tagRomanceIt's Just a Business Transaction Ch. 12

It's Just a Business Transaction Ch. 12


Greg had gone back to his apartment after he had retrieved the stuffs Sonja had instructed him to get in a blue sports bag and had told him to wait for further instruction. When he first saw what was in the in the bag it almost freaked him out. He was no bomb expert but had seen one of these things before at the Firearms and Explosives Exhibition. There inside the bag was the infamous C-4, which could easily weighs about 3kg, more than enough to make a big dent in the Jefferson's oil refinery plant situated in Passyunk Avenue. And included in the bag were a detonator, a remote control device, uniform and a fake nametag. There was even a piece of paper with instruction on how to fix the detonator onto the explosive. He studied the instruction carefully. Looks easy enough to fix. He thought bitterly.

Fuck! What does she expect him to do? Just walked up to the guardhouse and announced to the guards – "Hi I am here to plant a bomb, could you let me through without checking my bag?" How was he going to get through without the guards searching his bags of stuffs? It's almost impossible! And he was really reluctant to go through with this mad scheme of hers but what choice does he have when his sister was in her hand. He was at a loss feeling extremely frustrated and he still mourned the loss of Rupert. He could never forget the scene he witnessed just hours ago. Rupert had looked into the screen at him pleadingly before that psychotic bitch snuffed out his life. And there was no guarantee that the bitch would let his sister off even if he followed exactly what she had ordered. He paced back and forth in his apartment feeling totally trapped. He decided to go to bed to recharge his energy for what may come tomorrow. He slept fitfully that night.


"Abuelita! What are you doing here?" cried Aida excitedly seeing an elderly lady with silvery white hair on the opposite end of the bridge. She had then tried to run across the bridge but no matter how she runs, the bridge seems to go on forever, never reaching the other end. Yet the elderly lady just stood there smiling and waving at her. Aida stretched out her hands trying to reach for the elderly lady when her face changed to that of Sonja's! She was now smirking at her. A gun was waving in her hand. Aida was petrified; she was about to turned around wanting to run back to the other end when Alex materialized in front of her - smiling at her. Then she saw Sonja raised her gun and opened fire at the back of Alex. Aida screamed, "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She felt someone shaking her and shushing her trying to calm her down.

"Wake up Aida! It's ok…it's ok. I am here. It's only a dream," said the voice.

She was still struggling when she finally opened her eyes and saw that it was Alex holding her. She was trembling all over beads of perspires peppering her face. She was relieved and immediately held on tightly to Alex.

"Oh Alex," she groaned burying herself in his arms.

"Shh…it's alright. You were just having a bad dream," said Alex soothingly meanwhile rocking her against his naked chest.

"Guess I shouldn't overtire you with our lovemaking," said Alex chuckling softly. "Want to tell me what were you dreaming of? Was it me chasing you around wanting to make love to you again?" he added cheekily.

"No…" said Aida softly feeling safe in the crook of his arms as she rest against his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. "What's the time now?" she asked.

"A little past 11.00am," said Alex.

Aida was alarmed. She had never slept-in so late before. She almost forgot where she was then remembered Alex had carried her back to his bedroom. Maybe she was not used to sleeping in another bed. Was that why she had such a dream?

"I better go wash up," said Aida.

She was about to make a move to get off the bed when Alex scooped her up and carry her to his bathroom into the shower stall. As expected his bathroom was bigger than hers. His bathtub was actually a Jacuzzi. His shower stall could easily fit in four 'Alexes' and still with room to spare.

"I can wash myself Alex," she protested.

Alex just laughed at her and turned on the tap. A strong jet of cold-water shoots out from the powerful nozzle drenching her making her squeal before the water started to get warm. Alex poured some shampoo in his hand and began to work the shampoo into her beautiful hair. Next he poured some body shampoo in his hand and soaped her body lovingly making sure every inch of her was completely washed and cleaned before rinsing her off thoroughly. He grabbed a big towel and wrapped her up then carried her back to his bedroom.

"Alex, I am not a baby! I can dry myself," she said petulantly.

