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It was early fall, best time of the year to be up at the lake, thought Jack Preston. He'd been home for a week after finishing a novel and had decided to take an extended vacation. His mom has just said why didn't he go up to the lake house and finished off the new bedroom suite that the builders had completed their contract to erect the shell and close it in.

"Yes Jack," said his dad. "If you really want a fulsome vacation you'll have that up at the lake. Beside working on the extension you can go hiking, fish and look at those great sun rises and sunsets and listen to the sound of nature."

"Well I really don't know."

"Just do it Jack. You are still depressed at Gwen leaving you and you have been working way too hard to finish that difficult novel."

"Well the novel is finished and Gwen is not the only woman in the world."

"Ah good to hear your talking sense at last son," said his dad. "Have a woman with you up there, we won't mind."

Oh yeah, thought Jack. Which one? In living with Gwen for almost two years she'd frightened off all of his available female friends.

Jack left next morning for the lake, half of his dad's workshop stowed in the back of his pickup. He arrived five hours later and approved of the quality of the itinerant builder's workmanship.

When preparing his late lunch, Jack took a call.

"Hi," said his sister Susan. "Welcome home. Sorry to hear Gwen walked out on you but glad you have finished that novel that you had to grind on to finish. Until now you have always written fluidly."

"Yeah well Gwen had become a pain in the ass with all her moaning and that affected my work."

"Either that or the time your were spending on your script and groaning about it was giving Gwen a pain in the ass."

"Yeah there are often two sides to a story. You are looking pretty."

She laughed. "Ted and the kids have gone to his parents for a few days, supposedly to give me a break, but I'm bored already. Want to come over and stay a few days?"

"I'm up at the lake, just arrived."

"Oh god, the lake at this time of year. It will be looking great. Can I come up and stay with you?"

"It's at least a six-hour drive from your home."

"That's fine, I'm leaving now. Keep some dinner for me."

"As you wish. Bye."

After carefully inspecting the extension that needed all the interior work apart from the dividing wall done and figuring out the order of work, Jack drove to the small town just over twenty miles away and handed the plans of the extension to the assistant manager who worked out the required amount of beech tongue and groove planking for the ceilings of the bedroom and en suite.

The plastic-wrapped planks were loaded on to one of the depot's larger trailers and Jack was advised to leave the planks flat on the floor of the bedroom for seventy-two hours before he began nail-gunning them to the ceiling joists. He would have access to the pitched roof later to place the insulation that also was loaded on to the trailer. He arranged for the depot to deliver the wall linings, wall insulation, interior doors, shower box, vanity, bathroom hardware and all the plumbing requirements the following week. The assistant manager said business was slow so they would be happy to pick up the loan trailer then.

Jack arrived back only thirty minutes before dark and after unloading prepared dinner and switching on the stereo had a couple of beers. The lake area had cell phone coverage and Susan called just before 8:00 to say she was fifteen minutes away.

He was asleep when she arrived and was awoken with a kiss. He'd automatically reached for a tit and she giggled and yawned and asked where was her drink. Jack poured her a martini and then hauled out a pork roast to rest and finished off the roasted vegetables and boiled peas and steamed the spinach.

"God Jack, this is wonderful," Susan said admiringly, walking over to inspect dinner as it was being served. She was asked to take the red wine to the table.

As they were eating he said which bedroom did she want.

"I'll sleep with you."


"Like we did when we were kids."

"God mom would have a fit if we did that."

"Would she what! But we won't be telling her will we?"

Jack went to bed in a t-shirt and underpants and when she emerged from the bathroom nude he snorted, "Jesus Susan, put something on."

"Why, you're not planning to touch me are you?"

He eyed his older sister who'd turn forty next year and though hell yes, he couldn't wait to get a handful of those beauties. But he said no of course not.

He turned over and Susan climbed in beside him and put the light out. She them pressed from her tits to her toes against him and he had to choke back on saying to Susan to back off.

She laid very still, her hand draped over his hip and coming back up against his stomach.

The thirty-six year old developed a full erection and wasn't surprised.

He fell asleep and in the early hours awoke to find she was jerking him.

"Jesus Susan."

"Roll on to your back and give me a decent go. You finger me."

