J & I


We met online, which is often the case in this day and age, and decided to hook up for one time for the real thing, he found a way to come to where I live and we met. I had it all planned out I told him what hotel to stay in and where and when I would finally meet him. The hotel was connected to an Indian run Casino I had him meet me outside the casino at the back parking lot.

I pulled up in my little black sports car wearing nothing but a navy blue trench coat, stockings and high heels. I got out of my car and, found an outside table and chair to sit at to wait for him. My pussy was throbbing by this time, the anticipation was exquisite.

I sat there contemplating touching my wet pussy under my coat to relieve some tension but a busload of people arrived at that moment. And then I saw him, as he walked out of the casino doors and strode directly towards me with outstretched arms., and I flew into his embrace.

We stood there for some time just holding each other, he was so tall and deliciously hard. He tilted my chin up and kissed me ever so softly, and my pussy contracted in response to his touch. I untied my coat and pressed my naked body closer to him. I could feel his rock hard cock through the fabric of his pants and wanted to take it out and suck him right there, but we both knew it was too soon.

He pulled my coat together and tied it up and we strolled arm and arm into the casino. I could feel my pussy oozing love juices as he sat at a card table, and began to play a hand of black jack while I looked on. I was standing very close to him and began to caress his cock through his pants, he was still hard as a rock and I could feel another wave of juices oozing from my pussy to prepare for him. He used his free hand to stroke my clit under my coat . I had to whisper for him to stop or fuck me before I came right there.

He lost his hand at poker and got up from the table , grabbed me by the arm and led me through the casino into the hotel lobby. We held each other while we waited for the elevator and for the first time really looked at each other, I could see the lust in his eyes just as he could it in mine.

The elevator finally arrived, we got on and to our joy we were the only ones on it. He immediately undid my coat and bent down to take a very hard erect nipple into his mouth. I reached for his zipper and frantically released him from the confines of his tight jeans, his stiff cock sprung out happy to be free. I grasped it in my hand and started to stroke him but wanted more. I slowly squatted down and took his hard cock into my mouth, but I couldn’t wait any longer , I had to have it inside of me now! I quickly turned around leaning my sensitive nipples against the cold steel elevator wall and begged him to fuck me.

He quickly took position behind and guided his cock into the entrance of my hot wet snatch so very slowly that he drove me crazy. I tugged and pulled on him to fuck me hard and he gladly reciprocated pumping me with the fury of a wild stallion. I moaned in ecstasy and pleaded for more. Just then the elevator slowed to a stop, and pinged it’s arrival at our floor.

J disengaged me reluctantly, pulled my coat down and his pants up and proceeded to pick me up and carry me to his hotel door, all the while exploring my mouth with his wonderful erotic tongue.

I found the cardkey in his pants pocket, unlocked the door and he pushed it open with his foot. He strode into the room gently placing me on the huge king size bed. Much to my delight there were mirrors on the ceiling above the bed and I could see every luscious detail of our bodies together.

I began to rip his clothes from him like a wild women as he was tearing off my coat. I wanted to sit on his cock and told him so, he pulled a chair closer sat down and backed me up to him. As I straddled his legs I grabbed his cock and guided the tip of his penis into my cunt and began to push down onto him moaning with pleasure as he began to rub my clit. “You’re so wet and tight baby” he muttered passionately and I ground down on him harder in response as I had my first of many orgasms.

Suddenly he lifted me from him and placed me on the bed. He straddled my head with his legs and buried his face between mine. I quickly seized his cock in my hand and began to lick and suck his engorged member with fury just as he found my swollen clit, I came instantly, bucking like a bitch in heat. He continued to lick and suck my juices as I came over and over all the while deep-throating his dick and loving every dam minute of it.

I pulled him from my mouth and pushed him off of me and onto his back and grabbed his dick once again and attacked it with a passion I didn’t know I had. I loved the taste of his cock and hoped he would come in my mouth. No sooner had I thought it, I could feel his dick begin to throb in anticipation . I massaged his balls with one hand and pumped the base of his penis with the other while I sucked him hard. He began a low growl in his throat that elevated to a roar as he shot his load into my mouth and my pussy bucked and I came yet again in reaction to his violent orgasm. I was still bucking slowly as I pulled my head up, licked my lips, swallowed and winked at him. He laughed with that big wonderful smile of his and pulled me to him to kiss me with such sensuality that I melted into his arms. He tilted my face up to look me in my eyes and thanked me with glistening eyes and my heart skipped a beat. I gently kissed him on the lips one last time, rose from the bed, put my coat back on, blew him a kiss and walked out of his life forever…………except for the memory, ah memories!

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