tagNonHumanIvanovs Ch. 06

Ivanovs Ch. 06


Hello, here is the continuation of She Wolf. You may need to read that series before reading this story. None of the characters in this story are real. So please read and then relax.

Thanks to Overstar for editing and revising. Any errors found are not a reflection on this gentleman.

This story will end soon. The next chapter, chapter seven, will be the final chapter for this section of the story. Don't worry; we will visit this world again. Margaret and Levin are still dealing with the twin alphas that are their mates. And of course, Cantar has to meet that special guy that all of her brothers will have to vet. So, although this story has been told, there are many more waiting to be told.


****Eugenia is pronounced U-juh-nay****

****Nevaeh is pronounced Nee-vay-uh****

Chapter 6

Javon received the call from Gernick that the pack was no longer in danger. He immediately ordered that everyone be released from the safe room and return home. The pack mobilized, and within a few hours everyone was out and relocated to the community center. So many pack members worked together to return the sick and injured to the hospital. Shari wanted to help, so they asked her to stay with the elderly until the nurses were free to take over completely. Warrior wolves reported to the community center to be reunited with their loved ones.

BJ met Julianne as soon as she walked into the doors. He held his wife close and examined her. He then took time to check on all three of his new pups. Javier held on to his dad's neck and refused to let go. Marisol cried as she too embraced her father, and Rosita wrapped her arms around his leg and wouldn't let go. He promised them, all four of them, that he'd never leave them. He'd always keep them safe.

Nina held Theo and Thaddeus hugged his wife and child. Kyra and Malcolm greeted Malcolm's mother as she came out of the shelter. His father was a theta and he was helping transport patients. He asked his son to care for his mother. Kyra knew her family was fine and decided to go with him. Theo saw his sister, and called to her. Kyra smiled and took her baby brother from his dad. Theo loved his sister. Kyra showered him with kisses.

Celia and Blaine were holding both their pups as well. Benny kept telling his parents that they were fine, but he was so glad his Mom and Dad came back. Nickie held on to her dad so tightly, and Blaine closed his eyes to thank Luna that his mate and children were safe. Benny saw Kyra and he squealed her name. She quickly rushed to them and hugged her niece and nephew showering them with love as well.

Nicolette was so happy to see her little boy. He had grown a bit. He looked bigger. She was awed, because it had only been a week, and she'd missed so much. Jonathan squealed when his mother appeared and reached for his Mom. "I love you so much." Nicky whispered to her son. Then she greeted her mother. "Momma, it's over. Everyone is safe now." She told her, relieved.

She searched for Gernick, and felt sorrow through their bond. Her eyes flew to Amerie, and she noted the mirroring concern in her eyes. She knew where she was going. He was hurting and she needed to be at his side. If the council had a problem, then she'd just kick their asses. "Nina, Elise, can you keep the baby tonight? I need to see Gernick. Something's wrong." She explained.

"Sure, Nicky, Look do you need me to come with-" Nina started to ask. Nicky stopped her.

"No, just keep the baby. He needs me. I'll be back alright. Momma" Then she vanished.

Gernick sat in his father's office. Recalling everything that woman said. She killed his mother just because... His mother was defenseless against her and her manipulations, but yet for centuries she banned him from his...

"Baby, I'm here." Nicolette whispered as she appeared beside him. He grabbed on to her, his lifeline. The only woman to ever truly love him, and she felt his body tremor. She felt down their bond and knew his heart was crushed. "Baby, I'm here. You'll never be alone again." She whispered; he shuddered, and then the silent sobs came. Nicolette held her husband and cried with him as both his fathers looked on. Soon, his cries subsided, and he whispered, "Thank you, baby. I needed that."

It was then she saw Gregor and realized that he was deathly ill. The woman standing beside him looked like Esmeralda and Nicky immediately went on the defensive, placing here body between Gernick and the other woman. "Baby, this is Eugenia. She is her sister. She is not a part of this." Gernick told her softly.

Claus then spoke because he knew how fiercely protective she was of her husband. "Nicky, no one else will hurt him. He's safe."

"Claus, oh God. You're OK. Momma is so frightened. Have you called her?" she demanded, hugging the man she considered her new father.

"No, I haven't. I'm going to the compound to see her in a few. I just didn't want to leave..." he stopped as he looked Gregor and Gernick.

