tagErotic CouplingsJack and Ann

Jack and Ann


One day as I was taking my ponies out for a jaunt around the field I noticed, off in the distance, a woman sitting under a tree with a box of crayons and a coloring book. Knowing the ponies where safe in the field and wouldn't run off I went over to check what this woman was doing.

I come close to her, she noticed my feet out of the corner of her eyes and she looked up, placing the crayon in her hand down and the coloring book on her lap.

"Hello..." she said quietly.

"Hello, my names Jack A. Lotting." I greet her.

"I'm Ann Job." Ann responds quietly.

"So, what, may I ask, are you doing under this tree?" I request.

"I was told to go outside, but I never want to." She says looking back at the coloring book, "I seen this tree with a large shadow under it and came here to sit."

"Ahh, well what's with the coloring book?" I asked.

"I don't know. I just grabbed something on my way out." Ann responded placing the coloring book to the ground beside her.

"I see. Is there anything you would rather be doing?" I ask, "I have some ponies and horses at my farm if you would like to go for a ride." I gesture to my farm.

She looks at me with a large smile and responds cheerily, "Ok, sounds fun." She hoped up and I lead her back to my farm.

I take her into the barn, "Pick any horse you want, I have to go bring the ponies back in before we leave." She nods then I turn and leave to gather the ponies.

I come back after gathering up the ponies to find her covered in mud and on the ground, "what happened?" I ask, concerned that she was hurt.

"I went to pet a horse and it jumped and startled me, then I fell into a puddle of mud." she says.

"Oh my, ok come in, I'll give you a shower and a change of clothes." I say with a slight grin.

I take her into my house, lead her to my room, grab some pants and a shirt explaining I had nothing more and I would clean her clothes.

She takes the shirt and pants I gave her in her arms and I take her to the bathroom, I reach into the shower, making sure there's soap for her. "Ok, there's soap and shampoo in the shower. I'll get you a towel and put it on the handle of the door for when you're done." I say.

"Thank you so much." she says as I leave her to the shower.

I pull her dripping wet but clean clothes from the washer and take them outside to dry. I go back to the bathroom, hearing the shower still running, I decide not to disturb her and I just place a towel on the handle.

I go to the kitchen and prepare a few sandwiches, one for myself, one for my guest. I place them on plates and put them in the fridge for after she gets out and dressed.

I go sit in the sitting room and watch TV while I wait. I hear the shower stop, then the door open and close.

I suspect she'll take a little bit longer to get dried off and get in the clothes I lent her. But sooner then I expected I hear the door open.

Next thing I see she walks into the sitting room with the towel poorly wrapped around glistening wet body.

"Did the clothes not fit? Do you need something else? Your clothes are out to dry right now, they won't be ready for a while..." I pander on and she walks slowly towards me.

I just sit there, silent, wondering what she's about to do, wondering why she's not wearing clothes. She now stands directly in front of me; I could reach out and touch her arms that are holding the towel to her body.

I think how amazing she looks right now, how I wish that towel would fall, not a moment later my wish comes true. She's standing in front of me, her soaked hair draped down messily over her shoulders and back, he body shining and dripping in front of me.

"Wha...t.... are you...u doing..." I try to get out but all that is heard are a few mumbled words.

"I haven't told you but I'd been watching you from a far for a while now, just wishing that one day you would notice me and take me in to have your way with." she says seductively, "I've had feelings for you since the first time I saw you riding a horse through the woods."

I remain speechless. This wonderful woman to do with what I please, she wants to be with me and all I can think of, the many things running through my mind.

She leans forward, kissing me and starting to remove my pants, after a brief moment I take a hold of her, stand up as she removes my pants, I slide out of my shirt and stand there with her in my underwear.

I pick her up and carry her into my room. I place her onto my bed; remove my boxers, smiling at me the whole time. I get on the bed with her, spreading her legs as I lean in over her.

Taking my hard cock and rubbing it against the outside of her pussy. I slowly slide my cock into her; she is so excited I feel her heart beating fast, my heart beat racing alongside hers. I begin to plunge my cock into her over and over, slowly but surely getting every inch into her. She whispers "more..." so I begin to go faster and harder, our bodies rubbing, her still moist legs wrapped up with my legs, her arms around me, grasping my back.

I go faster and harder, every thrust, I can tell, gives her pleasure, with every thrust into her she grips my back tighter and lets out a light moan.

I kiss her then stop, I hold her up in my arms, using both her body and mine to get my cock in as deep as possible with every inward thrust.

Both of us breathing heavy now, going hard, she lets out a high pitched scream as she comes from the pleasure, I hold her as she melts in my arms.

I lay her back down on the bed, I begin to ram myself in to her as hard as I can, the bed beating against the wall, her letting out little screeches with each blow.

I can feel it coming, I ram it into her one last time before I cum, and we collapse together on the bed and just lay there, with complete disregard for the world around.

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