tagLoving WivesJacuzzi Ch. 01

Jacuzzi Ch. 01


Although there is sex in this story, it is not heavy, pounding sex. The story explores the anguish that is encountered when a married couple strays from the marriage vows. I hope you enjoy it.

I looked across the Jacuzzi at my wife, Marty, and gave her a quick lifted eyebrow. This was a signal we developed shortly after our marriage two years ago. It asked if she was ok. She looked at me with a smile and gave the 'ok' wink. A frown or scowl would have told me she was not ok. She then gave me a quick eyebrow lift and I returned a quick eyebrow lift, the 'I don't know' response. She gave two quick winks which meant 'she was really ok, don't worry.'

About that time I felt Pam's fingers wrap around my cock and I jumped. She murmured softly in my ear, "Oh, my, my." This was new, and although rather exciting, I was not completely comfortable. I didn't know whether to be quiet or speak up and call everything off. .

As the thoughts were swirling in my head, Neil, Pam's husband asked if everyone was comfortable. I couldn't get anything out of my mouth. I knew what was happening and I was lost in a cloud of mixed emotions. Pam responded that everything was wonderful. Marty said she was enjoying herself and with that, Neil rose out of the Jacuzzi. I was quite sure that I saw Marty's hand slip from his cock as he arose. He took my wife's hand, grabbed towels for both of them, and led her to the sliding door. There they stopped and used the towels to dry off and were laughing as they helped each other. Then he led her into the house.

* * * * * *

I had met Neil and Pam five years earlier. He and I were working on our masters degrees at the same time. His wife, Pam, was with him and they had a small, one bedroom apartment. We became fast friends and I spent many hours in their apartment. He became my mentor since he was nine years my senior, had served in the military, and then worked in the profession several years before returning to school for his advanced degree. Working with Neil in the apartment was enhanced by having Pam around. Pam was and still is a real looker. I must admit that I envied him having such a beautiful wife and gracious hostess.

After graduating, Neil had gone back to work with his former employer in Denver. I returned to Nashville where I met Marty and then married her. I should note that Marty is no slouch in the looks department.

Four months ago I had a call from Neil who wanted to know if I would like to come to work for the company he worked for, there was an opening. I jumped. The opportunities and future far exceeded what I had at the time.

Upon arriving in Denver, Pam and Neil took Marty and me under their wing. They had us to dinner often and helped us find a home, get moved in, and settled. During that time they were building a new home. Of course, we helped them all we could. We developed a very warm and caring relationship with one another.

They moved in three weeks ago and early last week we received an invitation for Saturday to come for supper, spend the night, and help them christen their Jacuzzi. Though it was cold outside, we were admonished not to forget to bring our bathing suits. Their new home is in the foothills of the mountains, west of the city, and is almost a two hour drive from our place on the southeast side. We were very happy to accept the over night invitation.

Both women have the kind of figure that turns men's heads. It turns out that Pam had called Marty earlier in the week and suggested that she bring a bikini for the christening. Neil had seen me at the office and suggested that I bring a thong bathing suit.

After supper on Thursday night, as we were talking, Marty and I discovered our separate requests that had been made regarding our swim wear. We both thought it intriguing and played with the thought for a little while. I know that I was looking forward to seeing Pam in a bikini.

Before we ended our discussion I told Marty that I had a deep down suspicion that Pam and Neil were doing some swinging. Marty gasped and asked me why I thought that. I told her my reasons which were mostly things I had gathered from things that Neil had said and she concluded that I was delusional. I agreed that I could be, but told her to 'just be on the watch.'

* * * * * *

On Saturday evening we arrived and were shown the completed work. They had sold their former home, furnished, and had an interior decorator help with the new home. It was now complete with brand new furnishings. We had not seen the place since it had been furnished and were both impressed and in awe of the final product.

I couldn't help but ask a question about the new dwellings. "Why do you have or need five bedrooms?"

