tagRomanceIt's Just a Business Transaction Ch. 13

It's Just a Business Transaction Ch. 13


She looked at Aida's unconscious form and broke into a satisfied smile. She could hardly believe their good fortune to have gotten Aida so easily. With Aida as hostage, Alex would have no choice but to bow to her whims and fancies. She would let him sweat for the next few days first before calling him about Aida. That would definitely weaken his state of mind.

"So, what do you plan to do with her? Can I have a go at her first?" said Roderick looking eagerly at Sonja.

Sonja turned to look at Roderick now. Idiot! I'll soon send you to hell. Then I'll send the rest of your family members to join you. Sonja thought with great satisfaction.

She could see it now -'The Jeffersons' secrets revealed! Late father a paedophile. Brothers killed over a former actress.'- What a perfect headline for the media.

Sonja gave Roderick a cunning smile. "First, let us wake up our little whore."

"Sonja, this...this whole thing is getting out of hand! You... you never said there would be innocent lives involved!" Marie stammered, wringing her hands nervously.

If only Marie had known Sonja would be killing off so many people, she would never have agreed with Roderick to join forces with Sonja in getting rid of Alex and his grandfather.

"Mum, you agreed in the first place that it was ok to get rid of Alex and that old man! You're not backing out now, are you?" Roderick glared at his mother.

"Yes I did! When you said getting rid of your big brother and grandpa, I thought you meant through their business! Not...not to the extent of committing murder! Marie argued fiercely.

Roderick was about to give his mother a piece of his mind when Sonja stopped him.

"Marie, don't be stupid. A crime is a crime! Whether you poison their waters or killing someone, it's still a crime. Do you think the Jefferson would let you off so easily if they'd known you were trying to destroy their reputation in the business world? And whether you like it or not, it's too late to back off now. Alex and his grandfather would never let you or your son off. Let us tie up all the loose end and then we can live happily ever after. Just give it a few more days, ok?" said Sonja airily.

"Now, I'll let you have the honour in waking up our little sleeping beauty. Splash the water on her face," Sonja instructed Marie commandingly.

Marie bit her lower lip, not sure if she wanted to do it but then Sonja barked at her. "DO IT!"

Marie gave a start and inched over to where Aida was sitting tied to a chair then took the bottle of mineral water and gingerly splashed some on her face. Aida did not stir.

"AGAIN!" Sonja barked louder once more.

Marie jumped then splashed the rest of the water on Aida and she finally groaned. Marie retreated far back refusing to look at Aida anymore.

Aida felt something cold and wet on her face and slowly opened her eyes. Instantly she felt a numbing pain at the nape of her neck. She tried to reach a hand to rub her neck but realized she could not move only to discover she was tied up. That woke her up fully. She looked around frantically and her eyes fell on Sonja! She gave a gasped of horror.

"Why am I here? What...what's going on?" cried Aida desperately. Then she focused her gaze on the man standing next to Sonja. It was Roderick! And Marie too!

Wendy, who was tied sitting next to Aida, was making noise behind her gag to get Aida's attention. "Hmmff! Hmmff! Hmmff!

Aida turned her head painfully to see who was making the sound. Greg was telling her the truth; Sonja was indeed holding Wendy hostage here. Then her eyes fell upon the figure next to Wendy, it was Rupert but he was long dead. She let out a loud gasp and turned back to Sonja, "What do you want with me, Sonja? I have done nothing wrong to you. Why are you doing this to me?" Aida asked, her voice rising in panic.

Sonja was smiling maliciously at her. She sauntered over to Aida then suddenly lashed out her hand at Aida's face - repeatedly and viciously slapping her. Aida's head spun from side to side from the force of the slaps. Instantly she could taste blood on her lips. Sonja then grabbed her hair and stuck her face close to Aida's.

"That! Is for taking Alex away from me!" Sonja whispered harshly at her. Roderick was grinning at her while Marie's gaze was elsewhere, looking jumpy and scared.

"My turn to have a little fun with her yet?" Roderick rubbed his hand zealously.

"What do you want to do with her?" Sonja asked as an unholy smile lit up at the corner of her mouth.

"I've been wanting to have a taste of that round juicy ass of hers..." said Roderick full of intent.

"Go ahead, I like to watch too," Sonja said encouragingly.

"No! NO! Don't touch me!" Aida screamed in revulsion.