"It's not like I get to washed you everyday and dry you off," Alex argued back and proceeded to rub her all over paying extra attention to her breasts before dropping down on his knees lavishing kisses on her tummy and dropping his head lower to lick at her mons pubis. She squirmed deliciously at his oral loving.

"Don't you think it's a little too early for this," said Aida breathlessly, protesting half-heartedly.

"If you say so," murmured Alex softly against her hot flesh. Ignoring her soft protest, he continued to pleasure her until she came in a rush screaming his name unabashedly in the broad daylight that shines through the wide glass windows. She would have collapsed had he not held on tight to her hips and thighs. He finally let go of her thighs and came up to kiss her letting her taste her own essence. She lapped at his mouth greedily. Alex slowly backed her up against the wall only to bend down and pull one of her legs up to wrap around his hips. He found her hot and wet waiting for his invasion. He plunged into her depth making her shut her eyes tight and gasping in ecstasy.

"Oh, yes Alex!" cried Aida satisfyingly feeling his cock speared open her pussy walls, invading her most intimate part conquering her soul.

Alex agonizingly pulled out of her to the tip and quickly plunged back in, savouring her tightness, loving how her muscles gripped onto his cock like a suction pump. He grabbed her ass to lift her higher and deeper onto his thick hard cock He bent his head to kiss her hungrily, tasting her delicious mouth and she responded back fervently.

With her back against the wall as support, she clasped her hands behind Alex's neck then wrapped her other leg around his hips as well and started to pump her ass, trying to get him deeper into her pussy. She could feel her climax coming on soon. Her clitoris gliding, grazing back and forth on his cock each time he pushed in and out of her. Her eyes closed, her breathing coming in huge gasp, perspiration pouring out from every orifice of her body now. Suddenly her body went rigid for a moment then gave out a sharp high-pitched cry, screaming Alex's name over and over again.

Alex was so turned on with her fiery passion that he could no longer hold on to his own desire and came crashing through, right behind her intense orgasm. He could feel her pussy sucking him in deeper making him forget his purpose for a moment.

She was limped as a newborn babe, resting her whole weight onto Alex, almost sliding off him. Feeling totally spent and sated himself, Alex slowly heaved her ass up and carried her back to the bed before gently laying her down and in the process had slipped out of her hot pussy. He grabbed the towel that had been thrown carelessly onto the floor and proceeded to mop off his sperm that was oozing out of her.

Alex lie down next to her and put his right hand on the left breast tweaking gently at her rosy nipple. "Aida…there is something you need to do for me," said Alex softly against her ear.

"Hmm…what is it?" Aida asked dreamily, loving the feel of his fingers and hand on her breast.

"You need to sign the contract…" said Alex.

Aida's eyes shot wide-open. Then turned her head to look at him. There was no expression on his face but his right hand was still on the left breast pinching her nipple.

"What…what contract," she blurted out confusingly, frowning her brows.

Alex got up from the bed and pulled her up too, then brought her to his desk and made her sit on his leather chair. In front of her on the desk was the oh-so-familiar file that looked like the one she had signed seven months ago in Alex's office. Her heart had sped up its pounding, rapidly hammering against her chest. She felt as if she could not breathe.

"Wh…what is the meaning of this?" she questioned him, her eyes now reading every single words on the contract.

It was a contract giving Alex the right to keep their baby or babies if any were born. In the event of any mishap should she be unable to carry the unborn child to terms, she would have to continue her role as Mrs. Jefferson till another child was conceived and born.

Also should any baby or babies be born; she would be given a choice to stay on as Mrs. Jefferson and be given a monthly allowance of one hundred thousand dollars to spend till the child reached the age of eighteen. At which point she would be free of her obligation as Mrs. Jefferson and a lump sum of thirty-five million dollars would be deposited into an account of her choice OR she would be relieved of her position as Mrs. Jefferson with immediate effect once the baby or babies were born and no compensation in whatsoever form would be paid to her. All visitation rights to the baby or babies would be forfeited as well.

The more Aida read into the content of the contract the more incensed she had gotten. She was trembling with an unknown rage now. And she was still naked. Alex was of course watching her all this while for any reaction. He could see she was angry. He just did not know the degree of her anger but he would soon find out.

