You were in the kitchen, cleaning up after cooking dinner. You were thinking about the guy you met the other night...Jack. You close your eyes, dreaming of what would happen if he were here. You suddenly feel his arms wrap around your waist, feeling his breath on your neck. You feel his warm lips brushing against your cool flesh. You feel the goose bumps rise on your arms. You can feel your breathing increase. He rubs his hands over your belly as he kisses you on the neck and shoulders. He is drawing a trail with his tongue, connecting each kiss.

He moves his hands under your shirt, cupping each breast with his hands. You feel his thumbs exploring your breasts, moving around your areola. You gasp as his thumbs brush your nipples. You tilt your head back and to the side as he kisses your neck with many wet kisses. You can feel his lips and tongue on your neck. His hot breath flowing with yours in rhythm. You feel warm tingles all over your body.

His hands are exploring your body, one gently all over your breasts, covering every part, not just lingering on the nipples. The other hand, palm flat, on your belly, rubbing from the bottom on the rib cage to the top of your pelvis. He pulls you close to him in one strong motion. You feel his manhood press against your lower back. You let out a moan. Oh. My. God. As he kisses and runs his hands all over your body, your hips start to sway back and forth, grinding on his crotch. He moves his hand from your pelvis, down between your legs. The heat emanating from your panties was invigorating. He grabs a handful of cotton cloth, middle finger stabbing at your clitoris. Your hips buck forward against the counter.

He turns you around, quickly. He gazes into your eyes, longingly. He cups both hands under your chin, fingers behind you head. He pulls you close as your lips touch. You felt a spark of electricity when your lips met. He pried your lips apart with his tongue, flicking playfully at your tongue, and then engulfing your tongue with his, probing every inch of your mouth as if he were searching for something in particular. As your eyes closed, you reeled with excitement. You collapse into his arms. He quickly catches you, sweeping you off your feet, and carries you to the bedroom.

He lays you down, gently onto the bed. You are put down so softly, so deftly, you feel like you are floating on a cloud. Your head is swooning from the rush of hormones filling your body. You can feel the blood rushing to various parts of your body. Your breasts swell from the increase of blood flow. Your nipples harden. Your labia become fuller. He positions himself beside you as he gently lifts your shirt over your head. He helps you lay back down as he grabs your panties, on your hips, and slides them down. You raise your knees up to help him finish pulling them off.

Your body tenses, momentarily, as the coolness of the air slams into your exposed body. He runs his fingers, from the middle of your thighs, slowly up to your breasts. The entire time, gazing into your eyes, he is using his hands, as if he were blind, to map out your body. You could feel his gaze peering into your soul. It was as if he knew you and you knew him. Soul mates, separated from each other, now being rejoined. He kissed your lips again, this time much softer. You willingly open your mouth this time, waiting for his tongue to enter. You were surprised when he didn't.

You then felt him start to kiss your chin, then your neck, and made his way down your body, stopping at points of interest for light kisses. He paused, momentarily, at your bosom. He flicked his tongue on your nipples as he grasped your breasts with his hands. He sucked and nibbled every bit of your nipple and breast. After a few minutes, he continued his journey southward. Your mind is reeling from the intensity of the moment. As he reaches your waist, you openly spread your legs for him. He kneels on the side of the bed, drawing your body closer to his. He brings his mouth down to your lips. Light kisses all around. You were very wet and excited. Using his hands, he slowly spread your lips apart. The extreme wetness glistened in streams as the lips separated, exposing your engorged clit. He brings his tongue closer and closer, until the tip of his tongue caressed your button.

You grab the sides of his head and thrusts his face into you. He is licking and sucking your clitoris and vagina, exploring it like he was with your mouth. At one point, you actually felt his tongue inside you. You had never felt that before. It was invigorating. Your hips start to buck, slowly, but as time passes, your hips become more violent. As you start to fuck his face, he pulls back, and all you hear is a, shhhhhh. He stands up, takes off his pants, and you see him naked for the first time. You gasp and you think about what it will be like for him to be inside you. As the thought hits you, you feel his head slowly prying your lips apart as he slowly enters you. You let out a little whimper in excitement. As he thrusts inside you, you try to breath in, but all the air rushes from your lungs.

It was the best feeling in your life. The sounds, the smells, everything going on around you were gone. You was oblivious to the fact of everything around Your except this one feeling. This one emotion. As he continues to thrust, your mind goes numb. All she feels is pleasure. Immense, uncontrollable pleasure. You bucks your hips, your body...meeting his every thrust. You and he move in an unheard rhythm. Dancing to unknown music...in perfect harmony. You feels a strong wave overcome you as you orgasm. At the same time, so does he. The both of you lay there, holding each other, as waves of pleasure roll over your body. You place your head on his chest, holding him tightly. He has his arms wrapped around you as you both drift off into a slumber like no other.

It was perfect.

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