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Itza at the Gym


I had been dating Itza since late in the spring semester of my sophomore year at university. We met when I was dating her roommate, but a series of very fortunate events changed those relationships. Itza was an unbelievably hot girl – a tall, dark olive-skinned Latina. She enjoyed working out, and had developed a remarkable body. Itza was 5'6" and weighed only 115 pounds, but this was wound into lithe cords of muscle on her shoulders, back, and legs. For a girl who worked out, she had a nice rack – big, hard tits which sat high on her taut torso above well-defined abs. Yet, she was also very feminine, with long thick black hair, and a sexy smile. When she looked at you, you just felt the heat from her almost-black eyes. She liked to dress for effect, often wearing tight tops or shorts that showed off her body. Always responding to the attention of any guy, and often showing a temper, she was a difficult girl to date.

Despite the muscles, she was not the least bit masculine, just very competitive. After we started going out, I learned this about Itza - she was dead accurate at the drinking game of Quarters. We would be at a house party or a frat, and she would inevitably challenge a group of guys to play. The guys – swaggering and flirting with Itza would always take the challenge. Itza would insist on letting all the guys take their turns first, usually missing, or sometimes succeeding with a high-five with a friend. At her turn, Itza would lean over the table, place the quarter between her two index fingers, and let it roll down her nose to strike the table. This worked nearly every time. I once saw Itza make 16 shots in a row. She just kept sinking her shots, ignoring the guys, and concentrating. Now, 16 eight-ounce beers are a lot for anyone to drink so quickly. When we left the party, the four guys – all big guys who liked to drink – were almost passed out. She'd brag about it later, retelling the story to friends, and enjoying how she had won the contest.

The summer was passing quickly. We both had light course schedules, but even then we did not always make it to class. We had many common interests, skipping class, working out, and fucking. Yes, there was a lot of fucking that summer.

In late July, we both had a free Wednesday afternoon. The weather was hot and sultry, in the mid 90's, so Itza and I spent the afternoon at the "beach," actually a strip of sand at a nearby lake. The beach was crowded with students and families from town, but we found a spot near the far edge, where the sand stopped and the pinewoods started, and laid out our blankets. Itza had me put some sun lotion on her back, and I remember how her warm, taut skin felt under my pressing hands that July day. We both dozed off in the hot sun. About an hour later, I looked over at Itza. She was stretched out on her back with her eyes closed, so I could quietly admire her sinuous, muscled body. Her large breasts rose and fell as she breathed slowly. I could see her nipples and broad, dark areolas strain the fabric of her yellow bikini top. Leaning close to her bare shoulders, I quietly inhaled – her skin had a dark, spicy smell, almost like anise, and the sweat on her body shone in the afternoon sun. Beads of sweat covered her belly and in places traced out the subtle cuts in her muscles. I thought about later at her apartment, eating her pussy, and how good it would taste. Laying there in the July sun, my cock hardening in my trunks, now pressing hard into the ground, I thought about how Itza would cry out when I first entered her. Itza was the only girl a college who had taken my entire length, and when fully inside her, my cock would push into her cervix, forcing it to bulge and stretch into her womb. Later, I decided, I would make her cum so hard she would cry out, shooting into her pussy, and filling it with my spunk.

After we both had enough sun, we headed back to town and her apartment. We both showered and changed clothes. We hung out and listened to some music, but because of the afternoon of sun and some inherent laziness, we fell asleep. Waking up at nearly 10 p.m., Itza and I were reinvigorated. After scrounging for some dinner from the recesses of her refrigerator, it was getting very late.

"Let's workout," she asked, and started to fix her hair in the mirror.

"OK, babe, I teasingly said, as I put my arms around her waist, and closed in behind her. My cock, pushing out my sweatpants, was pressed into her firm ass.

"No ... not now ... I really want to work out!" Itza complained.

At first, I ignored her, and kept rubbing my hands on her hips and sides.

"We can work out," I said, as I continued to feel her body. She shot me a furious look over her should, and I knew it was pointless. She had made up her mind.

"I am going to make you work hard today, since we missed yesterday!" she said mischievously, as she gave me a quick kiss. Her black eyes shone as she tapped my chest with her long fingers.

We headed over to the recreation center and to the large varsity weight room. I showed my ID to the drowsy student attendant, and we started our workout. Since it was now almost midnight, the large room was deserted. Itza and I started on the bench press, working out side-by-side on two benches, and spotting for the other. I racked a heavy load onto the bar and really pushed during my three sets. Itza also worked hard, so we were both starting to sweat.