Aida stood up from the chair, a naked flaming beauty and looked at Alex with fire leaping in her hazel eyes. Her face filled with rage and contempt.

"Alex, I just came to realize beneath that handsome, charming and…and passionate exterior of yours were merely nothing but a pathetic, selfish, egotistical son of a bitch. So now you are trying to contract me as a breeding vessel?! Was that how you see me? A…a sow?!" her voice rising to a crescendo and getting more agitated by the second.

Alex knew she was angry but never expected her to be THIS angry. He thought she would just sign the contract like before in her vulnerable state, and she was vulnerable after their soul consuming lovemaking not so long ago, but guess he was wrong. He had underestimated her after all. Seems like she wasn't going to be so easily bullied into putting her signature down now.

Alex tried to reach for her; she flinched away from him instead.

"Don't you touch me!" she spoke in a low dangerous voice.

"You don't have a choice Aida," said Alex without emotion but inside of him he was churning with worries. Looks like she was going to put up a fight after all.

"I don't have a choice? You seem to forget. The baby is inside of me! It is my will if it lives or dies! Oh right! I can't get a legal abortion right? It's ok you know! There are staircases in this house. I can't guarantee you that I won't roll down from one them these days. It was really an accident. The baby is your property right? I wholeheartedly agreed too. You can most definitely collect the foetus from the hospital trashcan! So don't tell me I don't have a choice!" Aida was practically shouting at him now.

"Maybe this would change your mind," said Alex calmly.

He bends over his computer keyboard and began to type very fast. The multi-screen LCD Displays lit up while a picture of a man with long sideburns, moustache and a bulbous nose appeared on the screen. Aida could make nothing out of the picture of the man.

"What are you trying to tell me?" said Aida coldly and a little confused.

"Maybe you could ask him for me," said Alex.

"What do you mean by that? Don't play anymore games with me Alex," warned Aida.

Alex began digitally stripping away the man's moustaches, sideburns and bulbous nose with his sophisticated computer just as he had done in his office yesterday. And staring back at Aida was Greg's face.

"I see Greg's face now or the likeness of Greg. What has that got to do with me?" said Aida confusingly, now her anger seemed to have ebbed a little.

"Maybe you could start telling me why did you give Greg half a million dollars and why did he sent this…" From the drawer on his desk he drew out the gift box with the jack in it and placed it on top of the desk for Aida to see, "…to my office," Alex continued.

"Were you two planning to elope together with my baby? Did you two plan this all along? You sure half a million is enough for the three of you to live happily ever after? Or maybe it's just the two of you only? Did you plan to abort my baby once the two of you reached your destination? Did you?" said Alex accusingly his voice rising too.

It was his turn to be angry now. How dare she give HIS money to Greg? How dare she threatens him about their baby, HIS baby! She and the baby belong to HIM! And no one else is going to take them away from him! And how dare she stand there pretending that she was innocent when her lover has set out to destroy him?

Aida stared at him as though he had gone mad. He was now trying to accuse her of having an affair with Greg? How dare he insult Greg and her? It was too absurd! Too preposterous!

"You can insult me all you want Alex, but YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to say that about Greg. He is more honourable than you are! At least he doesn't manipulate me like you did! And you have no evidence that I was having an affair with Greg! And…and what has that gift box got to do with Greg or you?" Aida spat back at him.

Alex reached into the box and retrieved the message and threw it down in front of her. Aida looked at the paper, on which was typed in bold big words -BOOM! YOU'RE DEAD- and together with the paper were Alex and his grandfather's picture stapled on it.

Something snapped inside Aida's mind. Oh God! Don't tell her Greg was trying to save her from Alex thinking she was being ill-treated by Alex? Don't tell her that he planned to take the money and ask her to run away together with him? She thought fearfully. Why would Greg want to do such a thing? She wasn't being treated badly by Alex at all! In fact she thought Alex might just… might have just have fallen in love with her too given the way he had made love to her the past months.

Of course she was wrong about Alex having any feelings for her after he had just asked her to sign another damn contract. And what if Alex said was true - that it was really Greg in disguise and the one to send that note to him? It certainly looked very much like Greg. There was no denying about it. Greg had indeed been acting very strangely of late. She was still brooding over these thoughts when Alex interrupted her.