"No Claus, go see your wife. Give her a hug for me. I'm fine. Nicky, where's Jonathan? I need to see him." Gernick stated, realizing how much he missed his son.

"He's with Nina. He's fine, actually bigger. Can we go spend time with him now, or do you need?" she asked as she looked at the collection of adults in the room.

Gregor spoke, "Eugenia, please stay at my home for the night, Cantar, I want you to stay with me as well. The council won't start until morning; go home and tend to your families. We can meet back here at eight."

Eugenia spoke, "If it's not an inconvenience, thank you Gregor." She then looked at her niece Cantar, "I would love to spend some time getting to know my niece." She added smiling. Cantar liked her and returned her smile.

Kale held Brenwan close. "Baby, let me check on Krill once more and then we can go home, OK." Brenwan nodded and sent a shaft of love through their mate bond. Gernick kissed Nicky and he and Garrick went with Kale.


Krill was being held in a small guest room in the chamber hall. He knew they were accommodating him because he was a council member, but he'd also committed a crime. He did not care though. Esmeralda needed to die, and he was glad he killed her. Krill sat and recalled every cruel thing she'd said to his cousins. Then her outright disdain and taunting of his mother, but when she spit on Cantar, that was all he needed.

The council wanted to decide his fate. If they expected an apology, they could forget it, and he would not beg. The council would have punished her had he waited, and he knew he acted recklessly. Krill lay on his bed when Gernick, Garrick, and Kale appeared in his room. "Well, cousins, I'm assuming you're here to welcome me into the family, right." He stated drolly. He wasn't sure what to expect from them. With the exception of Gernick, they were his family, at least through his mother. He'd known of their relation all along, and wondered if they'd confront him now. Centuries earlier when he faced Gernick, he was awed by his prowess and honored to have stood toe to toe with him in a challenge.

Gernick did not speak at first. So much had happened. He owed the man before him a great debt, and he planned to pledge his support to him. As he opened his mouth to speak, his more eloquent and diplomatic younger brother spoke first. "The council will meet tomorrow and decide if there are any consequences for your actions today. We will stand with you Krill, because she needed to be put down. Whether they know so or not, no crime was really committed. The council convenes at nine and we will be here no later than eight."

Krill nodded, accepting Kale's words. His mother was the one person he'd give his all to keep safe, he asked. "Where is my mother? She was supposed to stay with me, but now..." he looked away. "She has special needs. You can see the damage she suffered at the hands of your mother; she has night terrors. I don't want her alone." he explained.

"She will stay here at the apartment complex across from Greystone. Father has a condo and she and Cantar will stay with him tonight. Brenwan and Kale will stay in an apartment near them as well. We want you to know that we are here for you. You mother is safe. No harm will come to her under our watch." Garrick vowed.

"Does she require special care? We will bring someone in if she needs help." Gernick asked. He had several people he'd call in from his home if needed.

Krill shook his head, "No Gernick. If someone else is there, then she should be alright. I need to check on her." There was nothing he could do tonight anyway so he called his mother. Mother, I am safe. Garrick stated that Gregor has offered you shelter for the night. Cantar will be there. Can you trust them, mother? He did not respond right away because he wanted to hear what his mother wanted.

Son, I am fine. Gregor is gracious and I can spend time with Cantar. Are you alright Krill? They haven't abused ... she froze. She was tortured for months by the men that Esmeralda sent to capture her. The first few years she became numb to the abuse. The thought of her son being imprisoned was almost too much.

Mother, I am fine. Tomorrow is just a formality and we can go back home afterward. Don't worry about me. I'll see you in the morning, alright. Good night mother. Krill sent before closing off communication with his mother.

"Mother is willing to stay with them tonight. Thank you for helping her. Despite our differences, I know you are honorable and if you say mother is safe; then she is." He exhaled.

"Like Kale explained, we stand with you tomorrow." Gernick vowed. "If the council even tries-" he stalked off. He had gone before this council so many times that he had no true respect for any of the members. Yes, a part of him understood that they were manipulated. However, they were leaders of the nation; how was it none of them challenged Esmeralda? They were cowards, hiding behind, rules, protocol, and history. The only one of them that had any guts was his cousin, Krill. As if this moment, he'd make damn sure no one harmed him, not for killing that bitch.