Pam quickly replied, "You guys are not the only people we know, and like you, many of them live some distance away or out of town. At Christmas time and during ski season, I'm sure we will probably wish we had more."

One of the central features was a glass-enclosed sun porch with the Jacuzzi. With the location of the house on the side of the mountain, the sun porch was completely private. You could not see into it, or any other room on the back of the house, unless you happen to fly by in a low-flying plane. However, the view of the city from the sun porch was a fantastic

When we had been there to help with construction, I had never given much thought to the size of the place. Like everything else about the place, nothing was small. Excluding the sun porch, which I estimate at about 1500 sq/ft, and the four-car garage, I would estimate that there are about 3000 sq/ft of living space

Pam prepared a magnificent standing rib roast dinner. Since it was early spring we adjourned to the living room where a large fireplace was beckoning and we completely relaxed with some after dinner cocktails. After a bit, Neil suggested that we should all change and get to the Jacuzzi. At first I didn't want to go. I was so comfortable and the idea of changing and then getting all wet just didn't seem appealing. However, I knew that the christening was one of the reasons we had come and Marty and I went to our guest room and changed.

Marty was very up tight. She had never worn a bikini before. I liked what I saw and told her so. In fact, I told her, truthfully, that she should always wear a bikini. I broke the tension and we had a good laugh when I said, "I'm the one who will be embarrassed when we go out there and I'm sporting a big bulge in my thong from seeing you."


We all gathered on the sun porch, poured fresh drinks and entered the Jacuzzi. The two ladies looked delicious. The water really was wonderful and the four of us enjoyed each other's company for a while. Suddenly Neil suggested that a Jacuzzi could not be properly used or initiated by persons wearing clothing. ###

The suggestion caught me off guard, but didn't surprise me. I raised my eyebrow quickly and Marty gave me a quick raised eyebrow. I didn't know what to do and said, "OK." We all began to shed our swimwear. Of course, in the water with the jets running, you couldn't see too much, but you could catch glimpses of body parts from time-to-time.

Now I felt my suspicions about the "swinger" aspect of their lives was being confirmed. I wasn't sure how far I was willing to go in this adventure. Of course, still maybe I was wrong and things would go no further.

Neither Marty nor I had much experience with sex before we were married. In fact we both had one experience and in both cases it was not anything special.

During my senior year in high school I had gone the whole way with one of the girls from the junior class. It was a rough and clumsy effort on my part and not particularly satisfying. Then I had the holy shit scared out of me when she turned up pregnant. Fortunately her pregnancy was traced to more than a month before we had been together. That cured me and I picked up another lesson from one of my buddies when he contracted VD from one of the girls I had admired.

From Marty's point she had sex with a boy in college. Like my experience, the boy was clumsy, knew nothing about sex and in particular, knew nothing about a virgin female. Therefore, her experience was frightening and very painful. She was a little reluctant when we got married and because of our previous experiences, our wedding night was a near disaster. Fortunately we both soon got over our hang ups from our first experiences and have enjoyed loving, wonderful, and a healthy sexual life as man and wife. And, yes, we have experimented with almost every form of 1-male/1-female sex. We have discussed various alternate forms, but neither of us has shown interest in any of them.

To be truthful, I must admit that on more than one occasion I have wondered what it would be like to have sex with someone besides my wife. I also have to admit that more than once I have thought, or fantasized, over Pam as a sexual partner or Marty having sex with another man. But it has always been thoughts or fantasies, nothing I ever wished to actually realize.

With our swim suits off we entered into a rather stiff or tentative conversation but after a while the conversation became comfortable again. The alcohol was producing a nice warm glow and I was getting a little aroused as I caught glimpses of different naked female body parts in the water.

All of a sudden, Pam spoke up and asked Marty if she minded if she were to give me a kiss. Marty shrugged, indicating that she didn't object, and Pam slid toward me and we kissed. It was a reasonably circumspect kiss. However, our tongues did meet.

