tagErotic CouplingsIt's Party Time, Baby

It's Party Time, Baby


It wasn't that she was a bad girl, although she was known to have some wild times. Raylyn was your average party girl, just out looking for a good time. She may have been average in her style of partying, but her looks were all her own. She was 5'3", long brown hair, tight ass, and perky 34DD's to top it all off. Even with her looks and wild side she didn't have a boyfriend, just a guy she was regularly sleeping with, and that someone was Dallas. Now Dallas was your cookie cutter image of the dark Italian guy, tall with dark hair and eyes, and totally handsome. He was 6'3" and was a nice level of hard. Speaking of hard things, he had a wonderful cock, eight inches of solid, fuckable, manhood.

It was spring and all the parties had started popping up, meaning Dallas and Raylyn would be at every one of them. Typically at the kind of parties they went to people got drunk and ended up in bedrooms, bathrooms, or outside. As the night went on you could see the crowd in the house getting smaller and couples left to go entertain themselves. Raylyn watched couples sneak away and knew immediately that she was going to do the same too very soon. She looked up at Dallas and she didn't even have to say what she wanted he could tell just by looking at her. Leaning down to her he said "Follow me."

They walked outside to the pool hand in hand, and then looked for a place for them. Over in a dark corner at the edge of the property she saw a pool raft built for two. Looking at him with wicked intent shinning in her eyes, she led them to it. Dallas was taking this into his own hands as he pulled her to him and kissed her. Raylyn was so turned on and wanted to fuck now. Falling backwards she pulled Dallas down with her, letting him land on top of her. As he laid on top of her she cold feel his hard-on pressing into her leg. She moved just enough to get him in between her legs so that his pressure was in just the right spot. Moaning just slightly, Dallas pushed her shirt over her head, exposing her to him. Starting at her lips he licked, kissed, sucked, and bit his way down her body, stopping at her breasts to pay attention to her nipples that were so hard. Raylyn loved when he did this, but knowing if he was going to do anything else tonight he was going to have to move on. Pushing lightly on the top of his head, Raylyn encouraged him to keep going lower, and he obeyed so well. Dallas moved his lips and tongue down her body, stopping at the top of her shorts to take them off, then her thong followed. Leaving her naked and helpless to his touch, Dallas licked her swollen pussy lips.

On contact Raylyn flung her hands above her head and grabbed onto the raft as she arched her back. Dallas was good with his mouth and he knew it, and he planned to use it to make her cum. He licked around her clit, sucking on it lightly, just enough to drive her wild. Putting two fingers into her, he rocked them in and out of her, all the while keeping up his tongue work. Raylyn was in overdrive, she couldn't control this and she was so close to cumming. That was it, she had to stop him before her climax took over and she was reduced to a puddle.

"Dallas...please stop...I want to fuck before I cum." Breathlessly she got her demand out.

"Yes Ma'am, what ever you want." Dallas loved pleasing her; therefore he would do whatever she asked for as long as he could control himself.

Moving back up her body he let her undress him so he was just as naked as she was. Raylyn removed ever stitch of clothes from his body, taking in the sights as she went. She loved this part, revealing every inch of him to herself, knowing that he was hers to fuck. Once she had him naked as well he kissed her and pulled her to him, rolling them over so she was on top. He loved when she rode him, so he could watch as her tits bounced and she fucked him, and he could look at her when she came. Raylyn was straddling him, sliding his cock into her slowly, and torture for them both.

"Dear God you're so tight! Hurry up so I don't blow my load right now." Dallas love fucking her, but when she did this his staying power went right out the window. She felt so good around him that he didn't want to end it right now.

Slamming him home, Raylyn held still when he bottomed out inside her. She savored the feeling of him filling ever inch of her, it was something she couldn't get enough of. Pulling up and sliding back down, she started to fuck him, slow but fast enough to keep them both from cumming. Dallas wrapped his hands around her waist, trying to help her move on his pole. Between the help from his hands and her knees she was riding him hard. Using his chest for support, she had her nails digging into him, no doubt going to leave little marks. Sitting up straighter, Raylyn drug her nails down his chest, leaving rows or red scratches behind. As much as she loved riding him, she liked doggie style better, leaning down to him, she whispered in his ear...

"Please Dallas, do me doggie style. I love feeling your cock slam into me from behind." She knew begging him would work, so she went straight for the kill. He loved listening to her beg for what she wanted during sex, it was such a turn on.

Giving her want she wanted he pulled her off his prick and they both got to their knees. Her on all fours in front of him was more erotic than anyone could think. He moved behind her and slid himself into her hot cunt. Raylyn threw her head back and pushed into him, moaning out his name.

"Oh Dallas...YES!...Fuck Me!" Raylyn was fighting her orgasm.

This sent her over the edge so easily, and they both knew it. Thrusting in and out of her, Dallas grabbed a fist full of her hair and held onto her hip with the other. He was trying for a bit of composure, not that it mattered, but he wanted to hold out and make her cum twice first. He drove deep maybe two or three times before he could feel her pussy contracting around him, squeezing his cock. She was about to cum, he thrusting into her will all he could and she slammed back onto him as hard as possible. Her orgasm waved over her, leaving her a moaning and panting mess.

"Mmmm Dallas." Was all she said, but they both know how grateful she was for what he just gave her. He knew she just had a powerful orgasm but he wasn't letting up, he kept thrusting into her. Fucking her senseless was his mission tonight, and he would be damned if he didn't succeed. As he fucked her cunt, he reached around her and played with her clit. This was sensation overload for Raylyn, she had just had an amazing orgasm, and now he was still fucking her and playing with her upper sensitive clit. He was so good to her, giving her multiple orgasms every time they fucked. It didn't take long to make her quiver again in waves of orgasm. The second she started to cum Dallas slammed into her one last time and blew his load deep in her pussy. They knelt there both cumming and shaking. As their climaxes died down they laid down on the raft holding each other in the afterglow of sex. Together they made magic every time, with the most powerful orgasms ever.

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