tagMatureIt's Never Too Late

It's Never Too Late


Jason and Paula met late in life, she the victim of two bad marriages, one abusive, the other loveless, he, trapped in an unsatisfying one where many of his emotional and sexual needs were never met.

It wasn't that he didn't love his wife but she seemed never to be able to sense his needs nor fulfill them. Her second husband was pretty much the same.

When fate finally brought them together, they both wondered if God was playing a joke on them because it was so obvious that they complemented each other perfectly that they had to have been made for each other. Had they met earlier in life they would have made the complete couple, yet God made it so that they met after having created families with others and having lives that were too complicated to simply walk away from.

In her first marriage she and her husband James, fought constantly. She was a feisty, coffee colored woman of small build 5' 5", 120 lbs, he was a 5'10" 180 lbs, light complexioned, pretty boy who thought that he was God's gift to women.

Many of their arguments disintegrated into violence as neither of the two of them knew how to resolve conflict without it. Although he was more than fifty pounds heavier than she, she would fight him anyway. It didn't matter to her that she would end up getting her ass beaten; it satisfied her that she got in a few good licks of her own before he would eventually waste her.

Since her family wasn't too thrilled with the marriage, there was no one to go to for advice or help and so the turmoil and fights continued.

For Paula, the marriage was more about her escaping from her mother's control than anything else. Her dad, whom she adored, had died about five years earlier and she had never gotten over his death.

Her mother, now left with three children to raise on her own, decided to make sure that her only daughter didn't suffer the consequences of single parenthood and tried to compensate for her husband's early demise by ruling her daughter with an iron hand.

Paula tried to rebel every way that she could as she observed that her two brothers were treated differently and she and her mother were always at odds.

At age sixteen she had fancied herself to be in love with the neighborhood bad boy. Her mother warned her to stay away from him as everybody in the community knew that he was irresponsible and didn't like to work.

Paula didn't care about any such things. She thought that he was fine and unbeknownst to her mother, on her way back home from one of the few movies that her mother let her go to, she had surrendered her virginity to him.

She had gone with her two brothers to the local movie theater one Saturday evening and on their way back home, the two boys stopped to talk to two girls that they had arranged to meet at the theater. They chased her away by telling her to go to the ice cream parlor down the street and wait for them there and they would meet her in an hour.

At the parlor she ran into James, who bought her an ice cream. He talked to her for a while and managed to get her to come outside with him. He walked her around to the rear of the building and when he got her there he hugged her and kissed her.

She was in heaven as she had a great crush on him. He proceeded to play with her small budding nipples and in short order he had pulled the crotch of her panties aside and fucked her up against the wall.

Sometime later when her brothers arrived, with separate cases of the blue balls, she was awaiting them with a very sore and recently plundered pussy.

As conflict with her mother escalated over her relationship with James, she felt that marriage was her only escape.

She got a job at the local supermarket and she and James got married as soon as she turned eighteen. For the first three months things were idyllic. They lived with his mother and spent most days and nights having furious sex. When she went home to visit, her mother would often remark about how tired she looked and how sunken in her eyes were.

She soon became pregnant and decided to find an apartment for then to live. James was not thrilled by the idea but after she found one they moved in. At first he paid the rent and bought the groceries but as pregnancy distorted her body he found her no longer attractive and he started playing the field again, using his money to entertain other women rather than pay the bills.

As a result, she spent a lonely and abandoned pregnancy.

They argued all the time about his constant absence from home and perfume smelling clothes whenever he returned.

She worked all the way through her pregnancy and he fooled around and got fired from his job. When she realized that he began taking money from her purse to entertain the other women he was dating, the real fighting started.

Every week was a new fight, until the superintendent of the apartment building told her that they had to stop the fighting or leave.

After one pretty brutal fight in which he split her lip, bloodied her nose and blackened her eye, she finally decided that she had enough. She stopped fighting with him, cut him off from her sexual favors and six months after the birth of her daughter, she called the police and put him out. After that, she never looked back.

For fifteen years she worked to raise her child by herself, avoiding serious involvement with all the men who she felt saw her as a hot mama and only wanted to get into her pants.

She went to community college, got herself a degree in accounting and kept to herself. She followed it up by completing a bachelor's degree in management.

Her family and friends kept encouraging her to give another man a chance and finally she started to date again.

Although she went on dates with them, none of them were ever allowed to enter her house. She was determined to protect her daughter and earn her respect.

Once in a while when her physical needs overcame her and she would relent and give up some pussy to a current suitor but her heart was never in it.

Those incidents were rare as she believed that sex and marriage went together and she wasn't the freaky kind of women to do all the "nasty" things like using toys, that her girlfriends talked about doing.

Finally she met a man who seemed quite taken with her and acted like he would do anything for her. He was able to get to her through her daughter, who adored him. He treated her like she was his own and he had the ability to make her laugh. She knew that she was not in love with him and told him so.