Roderick approached her and ran his hands over her breasts, mauling them through her blouse. Then with a rip, he tore her blouse down the middle, scattering the buttons about. Aida was screaming on top of her lungs now, telling him to stop. Wendy could only cried into her gag, looking helplessly on, as Roderick crudely molested Aida.

Marie ran to her son and grabbed his right hand, yanking off his painful grip on Aida's left breast.

"Why the fuck did you do that for mum? If you can't bear to watch just get out of here till I'm done! I've an old score to settle with the bitch!" Roderick shouted angrily at his mother.

"Stop it! Stop it! She is pregnant!" Marie shouted back. She didn't have the heart to see Aida being violated by her son. Moreover, she knew Aida was pregnant, and how fragile pregnant women were in their early pregnancy stage. She was afraid Aida might go into shock and miscarried the baby.

Sonja found Marie's behaviour amusingly pathetic in her effort to stop her son from committing a heinous act and was immensely delighted when she heard Aida was pregnant.

"What did you say? The slut is pregnant? How about that? Two! For the price of one! Now this is gonna be real fun!" said Sonja excitedly. She reached into her bag and drew out a long whip, her eyes gleaming at Aida with hatred.

"Wha...what are you going to do? No! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!" Aida screamed again.

"Hey! It's my turn to have some fun!" Roderick protested loudly at Sonja.

"Get away Roderick!" warned Sonja. Something in her voice told Roderick not to argue with her. Marie looked horrifyingly at Sonja now. Sonja looked so cruel. There seemed to be an evil aura shrouding her, so thick you could almost reached out and touched it.

Without another word, Sonja brought the whip down on Aida, whipping her body with all her strength. Aida was screaming in agony, pleading with her to stop. She stopped whipping Aida long enough to tear the skirt off her and then proceeded to slam her fist into Aida's stomach a couple of times, making her cried out in excruciating pain.

For a moment even Roderick felt revolted by Sonja's cruelty. Marie ran over to Sonja and pulled at her arms. Sonja turned back and shoved Marie effortlessly onto the floor.

Wendy was whimpering piteously behind her gag, her eyes now pouring with tears.

"Please don't hurt my baby, please don't..." Aida pleaded weakly at Sonja.

Marie got up from the floor and ran to stand between Sonja and Aida.

"NO! NO! Don't Sonja! You wanted Alex not her. Don't do this please! It's not easy carrying a child. Roddy! Say something!" Marie began to plead on behalf of Aida.

Marie only wanted a good life for her son and herself. She had never wanted to kill anyone in order to achieve her goal. She was once a pregnant mum too and she knew the feeling of being pregnant. That wonderful, wonderful feeling knowing a miracle was growing in your body. In fact Marie had a miscarriage once before she had Roderick and it broke her heart to know her unborn baby had died. It took her months to recover from her anguish, and that was why she had turned to drugs. And now seeing Aida might lose her baby prematurely it brought back sad memories to her.

Sonja was about to hit out at Marie when Roderick interrupted them.

"Hey! Hey! Knock it off you two! Mum stopped it! And Sonja, don't you think it's time we give a call to Greg and asked him how he was doing, instead of bickering over this little bitch?" Roderick was trying to divert Sonja's attention away from his mother.

Sonja glared at Roderick and his mother then threw the whip down and reached for her mobile to call Greg.

She dialed Greg's number. She stood stock still for a moment when she heard it was Alex's voice instead of Greg over the other end. She knew then Greg must have been busted. Well, might as well. Sooner or later she would've contacted Alex, which was her intention all along. Get this over with and then she could return to Poland and start a new life for herself.

Sonja exchanged some ugly conversations with Alex before giving him the address of the warehouse and had warned him against going to the police or she would not hesitate to rip the foetus out of Aida. She then turned to Roderick and Marie,

"The plan has been move up. Let us prepare ourselves. We have an honourable guest coming, it's...SHOW TIME!" she announced with a wicked grin.

Meanwhile she decided to have a little bit more fun with Aida while waiting for Alex. She asked for a cigarette from Roderick and smiled at Aida like a snake. Aida was looking back at her with pain-horror filled eyes feeling very fearful for her unborn child.

God! Please let the baby be alright! Please! She said a silent pray.


