tagBDSMJackie Tries A New Way

Jackie Tries A New Way


"You understand that this is a one time deal? No matter how things turn out, good or bad, you aren't going to be entitled to future privileges."

I was sitting in my living room talking to Peter on the phone. Peter and I had been friends for years. We respected each other and had one of those rare friendships that allowed honesty and candor without diminishing the mutual high opinion. We were both professionals, he an attorney and I in sales. Peter was married to a great gal, Jana, who I had known since they meet eight years earlier. His wife and I enjoyed a good friendship and while it wasn't on the same level as what Peter and I shared it was valuable to me.

"Look, are you sure that Jana is alright with this, I don't want her looking daggers at me every time we see each other."

"Well hold on just a second and I'll let her tell you in person," came the unexpected reply.

"Jackie, hi honey. Peter has told me all about the plans you have and I just want you to know that I am excited for you. I really hope it all works out perfectly. Don't worry about me, you have my full support. I can still remember my first time, I envy you."

I didn't know what to say, and before my mind could come up with more the just a grunt she had Peter back on the line.

"Everything ok now?" he asked.

The only way I knew to cope with this situation was to treat it like any other negotiated deal I had made in the past. In my best professional voice I replied, "Yeah it all seems to be taken care of so why don't you email me all the particulars and we can go ahead. I guess I will meet with you Friday night."

We talked a couple of more minutes and then I was left waiting for the promised email. I expected to see it in very short order, but was disappointed and taught my first lesson. When an email arrived a hour later all it said was, "All instructions will be sent Friday afternoon." It was signed "Sir".

The next two days passed with agonizing slowness. I understood why he had not sent the plan to me, my mind spent the intervening time creating dozens of scenarios of its own. Had I seen the true plan I would have spent the time picking it apart, finding fault and emailing back corrections or changes. This didn't allow me that option. This made me wait.

I swore myself to abstinence during the wait. Actually Peter had suggested it but added that since I lived alone it shouldn't be a problem. I don't think he realized how big a problem it became during those few days. I really wanted to give this every chance of being a success and hoped that the heightened state would help me achieve that.

Early Friday afternoon the anticipated message was in my mailbox. Despite the frustrating wait, despite my eagerness to read the instructions the message contained I hesitated to open it. My belly trembled and my hands shook as I stared at the screen.

The message began;

"You know where you are going and why, dress appropriately.

Arrive at the Downtown Hyatt at 6 PM.

Lock your purse in the trunk of your car and use the Valet service.

Ask the desk clerk for my room.

Knock and wait.

Leave your inhibitions and reservations at home.

Remember the things we have discussed and your responsibilities.


I read it twice more, then again. I had expected more, expected details, specifics. This left a lot up to me. Needless to say my afternoon at work was shot. Three o'clock was the longest I could wait and making my excuses I headed home.

I started with a long bath, soaking until the water cooled, then shaving my legs and underarms. Finally squeaky clean and hair shampooed I rose from the tub and began fixing my hair and makeup. I poured a drink to calm me, limiting myself to the one. I was nervous but wanted to be fully aware.

I had bought a new lace bra and panty set. Black lace demi-cups and high thigh cuts made the set look very sexy. Thigh high stockings slipped up my legs and felt especially sensuous tonight. At 5'2" they came very high on my legs, reaching almost to the top of my thighs.

I picked out a pair of black heels and slipped into them then grabbed the skirt I had picked for this night. It was a simple pleated flare, black and reaching to just below mid-thigh. The blouse was equally simple, a white nylon button up with short sleeves and a large collar. Tucked into the skirt top it fitted my form nicely. The light nylon did little to hide my black bra and the outline was clearly visible.

I knew better than to wear my usual jewelry, and chose only a pair of hoop earrings.

My timing was perfect, just enough time to make to the hotel and the long awaited meeting.

When I pulled into the valet parking area I stepped out very conscious of the rise of my skirt as I did. I placed my purse in the trunk, deliberately leaving behind my credit cards, cash, and most important tonight, any identification connecting me to my normal life.

I crossed the lobby trying my best not to look around to see if anyone was watching me. I felt as if there were a big sign on my back declaring my intentions and guilt.

The desk clerk was polite, but I detected a condescending tone in his voice as I asked him for the room. He called upstairs and as he talked he cast glances at me as if watching to make sure I didn't take a pen or something off the counter. At last he gave me the room number, then in a sly voice wished me a good night.

It had been embarrassing asking the clerk for the room, but the walk back across the lobby and the ride in the elevator was terrifying. I wasn't sure about this at all and knew that I only had a short ride to the 12th floor to change my mind.

Once the elevator doors opened I stood there trying to gather my nerve and steel myself for the planned events ahead. Just as the door began its slide closed I popped out.

I stood in front of his door, breathing hard, shaking, and raised my hand to knock.

