tagIncest/TabooJack and His Nan Ch. 03

Jack and His Nan Ch. 03


Reading the first two chapters would be most beneficial.

Dee's orgasm was strong as it washed over her. Her fingers were still between her lips lightly stroking her clit when she came again. "OH GOD, BABY. YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM AGAIN!"

After she came down from her climax, she looked at the sheer panties and thought, "I can't wait for Jack to see me in these. But I really wonder what he'll think. I'm 75 years old. I've put on some weight and added some wrinkles here and there. My hair is silver. He could have any young thing he wanted. Why me?" The doubts started to creep in.

"But he did send me the panties. And he did want me to think of him when I put them on. So, he must be thinking of me sexually. And the sheer ones ... he must want to see my pussy in them." Back and forth she went all afternoon. Thrilled at the prospect of making love to her grandson and afraid he wouldn't want her after he saw her in all of her glory. "But he must have some idea of what I look like under my clothes." Then it finally dawned on her. "Wait a minute, why am I stressing over this? He's a thousand miles away. The odds of him coming here to Pittsburgh are remote. He's so busy with work he doesn't even have time for a vacation."

She settled down and let her fantasies take over again. She stayed in a high state of arousal the rest of the afternoon. She thought about masturbating again, but decided to wait till after talking to Jack that night. She was anxious to tell him that the panties had come ... and she did too. She chuckled to herself. She wasn't sure about mentioning that last part to him.

Jack took off a little early to get ready for his trip. He headed to Dillard's for some new shirts, slacks, socks, and especially underwear. He wanted something sexy. He was hoping to turn his Nan on. Little did he know she was already turned on. He was making his way out of the store with his purchases and decided to stop by the lingerie department to see Linda. She was at her counter folding panties.

"Well, how's my favorite grandson?" she asked, still folding, but almost fondling the panties for Jack's benefit.

"Better than you can imagine," he answered.

"Oh. And why is that?" she asked in that girly tone as her fingers caressed the material.

Jack smiled broadly as he announced, "I'm going to Pittsburgh."

Linda stopped her folding. "YOU'RE NOT?"

"Got my ticket, leave tomorrow."

Linda almost squealed with delight and ran around the counter to hug Jack.

"That is terrific!" She wanted to kiss him, but the damn security cameras. "You'll finally get the chance. You better tell me all about it. Remember, you promised. Oh, this is so great."

"I remember. I'll give you a blow by blow account."

They both laughed. "I can't wait to hear about it. Do I have to wait till you get back?"

"No, I can email you. If things go the way I hope they do, Nan will be right with me as I describe our time together. She might even add a word or two."

"My god, you're driving me crazy. I'll be in the ladies room again in 5 minutes."

Jack showed her what he bought. When he pulled the briefs out of the bag she said, "Oooo, I'd love to see you in those." She took them from him and held them to his waist. "And I'd love to see you out of them."

"Maybe you will when I get back."

"My panties are wet again." She grabbed one of the pair she was folding, hugged Jack and whispered, "God I want you so bad," and headed for the back of the store. She turned and waved the panties to him. Jack smiled and waved back ... with his briefs. She put her hand over her mouth as she gasped and disappeared into the Ladies Room. He stood there for a minute letting his mind savor the image of Linda furiously masturbating to a thunderous climax. He knew he wanted her, but Nan was first.

As soon as he got home Jack he started to call Nan right away with the good news of his trip. Then he realized, today was the day she got the panties. He wondered what her reaction was. Was she surprised? Aroused? Looking at the phone, he noticed she hadn't called. Was she disgusted? His heart sank a little at that thought. But, he needed to get the apartment cleaned up before he left. Plus he needed to pack. Instead of calling her, he busied himself with the necessary chores.

He got finished around 7. He sat down and stared at the phone. He was very nervous about this. This was new ground. He and Nan had never talked about anything sexual at all. And now they were about to talk about panties ... her panties ... and what they covered ... her pussy. In spite of the nervousness, he felt his cock stirring.

He dialed her number. It rang once and she picked it up. "Hi, baby," she said.

"Hi Nan. How are you?"

"Oh, you have no idea."

"What do you mean?"

"I got your package today."

There was a long pause. He wasn't sure what to say. Finally she said, "I really liked them Jack and they're very pretty. They fit perfectly. But I have to ask you. Why did you send me panties? They're very intimate you know and very suggestive." Her voice was soft and tender, almost seductive. She knew he must be thinking of her pussy. She wanted to hear him say it. She also knew that when he did say it, she would probably cum. She was already aroused. Her fingers were lazily stroking her lips in the panties. "By the way, I'm wearing the blue pair now."

'Oh my god, ' Jack thought to himself. He rubbed his cock as he thought of Nan in the panties he had picked out. He wondered what the bulge in the crotch panel looked like. Was it large where her full lips filled the material?

"I've been thinking a lot about you Nan in the last couple weeks. Probably in ways a grandson shouldn't think about his grandmother. But I can't help it."

"Tell me in what ways you're thinking of me, Jack."

"I'm thinking of you not as my grandmother, but as a very desirable and sexy woman."

