It's Just a Business Transaction Ch. 03


"Woah, slow down. How do you know so much things about me?" she asked quizzically.

He gave her a faint smile, "Let's just say when I plan to invest in a business or project, I do a thorough extensive research on my potential project. I am a businessman and my main focus is profits. Of course I can't guarantee every business yields 100% profits but I will still give it my best. There will still prone to be risk in any kind of investment." He patiently explained to her while looking at her face for her reactions.

"Also..." he continued. "I can get you out of this mess. Now let me tell you, if you walk out of this door, you will be hounded undoubtedly. Your ex company would decide to sue you since the incident happen while you were under their employment. You will have to attend court sessions. I would not ask you back for that half a million. I will just take it as a bad investment on my part BUT you will be on your own. You will have to hire your own lawyer. I doubt any lawyer would take your case without any money. Of course you will be appointed a lawyer by the court of their choice since you can't afford one. I sincerely doubt they can do a good job in defending you. Assuming you lost, we are looking at; at least fifteen years jail time? By then you would be... thirty-six?" He was all business when he paints the picture to her.

"AND...I can tell you even if you were proven innocent, your company now would not take you back or most company would not as they would not want any future involvement. You would lose your EAD or any chance of obtaining a green card and you will have to go back to Mexico. Is that what you want?"

The picture he painted for her was getting bleaker and bleaker. Does she really don't have a choice?

"I'll understand you need to think about this business transaction. I'll leave it to you to think it over. I'll be in my other office. You have an hour starting now." He did not even wait for her to answer but got up and walk to another door and disappeared behind it.

Everything seems crashing down on her too fast for her to digest. She needed to talk to somebody and she wished she could talk to Greg now. He would at least help her out or could he? She felt so miserable and wished there was a hole she could crawl into. Maybe if she closed her eyes, all her problems would just go away?

Was that really so bad to be Mrs. Jefferson in name only? He said it would be like working for him, right? What so difficult with taking care of an old man, his grandfather? Wouldn't that make her a personal nurse? Come to think about it, she does know how to take care of old folks. Hadn't she done some social work back at Mexico at some old folks home when she had the time? Going to functions and arrange for functions sounds easy enough. All she has to do is to smile and as an actress, wasn't that what she was paid to do? To act? Oh wait; there is one very important thing. Sex! Was she expected to perform that on him? The thought brought a deep blush on her face. She doesn't even know how to kiss properly, let alone to have sex! Ok another thing, if they were to have sex, was she suppose to provide a child? So this business transaction thing is not actually that simple.

She looked at the digital clock on the wall and realized she has only less than half an hour to come to a decision. She felt a throb coming on and she put her fingers on her temple to massage them. The truth was she actually has nothing to lose but everything to gain. It's only for a year and then she would be free again to pursue her life and her passion. She finally came to a conclusion, she would do it! Her mind made up and she stood up and walked to the other door. Once again she took a deep breath to calm herself and knock on the door. The door opened and standing next to it was Dilbert Longman. Alex was lounging in his chair, behind a table with his back facing a huge glass windowpane that oversees almost all of Philadelphia. It was certainly a beautiful view.

She tries to read his expressions but could not fathom out anything just a hint of smile on his sensuous lips. Did she just say sensuous? Why did she use such a word? They are about to enter into a business deal so quit the theatrical drama. She chided herself quietly. Neither man spoke. She realized they were expecting her answer.

"Mr. Jefferson. I have made my decision. I...I will accept the proposal," she announced trying not to quiver but it shows up in her voice.

"Excellent decision Aida. Now we can get down to business. Dilbert here will..." before he could finish Aida interrupted him.

"Please Mr. Jefferson, but I need to speak to you in private for a moment about...about some issues here before I sign the contract." Dilbert Longman took the hint and immediately left the room, closing the door behind him quietly.

"Well, it's just you and me. What other things are bothering you? Is the amount not agreeable?" he asked her questioningly.

"No, no, it's more of a nature issue." Shit, does she have to blush now? "It's about my duty as Mrs. Jefferson. You did say it's more like an employer/employee relationship but would you...would you...expect..." Damn, why isn't he helping her out now. Does he have to look at her so intensely with his eyes? He seems to be enjoying himself making her squirm.