A second later the door opened, good sign, he was waiting for me eagerly I thought.

In my best attempt at bravado I smiled and greeted him, "Hi Pete!"

"When you learn some manners knock again!" he said and closed the door.

"What.....!" I though as I stood there dumbfounded. "Peter, open the door!" I called to him.

"Manners? What the hell does he mean?" my brain stumbled over a solution, then finally a light went on.

I knocked again.

The door opened again.

"Hello Sir." I said not looking directly at him.

"Much better," he told me but did not move from the doorway to allow me inside.

"Much better, but your rudeness has to be corrected even at this early stage of the game. Give me your blouse."


The door closed.

"Peter, please let me in," I begged. "Oh shit", I mumbled "did it again." Sir, please let me in I'm sorry, I'll do what you ask."

I saw the light through the peep hole change and knew he was watching me. I knocked again and stood waiting, expecting him to open the door on my promise to be good. It didn't move.

I called again, "Sir, please let me in, I really want this to work."

The light moved in the peep hole again. The door still did not move.

Gradually I realized what I had to do. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse, looking around and nervous that someone would walk up on me. I slipped it off and knocked again. This time the door did open but again he blocked my way.

"You are a willful one aren't you?"

"Please Sir let me in, someone might come any minute," I asked as politely and pleadingly as I could as I held out the blouse to him.

"The skirt."

I stood. I froze. I stammered but could not say anything. His hand reach for the door knob and I rushed out a "Yes, yes, wait, I will."

Standing in the hallway where at any second a room door could open, a tenant could walk out, or a maid could come along I reached to my waist and freed the skirt. I knew that if he closed that door again I would be left there in my bra.

I stepped out of the skirt and held it to him. His lip curved in a small smile of victory as he stood there a little longer. Finally he moved aside and I scooted into the room.

In thigh highs, heels, bra and panties I stood in front of him and he surveyed me. I had never felt so on display. He asked me to turn for him and I did. His eyes measured me and I know he saw the tremors running through my body. I shook with fear, excitement and a new feeling for me, abandon.

"Walk to the bed and stand beside it facing the bed," he told me.

Looking at him I did as I was told. When I got to the bed he told me to bend over it and reach across the mattress. As I did he walked around the bed.

"Give me your hand," he said.

I stretched my right hand out to him and he used a scarf that was somehow attached under the bed to tie it.

"The other one."

I extended that arm too.

I was tied across the bed face down from the waist up. My legs dangled off one side. He walked around the bed again and stopped just behind me.

"Spread your legs."

I did.

"More, open them wide for me."

I strained to open my legs as far as I could. The high heels made it difficult.

His voice was smooth, slow and controlled as he talked to me.

"This is your first time so I will only introduce you to the pleasure that you seek. Any time you can stop if you like. Your safe word is redlight. Use it and everything stops immediately. You can then dress and go home, the adventure will be over. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I replied in a weak voice.

He continued, "I have not blindfolded you, I don't think that would be wise on the first night. I have not tied your legs. That is a test of your commitment. I have not gagged you. You can scream if you like but remember where you are. Unless you scream your safeword I will leave you tied and uncovered so that anyone responding to your scream will find you like this. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I mumbled.

"Yes what?" he asked in a soft tone.

"Yes Sir," I replied and suddenly felt the sting of his hand on my backside.

"Yes Sir," I almost screamed.

Again, the flat crack of his bare hand on my almost bare butt.

Again, on the other side bringing a moan from me.

Then a soft caress, a slow circle of his large hand over my flesh, across the lace of my panties.

Another crack, another moan. Now tears were streaking my face as I writhed about.

"Be still."

"Yes Sir," I got out just before the next bare handed slap hit me.

I jerked.

He rubbed and caressed.

I felt his hand on my thighs, then moving over my lower backside then across my reddened ass.

"Do you think these panties are appropriate for this?" he asked

"No Sir," I replied through trembling lips.

He reached to the night stand and took up a pair of scissors. Someplace in my mind I registered that if he had them there he knew what was going to happen. He knew he would need them.

I felt the lightest touch of them as he slipped the shears between my flesh and the offending material. Each thigh was cut and the panties slipped to the floor.

"And is this bra appropriate?"

"No Sir," I said as I thought about how much I had paid just a couple of days ago for it.

The back strap was quickly cut, then each shoulder strap. Roughly he jerked it out from under me. The fabric pulled across my nipples and shot quick pains through them. I realized then just how hard they were.

His hand was back on my now bare butt. Smack! Rub. Smack! Caress.

His other hand lay on my back and gently rubbed it, massaged it, caressed it from neck to tailbone. It was such a contrast to the firmer hand on my tender rear.

"Please, no more. Please stop," I cried as I bit my lip to prevent the scream that wanted to eject from my body.

Then I felt both of his hands on my inflamed flesh. It was so soothing, so sensual, so thrilling to feel his soft touch. They slipped under me, to touch and part me. I was wet with need.

