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Jack Enchanted


Another long day at the office. Blowing out in a gust of frustration, Jack leaned back in his chair, rubbing his hands over his face, stretching to relieve the nagging pain in his spine that spoke of too many hours sitting in front of the computer. He looked around his office, thinking about how his wife used to come by for lunch and engage in a little limbering activity. The thought made him smile, but as he thought of it, he couldn't even remember how long ago that was. Frowning a bit and feeling sorry for himself, he glanced at the screen and realized it was getting late. 7:15 and counting. Eleven hours was enough, he decided, and started to close down his running programs. As he was turning off his fax machine, there was a soft knock on his door.

"Mr. Gunder, may I....?" A decidedly female voice asked him for his attention. Straightening, he automatically nodded briskly.

"Of course, come in. What is it Elise?" he asked with a polite expression, thinking that this gal could ask him anything and get away with it, wryly accepting that he was a little hard up these days. The gorgeous brunette smiled, some of her hesitancy disappearing, her brown eyes lighting up and her lips revealing small teeth too perfect to be believed.

"Thank you so much. My boss has left for the day, and I do need someone with an access code to send these for me," she said sweetly. Elise was one of the new file clerks in the firm, still training he thought, and although she looked to be old enough to work here, there was an innocence about her that was very appealing.

"Of course, let me take a look," Jack said generously, motioning for her to sit down in one of the chairs in front of his desk. Nodding as he surveyed the forms, he turned the fax machine back on and waited for the whirring to subside, glancing over every page quickly. Elise had made herself comfortable, crossing her very shapely legs under her red skirt, looking at him intently. He looked at her again, and smiled, saying,

"This shouldn't take long, it's fine." She smiled back at him and nodded, her gaze warm and intelligent, as if she knew something that he didn't. Every instinct in him told him that this was an ambitious young lady, and he wondered just how ambitious she might be, sensing that her interest in his office was a bit overdone. She was looking around now, at his diplomas and awards that were mounted on the wall, and glanced back at him just as he was giving those legs another assessment.

Clearing her throat, she started talking to him.

"I've been with the firm for three weeks now, and you're the only one who stays this late, Mr. Gunder. Dare I assume that you have no family to go home to?" she asked him, a bit coyly, he thought, but decided to ignore it for now.

"I was married, divorced for about a hundred years now, " he said wryly, smiling at her, wondering if there was anything further behind her question. Just my own vanity, he then thought to himself, chuckling inwardly at the thought of a gorgeous young thing like Elise lusting after his middle-aged body. Her eyes were twinkling at him, and she leaned forward, her arms crossed as well, resting her chin on one of her hands, swaying her leg back and forth playfully.

"That's too bad, " she said, her breasts pressed against the soft cashmere fabric of her sweater. No cleavage was showing, but the shape of her firm young breasts was outlined nicely, leaving little to the imagination. He looked back up at her eyes, smiled politely, and reached over to the fax machine, checking on its progress.

"Here we go, then. Sent and confirmed." He handed the pages back to her in their folder, and stood up to usher her out the door. She smiled as well, clutching the folder, and walked to the door, her shapely behind and hips swaying as she stepped forward. Whew, he thought to himself, good thing she's leaving. As she turned at the door, her straight mid-length hair falling forward, her smile generous, she said,

"Oh, I did forget to ask you, Mr. Gunder.....".

"Please, call me Jack," he said in a slightly deeper voice, surprised to find himself just a little frazzled by her nearness now, looking into those gorgeous eyes.

"Jack then, yes. Would it be possible for me to come in earlier with you in the mornings? I noticed that you are already here every morning when we all come in. I would really like to get an early start." She looked at him, waiting for his reply, and licked her lips lightly. The words caught in his throat, watching that pink little tongue moisten her full lips, and he managed to nod, replying in the affirmative.

"Yes, of course, I'm here by 8 every morning, just buzz me, number 465 on the intercom downstairs," he said, discomfited to know that he was feeling a little unsettled.

"I was hoping you would say yes," she said, a little breathlessly. Looking at him directly, still standing in the doorway, she leaned slightly towards him, and completely surprised him with her next words.

"Jack, I must tell you. " She inhaled sharply, the pupils of her eyes becoming larger, her eyes looking into his intently.

"I have wanted to get to know you since the first moment I saw you here." Having said as much, she stepped forward, reaching a hand up to his shoulder and slowly moving closer to him, looking into his face for any sign, watching his lips.