He begged and begged her to marry him until she finally relented. One of her requirements in agreeing to marry him was that she would have no more children and she made no bones in telling her new husband that. He agreed.

Two years after their marriage, her gynecologist decided to take her off her current birth control pills to allow her metabolism to re-establish itself. He informed her that her husband would have to use condoms until her system had been re-regulated and she began using the new birth control pills again. She made sure that her husband heard and understood this and reminded him that she did not want any more children.

Her new husband honored this edict but one night, overcome by horniness and too lazy to go find a condom, he forced her to have unprotected sex with him. She was very upset by his doing this and it resulted in high tension between the two of them for some time. Two months later she visited her doctor because she wasn't feeling well and discovered that she was pregnant.

At first she was furious, then became so devastated that she went into a deep depression. She had no intention of having this child and shared her thoughts with her doctor. Her doctor told her that the decision to have the baby was hers to make but her austere upbringing was enough to convince her not to abort the pregnancy and seven months later she delivered a son.

Prior to the delivery she had ordered her doctor to cut, burn and tie her tubes and at delivery, he had complied. She told her husband what she had done and informed him that she was never having another child for him.

After that incident, she lost all sexual desire for him and he never took the time to seduce her and win her heart again. Sexual intercourse became a wifely duty, a chore, devoid of emotion and pleasure on her part.

Their sex life constituted a weekly or bi weekly affair. Whenever her husband wanted her, he would go to her bedroom and approach her in bed. She would turn her back to him, let him pull her nightgown up and take her from behind. He would rut in her until he had an orgasm and when he was through, she would rise, go to the bathroom, clean herself and return to bed.

As a result of her lack of response, he became extremely rough and would pound her mercilessly trying to force a response out of her. Since he made no attempt to seduce her, she was always dry and many a night she fell asleep with tears streaming down her face from the pain she had endured.

Her mother had taught her that it was a wife's duty to satisfy her husband and she never cried out nor complained. After he had ejaculated in her, he would leave and return to his bedroom to sleep alone. Sex for her became an experience to be endured rather than enjoyed, resulting in her having no orgasms for a period of almost twenty years!

As a result of her distaste for him, sex became increasingly painful because of her lack of vaginal lubrication and she sought her doctor's advice.

He suggested that she purchase female lubricant from the drug store, which she did and she dutifully applied it to herself whenever her husband approached her. He would have his way and when he was done she would clean herself and go to sleep.

After a while, he stopped visiting her bed and she was relieved that he no longer had to suffer through the ordeals of his desires.

Realizing that she had no sexual attraction to him, her husband made every effort to destroy her self-esteem. He constantly criticized her body, telling her that she was undesirable and repeatedly threatened to leave her if she put on any weight.

Over the years, he convinced her that her lovely breasts and shapely body were ugly and should be covered as much as possible and any time he saw her walking around the house exposing more than the necessary leg or arm he would berate her and make her feel like she was a whore.

Her depression increased.

Even though the blind could tell that at 5'5" and now 140 pounds with 34 DD's and a smooth caramel complexion, she was extremely desirable, she grew to dislike her body and kept it covered up even at the beach.

At age sixty, she received a promotion on her job and began to work with Jason, a man that she had known for many years but because they worked in different departments, she had never really got to be close friends with.

She discovered that he was a very nice and caring individual who seemed to understand her moods and somehow had the key to making her feel alive and worthwhile.

Her new job was very demanding and intense and it pleased her to know that her new boss always supported her and as a result she always covered his back. Without being sexual, he complimented her from time to time on her dress and her looks and slowly she began to recognize that he must have found her attractive to comment like he did. Slowly her self-esteem returned.

Together they became a formidable team and she learned that like her, he was also in a marriage devoid of emotion.

He discovered that she was a woman who wanted her man to be a dominant force in her life, to take care of her, make her feel needed, wanted and valued without debasing and abusing her. She wanted her man to be a man and she was willing to be that man's woman. Unfortunately, her husband was not that man.

Gradually she found herself being drawn to him and began to look forward to their occasional chats when the intensity of their jobs decreased and they had time to relax.

His friendship and professional support was all that she cared about. Likewise, he had no designs upon her. An honest, true and strong friendship developed.

Then the improbable happened!

One of his talents was writing poetry. On occasion, he would use his computer to create cards for his co-workers for special occasions and so for her sixty first birthday, he created a card for her. The text of it made it clear to her that he knew her innermost feelings and needs and understood her and she was so touched by his sensitivity that she cried after reading the card.

Seeing her eyes moisten he apologized and said that the card was meant to make her happy not sad.

She smiled and told him that the tears were not because of sadness but because he knew her so well and added that he understood her far better than her husband ever did. Catching herself, she regretted making the remark but left it alone hoping that he didn't ascribe too much significance to it.

He heard the remark though and realized how lonely and depressed she really was and made a note to do whatever he could to make her feel valued and an important part of his office.

As they continued working together their friendship grew and one day he wrote her a poem suggesting that she deserved someone to love and care for her and wished that he had met her when both of them were single.

