tagErotic CouplingsJack's Fantasy

Jack's Fantasy


It started out as a casual hour at the gym that turned erotic. Spring break was approaching, and many people wanted the sexy beach body for the long week. The ladies were on treadmills, getting their long legs in shape, while the guys focused on lifting weights.

"Two more reps Jack! You're almost there!"

Jack had been lifting every day for a full month. He only had one thing on mind for spring break: getting laid. He was gifted with a toned body, and had been working on the perfect abs. He groaned and struggled to lift the barbell, and yelled triumphantly as he finished.

"Good work Jack. Good work," his trainer replied.

Jack sat up to catch his breath. His eyes peered over to the treadmill area, and locked in on a beautiful, busty dark-haired woman. He was hypnotized. Her long hair flowed as she was running. He could not help but gaze at her voluptuous figure. Her D-cup breasts glistened with sweat through her black training bra. Her dark yoga pants showed off her round, bubble ass as her long legs ran. She looked like a sexual goddess, and Jack wanted to tame her. Suddenly, the woman looked over and saw Jack noticing her. She smiled at him but he looked away, startled that she had caught him staring.

"Hey, I need a break," Jack told his trainer. "I'm going to get some water."

As Jack left the bench press area and walked over to the room with the vending machine, the woman on the treadmill took a closer look at him. She was attracted by his light tan and dark, spiked hair, but even more so by his physique. His tight, black v-neck accented his broad, muscular arms, and his detailed legs and thighs matched his upper body in proportion. She was starting to become aroused, and had to get his attention. She stopped the treadmill and began walking toward the vending machine.

Meanwhile, Jack got to the machine and put in a dollar for water. He started thinking about her again. He wanted to have unforgettable sex with her. He wanted to make her moan with his cock, satisfying her in every position. His thought was interrupted by the sound of the water bottle hitting the bottom of the machine with a loud thud. As he reached down to grab the bottle, the woman approached him.

"Hi." she greeted in a sultry way.

Jack's head turned at her soft, sexy voice. He could not believe it. Here before him stood the woman of his new fantasies. The only thing he could respond with was a timid "hi" in return as he stood up. She smiled at his shyness, then took a couple steps closer to him.

"I saw you looking at me earlier," the woman said.

Jack gasped. "Uh...yeah I was just looking around I guess."

His bashful responses turned her on. "I'm Krista."

"I'm Jack." he replied. He then reached out his hand for her to shake. She chuckled, then moved closer to him. She grabbed his reached-out hand and wrapped it around her back, then put her hand on the side of Jack's face. She looked at him and said "Don't be shy Jack. I want what you want. Free yourself."

At that point, Krista pushed Jack against the vending machine and brushed her hand through his spiked hair, then they kissed passionately. They locked lips and moaned in pleasure. His buff, detailed frame became pressed against her round boobs. He surrendered to her seduction and became aroused once more. Krista noticed his cock growing rock hard under his bright yellow shorts and took control. She stopped kissing him, then put her soft lips to his ear and whispered "I can rock your world if you can rock mine". She raised her right knee and moved it between his shorts.

"Oh, that's so hot. Don't stop!" Jack panted in ecstasy.

He moaned as Krista massaged his stiff package with her knee, moving his balls around. His arm dropped from her back as he became submissive to her touch. He responded by kissing her neck, and her head tossed back as he started lightly biting her skin. She then moved both of his hands with hers, directing them to her ass. He suddenly squeezed her cheeks in excitement, which made her shriek.

"Mmm. I see you also like to take control," Krista moaned.

"Oh yeah. More than you know," Jack answered.

Suddenly, Krista noticed a woman walking toward the vending machine. "Damn. Well, that was intense," she said.

"If only we could fuck right here. I guess my fantasy remains a fantasy," Jack shrugged.

"Doesn't have to be," Krista replied. "What are you doing tomorrow?"


She laughed. "You're charming. I'll give you my address, and I want you to be at my house at noon. Wear something sexy. Then we'll really have some fun!"

Krista reached into her pocket and pulled out a wrinkled note that she received earlier. She flipped the note over, pulled out a pen, and scribbled her address. With the note in her hand, she took Jack's hand and interlocked fingers, then whispered "See you soon," and kissed him on the cheek.

As she left, Jack was frozen, trying to process what just happened to him. He was so excited to hear her scream his name. He couldn't wait to dominate her in bed, making her body quiver with his. He wanted to smack her ass and pull her hair, wildly banging her...

"Excuse me?"

Jack blinked. The woman who was walking over to the machine stood before him, looking annoyed.

