tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJackie Ventures Out

Jackie Ventures Out


This is my wife Jackie's third exhibitionist experience; beginning with the time she initially exposed herself in the garage, and after that, the park. Those experiences can be found in My Wife Jackie: In The Garage, and Jackie: Taking It Further. The stories are not numbered in chapters because, well, I never know what or when Jackie's going to do.

My wife, Jackie, and I sat at the kitchen table sipping coffee the week following her exposure in the park.

Since then, our sex had been more than dynamite...I couldn't stop picturing my incredible, hot, sexy, wife, standing totally naked against the car...her huge, bare tits swinging as she fingered herself to a squirting orgasm right out in public, in front of a complete stranger...not caring who might see her.

It made my cock swell like hot iron every time I thought about it.

As for Jackie, she said it had been the hottest experience of her life. She'd cum so incredibly hard, squirting her orgasm out all over the ground in front of her, as the young man stood a few feet from her, watching with his jaw against his chest.

She said that nothing in her life had ever turned her on more...it made her pussy gush just to think about it, and she had masturbated to it every day since.

Sipping my coffee across from her, I traced the swell of one massive breast peeking out of the top of her slightly opened robe with my eyes, feeling my cock rise. I knew her nipples were hardening.

"What's next?" I smiled, half-jokingly over the rim of my cup.

Jackie's mouth turned up into that wicked little smile that always manages to stop my heart for a second.

"I've been thinking..." she mused, playing lightly at the edge of her robe and cocking her head to look at me from beneath her bangs, "I wonder if I have the courage though..."

"Courage?" I said leaning forward...totally intrigued. "Courage for what babe?"

Her deep, hazel eyes were far away, watching something only she could see, as she twirled her index finger through a strand of dark hair, pulling it down to her shoulder with her thumb and forefinger.

"Let me show you," she smiled, suddenly, releasing her hair and coming back to the present time.

Standing, the top of her robe fell open to the belt, exposing the insides of her large, luscious cleavage, and most of her breasts. My cock pressed against the front of my jeans.

As she went to the bedroom, I sat wondering what she had in store.

Jackie is pretty creative, especially when she's passionate about something. And lately, it seemed that she'd been very passionate about showing her totally nude body, and even masturbating in public.

I wondered how fate could have smiled on me like that.

A moment later, she returned, standing in front of me in what could only be described as the tinniest, almost non-existent, micro-bikini I had ever seen. It made her wicked weasel look like a beach towel.

Not only was it tiny, but for all intents and purposes, the wispy thin, white material made it nearly transparent.

Two spaghetti-thin straps ran up her shoulders, and around her neck, attached to two strips of material in the front that barely covered her nipples, and left all of her pink aureole exposed. A single strip tied it in the back.

That was it.

As for the bottoms, they consisted of really nothing more than three strings...one around her waist, and one that ran down the front, before expanding into a tiny half-triangle that didn't quite reach the outside edges of her sweet pussy lips, hugging them tightly into a swollen camel toe.

Her neatly trimmed pubic hair was plainly visible underneath it. One string in the back disappeared between her totally bare butt cheeks, covering nothing at all.

The bikini was indecent to say the least.

"if I wore this?" My wife's sweet voice interrupted my reverie.

I looked up dumbly from my seat at her. My cock pounded and throbbed in my pants as I watched her breasts rise and fall.

"Huh?" I said, trying to come back to reality.

"I said," Jackie began, smiling at my condition, "what if I wore this?"

I swallowed hard.

To say that she was actually "wearing" something was pushing it. But the thought of her actually going out in public like that had my hands trembling with excitement.

Jackie's dollar-sized aureole were already swollen out from her breasts.

"Uh, okay," I stuttered. What else should I have said? I couldn't tear my eyes from my wife's hot, horny body, much less the mental picture of her going out in public in such a lewd state of near nudity.

Giggling, she twirled a finger through her hair again, causing her mostly naked tits to shake slightly in front of me.

My cock hurt.

"Well..." she said, sliding into her sandals, "let's go."

Not one to argue with my sex-goddess wife when she's set on a roll, I picked up one of my long sleeve, button-up shirts from the back of the living room chair and handed it to her.

She slid into it.

The hem of the shirt reached just below the swell of her sweet ass cheeks, but didn't quite cover them completely.