He stood as if frozen, part of his brain bursting with the pleasure of the possibility, let alone the reality of this lush young lady being interested in him. She slid her hand up to the nape of his neck and pressed her lips to his, moaning deliciously as her lips claimed his. After a moment of stunned silence, it was as if his body decided for him. He pulled her closely against him with his right hand while grabbing the file with his left, discarding it onto the chair by the door. He slid that hand up and held her head, slanting his mouth over hers, opening it with his questing tongue, kissing her fully while molding her body to his. He felt her breasts pressed against him and slid his right hand down to her bottom, pressing her body hard against his erection, which had sprung up instantly the moment he had tasted her tongue and heard her mewling sighs.

They kissed until they were breathless, and when he broke the kiss to look at her, the dazed expression in her eyes and her slightly swollen lips, still moist and open, decided the rest for him. He pulled her along, through an open door, into a board room. Closing the door behind him, he strode with her to the head of the table, sat himself down in the leather upholstered high-backed chair, and grabbing her by the waist, sat her down on him.

"First, let's get these off," he just about growled, chuckling, raising her sweater up and watching her creamy skin appear before his eager eyes as she tossed it on to the table. Her breasts were beautifully encased in a red pushup bra, the clasp in front, tempting him to undo it with his teeth. Grinning wryly, he loosened it, then kissing her stomach, licking upwards, he mouthed the underside of her breasts as she removed it completely.

Gasping, she pulled his head hard against her when he caught her nipple between his teeth.

"Oooh, Jack!" she moaned his name, and his cock seemed to hear her, straining against its confinement.

"Baby, hold on, we have time," he purred at her, reaching down to undo the button and zipper of his pants. He moved her onto the table, standing in front of her, and pulled off his tie and shirt in a few brisk motions, then stepped out of his pants and returned to her, kissing her roughly as he stood in front of her, feeling her hands on his stomach and chest. She was panting, her face flushed and her dark pink nipples erect. Sliding his hands around her, he unzipped her skirt in the back, his hands cupping her derriere, lifting her off the table, letting the skirt fall to the floor and settling her back into his lap in one motion, making her laugh.

"Jack!" She breathed delightedly, her arms wrapped around his neck, her warmth now covering the bulge in his briefs. She wore a red thong, no surprise there he thought, and he adeptly moved it aside as his fingers quested, his mouth reclaiming hers and his tongue entering her at the same time that he entered her wetness. She arched her back, thrusting her hips against him, his fingers slipping out of her and caressing her lips and clitoris as she moaned. His other hand found her breasts again, tweaking her nipples and pullling them, extending them outwards. She sucked on his tongue like it was a lifeline in a turbulent ocean, making gasping and moaning noises in her throat, her breathing quick and labored. Damn, she's ready, he thought, but he wanted to make it last. He knew he would explode the minute he felt those juicy lividly pink lips surround him, so he lifted her and himself up, no mean feat that, and lay her back on the table, the cool touch of it on her back going unnoticed. She put her heels on the table, opening her legs and giving him a succulent view of her, an invitation he didn't refuse. Instead of plunging into her, he wrapped his hands around her upper thighs, pulled her to the edge, and dove his face into her, holding the slim panty to the side as he began to lick her.

"Oooooohhh JAAACK!!" She almost screamed, and she was just beginning, he thought, thank God for closed doors. He licked and slurped at her clit and inner lips, swirling his tongue into her deeply and then up around her bud, then taking the whole of her quivering wet flesh into his mouth and sucking forcefully, for which he was rewarded by her first scream. Long and loud, as her orgasm hit her, making her grip the tabletop under her and lift her hips as he felt and saw her climax, her contractions making her jerk, rippling her sumptuous flesh. The scent of her, her taste, was incredible, and seeing her still spasming pussy, he lowered his briefs and shoved himself deeply into her, into her hot clutching wet vagina that gripped him like a vise. He came, without moving an inch, grimacing, spurting into her while his buttocks clenched and his hands gripped her thighs roughly.

Moments of intense pleasurable agony later, when the fog began to clear, he saw that she was still lying there with her eyes half closed, her chest rising and falling and her nipples begging for more attention. He grinned at her, and she smiled, sitting up with him still buried in her. Kissing slowly and deeply exploring each others' mouths, feeling each other, their heartbeats began to slow. He reached under her and cupped her buttocks, lifting her up, staggering a bit, shaky. He walked with her clutching at him with her mouth, her arms and legs, and her sweet pussy, back to his desk in the other room. He sat them down in his chair, letting her legs fall beside them and under the arm rests.

"God, you feel wonderful," he managed to groan in between wet kisses. She wasn't through with him yet, he could feel the walls of her pussy caressing him, her body wanting to move on his. She was slightly flushed still, lightly sweating, and, licking her lips, she said huskily,

"Now, let me," as if she had been waiting for this moment. Reaching into the drawer of his desk, she removed a pair of small scissors, and cut through the thong on both sides of her. She pulled the fabric out from inbetween them, creating a little pleasurable friction, and grinned at him.