I felt his body move against me and he was naked and hard. When he had removed his pants I have no idea, but here he was, his shaft pressing against my hot flesh.

Then he moved again and he entered me with no resistance at all. He slipped inside and it was the ultimate counter sensation to the pain of moments before.

I bucked against him. He pressed into me. I moaned and cried. I cried the tears of joy and pleasure and they mixed with the ones of pain and humiliation still on my cheeks.

He pumped in me and I tried to open farther, to take more of him, to let him have more of me.

His hands reached under me and cupped my breasts. A thumb and finger grasped each nipple and slowly he began to apply pressure to them, squeezing them.

The pain began to mingle with the pleasure of him inside me. With each hard stroke he pushed my body forward and that made my breasts tug at the fingers holding me. I was lost in the feeling of him hard and long and deep in me, each stroke sending waves of pleasure, followed by shocks of pain through my body.

Soon I sought the jerks of pain, letting him force me farther with each stroke. His belly bumped my tender rear renewing the burning as his hands brought waves of sharp ache as he tugged and crushed my nipples.

"Please, please, please," I groaned and muttered

Then I felt him stiffen against me and my body began to shudder. I felt him jerk and for the first time I lifted my legs. I forced myself against him, ground into him as my climax washed through me. I bit the bed covers to keep from screaming as I pulled against the restraints and tried to lock him inside me.

Finally I collapsed, spent and fulfilled.

Pete crawled up the bed and cuddled to me. I was still tied, still spread legged and could feel his seed sliding from me and trickling down my inner thighs. In that small part of my mind that still retained sanity I could see myself there, see what I must look like as if I were a spectator at my own ravishment.

He caressed my shoulders, back and hair and his soft touch brought comfort to me as I eased back from the edge of oblivion. Finally, after what could have been minutes or hours he freed my hands from the bindings.

I started to leave the room but his firm voice stopped me in my tracks.

"Where are you going!"

"To clean up a little," I replied softly, unsure of what was happening now.

"Did I give you permission to leave my presence? Did I tell you to go? Did I tell you game over, Jackie?"

"No Sir, I'm sorry sir," I mumbled.

"Kneel," He commanded in a firm but not loud voice.

My quizzical look must have been funny and bought me a little leniency from him.

"Kneel where you are, I think it's time I taught you the proper way to present yourself to me."

I eased myself to my knees and for the next few minutes Pete worked on getting me in the perfect position in front of him. He had me lean back on my high heels, open my thighs, pull my shoulders back and use my upper arms to compress my breasts to display them for him. I placed my palms on the top of my thighs and lowered my eyes to the floor.

When I had repeated the position several times he seemed pleased with it and told me to remain there until he released me from the waiting position. He left the room and I could hear him using the toilet.

"Get up and get dressed," he said when he returned to the room.

Glad to be released from what was becoming an uncomfortable pose I quickly rose to my feet. I wanted to go clean up, but I didn't want to ask permission so instead I moved to my clothes. Only then did I remember that half of what I had been wearing was now destroyed and unusable.

"I'm getting hungry and thought we would go get something to eat," He said.

In horror I picked up my blouse. I draped it over my hand and stared at the clear outline of my fingers under it. The same thin nylon that had flaunted my fine lacy bra earlier in the evening would now reveal my bare breasts.

The skirt was short and flouncy, but with a little care I could manage to get away with no panties under it. The top of my left stocking was wet and my thigh was sticky and I knew that I smelled of sex, but I could get by with that too. The blouse was another story.

"Well?" came the question from Him.

I stammered and felt tears run as I focused my eyes on his chest, unable and unwilling to look into his eyes.

"I can't go out in this, I would be almost topless!" I cried.

"Kneel for me," he said softly. He didn't seem angry or disappointed.

I did as he said.

"This is your first experience so let me explain your choices now," He began. "You have three actually. You can do as I ask, get dressed and go out with me as my girl. You can refuse and accept whatever punishment I choose as a result of your disobedience. Last, you can use your safeword and we can go home."

"Just so that you will understand everything I will tell you this one time what the punishment will be if you refuse to obey. I am hungry so I will order room service and we will stay here. After I call them I will tie you back to the bed just like you were, adding a few more welts to your beautiful ass as I wait. When the meal arrives I will let them in and let them serve me while you are tied there naked."

"Go home?" It occurred to me that sooner or later I was going to end up wearing that blouse to go home!

But I couldn't now, not right now.

The image that had played in my mind earlier returned. The remote view of myself tied over the bed an object of sex, a toy. The feeling of his hand on my bare butt returned and I could feel my backside tingle with the heat still in the fingerprints he had left. I could feel the stickiness between my legs, the sweat under my breasts, the tangle of hair on my head. I could feel!

I walked to the bed and bent over it, opened my legs and reached out across the mattress for my future.

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