tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJack in the Car Park

Jack in the Car Park


Jack was home alone most weekdays. His wife Jill was an overworked and over-stressed junior executive for a design firm, and traveled widely. They loved each other and had good sex when they could; but that was becoming less and less often as Jill climbed the corporate ladder. Jack was, in temperament, the opposite of his wife. As a freelance technical writer, he did most of his work at home and only traveled on vacation with his wife, and a few times a year to writer's conferences. He had total control over his schedule, and most weekdays he could make some time to relax and enjoy life.

Jack masturbated as much as the next guy, he supposed; but as time went on and sex became less frequent, he found himself doing it a bit more (he supposed) than most 30-year-old men. When Jill was away, he brought himself to climax at least once a day, often twice. When she was home, he would have preferred to have intercourse every day. Jill was an extraordinary woman: 5'7," short blonde hair, athletically trim and sexually explosive, when she had the energy. The problem was that she seldom had the energy after a week or so of jetting across country from New York to Los Angeles to Dallas to San Francisco. By late Friday night of such a week, she was pretty much dead to the world at least until lunchtime on Sunday, when Jack might hope for a quick lay before she struck out for the airport again.

His usual routine was to write for a few hours in the morning, then he would drive to a nearby wilderness trail area and go running for an hour or so. He was in pretty good shape for someone with a sedentary job, and he paid attention to his body. He was 5'9" and weighed about 145. Though losing a little of his wavy brown hair, he kept his boyish good looks to a great extent.

Something about running made him horny. He didn't really know why; it was a fact that endorphins and testosterone were both increased by exercise, and they combined to give him a post-exercise erection most days. He usually took care of it by stroking off vigorously in the bedroom before taking his shower; but as time went on, and he missed Jill more and more (and missed sex more and more) his mind began to wander to thoughts of lust while he was still running.

One particular day, it was warm and wet in the forest, and Jack ran as usual. He ran every day, rain or shine, as most devoted runners do. He liked getting wet when the weather was hot; it kept him cool. This day he parked at the trailhead and got out of his little station wagon. Where usually there were several other cars parked nearby, there were none that day because of the weather.

Jack pulled off his sweats and tossed them in the back seat, then went for his usual run. It was just drizzling when he left, but about a half-hour into it, the rain fell harder, and Jack got really soaked. His running singlet and shorts were a silky fabric like nylon, and when they got wet, they clung to him. His nipples and penis were subject to a pleasant warm friction, and his erection began to come to life while he was still about ten minutes from his car. By the time he got there, he had a raging hard-on.

He got into his car, and began to pull on his sweats over his shorts and shirt, but they were so wet that he decided to strip them off in the car before getting back into his sweats again. He had a brief thought for the local indecent exposure statutes and what they might imply in a public car park; but there were still no other cars there, and with the rain and the window-fog in the car, there was little chance of someone seeing.

Jack pulled off his shirt, the wet fabric rubbing lasciviously across his erect nipples. Without really thinking about it, he flicked his fingers across the two stiffening tips, and his penis grew harder. He kicked off his running shoes and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts, and slowly pulled them down. His penis sprang free, and after removing his shorts, he was entirely naked in the car.

Hoo, boy, thought Jack, I'm going to come right here in the car if I'm not careful. But then he thought, why wait? He was alone in the car with no other cars around and little chance of a pedestrian or a cop happening by in the streaming rain. He could see the only entrance and exit to the trailhead about 100 yards away; behind him, there was impenetrable oak and pine forest. But though there was only a small chance of being observed, the fact that there was any chance at all began to appeal to him. Suppose someone did see him? Suppose he got caught? As he thought this, a generous globule of pre-come emerged as if on cue from his rock-hard penis.