Neil said, "Hey, turnabout is fair play." He pulled Marty closer and kissed her. However, their kiss was more aggressive. I saw mouths open and tongues flick towards each other.

Marty slid back to me and planted a big kiss on me, this time with real tongue action. Her hand slipped to my cock and caused it to jump the rest of the way to full attention. She gave me a wicked little smile as she pulled my hand to her breast before we disengaged. I was totally surprised by her actions. She has always been toward the shy side and reluctant to show anything but a polite peck or gentle little kiss when we were not alone.

The conversation resumed, but this time sexual connotations would slip into the messages. Shortly Pam announced she would like a second helping kiss from me. There was no time for signals before Pam slid next to me again and we were quickly engaged in a hot, open-mouthed, tongue swapping kiss. I looked over her shoulder to see Neil swapping tongues with Marty. Unlike the first round, this round lasted longer and I was getting both excited and worried.

I was finally able to get positioned so that I could trade signals with Marty. She gave me the OK signal and I could tell she was enjoying herself. I am certain that I saw one of Neil's hands on her tit. Then I felt Pam's fingers wrap around my cock and the bubbles in the water parted enough for me to see that apparently Neil had his other hand between Marty's legs.

As I was trying to recover from my initial shock, Neil asked if everyone was comfortable and with positive responses from the ladies, he rose and led Marty to the sliding doors...

I was in complete mental turmoil. I was feeling a little glow from the alcohol, Pam had me excited, and deep down I knew that I would love to have her. Neil was now taking my wife into the house. I knew exactly what was happening and didn't know how to react. My wife was obviously ok with what was happening, I was completely aroused with Pam's action, and was about to freak out. I realized that what was about to transpire could upset, if not destroy our marriage.

Pam's massaging of my cock was having its effect and I finally concluded that it was too late now. I turned to Pam who, as I indicated before, is a beautiful woman and very nicely packaged. It took a few moments for the shock of what was happening to wear down. The change in mood was hastened by the wonderful hand job Pam was giving me. I let my hand slip between her legs which she quickly opened to let me in. She raised herself slightly out of the water and I was able to smother her ample, but solid breast with my mouth.

She lowered her head and told me that she and Neil had been hoping for this moment since we moved to Denver and she hoped that they had not alarmed us. I admitted that I had suspected for a while and that Marty seemed to be ok with it. With that exchange she suggested we move to the big double chaise,

When she got out of the Jacuzzi I could see that she was put together much better than my touches in the pool had let me know. We lay down facing each other and letting our hands completely examine the other. After a short while she slid down and in a moment she guided my cock to where she could let her lips envelop it. Her technique was fantastic and in short time I was ready to blow my load. Before I did, I pulled her up, put her on her back, and ran my tongue into her pussy.

It wasn't long before Pat moaned and said, "Please Al, don't play with me any more. "Put your cock in me and fuck me. "And when your ready, don't pull out, but fill me up. "I want to feel your cum in me."

Her words pushed me over the edge. As she guided my cock, I pushed into her. She let me know that my cock wasn't as thick as Neil's but it was longer. She was moaning how good it felt to be penetrated so deeply and she was meeting my thrusts.

It wasn't long before I felt her begin to climax and that caused me to pump her full of my semen. It was wonderful and I couldn't help but want more.

We lay cuddled on the lounge for a bit and then I felt her hand reaching for my cock again. I slipped my hand between her legs and inserted one, and then two, fingers into her pussy filled with my cum. It didn't take long for me to become erect again and she pushed me onto my back, straddled me, and lowered herself fully on to my cock. After a short ride, I deposited another load into her. I'm not sure if she reached climax, but she seemed to be very satisfied.

It had been well over an hour since Neil and my wife had left the sun room when I heard their voices (seemingly happy) as they returned to the sun room. I looked to the door in time to see Marty's mouth drop and a look of distress cross her face when she saw us. Neil looked surprised and it was obvious that they had not expected to see us there. I could see a glistening trail of fluid running down the inside of her leg which erased any doubt I may have had as to whether they actually had sex.