Jack sighed and thought why not. It wasn't as if they were fucking.

Susan felt him heating up and thickening and heard the change in his breathing.

"I want you to shoot over my tits and then I want you to lick me."

"Damn it Susan, why?"

"Because I like sex."

He laughed and felt the simplicity of her answer had him hogtied, remembering over the years he'd often though why he and Susan had never fucked.

He licked her and was delighted to find she tasted as good as any female he'd ever munched.

When she came she said to fuck her and he did that they were at it for almost three hours with rests.

"Never again Susan," he said as they kissed good night.

"Well not this side of daylight. While I'm here you may fuck me every two hours if you wish. I want you to accept there are other women in this world than that bitch Gwen Owens although I do accept you loved her."

"Yeah my mind is easing away from her. I've actually started dwelling on the bad times we had." "Good boy. God my cunt feels raw."

Jack tried to stay away from her during the next three days but she protested and said she was having a great time and that was because he was excellent at fucking. He even tried to sleep in the other bedroom but she came after him and dragged him back to her bed.

Actually it was great, he had to concede. He was almost falling in love with his sister but the emphasis had to be on 'almost'. No way would he come between a mother and her family.

On their fourth day together they worked on the ceiling and only then did Jack appreciate it would have been a huge struggle setting each plank in place and propping it from the floor ready for nailing had he been working alone.

Susan left the following morning and said he would find doing the wall linings easier if he had someone to help him.

Her brother mumbled he'd manage.

That afternoon his mom's youngest sister Aunt Kate Reynolds arrived and said Susan had suggested she spend a few days with Jack and help him line walls.

"Um that's great although the shipment will not arrive until another two days."

"Well we can go hiking."

"Oh yeah. Where's Uncle Roy?"

"He's in France all month as part of a cultural exchange."


"Which is my room?"

"You choose and I'll take the other one."

"Thanks. You are a real gentleman. God you are looking fit. I thought sitting on your ass all day writing you would have gone to seed prematurely."

"I go to the gym three times a week."

"Really? Show me you abs."

"Oh my, what that development can do for a girl is unspeakable."

Jack was glad to hear that. It could have been embarrassing.

During the night Kate as his aunt insisted her call her, climbed into his bed.

"I hear noises outside that frighten me."

Yawning Jack said it would be winds blowing through the trees.

"I was thinking it might be wolves."

"We don't have wolves here."


There was silence until Kate said, "I'm still scared. Please hold me."

Oh god, she was nude. She locked Jack's arms around him.

"I'm only eight years older than you Jack."'

"Yes I know," Jack said, wondering when she'd grab his growing erection.

"I've often thought of having sex with you."


"Yes. Have you ever thought about having sex with me?"

Jack was about to say not really but thought why not try to get something going here.

"Yes quite frequently when I've seen you bending over I've thought I wonder what her pussy is like."

"Oh really? Give me your hand Jack."

As Jack's hand was pressed against her pussy Kate used her other hand to switch on the room light.

"Let's see what we are doing Jack."

Parts of her body were turning to flab and having two kids had left her with a sagging tummy and her bush was a thicket. But he found Kate's skin smooth and he wasn't interested in looking for emerging wrinkles.

Her tits were like jello.

Jack had a real liking still for jello and so throughout the night until Kate called a halt he slobbered over the jello unrestrained. Kate said she was delighted to have someone interested in her breasts again, even if his attention was a bit excessive.

Pussy was a bit cavernous but he knew even he was no spring chicken and bless her, his aunt was unexpectedly good at internal muscle control and she had him turning red-faced as she applied the pressure as he was preparing to fire.

There were seven used condoms to pick up off the floor next morning and being left to do that job Kate sighed and said "You bastard" but delivered it mildly because she was very tired and engulfed in a feeling that she knew could old be euphoria. It had been many years since she'd felt so completely and satisfyingly fucked and Jack had proved he was a real cracker at it.

"True to his expertise at writing those sexy passages," she mused as the author on vacation called her to breakfast.

They went hiking mid-morning and when they stopped early afternoon they had run out of track and Jack had to admit they were lost and he'd forgotten to bring a compass.

"Oh silly you," said his aunt. "Let's eat and then fuck. By then we might have thought of something.