Dee moaned ever so softly. "Thank you baby. I'm very flattered. And I'm glad. But what started this all of a sudden?" she asked.

Jack swallowed hard. There was no way he could hold anything back. He would have to tell her everything.

"A couple weeks ago I saw a video. It was of a grandson making love to his grandmother."

"I didn't know you liked pornography."

Jack was a little embarrassed admitting this to his Nan. "I don't really. But I do like to watch people making love." Dee thought to herself, 'So do I, sweetheart. And I like to watch other things as well.'

He proceeded to tell her all about the video. He used delicate and left handed language. He didn't want to shock her any more than he already had. Little did he know that she wanted to hear the raw language, the sex filled words that described the scenes in their most erotic detail. He also didn't know of her ministrations on her panty covered pussy.

Finally when he was finished she said, "Jack, you used such carefully crafted words to describe what was obviously a very erotic scene. I assume when you said 'he examined her underwear,' you meant he sniffed her panties. And when you said, 'they coupled,' I assume you meant, 'he put his cock in her and they fucked,' And when you said, 'after they finished,' I assume you meant, 'after they came together.' And when you said, 'you had to take care of yourself,' you meant, 'you masturbated.' Does that pretty much sum things up?"

Jack gulped as he heard these naughty words tumble so easily out his grandmother's mouth. He'd never heard her curse or use any bad language of any sort. And now she was using dirty words, erotic words, that arouses people. "Yes," he said softly.

"Jack," she said. "Since you saw the video, have you been masturbating thinking of me?"

There was a long pause. "Have you?" she repeated.

"Yes, I have."

"And how have you been thinking of me as you masturbated? What thoughts were running through my grandson's mind?"

"Nan, I'm so nervous telling you this. We've never talked like this before."

"Honey, when you sent me these panties, we crossed a line we can't go back over. And frankly, I don't want to. Now tell me how you've been thinking of me."

'Might as well,' he thought. 'Just about everything is out in the open now.'

"Ok. When I saw the young man pull his grandmother's panties off, I wondered what your panties looked like. And when he sniffed them, I nearly went into orbit. I wondered what yours smelled like after you'd worn them. And when I saw that her ... well, you know was shaved. I wondered if you were too."

"You mean her pussy?"

"Yes, her pussy."

"Jack, honey, don't try to dance around the words. Just let them out. You're not going to offend me. If I was going to be offended, I would have been when I opened your package today. And by the way. I am shaved. I love the way it feels. Especially in my panties"

She heard him moan.

"Ok. And when they kissed and touched each other and made love I knew I wanted you in the same way. And when they came together, so did I. I knew it would never happen between us. But the scene fueled my fantasies tremendously. I figured the closest I would ever get was a pair of your panties. But I knew that would never happen either. I reasoned the best I could do was to buy for myself, a pair of panties in your size. So I went to the store and bought a pair of size 10 yellow briefs"

"You're very perceptive about the size of my panties."

"Linda helped with the size. She works in the lingerie department. I'll explain all that later."

"Indeed you will young man," she declared with a bit of playfulness and a hint of jealousy, thinking, 'Who the hell is Linda, and how does she know what size I wear?'

"That night I was stroking myself while I was talking to you. And I was sniffing 'your panties.' Of course there was no scent since they were brand new. But I pretended. When we got off the phone I exploded into the panties. I wanted so much for them to really be yours."

Dee thought to herself, 'So do I.' She was definitely getting wet listening to him tell his tale.

"But I wanted more. I couldn't have your natural sexual scent, but I could have the next best thing, your perfumed scent. I racked by brain till I finally figured out that it was Tabu. I went to the store the next day and bought some. While I was there, Linda called me over. She helped me with the first pair of panties I bought. I decided I wanted to buy another pair and send them to you. My feelings for you were driving me crazy and I wanted you to know that. I also wanted to know if you felt the same about me. She helped me pick out a pair. Then, to take it to the next level, she picked out a pair of sheer ones. Both pairs shipped out that night. And you got them today." He held his breath waiting for a response.

"That's quite a fascinating story. Now I have one for you. For over a year now, I've thought of you in a most un-grandmotherly way. When I thought of you I would get a tingle between legs. When we talked on the phone I would get positively wet, soaking my panties. And after we had hung up, I always stroked myself to climax calling your name. In my bathroom I have a picture of you on my counter. In the evening when I took my bath, I stripped for you, imagining the picture was really you. I took my clothes off slowly and seductively."

Jack was breathing heavy now. His cock was in his hand, stroking with the panties.

" When I got to my panties, I modeled them for you. Then I peeled them slowly down. I picked them up and held the crotch to my nose and sniffed them. I love my scent. Then I laid them down in front of your picture so 'you could smell them too.'. Looking at my panties in front of your picture and looking at you I couldn't help but slip my fingers between my pussy lips and rub myself to an incredible orgasm. Baby, I've done that every night for the past year. You have no idea how much I want you, to touch you and kiss you. Not as a grandson but as a lover. I want you to touch me and be inside of me. I want you to fill me."

"Nan, I had no idea."