Apart from the center of the warehouse, which was brightly illuminated with eight standing fluorescent lights, the rest of the area was empty and dark with a musty smell of decay hanging in the air. Alex could only guess the lightings were generated from a powerful portable generator since no electricity ran through this area. His eyes were still trying to adjust to the darker part of the warehouse when Sonja's voice rang out loud and clear at him.

"Welcome, welcome Alex. We are indeed honoured with your presence. Please, make your way over here," said Sonja dramatically.

Alex was about to run to where Sonja was standing when someone stepped out quietly from the shadows and kicked at the back of his knee, forcing him into a half kneeling position.

"Hold it right there!" said his assailant menacingly.

Alex, recognizing the voice had turned back immediately to face his assailant. "YOU!" cried Alex loudly. Before he could recover from his shock yet another figure stepped out from the shadow. It was Marie, but she averted Alex's glare and she looked nervous.

"Hello big brother, surprise to see me?" sneered Roderick, his eyes gleaming with evil satisfaction to see the shock on his half-brother's face. He was holding a gun in his left hand. "If you've paid more attention to my mother and me, maybe this wouldn't have happen to you...but you prefer not to acknowledge our existence as if we were trash."

"YOU ARE TRASH!" said Alex angrily.

Roderick was about to make a punch at Alex with his free hand when Sonja's voice rang out again.

"Stop it! Don't you dare hit him without my permission. He is mine!" said Sonja loudly.

"Bring him over here," commanded Sonja.

Roderick was pissed that he was not allowed to hit at Alex, which he had wanted to do so for a very long time. But he could afford to wait a little longer and then he would get even with Alex. His grandfather would certainly die from a broken heart if he knew his favourite grandson had died and since he; Roderick would be the last of the Jefferson, undoubtedly all the assets would automatically go to him. After all he WAS a Jefferson.

"Get up and move over there," ordered Roderick. He pushed hard at Alex's shoulder blade to shove him forward while pointing his gun at him.

Alex could clearly see now at the center of the warehouse there was a white screen and a projector and of course; the figures that were tied to their chairs – Aida, Wendy and a dead man, and standing between the girls was Sonja - the mad woman that was behind all the mishaps that had happened to him for the past few months.


Detective Hudson had sneaked over to the warehouse, and was trying to locate a spot where he could look inside without being detected by the occupants. He found the fire escape at the west side of the warehouse leading up to the second level. He looked at the iron stairs and noted it was still rather sturdy. Very quietly and stealthily he climbed up the iron stairs one at a time to avoid any crunching sound. He reached the top with the fire escape door. He tried the handle of the door and discovered it wasn't lock. Slowly and surely he pulled open the door just big enough for his frame to creep in. He was afraid the door might squeak but it didn't. He could hear muffled voices coming from below, from where he was standing. He had to edge close to the landing to look down. He could see the stairs in front of him but no way would he be able to walk down without alerting the kidnappers as the stairs were facing them. It was a good thing though; he had worn his darker jacket today, which blended him in well with the shadows.

Detective Hudson quickly sized up the situation below him. There were a total of seven people down there – three men and four women. One was Alex, with his back facing him. Another man was standing a foot behind Alex holding a gun. Yet another was tied and gagged sitting on a chair but looked to be lifeless. Out of the four women, two were tied sitting on the chairs. One was conscious and gagged while the other one was almost naked in bra and panties, her head drooped to one side with the hair partially covering her face. That must be Aida, thought the detective.

There left two other women - both in standing position. One was holding a gun facing him, while the other woman's back was to him standing next to the guy with the gun. Although he couldn't see the woman's face that was without a gun, he noticed she was fidgeting badly. Shouldn't be a threat, he made a mental note. But the other woman with long platinum hair that was holding a gun looked mean and nasty even though she had a smile on her beautiful face. The man with the gun would be no match for Alex if they were to fight barehanded.

Detective Hudson was never a fan of stage play but he knew who the woman with the platinum hair was. He had seen her at the theatre the last time he was there to arrest Aida. He recalled her bitchiness and haughtiness enough to leave a bad long-lasting impression on him. Most men would find her irresistible with her curvaceous and toned body but the detective found her too...too perfect. She looked almost artificial to him. The detective was contemplating whether to make known his presence but decided against it as the hostages were just next to Sonja. His cop instinct was to protect the innocent first.

