only true measurement is when it’s hard, so I guess I can’t help you.” With that I reluctantly turned and headed for the locker room door.

I heard the other guys laughing and I knew I had won that round, but Dave wasn’t about to give up that easily.

“I bet that with your assistance we can all reach our maximum measuring status.” he said.

“But I don’t have a ruler.” I said.

“Well Jason here works at a men’s wear store, I bet he has a measuring tape in his jacket, don’t you Jay?”

“Matter of fact I do.” Jason said, turning to dig it out of his locker.

They had called my bluff. Now it was my turn to call theirs.

“Alright. But let’s make it quick. It’s closing time and I need to get home”.

For the first time I thought about Ben waiting for me at home and how appalled he’d be if he knew the situation I had put myself in – and willingly at that. At the same time I expected the guys to call the joke off, get dressed and send me on my way, but as I approached them it was obvious they were willing to wait for me to get cold feet and call the whole thing off.

One of the guys, Chris, was already starting to get hard. I tried not to stare as his smooth, circumcised cock slowly thickened and jerked slightly upwards. Just then the water in the shower room quit and around the corner walked Derek, the youngest of the bunch. He’s only about eighteen and by far the most muscular. He was towelling his hair as he walked toward us, water still dripping off his chiselled body, his uncircumcised penis bouncing in front of him.

Derek looked up in shock to see me standing there and quickly placed the towel in front of his groin.

“Uh, hi,” he said, “I, uh, didn’t realize you were in here.” He looked at the other guys standing around, still naked, and got a confused look on his face.

“What’s going on here?” he said.

“Dave’s asked me to judge a little contest.” I said.

“ A big contest.” Dave said. I smiled.

“We’ll see,” I said, “now who’s first.”

“Chris looks like he’s in game shape.” Jason said, handing me the tape measure. I walked over to Chris and knelt in front of him. His cock was fully erect and throbbing inches from my face. I felt myself flush again, but not from embarrassment this time. Being up close and personal with the first cock other than Ben’s in almost twenty years had me feeling very aroused.

“Now let’s keep things platonic here guys,” I said. “Any touching is purely incidental and a necessary part of the measuring process. Don’t expect anything more.”

I fumbled with the measuring tape for a few seconds, then threw caution to the wind and got to work. I placed the end of the tape on top, at the base of Chris’s throbbing cock, holding it in place with my left hand. With my right I pulled the tape to the tip.

“Six and almost a half inches,” I announced. “Not bad!” Then I wrapped the tape around his cock.

“Four and a half in circumference,” I said, “now, who’s next.”

“I’ll go,” Jason said, stepping forward.

He was semi-hard and uncircumcised, his foreskin stretched tight over the head of his cock. I reached underneath it and slowly dragged my index finger along the underside. It instantly hardened and the foreskin slid revealing a deep red head.

Jason was obviously thicker than Chris but looked about the same length. I went to work with the measuring tape.

“Six and a quarter inches long,” I announced, “and five inches around.”

“Chris is the longest so far,.” Dave said.

“But Jay is a little thicker,” I said.

Jason stepped aside and sat on the bench next to Chris. From the corner of my eye I thought I saw Chris stroking his still hard cock, but I was too embarrassed to turn and have a good look but the thought of a man jerking off only a few feet away from me was adding to my arousal.

Derek was next in line and was already fully erect. His cock was throbbing with the rapid beating of his heart and if I hadn’t noticed his foreskin when he first walked into the room I probably would have thought he was circumcised. His smooth young cock was straining forward, the foreskin stretched tight behind the head.

I wrapped my hand around it and heard him moan softly. His cock was harder than the other two guys and harder than my husband Ben’s had been in many years. A real ‘diamond-cutter’ as my sister Paula used to say.

Derek’s obvious state of arousal was enhanced by the glistening drop of precum that was beginning to ooze from the tip.

Not wanting to torment the poor boy any more than was necessary, I endeavoured to do my measuring with the minimum amount of contact. Carefully holding the end of the tape against his hard abdomen I stretched it to the end of his beautiful, smooth cock.

“Six inches exactly,” I announced.

For the first time, I noticed Derek’s balls. Unlike the other three men whose balls were obscured with hair, Derek’s were virtually hairless and tight. The kind of tight that Ben’s get just before he comes.