Marty broke from Neil and came running towards me. I immediately got up and caught her in my arms as she approached. There were tears in her eyes and she said in a very low voice, almost a whisper, in my ear, "Oh, sweetheart, I'm so sorry. "I didn't mean to..." and I cut her off telling her everything was ok.

Pam went to Neil, took his hand, saying, "Come on honey. They need some time to themselves." With that, they left us telling us to come to the kitchen when we were ready and have some dessert.

As soon as they were out of ear shot, Marty broke into uncontrollable sobbing as she tried to let me know how ashamed and sorry she was for letting this happen. She was trying to explain how she didn't know what had come over her but she had just lost control. I was finally able to reassure her that we were ok and I reminded her of my suspicions.

She wanted to verify if I actually had sex with Pam and I told her I had, in fact twice. Her tears flowed again and she simply said, "Oh, Al."

I knew she was hurting and for the first time I began to hurt over what had happened. We talked for a while and before we finished we both confided that it was not something we had planned but that even though it was wrong, we had both enjoyed the sex with someone else.

We ended our discussion by acknowledging that we didn't want to hurt our hosts and that they may be looking forward to some more sex before we left. We agreed that we would be gracious guest. I must admit that the lack of reluctance with which Marty accepted the possibility of more sex with Neil bothered me quite a bit, but I didn't let Marty know and let it drop.

We joined our hosts in the kitchen for dessert and talked a little while. In the discussion Pam and Neil repeated how much we had meant as friends and how happy they were for the opportunity to get to "know us" better. This remark made me cringe a little, but I just smiled and let it drop.

After about an hour of socializing, Neil suggested we could all probably use some sleep. To my surprise, he took Pam by the hand and headed for their bedroom. Marty and I did a combined sigh and went to our room.

We showered together after Marty had douched. In bed we tried to have sex, but neither of us could seem to build the fire. Again, this was something that worried me. Never-the-less, we talked and tenderly reaffirmed our love to one another.

The sun was up when I felt fingers curl around my cock. I started to say something to Marty, but when I opened my eyes I was looking at Pam. I was startled and asked where Marty was. Pam told me she had just wakened Marty and asked her to go get Neil up and going. This troubled me a lot that my wife had gone to be with another man again and without even letting me know.

But, like it, or not, Pam had my cock in her control and it became erect in just a matter of moments. She was wearing a very thin nylon robe that concealed nothing. Having gotten me hard, she shed her robe and crawled into bed with me.

She asked me to do her doggy style and I did. Sex this time was not like it had been last night and considering the talk Marty and I had afterward, it seemed a bit jaded to me. I must admit that I was deeply concerned with Marty having gone without even telling me.

After sex, which was more mechanical then sensual, Pam and I lay there for a few minutes before she told me breakfast would be ready in half an hour. She put her robe on and left. Within a couple of minutes, Marty came into the bedroom. I looked at her and she, without a smile said, "Well we agreed to be gracious guests didn't we?" There was no doubt that she had complete sex with Neil again. She went into the bathroom to shower and clean up. I remembered our talk from last night but still I had deep concerns and the worries were continuing to grow. In fact, the worries now had my stomach in knots.

After breakfast we talked a while and then we went to our room to pack our bags. I didn't say much to Marty as she seemed to be very preoccupied. As time moved on, I was becoming very fearful of what this weekend had done or was doing to our marriage. I knew I loved her. The sex had been fun, but it had satisfied nothing but the physical urge. In short, the sex was no different than masturbating except no mechanical means was required. The thought of possibly losing Marty had me in tears at one point, but I was able to hide them before she came out of the bathroom.

It was time to go home.

(To be continued) Marty tells the story from her perspective in the next installment.

Since this is part one of a two-part story, the author is not accepting any comments until the final installment is published.

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