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Jack & Jill


This story happened last winter. My name is Frank, I am five eight and weigh about 190. I keep in awesome shape and am at the gym five times a week. We are both 39 years old. My wife Jill is 5' 2" weighs 105 lbs and has 34b breasts and an ass that can stop traffic. She has long black hair and dark eyes and dark skin; she is athletic and built like a gymnast. Although she is Italian she is looks Spanish.

We have a great sex life. We have been married for five years, and believe her to be faithful as I am. We watch porn and have toys but pretty much that is it. We both have been in relationships that were less than perfect. We found each other and really try to take care of each other. Jill has a great heart and would help out anyone; that is where it all started.

Our friend Jack just lost his wife to cancer. Jack has been a friend of mine since high school and a friend of the family for 15 years. Jack and I used to lift together at the gym. He is about 6' and 210 lbs and also built. From our times at the gym, I can tell you he is hung. He must be 9 inches soft. I am only about 5.5" hard. I know Jill would never cheat on me with him, but she has always had an eye for him.

Jack called and asked what we were doing and Jill said to come by we were just going to watch a movie. Jack arrived and Jill gave him a hug and we all went down to the basement family room with a couple beers. We were all in sweats, as it was the winter. The fireplace was on and it was nice and cozy but we had some blankets down there too.

Jill went to get some snacks and I followed her to get another beer. Jill said she felt so bad for Jack and that she would love to lift his spirits. I said – with a grin – I know how you can do that. Jill just smiled and said relax Frank. I said seriously, Hun, I love you and know you have affection for Jack – he has been a great friend to both of us, you can take care of him. With that she looked surprised and asked – what do you mean? I said – you know –jerk him off – give the poor guy some relief. She just looked back in disbelief and said –yea right. I responded by saying – listen I know you love me and I love you. It would not bother me, I know you and how you are. I left the room and went back down to Jack and gave him a beer.

Jill came back down with the snacks and just gave me an odd look that I have never seen. She sat on the couch next to Jack and I was in the recliner. She said she was cold and put a blanket over her and when she did it covered Jack a little. I put in the movie and we were still talking when I got back to the chair and realized it was a porn movie. Jack started to laugh and Jill said Frank did you do that on purpose. I said –no – not really. I just sat down and we all continued talking and started to watch the porno. There was a girl getting it from behind and also sucking a guy off.

Jack never really watched that kind of stuff. I could tell from the bulge in his sweats that he was enjoying it. Jack pulled the blanket over himself as to hide his erection. I was getting hard too and had to adjust myself. I looked over at Jill and she just smiled and winked at me, she was obviously getting turned on, but said Frank why don't you turn this stuff off. I said – just relax and watch it. Jack was nearly popping a tent under the covers and I saw – what I thought was Jill's hand move over to Jack. Jack looked in shock and Jill said just relax Jack – Frank and I have talked. Jack looked over at me and I nodded. Jill then moved her hand to his right thigh- right next to his cock. From what I could tell under the covers, she was grabbing and stroking his cock through his sweats. She pushed the covers down and moved closer to Jack. She was now sitting to his right and had her right hand on his knee and her left hand in his lap. She was grabbing and caressing his cock through his sweats. I was so hard I almost lost my wad right there. Jack was fully erect and Jill couldn't believe the size. She didn't utter a word but the expression on her face was one of disbelief.

She pulled his sweats and underpants up and out with her right hand, but did not remove them. I guess she did this to give me a better look. I then watched as her left hand reached in and finally touched his cock. I lost it and had to jerk off – I came immediately, Jill was so entranced I don't think she even noticed. She reached in with her left hand and started to stoke his cock. She kept looking at it and would rub the tip with her thumb and then go back all the way down to his balls and cup them. Jack was on the verge of exploding, he started to utter something and then Jill stopped. We both wondered what she was doing. She stood up and removed her sweats to reveal soaking wet panties. I could not take it anymore I leaped over to her and sank my mouth on her clit, she was drenched and I think she had already cum. She continued her stroking Jack and as I looked up from my lapping her - her head was now almost lying on Jack's stomach.

What was she doing – I was thinking, no...is she is going to blow him, is she? With that thought, I was instantly hard again. She held Jack's cock tight and squeezed – and some pre-cum dripped out. She stuck out her tongue and licked the cum. I quit licking her and was on my knees now with my cock in my hand again jerking it. Her pussy was so wet she was dripping on the basement rug and moaning. I came again and she moved her mouth over Jack's cock and stuck out her tongue and just touched the tip again. She held his cock and moved her tongue down his shaft to his balls and just licked each one. She worked her way back up and just nibbled on the head and then let go. She let go of her grip on his cock and just had her head resting on his stomach and ever so gently flicked his cock with her tongue.

Jack was in ecstasy – he was as stiff as a board. She knew any further contact with Jack and he would explode. With that she got up and took her top off and positioned herself on her knees still on the couch next to Jack. Her tits were in Jack's face and he started to lick and suck them, as he did he moved his left hand to her thigh almost in contact with her pussy. He kept his hand there until she lightly used her fingers to caress his cock again. Once she did that he inserted two fingers in her and she immediately sat down on them and came in floods on his fingers. Not to leave Jack waiting, she put her mouth on his cock and started bobbing up and down. In an instant Jack said – I am cumming. With that she took her mouth off and looked at me – she opened up and kept stoking Jack with both hands as he shot load after load into her waiting mouth. It seemed like he was cumming for minutes. She just kept her mouth open and let the cum shoot inside her mouth and then let it drip out over Jack's stomach. Her pussy now soaked – was staring me in the face – so I entered her from behind and started to fuck her. She moved her head up from Jack's cock and started to kiss him as I fucked her. I came inside her and fell back on the couch.

What she did next surprised me.

She stayed in the same position kissing him and reached down and brought him back to life. He was now standing straight up in the air and was at least 11 inches long. While still kissing him she maneuvered herself on top of his lap and now had his cock at the entrance to her hole. She did not even notice that I was there. She took his cock in her left hand as she balanced herself with her right hand on his shoulder and slowly put his cock in her. She was still on her knees and then finally sat down letting his cock enter her. She started rocking up and down and she cock was glistening with her fluids. He couldn't take it any longer and said he was about to come. Jill didn't even flinch – she kept grinding up and down as Jack – came inside my wife. She slid off of him and started fingering herself, I could not believe this, my shy and demure wife now had my cum and Jack's in her and she was fingering herself to another climax. What a night.

The end

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