The air conditioning in the weight room was always turned down at night, and since it was a hot, humid night, it was really warm in the room, and the mirrors on the wall were lightly fogging in places.

"You look really sexy," I said as we went to the leg press. She smiled, but did not say anything. I watched as she racked up, and sat on the machine, her body taut and breast thrusting forward, as she did her reps. I thought about her pussy, with the thin strip of wiry black hair above her lips and the rest shaved clean.

"Your turn, you need to do a really heavy set," she declared, as we switched places. I did exactly as she asked, putting 10 fifty-pound plats onto the sled. I pushed out a full set, watching Itza as she watched me work.

"You have to push harder on your other sets, Big Man," she said simply.

After we both finished three heavy sets, we were really sweating. Itza next moved to some of the specialized machines, which I never used. While I did my sets, I watched her body, how she moved through each set, strong yet sexy. Looking around, I noticed that the bored attendant had disappeared, probably sleeping on the new padded bleachers in the wrestling room upstairs. I decided to strip off my shirt to try and finally get Itza too hot to stop. She saw me and stalked right over.

"Hey, Big Man," she smiled, and put her hand on my chest, rubbing her palm over the bulging sides of my jacked pectoral muscles, pausing to lightly tease my nipples, which were distended from the work out.

I leaned over and whispered, "Your so unbelievably hot right now." She smiled, and arched her back as we kissed. Now, her resolve looked like it was exhausted. We held the kiss, taking turns pushing our tongues in - playing, probing, and tasting each other. My big cock expanded, now almost fully hard, it extended down towards my knee, bulging outward obscenely as my huge, throbbing cock strained against the fabric of my jock. Itza looked down.

"We're not done, you have to wait," she said with some severity, and walked to the flat bench for more upper body exercises. We racked the curl bar, and kept working. With Itza lying on her back on the low bench, again her body was in front of me, and again the day of waiting seemed to continue. After one of her sets, I squatted down with my head next to hers, and decided to finally break her.

"I've been thinking about you all day, at the beach, at your apartment. And, watching you here."

"Mmm ... is that so?" she breathed somewhat heavily from her last set.

"What have you been thinking, Big Man?" she asked with a gleaming look.

"How I want to eat your pussy and make you cum. How I want to open up with my cock, and push it into you. How I want to make you cry." I whispered this in her ear, smelling her dark, spicy skin, and feeling her thick hair against my cheek.

"Brett ... you always ... excite me ..." she trailed off, looking somewhat dreamy.

"Babe, it's you, your body, how you taste," I continued with a playful lick at her earlobe.

"I want to come inside you, make your pussy wet with my cum."

I thought I had her, and was planning on taking her up to the deserted fencing locker room, but instead, she sat upright suddenly.

"We have one last set, Big Man, if you want to fuck me."

We moved to the cable racks, which was always the last exercise of our regular workout. Frustrated, but not willing to cross Itza, I racked weights and got into position for my set.

"One ... Two ... Three ..." I counted heavily as I pulled the cables forward and down together. I watched my form in the mirror - sweat shining on my bare torso, and my chest and shoulder muscles all straining. Itza squatted down on the floor, opposite of the cable racks, and leaned against the mirrored wall. She ran her tongue over her lips, as I pounded out my reps.

"Four ... Five ... Six ..." and I started to feel the build-up in my chest and arms.

"Nice," she said, and I watched as her hand plunged into her tight workout shorts. Her moving hand stretching out the material in front, creating a bulge as she worked at her clit. Her eyes were intensely focused on me. I could hear her quick, shallow breaths, as her lips parted slightly.

"Come on BIG MAN. Do it!" she yelled suddenly. Itza was rubbing her pussy faster now.

"Seven ... Eight ... Nine ... " as I pushed hard through each rep. I could see myself in the mirror around Itza's hair and body. The long, hard workout had caused my muscles to jack. I could see my pectorals, triceps, and lats all bulge with the exertion of each rep. I was all straining muscle, shining with sweat, and the object of Itza's desire. I started to lose it.

"Finish your set, or you can't FUCK me!" she shouted.

"FUCK!" I shouted as I pushed out one more. I watched as she kept up the movement of her hand in her shorts, mashing her hand hard into her pussy mound.

"You think you're a STUD ... work for my hot PUSSY!"

