tagErotic CouplingsJack and Jilling

Jack and Jilling


"Mind if I masturbate?"

Jillian chuckled behind her book. "Sure, go right ahead."

Moving in with her boyfriend, Brian, had been such an eye opener. Bodily function noises, empty beer can "art," half finished sandwiches left on the coffee table; these were now a part of Jillian's daily life. The weirdest thing, though, was the porn. Brian left the stuff on whenever he was puttering around the house. At first it had weirded her out. But eventually, Jillian had learned to tune out the moans and grunts of simulated passion.

She just didn't get it. It's not like he was using it to get off or anything. Heck, for the last half hour he and his best friend, Jack, had been sitting around talking about football. Jillian had just curled herself up in her favorite chair and was deep into a romance novel. She had barely noticed when Brian left for a beer and pizza run.

Jillian's eyes shot up at the sound of Jack's zipper. She thought he had been kidding, like he was making a joke about the raunchy coupling on the TV. But no, he was serious. She couldn't believe it, but there was Jack on the couch with his hand down his pants. Jack noticed Jillian's shocked stare and he smiled at her. His eyes flitted from her face, to her lap, and back up. He cocked one eyebrow mischievously. The message was clear: did Jillian want to join in the fun?

Jillian hesitated, unsure of what to do. Thoughts raced through her head. "What the fuck is this guy doing?" to " Why am I kinda turned on by it?" competed for her attention. Jack shrugged his shoulder and turned back to the TV, obviously more interested in the porn than Jillian's blank stare. Jillian's pride rose up. How dare he want to watch that fake crap instead of her? She dropped her book, hiked up her skirt, and planted her right hand over her panties.

Jack caught the movement out of the corner of his eye and glanced over. He smiled crookedly when he saw what Jillian was doing. He thought that she would have run screaming from the room when he called her bluff about masturbating. Instead, he was pleasantly surprised to find that Jillian enjoyed a good rubbing off as much as the next guy...er, girl. His cock grew hard at the sight of her fingers caressing the little strip of white cotton, and he stroked his shaft against the side of his leg.

Jillian licked her lips, startled to find how turned on she was. She could feel her clit swell and pressed harder with her index finger. A little gasp escaped her lips as she found a sensitive spot. She saw Jack's arm move faster and knew that she was making him hard. Her panties started to soak up the wetness below her fingers, and she could smell the musk of her own arousal. Jillian slid her hand down, covering her clit with her palm and pressing through the fabric to tease her warm opening.

"Ya." Jack breathed out a distracted sigh. He couldn't believe what was happening. The groans and grunts of the porn flick faded away. All he could think about was Jillian's pussy and what she was doing to it. Jack's erection grew too large to contain and he pushed the front of his pants down. His cock sprang into view. He grasped it, pumping it to the rhythm of Jillian's fingering.

Jillian gasped at the sight of Jack's cock. She felt her nipples harden so fast it hurt, and her breath quickened to match the furious pumping of her heart. Not to be outdone, she shoved aside the panties to reveal a neatly trimmed mound. Her fingers dipped into her canal. Hot, soft muscles clenched around the two tips and she let out a little moan of pleasure.


Was that a car door? Was Brian back already? Jillian's eye grew wide with panic and she drew her hand back from her pussy.

"No, don't stop yet." Jack's voice was husky. He rose from the couch and stood over Jillian's recliner. "Quick, show me your tits."

Jillian did as ordered. She drew up her shirt and pulled back the cups of her bra. Jack came hard at the sight of her tight, pink nipples. He bit his lip to fight back a groan. Hot spunk landed on Jillian's exposed belly as they heard footsteps on the porch.

Brian's keys rattled in the lock. Jack jumped back, zipping his jeans over his rapidly deflating erection. Jillian hopped out of her chair, pulled her bra back over her breasts, and covered her cum-covered belly with her shirt.

"Brian!" Jillian felt like a deer in the metaphorical headlights as her boyfriend walked in the door.

"Ya?" Brian looked a little confused by the greeting. "Why are two just standing there looking at me? Is my fly open or something?"

Jillian giggled nervously. "No, silly. Just glad you're home. Can't a girl greet her boyfriend when he gets home?" Jillian's panic must have shown in her eyes because Jack stepped in.

"Um, Jillian was just getting up to go to the bathroom when we heard your footsteps. I, uh, though I'd get up to help bring in the beer. That's all." He reached forward. "Here, let me take that."

Brian just shook his head in a "whatever" gesture and handed one of the six packs to his friend. Jillian escaped to the bathroom, grateful for Jack's quick thinking. She lifted her shirt and wiped the rapidly cooling, sticky mess off her belly with a wash cloth.

Her pussy was still wet, and her clit still throbbed with her fading arousal. She knew she couldn't go back out there turned on. So, she leaned back against the sink and dipped her hand under her panties. Her index finger found her clit and she thought of Jack cumming all over her. She stifled the cry that threatened to escape as she rode the wave of the orgasm.

When she finally caught her breath, Jillian nipped into the bedroom to change into a fresh pair of undies. She had soaked the pair she was wearing, and knew Brian would be able to smell it if she got close to him. She came to a halt when she entered the living room. There was Brian by himself on the couch, the pizza box open on the coffee table.

"Where's Jack?" Jillian asked.

"He had to go. Something about meeting his mom for dinner tonight. Apparently he forgot about it until just now."

"Oh." Jillian sat on the couch and reached for the beer Brian handed her. She needed a drink to steady her nerves.

"You ok? Your hands are kind of shaking." Brian looked at Jillian with concern.

"Oh, ya, I'm fine. I think something I ate for lunch didn't agree with me. I'll be better in a minute." She took a sip from the bottle and smiled at him. "Beer's good for upset bellies, right?" She let out a burp as the carbonation hit her stomach.

Brian laughed. "Now that's real lady-like, Jill. Good thing Jack wasn't here to see it. He'd never stop bugging me about my butch girlfriend that belches when she drinks. He'd probably try to convince me that you're a just a guy in disguise." Jillian chuckled weekly, knowing for a fact that Brian would never have to worry about that. Ever.

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