"I know you didn't. And I wasn't going to tell you. In a way I felt a little perverse thinking of you like that. Grandmothers aren't supposed to have these sexual feelings for their grandsons. But I couldn't help it. But I figured since I didn't reveal my feelings to you, it just remained a fantasy. Besides I was sure you would never feel the same about me anyway. After all, I'm 75 years old and sagging in all the wrong places."

"Nan, now you do know that I feel the same about you. And I don't care that you're 75 or where you sag. All I know is I love you in a new way now. And I want you so bad. I want to be with you and I want to be inside of you and fill you."

"Oh, baby, I love you that way too. But where do we go from here?"

"I'll tell you in a minute, but right now my cock is about to explode."

"Are you masturbating?"

"Yes. And I'm so close."

Dee's fingers were frantically rubbing her lips though her panties. "So am I."

"Nan, I'm gonna cum"

"Cum for me baby, cum for Nan."

Jack grunted and groaned through clenched teeth as his cum spurted.


"That's it baby. Cum hard for me. Oh, I wish I could see it and feel it."

As he came down, he was breathing rapidly. "Nan that was so good cumming with you listening to me. I came in 'your' panties too."

"I'm gonna cum in my panties for real, baby. I'm rubbing my clit and I'm almost there. Oh yes, I'm cumming Jack. I'm cuuumming too." Dee plunged a finger in her vagina and exploded in orgasm. She screamed into the phone, "God baby I want you to do this to me. Make me cum, rub my cunt and make me cuuuuummmmm."

They listened to each other pant into the phone, relishing in their shared pleasure. In the space of a few short minutes, Jack had heard his grandmother use all the naughty words that turned him on so. And they had listened to each other orgasm.

"Nan I've never heard you use those words before."

"Well, I don't use them in polite conversation. But when I'm aroused I love to say them. It makes me cum hard."

"Me too. And I love to hear you say them."

"I asked you a bit ago, where we go from here. I mean we can continue this way, to have phone sex and cum with each other. And I can send you my panties after I cum in them."

"Yes, we can have phone sex when we're apart. I very much want to continue that. But you don't need to send me your panties."

"Don't you want them?" she asked rather dejectedly.

"I do, absolutely. But you don't need to send them. You can hand them to me."

"I don't understand."

"I coming to Pittsburgh, Nan."

"What, what do you mean?"

"I have a 2 week training class in Pittsburgh. I'll be there tomorrow about 4:00."

Stunned silence was followed by a squeal. "Oh Jack! Really? You're really coming here? To Pittsburgh? I can't believe it!"

"I sure am. And you can't imagine how excited I am about this, Nan."

"Oh sweetie, you can't imagine how excited I am."

"We'll finally have a chance to ... well you know, talk about things. She knew that if there was much talking, what the subject would be."

"Yes, indeed. We have a lot to talk about. You'll be staying here with me of course."

"Well, the company put me up at the Hyatt Cranberry where the training will be held."

"I won't hear of it. I want you here with me."

"I do to Nan. That's what I had planned on doing. But I kept the reservation just in case."

"Just in case?"

"Just in case this backfired."

"Baby, you can tell it didn't. Far from it. I'm thrilled. I just hope I can let go of you when it's time for you to go the class." They both chuckled. "What flight will you be on?"

"American 1542."

"Oh this is wonderful, Jack. You have no idea. I'll pick you up at the airport. We'll have a light dinner at Trattoria, then back to my house. How does that sound?"

"Only one way to describe it. Like you said... wonderful. Nan, you have made me so happy."

"No baby, you've made me happy. And I know I'll be happier when I see you and can hold you, and ..." She thought it but couldn't say it. Her new budding relationship with her grandson was too surreal. It just seemed like a dream. But the ache between her legs was no dream. Neither was the wetness pooling in her panties, the ones he had sent her.

Jack knew what she meant. Tomorrow they would be making love. Not just fucking, but making sweet love. He grabbed his steel hard cock as he thought of it. He stroked slowly and moaned quietly.

"I guess we better get off the phone baby," she said. "We both have a long day tomorrow and we want to be fully rested."

"Ok, Nan. I just hope I can sleep."

"Me too. Can I ask you to do something, or rather not do something?"

"Of course, anything for you Nan."

"Don't masturbate again tonite. Just go to sleep."

"It'll be hard. But I'll try?" They both laughed at the double meaning. "Why do you want me to refrain."

"I'll tell you tomorrow. I'll be better for both of us if you don't. You'll see."

"Ok. G'nite Nan, I love you very much."

"Good night baby, I love you too."

After they hung up, Dee wondered if she should abide by the same request she had asked of Jack. Considering the reason for the request, she decided she didn't need to. Besides, she was sure she couldn't refrain anyway. The conversation had aroused her to the point of absolute need. Plus the panties already had her in such a sexual fever. She pressed the material between her lips and rubbed slowly. Then she peeled the panties down a bit and noticed how wet they were. She placed her fingers on her cunt and spread her bare swollen lips. She rubbed her clit rapidly and came hard within seconds. "Oh Jack, I can't wait till I can feel you down there." She rolled over and went to sleep with her panties still at mid-thigh.

To be continued

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