"You're in the way," she said

"Oh! Um...sorry about that," he replied. He moved away from the machine, when he realized that his bottle of water still rested on the bottom. He grabbed it, then walked off to finish his workout. The woman rolled her eyes at him, but he didn't care. Tomorrow, Jack was going to have hot sex, and nothing else mattered to him between now and noon.


The next day, Krista felt extra horny. It was 11:45am, and she was closer to being sexually taken by Jack. She was upstairs in the bathroom trying on her bright pink, matching lingerie. She knew she was sexy, and felt sexy as well. She ran her index finger slowly along the cleavage of her breasts, imagining Jack's cock in-between them as he sat on top of her chest. After putting on her lingerie, she walked into her room. She had spent an hour making the room as erotic as possible. The queen-sized bed was covered with silk red sheets. A rectangular mirror was placed in the ceiling, giving Krista the chance to watch them make love. As she opened the blinds in the room to let the sun in, she knew that her experience would be unique.

Five minutes later, the doorbell rang. Krista looked at her clock, reading 11:50am. He was early, which means he was anxious. With only her bra and panties, she walked downstairs and reached the door. She opened it and stopped. Jack was casually waiting outside with jeans and a muscle shirt on. His heart raced when he saw her in nothing but lingerie.

"You're early," Krista stated.

"I know. I couldn't wait any longer," Jack replied. "I need you now."

That was all Krista needed for her to get aroused. "Take me. I'm yours."

With that, Jack approached Krista and kissed her passionately. She returned his force. He put his hands on her slim belly as he led himself in. He steered her to the wall and pushed them against it.

"I want you so bad," Jack said through short breaths.

He grabbed Krista's perfect bubble ass and pushed himself closer to her. His penis grew hard in his pants, and she could feel it on her belly.

"Ooh, you're ready to go!" She giggled.

"I've thought about you all day," Jack responded. "I want to fuck you so badly. I gotta do it!"

"Let's go upstairs then."

She grabbed his hand and they rushed upstairs into her room. The door busted open as they intensely made out.

"Welcome to my sex room. Ready for me to service you?" she asked.

"Oh god yes. My cock is rock-hard for you," he answered.

Krista felt Jack's chiseled abs through his shirt while she kissed him. Then she lightly bit his lip and threw him onto the silk red bed. She got on top of him and grabbed his wrists with her hands. She wanted to be in control first.

"Take your shirt off," she demanded

Jack loved this. As he raised his arms to lift his shirt off, Krista worked on his pants, unzipping them. By the time he had thrown his shirt on the floor, Krista already had his shoes taken off, and was halfway done with his pants.

"Man, you're an animal," he said. "I can't wait to put that cock inside you."

By now, Jack had nothing on but loose, black underwear. His tan, muscular frame was exposed to Krista, who became increasingly aroused at the sight of his body. He kneeled on the bed to get a better view of her bubble ass in pink panties. She grabbed the band of his boxers and snapped it against his lower waist. He moaned in response. Then she reached for his package. His cock was firm underneath his underwear, and it rose as she bent down to kiss it.

"Oh god, you turn me on. Suck me hard!"

Jack was melting with ecstasy. Krista lowered his underwear, revealing his 9-inch cock that stood at attention. She kissed it a couple times, then took it inside her mouth.

She started out slow, grazing his giant cock along her tongue as her lips surrounded the edges. Jack could barely stand her magic touch, and needed something to grab on. He took his left hand and grabbed the back of her head as she blew him.

"Oh baby, keep going. Daddy loves it when you give good head."

Krista loved his dirty talk. She took Jack's cock out of her mouth and began licking the lower part of his shaft. Her eyes peered up at him tossing his head back while he stay kneeled on the bed, receiving hot oral sex. He was ready to fuck her.

"Your turn. I want your body," he reassured.

He took his hands off her head and she got up and turned around, then redirected his hands to her pink bra. He ran his fingers along the sides of her breasts and down to her slim stomach, then he undid her bra strap, exposing her soft, big tits. He kissed the side of her neck and cupped her boobs with his hands. She moaned at his assertive touch.

"Turn around. I want to taste them," he commanded.

She turned, and he glanced at her dark nipples. Then he lowered his head, his spiked hair brushed against her collarbone, and passionately sucked on her breasts. Krista became wet with arousal as Jack bit on her nipples. Then she laid down while Jack got entirely out of his underwear. He worked on her panties and took them off pretty quickly.

"I'm gonna make you cum. Just wait," he told her.

He stopped to view her tight, wet pussy. It was ready for him, and he had to have it. He put his head between her legs and went to work.

"Oh, keep going! I love your tongue."

Krista was moaning non-stop as Jack licked her g-spot. She knew that he would be good in bed, but didn't think it would be this hot! After tasting her pleasure, Jack kneeled before Krista and asserted his dominance. While she lay completely on her back, he sat on top of her boobs and put his dick to her face. She gave it a few more oral strokes, then he started to rub his cock in-between her tits.

