tagErotic CouplingsIt's the Neighborly Thing To Do

It's the Neighborly Thing To Do


I recently moved into a new place in town. It's a pretty nice house, with a huge, sunny backyard - the real selling point for me. Everyday I lay in my Adirondack chair and soak up the warm rays.

Recently, I've been noticing my pervert neighbor watching me. He tries to cover it - he's just mowing the lawn, raking leaves, gardening, rearranging his deck furniture . . . He has all kinds of excuses. But I see him watching me. And I like it.

You see, I moved to a small town to take a cush job, but that means there aren't a lot of men around to pick and choose from, and a girl like me needs a man to please her. My ornery side took over as I lay in bed Thursday night thinking about him watching me, and I decided: I was going to seduce him tomorrow.

Friday: Seduction Day.

The pervert was outside waiting for me: I saw his glances towards my backdoor. I carefully went through my bikinis and found the perfect one. I chose a white triangle top that barely covered my huge boobs and a white thong. As I sauntered outside, I noticed his increased interest. I made sure to turn around and bend over so he could check out my ass, then laid out in my chair, which I had moved closer to the back fence today - a better patch of sun. I let him watch me for about thirty minutes, then made a show of taking off my bikini top. Mmm, the sun felt good on my tits.

I heard a little commotion toward the front of his house. His wife looked my way, gave me a disgusted look, then yelled at the pervert that she was going to the grocery store. Perfect. I smiled as I rubbed a little baby oil on myself, starting with my legs and slowly moving up to my tummy, then my tits. He nearly fell off his lawn mower.

As his back was to me on the lawnmower, I called my dog over, threw a bone toward the fence line, and tossed my bikini top over the fence. Oops. When he turned his lawnmower back towards me, I saw his eyebrows go up. I was standing next to the fence trying to demurely cover my boobs. He stopped a little ways from me and turned off the lawnmower.

"Hey . . . I'm so sorry . . . My dog, she must have stolen my bikini top and somehow it ended up in your yard. Can I come through to get it?" I asked, smiling shyly.

"Oh, uh, yah, sure . . ." His eyes never left my tits.

"Thanks so much." I moved to open the gate and he got off his lawnmower.

My bikini top had landed on the ground near some bushes to our right. As I came through the gate, he moved near me, then walked with me over to the bushes. I stepped in front of him and bent over, rubbing my ass against his already hard cock. I stood up slowly and smiled at him over my shoulder. I felt a light brush of his hand against my ass.

"Do you think I could have a glass of ice water?" I asked. "It's soo hot out today!"

"Yes, sure, come in . . ." He stuttered.

As we neared his back steps I got in front of him. I started up the steps before him and dropped my top about two steps from the top. I bent over again to get it, and he grabbed my ass with both hands.

"Oh!" I laughed, and looked over my shoulder at him. His eyes were hungry.

Once inside, I pretended to start to put on my bikini top. He got the ice water pretty quickly. I stopped trying to put on my top and took a quick drink then pulled out one of the ice cubes from the cup.

"You know what I think is so funny?" I asked.

"No, what?" He said.

"Watch." I took the ice cube and rubbed it against my nipple, watching it get hard. I looked down to see his cock nearly bursting from his pants.

"Try it!" I told him, laughing. He took the ice cube from me, and his shaking hand rubbed it on my other nipple.

"Brrr!! Warm them up!" I giggled. He took my breast in his mouth and licked my nipple.

"Mmmm..." I moaned as he sucked on my other tit.

"How long will your wife be gone?" I asked.

"She said she was going to the grocery store . . . That fat ass will be buying a ton of shit. She'll be gone for a little longer, why?" He asked.

I didn't answer, I just unbuttoned his pants, slid them down his legs, and pushed him down in a kitchen chair. I grabbed his throbbing cock and pumped it just twice. He nearly came, so I stopped. I rubbed my tits in his face and straddled him. I slowly rubbed his dick up and down my slit letting my juices cover his huge cock. Slowly, I sheathed his cock inside me and began to fuck him.

The pervert grabbed my ass and sucked on my neck. "Oh my god, I haven't fucked anyone this hot in years . . ." he breathed. I bounced harder so my tits hit him in the face.

Suddenly, he stopped me, picked me up, and planted me on my feet. "She's going to be here soon . . ." he trailed off, looking worried.

"You better stick your dick inside me and cum before you quit, you fucking pervert." I said. "I see you watching me everyday, I know you want this. FUCK ME!"

His hunger returned. He spun me around, bent me over the table, and slapped my ass. Then he spread my legs apart and rubbed his dick around my cunt. "I'm going to fuck you so hard, you whore." He said as he plunged his cock deep inside me.

He grabbed my hair and pumped harder and harder as I demanded more. Suddenly he moaned loudly, and I could feel his cum filling me up. We heard a car door slam. "Shit!" he said. He pumped slowly a few times, then let his dick fall out of me. "Go!" he nearly choked.

I laughed, then tore off through his back yard, naked as he hurriedly tried to pull his pants up and look like he didn't just fuck the neighbor girl.

I closed the gates between the two yards behind me and laid back down in my Adirondack chair enjoying the satisfaction after a good, hard fuck. The perverts wife came out on the back deck a little while later as I was masturbating, thinking about fucking her husband. She gave me another disgusted look . . . I waved and smiled, then sauntered back into my house.

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