"Go see your wife, Gernick. I'm sure she misses you. There is nothing anyone can do tonight. This trial is not about Aunt Essie, but their fear that I want control of the council. The thing is I really want no part of the council anymore. I only wanted to keep an eye on that evil bitch." He hissed.

The brothers shared a look. "Krill, can they even vote? Father resigned, you're on trial; there are only five members. Can they reach a decision tomorrow?" Kale asked, capturing Garrick's attention as well.

"Cassius can appoint two people temporarily. As head of the council, he has that power. After he appoints them, and the vote is cast, they must decide to stay or refuse his appointment." He explained. "So yes they can vote, and depending on whom he chooses, it can go either way."

Kale and Garrick nodded, and knew they needed to leave. "Well, rest tonight, cousin. We will be here early tomorrow." Gernick also prepared to go, but he had one more thing to say. "It doesn't matter who he chooses. If they try to punish you for this, I will keep my promise and destroy them."

Krill nodded, and he understood. Many times he was the only one arguing against the council when bogus charges were presented on someone, especially his cousin. He also knew that even though he was more vocal, Cassius and Logan, did everything they could to curb Essie's excesses. "Gernick, yes they failed, but not everyone on that council went along with Gregor. You need to remember that."

Gernick listened and he nodded. Realizing the time, he needed to get back to his wife. "I'll be here."

They returned to Gregor's office and each couple decided to rest for the night and bid farewell. Gregor, Cantar, and Eugenia vanished to an apartment near Greystone as did Brenwan and Kale. Gernick, Nicolette, Claus, and Garrick went straight to the compound.


It was late and Jonathan was crying. He missed his parents and the wolves were at their wits end. Amerie held her grandson and sang to him. He would stop crying and then when he realized his parents were not there, his crying renewed. This went on for a while, and Elise was about to send for Nicolette when his parents appeared. Gernick quickly took his son and held him close. Inhaling his sweet smell, Gernick found himself crying silently as he held Jonathan close

The adults sensed something big was going on and quickly excused themselves. Garrick wanted to explain but he needed to see Shari. He apologized, and rushed to the medical center. Appearing in his wife's room, he watched her sleep. Sitting beside her bed, he held her hand. Then he kissed her forehead and she awoke. "Garrick, Garrick, you're here. You're alright. I missed you. I was so scared." She sobbed as he held her close. He whispered that he loved her more than his own life and swore to never scare her like this again. Shari calmed a bit and his daughter woke up. He felt her kick for the first time. He laughed, "Ava, yes sweetheart, daddy is back." He kissed her rounded middle.

Nicolette watched Gernick hold Jonathan, and she was awed. The amount of love he had for their little boy stretched beyond imagination. "Baby, hey, she walked over to both her men, and her son reached for her. Gernick held both his wife and child in his arms. "It's over Nicky. She's gone. She can't hurt us anymore." He whispered.

"I know love. I know" She held her lover. Soon Theo started chuffing and Jonathan wanted to join him. Gernick placed his son back into the bed with his friend. "Nicky, we need.... I need..." he whispered. He needed her. He needed his wife, to talk about what happened. "I'll ask Nina to keep him tonight, OK" she whispered.

Nina, will you- she started to ask.

Nicolette, he needs you. Go take care of your husband, My Godson is fine. Nina sent. She was worried about Gernick and was aware that some major changes had occurred. The couple kissed their son goodnight and went home.


Back at the apartment, Kale lay in bed with Brenwan, neither spoke. Her heart broke for him. She knew how much his mother's actions hurt him, because out of all three children he loved his mother, despite of. "She's gone now. She's at peace. Maybe, that's what she wanted all along." he whispered.

Brenwan hugged him, because she knew despite everything that happened, losing his mother was hard for him. Kale pulled Brenwan into the safe haven of his embrace. She kissed his neck, shoulder, and collarbone. She just wanted to take away the pain he felt. She felt his hurt and it almost broke her.

"Brenwan, I know it's silly to..." he whispered. She placed her fingers on his lips and whispered. "Kale, let me take care of you."

Brenwan kissed him, and Kale let go and immersed himself in her kisses. Her husband was the most amazing, sexy man she knew. She loved him. His strength wasn't brash and loud, but quiet. She felt the tense muscles throughout is body and knew exactly what he needed.