"You want proof of you two having an affair?" said Alex angrily. Again he reached into the box and drew out the pictures of Greg and Aida at the park and threw it down in front of her once more.

Aida took one look at the picture and flared up again. This was getting really ridiculous! A few pictures and he was already accusing her having an affair with Greg. It doesn't proof anything but she was not going to argue on that.

"You had me followed? So all these while you never trusted me? You…you thought I would do something… something so low-down behind your back?" said Aida angrily looking at him in disbelief.

She had had enough of his madness. She walked away from him intending to go back to her room when he grabbed her and crushed her to him. Alex would not let her walked off from him just like that without teaching her a lesson. She could have been unfaithful to him but he still wanted her. He realized he was aroused even though both of them were having a heated argument. He made a move to kiss her but he never anticipated that Aida would have anticipated his move. Quicker than he could blink his eyes, Aida had raised her right hand and slapped him so hard on his face that his head spun to one side. He immediately let go of her and then slowly turned his face to look at her again.

"Don't you ever touch me again! I won't be taken of advantage anymore!" said Aida through clenched teeth. Suddenly he looked so despicable. Aida thought.

Alex gave her a dastardly smile and rubbed the side of his face where her palm had landed. Subconsciously Alex did notice Aida had a very strong right hand.

"I did not take advantage of you but I recalled you were moaning my name when I last fucked you," said Alex savagely.

Aida looked as if she was going to hurl herself at him when she calmly said. "You were right. I was moaning your name but it WAS Greg I was thinking of and it was his body I imagine I was fucking. Not yours! You forgot I was an actress, I was only playacting," said Aida bravely not caring about anything else or the consequences of her words might provoke any unwanted responses from him. She wants to hurt him back just as he had hurt her with his baseless and groundless accusations and also his damn bloody contract. She would have willingly stayed on without the contract IF only he had asked her nicely.

Upon hearing those words from her lips, Alex launched at her and pulled her to the bed before throwing her down. Aida was fighting him tooth and nail now, trying to scratch, punch and kick at him.

"LET ME GO!" she screamed. She felt very frightened with Alex sudden rough handling. And she felt vulnerable too, without a stitch of clothing on her and he - just as naked as she was. She could see he was highly aroused and that makes her even more scared. She tried to struggle and twist away from him but he was so strong and big. Alex easily grabbed both her hands and pinned it above her head while he covered her lower body with his strong legs.

"So you like fucking him don't you? So you imagine it was his cock sliding into your hot pussy, did you?" Alex spoke in a low ragged reckless voice.

"Well, I will show you what I can do to you and you will moan MY name! I will fuck you till you forget about him! And if I have to fuck you a thousand times to make you forget him, I would do it!" promised Alex, his voice getting more excited.

He was going to rape her! Aida was terrified now. She doesn't feel sexual at all now unlike much earlier. She felt fear spreading through her body.

Still pinning her hands above her head, Alex had pushed himself to a kneeling position and using his knees had nudged her thighs open. Aida was screaming at him to let her go. She was even begging him not to.

"STOP ALEX! STOP! PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME! PLEASE DON'T ALEX!" she cried loudly begging him to stop.

Alex did not seem to hear her cries of panic. All he care about now was to be inside her; to pound into her flesh so she would forget Greg but only remember that it was he who could make her scream with ecstasy. She was still wet from their earlier coupling when he burrowed himself into her. Fuck! How good her pussy felt around him. He must have gone mad to feel so possessive about her. He thought flittingly. But right now her pussy felt so good it made him forget that she was being rape by him. He drove himself relentlessly into her again and again not hearing her scream. After a while Aida had stop moving and had even stop screaming. And that was when he suddenly snapped out of his madness. He looked down at Aida's face. She was still crying but it was silent tears.

OH MY GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!" He thought, horrified at his disgusting behaviour. He managed to find his voice.

"I'm sorry sweetheart! I'm sorry darling! Don't cry…don't cry. I don't mean to…I was so angry…" coaxed Alex. For the first time he had said the word 'sorry' which he had never use before in his life to anyone and he did not even realized it.

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