As I leaned slightly forward to begin checking his girth I noticed the precum was now oozing out in a steady stream and was starting to drip off the end of his throbbing cock.

Instinctively I did what I normally do when Ben is in the same state. I flicked out my tongue to catch the string of precum that was beginning to drip in a downward string.

I lapped up the underside of his head and took the tip of his cock between my lips and gave it a little slurp. Derek moaned suddenly and I looked up to see his tightly closed and brow furrowed.

In the same instant that I realized that he was cumming he was already starting to spurt. I managed to tilt my head to the side and the first shot streamed across the hair on the side of my head.

I let out a little scream and scrambled to the side as Derek’s young hard cock continued to spurt long thick cords of cum, arcing through the air and landing with a splat on the tile floor.

The other three guys were roaring with laughter – I’m not sure if it was at Derek’s quick release or my reaction to it. After what seemed like the biggest orgasm I could remember seeing, Derek finally stopped, but a little bit of cum continued to ooze out and drip off the end of his cock.

I moved back into position and once again lapped it up this taking the entire head into my mouth to give it a thorough cleaning. Derek moaned again and looked down at me with a sheepish grin on his face.

“Is that your first blow job?” Chris asked him. Chris was still stroking his cock, a little faster now. I wondered if there would be more cum flying before I was through.

Derek nodded in response to Chris’ question.

“Well hopefully the next one will last longer,” Dave said.

Derek stepped back but I grabbed his still hard cock and pulled him back towards me.

“I still have to check how thick this bad boy is,” I said, smiling.

“Four and three quarter inches in circumference,” I said, “middle of the pack for length and girth, but definitely the hardest. Now go clean up your mess.”

Derek stepped away and began to mop up his cum with his towel.

Meanwhile Dave stepped forward.

“Last, but hopefully not least,” he said.

Dave was fortyish, and the biggest man of the bunch. I guessed him to be about 6 feet 4 inches tall. He was starting to thicken a bit around the waist, but you could tell that he had been a real hunk in his younger years. His arms and chest were still quite muscular and his chest was covered in a thick mat of dark hair that spread down to his loins.

His crotch was a mass of tangled black hair that completely obscured his balls. The head of his penis barely peeked out from the hair, pointing straight at me.

“Looks like he’s going to need a little encouragement to come out,” I said.

I reached my hand through the hair down to where his balls would be, cupping them and running my index finger along the line behind them. His balls may have been hidden but they were definitely there. They were huge, each one felt like an orange. I gently lifted and massaged each of them and noticed some movement above as his cock began to emerge from its nest.

Unlike the other guys, whose cocks had hung limply in front of them before thickening and rising, Dave’s just grew straight out in front of him. And I mean grew.

It reminded me of Pinocchio except much thicker.

He was circumcised and as his cock emerged I couldn’t help but notice how dark and veiny it was. I was mesmerized and without really realizing what I was doing, I reached out to stroke this massive piece of meat.

When Dave’s huge cock finally stopped growing everyone in the room knew we had a winner – in length and girth, but I needed to know exactly how much bigger.

Taking the measuring tape I pushed through his thick patch of pubic hair to place the end against his body. Then, like the others, I stretched the tape out to the tip, past the six and half mark that was the previous longest, a full two and a quarter inches past.

“Almost nine inches,” I said in awe, “I think we have a winner.”

“No shit.” Chris muttered.

“Jesus, man, where do you hide that sumbitch,” Jason asked.

Dave just stood there with his hands behind his back and a big, silly grin on his face.

I wrapped the tape around the thickest part of his shaft.

“Seven inches around,” I said, “very impressive.”

Precum was beginning to appear from the tip and I used my thumb to spread it around the head Dave’s giant cock until it glistened.

“Do I get the same treatment Derek got?” Dave asked.

“Sorry, that was an introductory special,” I said. “As tempting as it is to spend a little more quality time with this guy, I’ve held up my end of the bargain. Now it’s your turn to do what you promised and get going so I can go home.”

I could feel the dampness in my panties as I walked across the locker room to the door and I smiled. This was an experience that I wouldn’t soon forget and my waiting husband was soon going to get a fucking that he wouldn’t soon forget either.

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