They were not home, so she'd have to improvise. Getting out of bed, Brenwan had him lay on his stomach and she got up and massaged his tight neck muscles. The thick cord like muscles in his neck were so hard and taut, that it took a while to get them to relax even a fraction. His shoulders were huge and taut as well. Brenwan kneaded and stroked her husband's body until he relaxed. Once she got past the initial tension, she began kissing him even more.

Brenwan loved her husband. Tonight, she'd remind him that he was loved. Kale closed his eyes and let his wife love him. Brenwan rubbed his tight stomach, carefully kissing every inch. The farther down she kissed, he more his body hummed. Soon she reached the waist of the boxers he'd worn to bed. Kale inhaled and the scent of his wife's arousal hit him full blast.

He had to love her tonight. It had been so long and for once he needed just her. Brenwan stood and climbed from the bed. Kneeling next to the bed, she pulled down the waist band of his short, exposing his rigid length to her hungry eyes. Gently removing his boxers, she teased his thighs with nips and kisses.

"Brenwan, please" Kale gasped.

"I'm sorry love. I'll stop if you wan-" Kale groaned stopping her midsentence.

"Don't you dare, baby please." He begged.

Brenwan laughed, and licked the head of his cock. Kale hissed. Smiling, Brenwan sucked the head into her hot mouth. Kale fought to keep from moving. It took his iron will not to drive his cock deep into her throat.

Brenwan chuckled. Her husband was restraining himself to keep from hurting her. It had been months since they'd made love. If he didn't catch on quicker, she might resort to spousal rape. "Really Kale, I can take it," she whispered as she took his burgeoning member deep inside her throat. Brenwan sucked his cock, with ease, and he was her willing slave. Kale looked at his super sexy wife take his cock in her mouth. Stunning, she was stunning.

He would cum soon, but he needed something more. He didn't want to release in her mouth, he wanted it inside her body.

"Stop Brenwan" he hissed. "Come here," he growled.

Ever the obedient wife, Brenwan climbed on tip off her husband's naked, throbbing body. Kale wasted no time sliding his hand beneath her gown and gripping her feminine heat. She was so hot, so wet. Her body hummed for him.

"Kale, please" she whispered as he reversed their position covering her body with his. Sliding between her thighs, he slide is thick cock deep inside her hot sheath. Both moaned. Kale knew he would not last, but he tried to go slow, taking shallow strokes. Brenwan loved the soft gentle lover her husband could be. So lost in her passion was Brenwan that she didn't realize he watched her.

Kale loved his wife slowly, deftly. He loved her look when she was enthralled in her passion. Absolutely breathtaking was she. "Brenwan, you are my everything." He whispered as his wife moaned as she convulsed gripping his cock tightly inside her voracious cavern. At the feel of her body surrendering to its passion, he groaned and followed her into the abyss.

Brenwan lay in her husband's arms, body drenched, and satisfied. They reaffirmed their love for each other, and were now simply holding each other. Brenwan wanted to sleep, but she had to ask one thing. "Kale, do you want a baby?" Brenwan held her breath. For centuries, this topic rarely came up, but now it was crucial.

Kale took a moment and thought. "Honestly Bren, I don't know. We never... I mean it didn't happen and I really didn't think about it. But once you get cured, it can happen. Bren, if it does, then yes I would want the baby."

Brenwan's breath caught, and she smiled. Kale looked at his beautiful wife, and stroked her hair from her eyes. She smiled. And then she whispered, "Well, Kale, we need to practice making a baby. I mean they say practice makes perfect." She whispered. She didn't have to say it twice.


Claus arrived at the compound and sought his wife immediately. He needed her. Nothing was more important to him than holding his wife in his arms. Amerie was talking with the Alphas when Gernick appeared with Nicolette, and Amerie searched frantically for Claus. He appeared beside her and she leaped into his arms.

She held him so close, so tight. He was alive. He didn't get killed. She thanked the gods that her husband lived. Elise smiled, and tale the couple they were welcome and thanked Claus for simply being there. Claus appreciated it, but he needed tome with his wife. Amerie looked around; she was worried about Nicolette but she had her husband and son., For once Amerie would focus on her needs, right now, she needed time with her husband.


Claus and Amerie vanished to Gernick's home to spend time alone. Once they arrived to the privacy of their suite. Claus held her so close and she realized how hard this was for him. The two did not speak, Amerie just sat and stroked his hair. Claus told his wife about the events that led to today's encounter with the council.

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