She buttoned the front to just under her breasts, leaving most of her cleavage, and awesome tits bared to the world. It was evident that there was no way she could have closed the shirt over them anyway.

"Now you're decent," I joked.

She clearly wasn't.

Nodding, she played along. "We'll have to change that," she winked naughtily at me. Instinctively, my cock jumped and I grabbed at it to adjust myself.

Jackie smiled again at the predicament she was causing.

With me walking beside my scantily clad wife, we made our way to the car in broad daylight...Jackie's tits swaying heavily, threatening to burst free from the ridiculously tiny material that didn't really contain them at all.

We set off for a destination that Jackie had in mind, but that I was as of yet not privy to.

A few miles later, she pointed to the local home improvement center.

"There," she said, smiling that wicked smile again that drives me crazy.

Pulling into the parking lot, I observed that it wasn't too full.

It was a weekday, and I figured that the store would be populated mostly by construction contractors and the like. In other words, there was a good chance that Jackie would be seen by more than a few men.

Stopping the engine, I turned to my wife.

She seemed excited, yet somehow apprehensive as well.

"You okay?" I asked, concerned.

Placing my hand gently on her warm thigh, I said, "You don't have to do this babe," offering her the chance to turn back. "I don't want you to do anything that you're not really comfortable with sweetheart."

Jackie took my hand.

"No," she said, smiling, "ever since the park, I've been fantasizing about this. I want to do it. I want to...expose myself. It's just that...the reality of what I'm about to do is exciting...but kind of scary too...before, it was kind of a spontaneous thing, I hadn't actually planned it out. I just let it happen..."

I nodded...listening.

"But after being naked and masturbating myself in the parking lot of the park in front of a stranger, I should be able to do anything."

She paused a moment.

"Right?" she asked, finally.

I saw her nipples harden into stiff points under the micro-top.

"Well babe," I said, trying to reassure her, "it's totally up to you...but know that I am by your side and always will be whether you decide to continue these adventures or not. The main thing is for you to have fun and enjoy living out your fantasies...even if you choose for them to remain fantasies...and I'll never push you past any line you don't want to cross."

She smiled, hopefully, at me...looking somewhat like a little girl in need of reassurance. My heart melted.

"You don't think I'm...you know, weird or crazy, do you?"

I chuckled gently.

"No babe, not at all...the truth is that I think you are the hottest damn woman I've ever met, and I admire your courage and bravery. So many people long to live out their fantasies, but never do, because they're afraid. Seeing you do this makes me hot as hell. Especially, when other men see you...I'm totally in awe of you babe...and consider myself lucky to be included in your fantasies...but more than that, I'm privileged to be your husband. I've always felt that way. I support whatever you choose, babe."

Jackie squeezed my hand hard. Her eyes were on fire. She was horny.

"Let's do this!" she said, excited, opening the car door.

The walk through the parking lot was uneventful.

There were a few people, mostly working guys, heading to their cars and trucks with carts of materials and such. But most of them were too far away, and too busy in their own worlds to notice the beautiful, nearly naked woman walking beside me.

Looking down at Jackie's bare legs and butt cheeks playing peek-a-boo from under the hem of my shirt, I realized that from a distance, it would be quite conceivable that she would appear to be bottomless.

From the front of course...it was sheer lewdness.

Her giant boobs jiggled and swayed with her walking, hanging out from the shirt. Her thinly covered nipples and exposed aureole were swollen and hard with excitement.

My cock swelled, jamming into the front of my jeans.

"How does it feel babe?" I asked, leaning into her.

"Oh god," she said, nearly breathless, squeezing my hand hard again. "I'm so turned on..."

The first test came as we entered the door. A youngish female employee dressed in an orange apron breezed past with an armful of garden supplies, intent on her mission. As she passed, a few feet from us, she did a double-take at Jackie...stopping in her tracks.

"Hello," Jackie said...squeezing my hand.

The girl stood motionless for a moment, obviously processing Jackie's state of undress. Her eyes widened, dropping to my wife's huge, nearly-exposed breasts, swinging free from the shirt.

"Uhm...hi," she said quickly, taking in Jackie's bared thighs, before darting off quickly in the direction she was headed.

Reaching behind her, I gently rubbed my wife's ass cheeks under the shirt.