After lunch they stripped and had a totally unexpected experience, the dream-like feeling of having sex on a thick bed of moss.

"Oh my word," said Kate as they went at it, spooning. "This is almost like fucking on clouds, or how I imagine that would be. This is something new for you to write about."

"Yeah," grunted Jack, with his hand filled with jello.

After dressing and kissing his aunt with an intensity that would be considered most unusual for a nephew, Jack went up to high ground and returned smiling.

"We are fine. I noticed a small aircraft making a landing approach in the far distance over there. So we head back this way," he said pointing. "You're the man Jack," his aunt said affectionately. "Right now I'd follow you to hell and back."

As they set off Kate looked at Jack's straight back and the muscled lower legs exposed below his shorts. She signed and licked her lips thinking she still have another five days to enjoy up at the lake. She wondered if Jack did anal.

The next day they walked along the well-defined ridge track and on returning on the much longer track following the contours of the lake edge they came to the small Squirrel Cove settlement of cabins and small houses that were mostly vacated and boarded up for winter.

A lithe small-breasted woman with long raven hair emerged from an obviously occupied house carrying a baby. She waved and said hi.

"I'm Toni Winters and this is Buck."

"Hi Toni, I'm Kate Banks. Usually Squirrel Cove is vacated by now."

"I'm up here with my mom and my sister who is Buck's mom. They have gone to get fresh supplies."

"Oh apologies Toni, this is my nephew..."

"Jack Preston. I recognize you from your photo on the back of the jacket of 'Ravishing Ruby's Sister' that I finished a week or so again. I knew you'd have a body to match that face in the photo."

Jack scuffed a boot on the grass and said hi to Toni.

"Are you enjoying the look of autumn?"

"Oh yes Jack. I adore it up here. Mom and dad purchased this lake house last spring and I'm only just home from France and demanded they bring me up here. Dad had to work so some said she'd bring me up her and said Dolly also could do with a break and so she came with Buck."

"France eh? I loved my time in France."

"I rather guessed that Jack, having read 'In Paris Without Love.' I rarely cry when I read a book but god Jack you had me using tissues with Paddy's frustrations in attempting to woo Brinlea who was sinking into drug addiction."

"Well obviously you do read my novels. What is your profession?"

"I'm an also-ran artist who paints portraits."

Jack murmured, 'I have always noticed that in portraits of really great writers the mouth is always firmly closed.'

"Omigod Jack, you can quote Gertrude Stein!"

"Don't get too carried away Toni. That's one of the few quotes from anyone I can remember. That one just stuck with me when I read it."

"Well that's fine by me. Most guys I meet can only quote jokes and filthy stories," she grinned and began walking away and turned as said, "Please come in for coffee."

The low after noon autumn sun highlighted Toni's face as she turned and for a millisecond flashed her green eyes. Jack stared, his heart thumping. Then that moment was lost.

The living room was casually tidy, quite appropriate for a lakeside retreat. As to be expected the view of the lake through leaf-falling trees was magnificent.

"Rather than portraits you ought to be painting this," Kate said softly.

"I have and finished yesterday. Go into the first bedroom on the left Kate. It's leaning on the wall under the windows."

Kate returned a few minutes later and held the painting up for Jack to see.

"That's really great."

"Thanks Jack. I really had to sweat because landscapes don't come easy for me. This is what I'm better at doing."

She walked to the corner of the room and with one hand because she was holding Buck flipped the soft-covering over the back of the easel to display and almost finished painting of Buck and his grandmother."

"Omigod that's wonderful," Kate enthused while Jack said thoughtfully, "You really have captured life and light Toni."

"Thanks guys," said the artist, momentarily staring at Jack.

As they were leaving Kate said, "How long will you stay here."

"I'd like to stay until the heavier snowfalls are about to arrive but we leave on Friday. Mom says she won't accept me staying here by myself. What about you?"

"I return home Saturday. Tomorrow I begin helping Jack line the new master bedroom and en suite extension to his parent's house. The truck is due to arrive at 9:00 with everything we need. He'd already done the beech lining of the bedroom ceiling and done a marvelous job of it."

"Look why don't my sister and I come over and help out, even if it's only making coffee? Mom would delight having Buck to herself."