She was embarrassed because he knew her that well but played it off by asking him why he felt that she needed someone like that. He told her what he had learned about her life and unhappy marriage from listening to her and that he too was in a similar situation and wished that he had someone just like her.

In an unguarded moment he touched the side of her face softly and she turned her face towards him. Her eyes told him all he wanted to know and he wrapped her gently in his arms and softly kissed her lips. She didn't resist nor pull away from him and he held her until she opened her eyes again and looked into his.

When she did, he kissed her again, this time more insistently and with a soft moan, her mouth opened and after a brief hesitation, he fed her his tongue. She sucked voraciously on it, savoring its taste and feel, something that she hadn't enjoyed in many years.

Her body trembled with passion, her heart thudded against his chest, her knees gave way and he literally had to hold her up and lead her to a chair.

She realized that not only was her heart was pounding so hard, it felt as if it would jump from her chest but wonder of wonders, her panty crotch was soaked as well!

After composing herself, she told him that in the forty years of marriage she had never been unfaithful to either of her husbands and for that reason, didn't think that she could be involved with him.

He told her that he saw her as a deeply passionate woman, with pent up sexual energy and love needing to be unleashed and that he hoped she would let him bring her back to life again.

He also told her that she had what he had been seeking all his life and added that he thought that God saw their need and brought them together.

Someone walked into the outer office before she could respond and she left to see who it was and the discussion ended there.

Days later they talked again and he told her that she was exactly what he needed in his life. She told him that while she needed him too, she wasn't sure that she could pull off a double life and that he should seek and find someone else.

She even suggested to him that she would set him up with her divorced sister who she felt deserved a man like him.

He told her that if she didn't want him, it was okay and while her sister was probably a nice woman, it was she that he wanted.

She looked into his eyes and saw the truth of his statement and agreed to take it one day at a time.

They began to meet for drinks occasionally after work to talk and get to know one another better and ever so often he would take her in his arms and kiss her as they parted.

She refused to let the kissing become a regular thing and he never pushed her.

On one occasion when she was leaving their favorite meeting place, he pulled her into his arms to kiss her and she felt his hard cock press against her belly. Knowing that she was sixty years old and he was older than she, she teasingly asked him if his cock still got hard.

He laughed and in the darkness of the parking lot without her knowledge, unzipped his pants, took his cock out and placed it in her hand. She gasped at his boldness but grasped the turgid hardness and whispered,

"God, its big."

He chuckled, "not too big for you though."

"You nasty devil," she laughed but held on to his fat cock gently stroking it.

"Meet Monsieur Henri," he said with a flourish and then added,

"I'd like to put him in you."

"What? Here?" she gasped.

No, not here," he whispered," but I do want to fuck you!"

For some reason the use of the word "fuck" undid her and her pussy gushed like it hadn't in years, soaking her panties and leaking down her thighs.

Without a word, she pulled away from him, walked to her car, started it and drove off.

Nonplussed, he put his cock back into his pants wondering if he had offended her and blown any chance of a relationship with her. As he pulled away in his car, his cell phone rang.

He heard her husky voice say "When?"

"When what?" he responded.

"When do you want to fuck me?" she asked.

He was so surprised that he didn't answer for a moment and then with all the passion that he could muster, he said

"As soon as I can."

"I want you to," she responded "but I'm afraid."

"Let's talk about it" he answered.

"Ok," she whispered.

A few days later, she shared her reservations with him, telling him that she knew that he was very worldly and experienced and that although she had been married twice, her upbringing had made her so inhibited that she refused to experiment with either of her two husbands. She told him that missionary style of sex with no kink was what she was mostly used to, until her second husband started taking her from behind as she lay on her side and that was all that she was used to.

She also told him that she hadn't had sex with her present husband in two years, had never had oral sex with either husband and slept alone because her present husband hated her snoring.

She told Jason that her husband had made her feel that she wasn't a good lay, something that she had come to believe.

She was also afraid that he would be disappointed with her sexual performance and as much as she wanted him, she was terrified of being a sexual failure.

She shared that for some reason when he said that he wanted to "fuck" her, the use of that word made her knees go to jelly and her pussy twitch and she yearned to feel his cock inside her.

It was a feeling that she hadn't felt in years and didn't think that she would ever feel again. She also told him that listening to him talk, she realized that he was somewhat freaky. She felt that she was not and didn't think that she could ever satisfy him. She was also afraid that he would soon grow tired of her.

He told her that he was not interested in performance only that she was willing to give herself to him and whatever happened would happen.

Then she made him laugh by saying, "Your cock is so large that if you put it in me, its going to stretch my pussy out and I never wanted a big pussy."

He looked her in the eye and said,

"Well if it gets stretched out, it's because my cock did it. Its making it right for me and nobody else is going to get it anyway so it will be perfect."

This reassured her and she agreed to try.

A week later she met him at a nearby hotel and she had sex for the first time in two years! It was also the first time in over forty years that she had sex with a man who was not her husband!

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