Jackie's nipples were hard nubs, jutting straight out, straining the thin material of her micro-top...her aureole was swollen red. I noticed her breasts rising and falling with her breathing.

She was becoming more excited by the moment.

She spun her head, trying to see everywhere at once.

"I'm so wet..." she whispered, as I squeezed first one bare butt cheek, then the other.

"Did you see her reaction?" I whispered back, running my fingers lightly between her butt-cheeks as a middle-aged man passed us, turning his head to stare at Jackie.

"Oh my god, I know...she was in total shock..." my wife breathed low and heavy.

Taking my hand again, we stepped forward, heading down the nearest aisle.

All around us, the sights and sounds of a normal business day in the home improvement center whirred as Jackie sauntered down the plumbing aisle. Her butt cheeks disappeared and reappeared from beneath the hem of my shirt...teasing my cock into a full state of hard, painful erection.

Suddenly, two men appeared from around the end of the aisle, some distance from us.

Jackie squeezed my hand and walked on, smiling as we neared them.

The men, dressed in jeans and works shirts, stopped what they were doing and goggled in shock and disbelief at my wife.

"Hello gentlemen," she said teasingly as we passed.

"Hi," the younger one managed...barely.

The other one just stared on, unblinking. Neither could tear their eyes from Jackie's heavy, swaying breasts as she passed within a foot of them.

Finally, the older man looked at me as we passed as if for confirmation of what he was seeing. I simply smiled, and nodded in greeting. Once they were behind us, I stole a backwards glance to see them both still staring gape-mouthed at Jackie's bare ass cheeks under the shirt.

"Jeezus-fuck..." my wife whispered, "I almost came on myself..."

Leaning in, I tongued her ear teasingly.

She moaned.

I quickly tweaked a nipple. Her upper chest was flushed pink.

Upping the ante a bit, I reached over and flicked open two buttons on the front of the shirt, exposing her upper mid-section.

"Oh god..." she breathed in response, looking down at herself, watching her own tits move as she walked.

"Are you stripping me? Right here in the store?" she said, staring straight ahead.

"Not a bad idea, huh?" I joked beside her...before releasing her hand to rub and squeeze her butt-cheeks again as we went.

I could see that my wife was seriously struggling now...and I wondered how long it would be until she lost total control.

I opened one more button.

Jackie's front side was now exposed to just above her belly button as we reached the end of the aisle, and entered the kitchen sales area.

A kindly, older gentleman spotted us from behind the center counter and smiled.

"Can I help you folks?" he asked warmly, eyeing Jackie hungrily.

"Well," I said, pretending, "actually, we're looking for a dishwasher."

The man gobbled Jackie's body with his stare.

I felt her shiver slightly.

He took us over to the dishwashers and pointed out a few models that we might be interested in, never taking his eyes of Jackie's exposed aureole and hardened nipples which stretched the thin material that barely covered them.

At the second dishwasher, Jackie opened the door and bent over to look inside, causing the shirt to ride up to her waist.

Protected only by the single string that disappeared between her cheeks, her totally bare ass was on full display to the entire store.

The man literally gasped as he watched, standing behind her.

As Jackie pretended to look inside of the dishwasher, she wiggled her rear slightly, causing her bare butt cheeks to jiggle a bit, teasing the man.

I noticed a tent in the front of his pants as he wiped at his brow, visibly flustered.

My own cock throbbed in my pants.

Finally, Jackie stood up and closed the door.

"Tell me more about this one," she said, smiling at the man.

As he struggled to remain professional, Jackie leaned on top of the machine, crossing her arms in front of her, resting her tits on them.

The man's eye nearly flew from his sockets as she pushed her bare cleavage up and out towards him, threatening to completely expose her nipples.

While I had seen her masturbate, totally naked in front of a stranger...this was somewhat different. The stranger had stumbled on Jackie, taking her by surprise.

This time, she was intentionally teasing the hell out of this guy with her practically naked body, and I discovered that it turned me on to the point that I found it difficult to breathe.

Jackie's eyes were on fire, as she causally pretended to listen, pushing her tits farther and farther out towards the man...purposely teasing him harder than should be allowed.

Finally, as he continued, she reached under herself, and opened the last two buttons on the shirt. As she straightened to stand, the front of it fell open to her sides, revealing her entire front-side to the man.