"Eleven ... TWELVE!" as I gasped and let the weights slam down, pulling my arms out taut. I gasped and sagged into cables, leaning back and head forward, starting at Itza.

Itza sprang forward right at me; she grabbed my sweatpants, and in one quick motion had pushed down my jock and sweatpants. Released from the distended sack of my jock, my huge cock flipped up to stand straight out from my crotch. Eleven plus inches of hot, pulsing cock now pointed straight at Itza, who paused for a moment, and then grabbed the shaft with both hands. Her eyes flashed at me, as her wide mouth descended on my big prick. Itza engulfed the flared head in her mouth, and started to suck hard, drawing in the fat drop of pre-cum, which had accumulated on the tip.

"Suck my cock, babe, you want it, you are so FUCKING good!" I moaned. Itza released my cock head and drew in a sharp, gasping breath.

"Your body ... your cock ... SO FUCKING huge, Brett," she moaned, and with both hands on the shaft, started to shove the big head into her mouth again. This time, she kept pushing, stretching her mouth around my thick shaft. I could feel the head pushing into her mouth, pressing down her tongue and filling the entire cavity. With over half of my hard cock, she paused, moaning, with the shaft lodged deep in the back of her throat.

Itza began to pump my cock in and out of her mouth, throat-fucking herself, impaling her mouth on my big shaft. I looked down and watch the enormous spear of flesh, her two hands trying to encircle the shaft, and her bobbing head as she worked my pole again and again into her mouth. Sounds of wet flesh, spit, and our ragged breathing were all I heard. She kept up a quick, unrelenting pace, wanting to draw out the cum – to suck and suck until it filled her mouth. Her head and hair were bouncing back with each thrust of her cock-filled hands pushing me into her mouth. I had more cock in her mouth than with any girl before. It felt like a wet pussy, working my cock.

I finally erupted into her mouth - spurt after spurt of steaming hot cum rocketed through my prick and out of the head lodged in her mouth. Itza swallowed quickly, moaning as the salty prize flooded her mouth. Some cum escaped at the corners of her mouth, and painted her dark skin a milky white. I hung on the cables, as my knees felt suddenly weak. Looking in the foggy mirror, I saw my pumped chest, arms, and legs; with her mass of black curly hair, toned back, and olive-colored body obscuring my crotch. I made a cross of shining muscle, and at the center my unbelievable Itza kept sucking the cum from my giant cock.

"You tasted great ... hot ... so much cum ... the biggest ... and, " she moaned.

"Babe, it's for you."

She stood up, running her finger over her lips collecting the last of my cum which had escaped her mouth. I held her hips, running my hands over her sides, and kissed her neck, holding my head there and feeling the heat from her body. She licked her fingers and smiled at me.

"Mmm ... me so horny," I joked, as I continued to kiss her shoulder.

"Yeah, I can tell, Big Man," she said as she stroked my half-hard cock, and it started to engorge again.

"Let's go upstairs ... I know where," I whispered.

"We'll get caught – it's too risky," she answered, now rearranging her workout shorts, but I knew she would go.

I pulled up my sweats, stuffing my cock into my jock, and took her hand. We tripped upstairs, laughing, and I took her to the varsity fencing locker room. I knew that this would be deserted, and it was very unlikely that we would be discovered. I led Itza into the shower – a long rectangular block with six showerheads lining the opposing walls. Touching and kissing, we stripped each other, her workout top and shorts were now on the shower floor, and her olive skin finally exposed under the dim overhead light. Quietly admiring her body, I placed my arm around the small of her back and pulled her breasts to my mouth. Her areolas were swollen and full, surrounding her big nipples. I arched my tongue out, and gently circled one nipple, leaving a shiny coating of spit. Licking, sucking, and gently biting, my free hand rubbed the sides of her ripe tits. Itza's head was leaning back, and I could hear her short breaths, as she let me work on her, exciting her. Freed from my sweatpants, my cock was fully hard and stabbing into her belly. Itza's hands found my thick shaft, and were pulling on it slowly. Her head swung up.

"Eat my pussy, Big Man...now," she hissed. I dropped down in front of her, and reached around to the hard globes of her ass, pulling her pussy towards my face. Her smell was heady and almost overpowering. Itza was damp with sweat and excitement, her thin strip of black hair glistening in the half-light of the showers. I stuck my tongue out, and traced around her mound, savoring the funky taste of her. Avoiding her clit, I gently probed into her lips – first the crevice and then lightly on the extended lips of her pussy. Pushing my tongue up and down in her wet crack, I keep up a constant, gentle licking. Itza moved her hips forward and back, pushing her pussy towards my teasing tongue.