With his experience of more than sixteen years as a cop, he had seen thousands of faces. He understood how the mind of a criminal worked especially psychopaths. They would rather kill off the hostages, and then turned on themselves than to surrender. He would have to bide his time and find the right opportunity. One wrong move and it would be over for Alex and the hostages down there - not to mention his career too.


Sonja was standing between the girls, waving her gun as though it was a toy. She was dressed in a tight-fitting black leather catsuit that zipped up in the front to just below the curve of her breasts, and a pair of equally black high-heeled ankle boots. Her beautiful long platinum hair tied up high on top of her head into a ponytail.

Alex looked at Sonja for a moment then briefly over to Wendy, whose eyes showed great fear and then to the male body that was sitting stiffly next to her with his head drooped to aside. Then his eyes focused on Aida's half naked form.

He was churning with rage inside of him - his heart beating rapidly as he could see Aida very clearly now. She was alive by the steady rise and fall of her chest. She must have fainted due to the pain inflicted on her. Alex could not see Aida's face as her hair had fell forward. But there were welts on her silky body. Oh God! There were even burnt cigarette marks on her breasts! What kind of animal was Sonja to do that to another human being? Then he returned his angry gaze back to Sonja.

"Hello Jason," said Alex slowly.

Marie's eyes popped wide-open, while Roderick looked confusingly at Alex for greeting Sonja as Jason. At first Sonja looked startled too but then slowly her beautiful face broke into a huge smile, which turned into an uproarious laugh.

Even Detective Hudson was surprise as to why Alex had addressed Sonja as Jason.

"What did you call her? Jason?! Who the fuck is Jason?!" asked Roderick.

"Damn you Alex! I wish you weren't so smart. Now you've spoilt all my fun," said Sonja sweetly still laughing away.

"Fun? You called this fun?" said Alex while pointing to Rupert's lifeless body.

"Alex, Alex...in a play you had to have a hero and a heroine! You have the good guys and the bad guys. And then you have the plot and the extras to help out the bad guys in taking down the good guys! Well, sometimes the extras have to die. And Rupert was an extras!" Said Sonja breezily.

"So this is all a play to you now? You are one sick person, Jason!" Said Alex clenching his teeth.

"Woah! Hang on! Why do you keep calling Sonja as Jason?" Roderick was adamant to know what was going on. Alex and Sonja had ignored him long enough and he refused to be ignored any longer.

Marie was looking extremely fearful now. She didn't want to think it was possible.

Sonja was getting really annoyed with Roderick constant interruption now. She decided to kill him first but she would let him know who she really was. At least he wouldn't have died in vain for his effort in her plan.

Just then Aida seemed to have regain consciousness. Alex wanted to run to her but knew better than to do that.

"Ahh... the sleeping beauty awakes," said Sonja delightfully.

Aida's eyes came into focus after the haze cleared from her pain clouded mind. She could see Alex standing a few feet in front of her.

"Alex," she rasped hoarsely.

Sonja grabbed her hair painfully in her hand to pull her face up in the open so Alex could see her battered face.

"Let her go," said Alex, slowly advancing on them.

"Stay back Alex or I'll pop her now," Sonja warned in a singsong voice, "Looks like some of you here are rather confuse with my identity other than you, dear Alex so I'm going to give everyone a little entertainment," with that said Sonja pulled at the ropes around Aida till she was free, and then she curled her left arm around Aida's neck to pull her up and they moved over to the makeshift table where the projector were standing.

"Press the play button slut." She commanded of Aida. Aida painfully lifted her hand and pressed the button as instructed.

In a very clear crisp voice Sonja announced to the occupants in the warehouse.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the BEFORE...and AFTER...of ME!" she said exultantly as if she was giving an opening speech on stage.

While the projector played the slides, Sonja was giving them a running commentary each time the images changed. The screen showed a naked young boy about twelve with a very grotesque penis and testicles lying on a surgery table with his legs on the stirrups. Then the image changed to that of the young boy being operated on. First his testicles were surgically removed, and then his penis was sliced open from the underside. Next it showed how an anterior flap was developed from the skin of his penis. The images went on to show how the skilled surgeon professionally created a urethra from the shaft of what was left of his penis. The images kept changing, until finally the young boy who once had a penis and testicles was now technically a young female with a vagina. By the time 'she' had a completed vagina and breasts the projector showed of a young lady around sixteen or seventeen years of age now.

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