"Jack, you are right where I want you, don't move," she said, and he wondered how the hell he was going to accomplish that exactly. He wasn't about to discourage her, though, and reached up to caress her breasts that were pointing directly at his mouth again as she lifted herself up, gripping the armrests.

"No, Jack, no touching, not with your hands anyway," she said smugly. He laughed, let his hands loosely grip the chair seat on the sides and took a nipple into his mouth, twirling his tongue around the hard bud and sucking strongly. She gasped, and smiled at him, saying,

"Now, just enjoy this." She gripped him as she rose up, then thrust herself down on him, as hard and as deeply as she could. His stomach muscles clenched as the air left his lungs, and before he could take another breath she had gripped him again, pulling upwards. It felt like she was stretching his cock, so hard did she have him in her grip. Her juices, flowing out of her and onto his balls, increased as she steadily rode him, her face a concentrated mask of pleasure, her eyes closed and her mouth open. Her breasts jostled up and down in front of him, and he continued to suckle them as much as he could, but found himself gripping the chair harder, trying not to thrust up into her, feeling the heat building in his balls and his cock swelling every time she plunged back down on him. He didn't know how much more of this he could take, wanting to fuck her fast and hard until he exploded inside of her, but she was moving in a rhythm of her own, and taking him with her.

She opened her eyes then, her face flushing. She started coming down on him faster, emitting high little "Ah!"s as she ground down on him, moving her hips forward to take him in deeply.

"Baby, come on baby," he breathed, gasping himself now, and she came, a high scream leaving her throat as her body arched and she stiffened on him, her pulsing contractions agony for his cockhead that was ready to burst deeply inside of her.

"JAAAAAACK!!!" she screamed, her arms gripping his shoulders as she continued to spasm on his fully aroused cock. He held her down on him, savoring every contraction, pushing up into her now so that she would feel the length of him as she convulsed in pleasure. He sucked on her nipples, adding to the spasms she was feeling, and was rewarded with the pulsing that he felt inside of her.

"Oh, God," she panted, looking at him in a daze, kissing him, hugging him tightly to her. They stayed joined for a few more minutes, until she realized that he was still hard, still aroused.

"Jack, you are so wonderful," she smiled at him, caressing his cock with her inner muscles.

"You feel incredible inside of me." She grinned and started to move off of him, lifting herself up by pushing up on the armrests again, and when he would have kept her there she shook her head, wincing as she felt his throbbing head stretch her tight opening on its way out. She stood on unsteady legs for a moment, breathing deeply, and went down on her knees before him, her hands caressing his thighs, parting them, and nestled herself inbetween them. His head fell back as he felt her mouth engulf him, unable to stop the groan that came from his lips.

"Aaaaagh," he uttered, looking at her again as she slowly took him deeper, her swollen lips and bright flushed face moving down on his cock. Her tongue caressed him as she moved up his shaft, and letting him slip out of her, she wet his head further with her tongue, probing the slit at the top, swirling around the ridges of his bulging cock, sucking on the head repeatedly before plunging him into her mouth again. He could feel his balls rising, himself getting ready to spurt his cum into her, and wasn't sure what she wanted.

"Baby, I'm cumming," he groaned, holding back, touching her head, wanting to move her away. She gripped him firmly, one hand squeezing the base of his penis while the other dipped underneath, cupping his balls, letting her fingers trail under him towards his anus.

"God!" He cried out as he felt her push her middle finger against his opening, sucking on him wildly, her hair flying around her face, her expression intense. She moaned then, and the vibration deep in her throat combined with her finger entering his ass as she held his cock tightly made him shout out, his body arching upwards as he came, buried deeply in her throat, spurting his cum into her, clenching her finger as he throbbed repeatedly in the most violently pleasurable orgasm he had ever felt. He moaned as the waves of pleasure overtook him, his body tightening, jerking forwards into her mouth as he emptied himself inside of her. Moments later, he felt her lapping at him, licking him gently, caressing his balls still.

"Oh, baby, o baby," he groaned, his voice deep and husky. She smiled and kissed him, lifting her face to his, looking into his darkened eyes.

"Mmmmmm that was delicious, " she whispered, as if they were sharing a secret, and they both laughed, his chuckle still a little shaky.

"Come here, woman," he said gruffly, and took her back onto his lap, sitting sideways on him. He caressed her skin, her hair, palmed her breasts and breathed in her scent as his breathing slowed.

"You are wonderful, girl," he said lovingly. Smiling, she took his head in both of her hands and kissed him, until they both started to feel a little chilly, and dressed and went out for dinner.

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