His pelvis pressed against her tits as he fucked her chest. "Oh yeah, you're a naughty girl aren't you? You like when daddy fucks your tits like that?" Jack panted.

"Yes Jack! Don't stop. I love it!"

He took her hands and held them as he thrusted his cock between her cleavage. As her head was tossed back, she looked up at the mirror on the ceiling. She loved the image of his detailed back as he rubbed against her reflection's tits. She was consumed by ecstasy, just as he was.

"I want your pussy now. Spread your legs."

Jack was like a wild animal at this point. He wanted to tame Krista's warm, wet clit. He crawled away from her and kneeled on the edge of the bed. She spread her long, toned legs as wide as she could, then he grabbed her and pulled her in close. He stayed in a kneeled position while he slowly slipped his cock into her tight pussy.

"Oh god, that feels amazing," he said as he took control of her.

He started out slow, but quickly stroked more rapidly. Her breasts swayed up and down as he pumped into her. His cock stretched the lips of her pussy, and she bit her own lip in pleasure.

"You like that huh? Say you like my hard cock in your pussy," he demanded

"Oh yes Jack! Give it to me. Keep fucking me!"

He cupped her boobs again as his cock kept her narrow vagina open. Krista was so turned on as Jack dominated her. Then Jack stopped going regular speed and thrusted his cock in a pulsing manner. Her body jerked by his hard pulses in her. He took his legs and wrapped them around his back as he went full speed in her. Then he lowered his body, smashing her clit deeper and faster.

"Your pussy is so tight!" He moaned. "And I love how your tits feel."

All Krista could do was moan loudly. She was still looking at the mirror, and loved what she saw. She took in all of Jack as he pounded her. Her legs hung in the air as his torso smashed into hers. The feeling of his 9-inch inside her was overwhelming. He then started to lightly bite her right ear, and she started to orgasm.

"Oh Jack, I'm cumming. Oh my god! OHH!"

Her body quivered in ecstasy as her juices covered Jack's cock inside of her. This got Jack closer to his own orgasm.

"You're so hot Krista! I want you from behind. I want that perfect ass right now!"

"Take it daddy. I'm all yours."

As Jack rolled off of her, Krista positioned herself on all fours, hiking her bubble ass in the air. Jack ran his right hand slowly down her back and onto her butt, then slapped her right cheek. He then got behind her and entered inside her. As he slowly started pounding her ass, he brought his hands to the sides of her hips for support. Krista cried out in pleasure each time Jack shoved his cock in her sweet spot.

"You like when I'm control don't you?" Jack asked as he pumped faster.

"Oh babe, I want more. Give me what I want. Ooh..."

Jack took his left hand off of her hip and slapped her ass again, then started to pull Krista's long dark hair with his right hand. He was moaning hard as he dominated her from behind. Excited and rock-hard inside her, he pushed her back lower, signaling for her to lie down.

"Let me ride you hard. You'll really like this."

Krista was lying flat, her boobs pressed against the red silk sheets, while Jack was kneeling upright fucking her ass. She felt pain and pleasure at the same time, supporting all of his weight in her lovely ass. Jack continued mounting her, pulling her hair while his waist made her ass bounce intensely. He kept moaning and tossing his head back in excitement. He was in full control of her, and wanted more. He knew he was going to cum any minute.

"You're all mine. You can't get out of my sexual guard. I can't tell you how much this turns me on. Oh yeah!"

Jack then let go of Krista's hair and lowered his body closer to her. He balled both of his hands into fists and placed them on both sides of her head.

"Keep fucking me Jack! I love the feeling of your hard cock!" Krista cried out.

He was pounding her bubble ass, pinning her in a lowered doggie position. Krista's ass created waves, responding to Jack's thrusting. He lowered his head to her ear and whispered, "I'm gonna cum all over your hot back Krista! You've earned it!"

"Spread your hot jizz all over my ass babe. I want to feel it"

With that, Jack couldn't take it anymore. After a few more deep thrusts, he pulled out. He groaned ever so loudly as he stroked his cock over her ass. An exploding, warm stream of semen shot out of his cock and onto her lower back. More came out as he twerked and moaned. He smiled at the realization that he had sodomized his living dream. He took his hand and spread his cum all over her raised ass, fingering her asshole. Then he collapsed on top of her, both lying completely naked on the bed, which by now had un-tucked silk sheets.

"That was so hot Jack. You're a dream lover," Krista stated.

"Fuck me again sometime. I want you and only you," Jack replied.

Both of them rolled over and stared at themselves in the ceiling mirror. What a great way to start spring break, Jack thought. He knew that going to the gym everyday would produce great results.

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