Jack surrendered to the urge, and began to jerk off, for the first time outdoors and in a quasi-public place. He watched the driveway and no cars came. He was so turned on that he could come at any moment; but he stroked slowly, to prolong it a little. His pleasure mounted as he rubbed his cock with one hand, playing with his nipples with the other. Jack's naked back arched almost involuntarily, and his arousal grew. Throwing caution to the winds, he let his head fall back and he closed his eyes. To hell with it, he thought; if someone drove up; they'd never see through the half-fogged windows anyway. As his eyes lolled shut, he formed an image of Jill, and wondered what she would think if she could see him now. In his fantasy, she came upon him unexpectedly, unaccountably there in the car park with him; her eyes came to rest on his hand, massaging his groaning organ. Her lips parted slightly, and her hands strayed absently to her breasts.

It was too much for him, and his climax came abruptly. His cock began to spasm, throwing his thick jets of sperm over his chest and belly. It seemed to him to go on forever, and he counted at least twenty contractions of his cock before his orgasm was spent.

Returning to awareness of his surroundings, and of his situation, Jack instinctively ducked down out of sight, but there was no need; he was still alone. He wiped the semen from his body with his wet running shirt, then pulled on his sweats and started the car, driving barefoot rather than trying to fight with his wet sneakers. In the short ride home, he went over the episode in his head. He had really liked it! It felt great to do it outdoors, where he shouldn't, and where someone might catch him. It seemed briefly infantile to him, to fantasize about getting caught jerking off outside; but at the same time, his cock began to stir again, as he pulled into his driveway.

Walking gingerly over the cement walk because he was still barefoot, and carrying his soiled running clothes, Jack let himself into the garage and from there into the basement laundry room. He stripped off the sweats and put them in the washer with his wet and funky running outfit, and unlaced his shoes and left them on a shelf to dry. Naked, he walked to the downstairs bathroom to shower, his newly-revived erection pointing the way. He couldn't believe it, but he wanted to jerk off again.

He picked up a towel and a bottle of baby oil in the bathroom, and went in and lay, full-length and nude, on the bed in the basement guest room. He was highly aroused again, from thinking about what he had just done in the car. He had come so fast and so easily that he felt ready to climax again.

He squeezed the lubricant onto his waiting penis, which bobbed ever-so-slightly toward his belly with each drop of the oil. This time he had all the time in the world to make it last if he wanted to, but his sexual momentum carried him urgently forward. He began stroking his cock, and the oil warmed against his skin. The sensation brought Jill into his mind again, and he thought of her skilled hand on him, and of her glorious pussy. He imagined his hand to be her cunt, as though she were riding above him, straddling him. He closed his eyes and saw here there, bouncing softly on his erect member, her hands clasped under her breasts, rolling her nipples deftly between her fingers, her head thrown back in joyous lust.

He opened his eyes and she was gone, and it was just him and his hand again. His mind wandered again to the idea of being caught by someone, as it had in the car earlier, and his cock stiffened still more. He closed his eyes again, and this time Jill lay beside him as he jerked his penis. She said nothing, but merely watched him masturbate as she played erotically with her own breasts. Jack moaned involuntarily at the image, and his ass lifted off the bed as it usually did when he was getting ready to come. He was almost there.

In his dreamlike fantasy state, Jill watched him adoringly, and her hands strayed to her soaked pussy. She parted her cunt lips, exposing her swollen and rigid clitoris. She clasped her button between her outstretched index and middle fingers, and began to rub her cunt in rhythm with the motion of her hand on Jack's cock. She rubbed her long white fingers up and down alongside her clit, then plunged her fingers into her drenched vagina, cupping her inflamed pussy in the palm of her delicate white hand.

At the thought of his wife stroking herself before him, Jack surrendered to ecstasy once more. He came again, no less intensely, though less voluminously. He was used to coming twice in the same day, but this, after all, was his second ejaculation in the same hour, and he did have his limits. Just a few pulses of come rolled down his pulsating cock like lava from a beautiful, long, high volcano; then his orgasm subsided, and he lay utterly spent. He rubbed the soft towel over his tingling genitals, and passed out almost immediately. As he did, his thoughts were roiled and confused.

How could he be so turned on by masturbating outside, by the risk of getting caught? Why was he fantasizing about jerking off with Jill watching? Why was he thinking about watching her masturbate herself? He drifted off to sleep, thinking that he had a very great deal to sort out in his mind, and something brand new to write about. There was more to come.

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