"Sure come over. I'd like to see more of you," Jack said, making Toni color slightly.

In turn she made him squirm when she giggled and said it really was too cold to be wearing a bikini.

Kate had watched that interaction closely and knew what to do. "Well that's settled. You two come tomorrow, any time you wish. We are about a mile along the Mitchell Access Road that branches off this road where it turns inland from the lake."

"I know the turnoff. How will I know the cabin or house?"

"It's lakefront and all wood and glass, the only architectural designed house on Mitchell Access Road.

"Well be there," Toni smiled as Kate handed Buck back to her. "Thanks guys for adding interest to my afternoon and thank you for buying the lake landscape. Have it framed in wood or aluminum but I suggest go to a reputable framer and ask for Cherry and left to age naturally."

"Thanks for that advice," Kate said. "I have loved meeting you and viewing just a glimpse of your talented work. With this painting I shall always remember this afternoon and how I came to possess it."

Kate then saw the look when Toni glanced at Jack and he said thanks for the coffee, that he'd look forward to seeing her and her sister tomorrow. Kate wished he'd not mentioned the sister and she decided Jack was a little complex in character. It would be best that she made no mention that Toni was attracted to him; he should be left to stumble over that finding himself.

"That woman can paint," he said, carrying the wrapped painting for his aunt. "You didn't attempt to bargain over her asking price."

"Do you ask your doctor for a fee reduction?"

"No of course not?"

"Why not?"

He was silent as they walked a few yards and then he said, "Ah I get your meaning. There's more inside your head than the desire to fuck me isn't there."

Kate felt like hitting him but just giggled loudly and he looked at her affectionately, making her think there were times when it didn't pay to over-react. She just loved receiving that look.


Toni and her younger sister who looked not quite thirty arrived at 8:30 and one of them called, "Oh-hoo!"

Kate who was sitting on Jack's knee at the breakfast table jumped off and was he was glad he was dressed. She was only in a robe. She did it up and went to the front deck and let the young women. Toni kissed her lightly and introduced Dolores."

Dolores said, "Kate please call me Dolly. All my family does."

Kate kissed her and said, "I held your baby yesterday Dolly. Buck is so gorgeous."

"Thanks. Gee this is a swell house. We've come early to help unload the truck but would like coffee."

Jack came from the kitchen and said, "Hi. God it looks like the pick of Hollywood has arrived."

The visitors giggled and both eyed Jack appreciatively.

"Toni told me you look sexy," Dolly smiled. "She wasn't wrong."

The blushing Toni introduced Dolly to Jack.

"Oooh you are just right for Toni," she simpered.

"Yeah well that would occur to anyone because we are the only two unattached people up here."

"Toni has a boyfriend," Dolly said back-pedaling.

"I thought as much," Jack intoned and looked at Toni speculatively when she hastened to say, "Tim is really only a male acquaintance."

"Invite Toni to stay with you when we leave Jack. It will be what she wants."

"Dolly," Toni groaned.

"Great idea," Jack enthused, and the three women stared at him, mouths partly opened.

"No I couldn't."

"Oh but you can."

"Jack," Toni whimpered.

He challenged, "Name me one thing you'd rather do?"

Toni looked confused and finally said, "Might we talk about this later?"

"Good idea. Come through for coffee while my aunt gets dressed."

As they went into the kitchen Kate hurried off to move all of her things into the other bedroom and that included removing her bra off the top of the mirror of the dressing table where it had landed the previous night when Jack was stripping her. She double-checked the floor and to her horror found a used condom.

As they heard the truck approaching Jack went out to meet it and Kate took the visitors on a tour of the house. Rather than look for signs of Jack and Kate's misbehavior, Toni and Dolly spent most of the time looking at the extensions and admiring the ceiling work.

Mrs Banks drove up to the house mid-morning with her two daughters and grandson. Toni introduced her to Jack and his aunt and they went in to look at the house that Mrs Banks said she'd always admired it so much when they passed it in their boat. "I'm really appreciative of you inviting Toni to stay on with Jack and you Mrs Reynolds."

Kate caught the flashed warning look from Toni and guessed the girls had made no mention to their mom that Kate would be returning home next day.

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