"You eat pussy like a champ, Big Man, " she sighed as her hips started to move more forcefully. I started to push harder into her cunt, feeling the gathering juice on her lips, and letting it cover my face. When I placed my fingers onto her mound, and gently pulled her box open to expose her clit, she threw one leg over my shoulder, and started to press harder into my face.

"Ooohhh," she moaned, as I slowly ate her delicious cunt. I pushed the tip of my tongue hard onto her clit, smothering it and mashing it without restraint now. Itza had now grabbed my hair, and was pulling my face into her pussy – pressing my slick face into her beautiful pussy, rubbing the shaved mound and black strip of hair onto my nose, tongue, lips, and chin. She kept moving her hips and forcing her pussy onto me. Pressing my head backwards, I had to brace myself with my hands on the floor. Itza kept pulling on my hair, roughly pulling my head up and down as I tongue-fucked her hole. I took her clit in my mouth, biting gently on the hardened tip. The only sound in the shower room was my slurping at her pussy.

"FUCK ... FUCK ... AIEE!" she screamed as she came, bucking into my face with my mouth pushed into her cunt. Itza kept moaning and talking in Spanish, so I don't know what she said, but it was a powerful orgasm, which left her legs twitching against my face.

Smiling, I stood up, and kissed her full lips, pressing the pussy-soaked mouth onto hers. She licked and sucked my lips, tasting her pungent juices, and smiled wickedly. I left her standing there naked as I turned on all the showerheads, and pointed these into the middle. Each spray overlapped and formed a valley of warm, jetting water. I grabbed one of the short benches used by guys with injuries and placed it the middle. I did not need to say anything - she just got down on her knees, curvy ass in the air, and big tits mashed down on the bench. Kneeling behind her, I shoved our clothes under my knees and hers. I reached forward to find her flower. Feeling my hand, she jerked her hips back hard, needing more. The water was splashing onto her body, soaking her hair now, and leaving her back and ass covered in beads of water.

"FUCK ME NOW!" she yelled.

I grabbed her hips and positioned my cock at the wet opening. Water pelted into our bodies, but her pussy still had its own wetness. I smelled the coating of pussy juice still on my face. As the head entered, Itza threw her head from side to side, whipping her wet hair as she moved. I was in no mood to tease her anymore – I quickly pushed into her moist pussy, feeling my cock fill her completely, and stretch her cunt walls. Itza could take nearly all of my 11-inch cock from behind. Each thrust of my engorged spear into her would end in her cervix, pummeling the sensitive knot of muscle and tissue, and forcing it to bulge inward with each thrust. I kept pumping in and out of Itza, watching her pussy lips fold in as I pushed, and reverse as I pulled out, pounding her with no pause. We fucked and fucked that day under the spray of water, Itza no longer talking, just moaning and grunting as I kept up a relentless pace. I just wanted to shoot now, to cum in her pussy and feel the big load as it shot from my shaft, filling her with so much cum that it is forced out of her pussy. She stayed on the bench, torso pressed down by my exertions behind her, tits pressed onto the wood seat. I kept my hands on her hips to pull her towards me, as I jerked my hips and cock forward into her sex. As I pumped, I would flex my muscles to make the head of my cock flare out. Itza reacted to this, feeling the already huge shaft press even harder into her pussy. I could feel the head drag on the inside walls of her hole, and I kept up a constant, rapid fucking. When I finally came, it was like my balls just exploded. Despite putting a load into her throat earlier, I just kept shooting and shooting, not able to count the number of big, thick blasts of spunk I blew into her cunt that night.

I stayed hard and in her pussy for a long time, kissing her back and neck. Itza just made these little noises, almost like a cat. I finally pulled out of her sopping pussy, leaving a trail of sperm and cunt juice, which was immediately washed away by the spray of water. I pressed my long cock onto the crack of her ass, the thick shaft arching over her buttocks and pointing toward her head. Drawing it backwards, I let the wet shaft drag across her pink asshole and sensitive pussy lips. Standing up, we kissed, simply exploring each other's mouth. We took turns soaping each other under the shower, and after rinsing finally left the shower room. We dressed, not talking, and headed outside, passing the revived attendant on his way back to the weight room.

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