Jack & Jen


I had to run in to downtown LA to run some errands, and I managed to get out early enough, so there wasn't too much traffic. The way home was a different story though. I was making the long drive back from LA to the Inland Empire. Really the drive isn't that long, but with the traffic it makes for a good two hours. Without anything to do, but drive about five miles per hour, I decided to pull out my cell phone and give myself some company.

I called my best friend Jack, who now lives up in Northern California, to see what he was up to. Jack and I have a long history together, and even still over the distance have a strong friendship. Jack answered the phone and we chatted about random about how each of us was and what not. We tried to keep in touch often, but sometimes a month could go by without us actually getting the chance to have a conversation. I heard somebody in the background, and I asked who was there with him.

He told me it was just him and his friend Jen. He went on to tell me that he had been screwing this girl for a while now when ever he had the chance because she let him 'stick it in her ass'. Jack was always rather straightforward and a bit crude. I laughed as I usually did when he told me of his exploits up in the Bay Area, when he announced he wanted to fuck her.

I asked if I should let him get off the phone and get down to business and he told me no, he wanted me on the phone with him while he was doing the deed. I laughed again, and switched my phone to hands free just in case I had to handle myself.

I heard him tell her to turn around and bend over. She protested just a bit to him being on the phone, but he told her it was me, and she knew what was up. He went rather quickly as I heard her scream out when he sank his cock in her pussy. I had been on the receiving end of a good fucking from Jack, and I knew he wasn't gentle about anything. I heard his stomach smacking against Jen's ass and his balls slapping at her pussy as he pounded into her relentlessly. She sounded like just a strange garbled mixture of moans and groans through the telephone line.

I couldn't resist myself as I spread my thighs just a bit, reached up under my skirt and slid the first finger in my pussy. Jack could tell right away what I was doing, and confirmed it with only a "Good girl". He pounded into her harder and harder until she came. He pulled out of here and she thought it was over. Over the phone I heard him tell her to 'get back over here.'

She whined and whimpered as he pressed his cock up against her tight little rosebud. I heard her scream as he broke through her asshole and buried his cock in her. Jen liked it though. I could tell by her moans that it wasn't only pain. I slipped another finger in my pussy and started to work them harder and harder, feeling close to my own orgasm.

I looked over beside me and noticed a truck driver watching me. The cab of his truck was quite a bit taller than my car, and it seemed he had a direct line of vision from his window to my lap. I looked back in front of me and concentrated on the stop and go traffic and my own fingers getting me off. Over the phones, the sounds of good hard sex continued.

I told Jack to smack her ass. Spanking is what had always really got me going and Jack knew it. He brought his hand down hard on her ass as he continued slamming his cock in deep. I heard the loud crack blaring through the phone. She screamed loud, and I told him to do it again. He did it again, and she came, and said she couldn't take any more.

Jack heard me as my heavy breathing turned into soft moans and then just at that moment, I pushed my fingers deep in me and felt my own pussy spasm as I came. Jack pounded at Jen's ass a few more times before he pulled out, grabbed her hair, spun her around and came in her face. I heard Jack slap her ass as she got up to go to the bathroom or wherever and again I laughed.

"We can always find a way to have a good time," he said.

"Always," I responded.

As always we finished the call with 'I miss you and I love you'.

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