"You were saying?" He was definitely not going to help her out in that area! She will have to come clean about it. Wouldn't he have guessed her meaning? She decided to put it another way.

"Ok, what if I break the contract mid way, what will be my penalty?"

"Glad that you asked that question. Ok, you know and I know you will not have the monies to pay back on what I would have invested in you, say six month down the road and you decided to call it quit. It would be very simple. I won't send you to jail. I have no intention to be that ruthless BUT you will not step on to the soil of America ever again. You will be stripped off everything other than the clothes on your back and immediately deport back to Mexico on the fastest available flight. HOWEVER, should you even try to enter by any legal or illegal means, my resources will know and they would not hesitate to haul you to jail without so much of a trial. I think that is fair enough, don't you think so?"

"Yes, yes that was quite...quite fair," she reluctantly agrees with him.

"Then that is settle. I will get Dilbert to..."

"Wait, wait a moment..." she interrupts him again. He raised an eyebrow at her.

"You have something else to add?" he asked.

"Yes, yes," she said hurriedly. "In fact I have two things to add." Oh god! She has to do this whether she like it or not. Damnit pretend you are on the stage rehearsing a play.

"There is this issue of consummation and procreation. Am I expect perform them in line of duty?" Oh God! Please don't laugh at me! Please don't laugh at me! She prayed.

She waited for his outbursts of laughter. The minutes ticked away. He did not. Very slowly he stood up from behind his desk and walked behind her chair.

"You meant to ask me if I were to expect you to perform any sexual act and if by accident you happen to conceive, what would happen to the baby? Is that what you want to know?" His tone has dropped a quaver or two down. "Do you want to?" He asked her softly almost a whisper.

She tries to turn behind to look at him but he put his hand on her shoulder preventing her to do so. And she noticed his hand was very warm on her skin even though there was a fabric separating her skin from his hand. She shivered ever so slightly and would have been sure he felt it.

He asked her again, "Do you?"

"No! Of course not! But it's better to have every little details iron out now so as not to have any complications in the future!" she answered a little hotly.

"So what's the problem then? Everything is good. Right! Let's get this over and done with." He pressed the intercom on his desk. "Marla, could you send Mr. Longman in please?"

A second later Dilbert Longman entered holding what look like a large thick file beautifully and professionally bound followed by Marla the smartly dressed lady. This must be the contract. Businessmen sure acts quick. They don't waste time dilly-dally do they? Seeing the contracts now, would she get cold feet and chicken out? Anyway what is the point of chickening out when there is nothing for her out there but troubles?

"Mr. Jefferson, Miss Gonzalez, please read, agree and sign on the dotted lines," Dilbert Longman greeted them respectfully.

She watched Alex Jefferson efficiently and so business-like turning the pages, perusing and signing with a flourish of his pen while she was caught up in an emotional upheaval. It felt like as if she were selling her soul for some dark purpose. She closed her eyes for a second, gritted her teeth, steeled her heart and sign on the dotted line. Alex watched her from the corner of his eyes; the faint smile never left his lips. After what seems like an eternity, Dilbert Longman checked through the contract to make sure that everything was in order and announces in a formal tone that the business transaction between Alexander William Jefferson and Aida Mina Gonzalez was now sealed and consider legal binding taking effect as of today's date and time naming him Dilbert Robert Longman as first witness and Mrs. Marla Therese Josef as second witness. I have just been sentenced to death, she thought grimly.

"Mrs. Jefferson. Your presence is requested this Friday at 3.00pm at the Luzerne County Courthouse to solemnize the marriage. You may bring a friend or a relative to act as a witness to the union," Dilbert droned on and on. She thought she heard roaring in her ears.

It was Alex who snapped her out of her befuddled mind. "Aida, my chauffer will send you back to your apartment. I have a late meeting to attend to otherwise I would have send you back myself. Don't be late for your wedding this Friday," he added with a devilish grin. Should she shake hands with him? After all they just concluded a deal. She did not have to. He had walked out through the door leaving Longman with her.

"Mrs. Jefferson, shall we go?" It took her a moment for her to register that Longman had addressed her as 'Mrs. Jefferson'. How foreign and unrealistic it sounded. She just realized that she dreads Friday.

To be continued...

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