Jackie was breathing harder now. Her tits rose and fell faster, and she was wet...causing the tiny strip of material covering her crotch to become nearly transparent. Her swollen cunt lips and pubic hair were plainly visible.

The man immediately dropped his gaze greedily between her legs, and stumbled over his tongue.

"God, it's warm in here..." she pretended to complain, fanning at herself.

"Babe, do you mind holding my shirt?" she asked sweetly at me. I was as stunned as the older man and nodded.

Pulling it down slowly, revealing her bare shoulders, my wife handed it to me. I took it with slightly shaking hands.

She now stood in front of us, in the store, wearing only the micro-bikini. Her aureole and ass were fully exposed, and her dripping pussy was all but plainly visible to the man. You might as well say that she was naked.

As I watched, Jackie's wetness began to reach her inner thighs. The scent of her excitement filled the air around us.

The sexual tension was thick enough to taste.

The man had long since stopped talking and his cock strained hard in an obvious lump at the front of his pants.

We stood for a moment, in silence, before he tried once more to compose himself.

I admired him for that.

Taking my wife by the hand, I thanked him, telling him that we would back when we were ready to purchase.

Dumbfounded, he watched Jackie's backside as we headed back down the aisle from which we came.

Jackie's legs were slightly unsteady as I guided her down the aisle and she leaned into me for support.

Reaching down, I gently pushed at the string around her waist, making her bottoms ride down slightly as she walked.

"Oh god, babe," she whispered, leaning into me, "make me naked...right here..."

As we walked through the thankfully empty aisle, her bottoms rode further down, exposing the top of her dripping snatch to the store. Up ahead, the checkout counters buzzed, oblivious to the fact that at any moment, they were going to fall off and bare her steaming cunt to anyone who happened to look our way.

By the time we reached mid-way, they were around her knees. It was now or never.

"Are you ready for this babe?" I asked, with a kiss on the cheek.

My wife just moaned, pulling lightly at her left nipple.

Stopping, I bent in front of her and pulled her bottoms to her ankles. Jackie held on to my shoulders as she stepped out of them.

My beautiful wife was now stood bottomless in the store just as a young couple appeared at the other end of the aisle.

Standing behind me, Jackie was still shielded from their view. She moaned again, low, in my ear.

Stuffing her bottoms in my pocket, I leaned into her.

"You okay?" I whispered.

"Oh god...I can't breathe," she said. "They're gonna see me..."

Jackie's nipples pressed into my chest. Stepping back, I saw that her inner thighs were soaked, and slickened with her juices.

Taking her hand again, we continued in the direction of the couple. There was nowhere to hide.

The woman was the first to spot Jackie. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open. Jerking her husband by the arm, he spun and stood in equal shock at the sight of the bottomless woman in the aisle.

Jackie squeezed my hand hard, looking straight ahead. She never flinched.

"Oh my god..." the woman managed, finally, incredulous.

"What are you doing?"

Stopping in front of them, I smiled.

"She's living out a fantasy," I said simply.

The man's eyes bulged from their sockets at Jackie's nakedness.

"Right here in the store?" the woman asked in disbelief.

"God that's hot," the man said, finding his voice.

"I love being naked in public..." Jackie said, smiling, albeit a bit unsteady, squeezing my hand hard. Her legs trembled, and her nipples were like darts.

"Holy fuck..." the man said, his voice catching in his throat.

Reaching behind my wife, I gently squeezed her bare ass cheeks, kneading them softly again, right in front of the couple.

Jackie struggled to keep what was left of her composure...breathing rapidly. Her big tits heaved and lolled as they watched, stunned by what they were seeing.

Unable to help herself, Jackie snaked a hand slowly down her bare belly towards the wet area between her thighs, as the couple watched in silence...following it with their eyes.

Closing her own eyes, Jackie rubbed herself lightly, playing over her mound with her fingers.

The woman's nipples stiffened visibly through her shirt as she watched.

"That's so fucking insane..." the man whispered, finally, taking his wife's hand.

As we stood in front of each other in the aisle, Jackie fingered herself gently, teasing the top of her mound while we watched. Her thighs were soaked and shiny with excitement. Her nipples were hard and swollen, jutting out at the couple through the useless micro top.

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