tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJade's Weekend Away Ch. 02

Jade's Weekend Away Ch. 02


* Hi. As I said in chapter 1, if you are not a fan of group sex, or sex outside of a relationship, this series is not for you. Thanks.

My saturday seemed to last about a month, as I idled around the house, day-dreaming about Jade and what she might be going through at the hands of our best friends Paul and Adele.

I watched a lot of sport, a couple of films and even tried to do some work at home, but I couldn't focus for more than a few minutes, before drifting off into lurid visions, my cock painful with hardness.

11pm came and went, as did midnight. No email. Then one o'clock passed, and sixty minutes later still nothing, but it wasn't as if I would be getting much sleep anyway. I began to think that maybe she hadn't had time to send me her detailed account of today's adventures, but I reminded myself that Paul would make sure we kept to the plan and, eventually, just before 4am, as I was starting to nod off on the sofa, I heard the 'ding' of a message received...

'Hi Luke,

Sorry it's taken so long to email but it has taken me hours to type everything, but I promised you EVERY detail. I will try to write it as accurate as possible, and include as much of the conversation, as I know you like that.

I woke up at ten o'clock, as demanded, and found a note on my bedside table.


Take the next half an hour to shower and prepare yourself for the day. Come down to the kitchen, naked, at 10.30am sharp, or you will be sent home.'

I did as I was told, before making my way downstairs, to find Paul and Adele drinking coffee at the table. They pointed to the sideboard, telling me to cook breakfast for three, so at least I knew I was going to eat.

I made the mistake of asking them what they had planned for today, and they quickly told me to speak only when spoken to, then they just ignored me as they continued their own conversation. I already felt a pulse in my clit, which was so deprived and desperate to be licked and rubbed and slapped until I spurted my cum.

After breakfast, I was made to tidy the kitchen, as they watched with sadistic grins, prompting me if I missed something or didn't carry out my tasks perfectly.

I was then bent over the kitchen table, as Paul inserted the anal beads into my ass again, spiting on them to at least give me some relief. As he did so, Adele calmly informed me that they were going out for a while and that I must clean the house from top to bottom, without touching myself or the beads. I was ordered to think only dirty thoughts the whole time, and if my pussy wasn't soaking on their return they would tie my to their bed and leave me until tomorrow, untouched.

I did just that, for almost three hours. At first, my ass was very sore, but eventually I became accustomed to the intrusion, and every time I bent over or moved in certain ways my pussy would twitch and lubricate, to the point I almost made a squelching noise when I walked.

They arrived home about 2pm and began inspecting my handiwork, full of praise for my efforts, with Paul pushing me against a wall, face first, almost as if to frisk me, sticking two fingers roughly inside my hole to confirm I had thought enough nasty things to provide them with a sopping cunt. Adele pulled the beads from my ass and fed them to me, as I was made to suck them. I had to force myself as I hadn't been touched today and wasn't yet pushed beyond that point of no control.

I was then sent to the bedroom, where Paul manoeuvred me onto my back as Adele rustled through some bags she had brought back from their outing, pulling out a massive black dildo. I knew where that was going, but it was thick and about twelve inches, so I hoped they would defile me enough to make my pussy stretch so wide, as I had only ever seen a real cock like that once before, and I told you about not being able to fit that inside me when I was younger.

Both of them stripped down to their underwear, Adele wearing black matching bra and panties, Paul already hard in his tight boxers, and it was he who began to insert the first half inch of the massive ebony member into my tunnel.

Adele came beside me, lifting my head onto her lap.

''Now, tramp, you are going to talk dirty to us about whatever we demand. If we feel you are holding back at any stage, we will shove this monster inside you in one stroke, so remember who is in charge here.''

I just moaned as the head of the dildo began to really open me up, now loitering an inch inside, with more girth to come.

''Who do you least like sexually at work and why?''

I told them Jason, the creep, because he thinks he can have anyone and he is always looking at me like with that fucking smile, like he can fuck me whenever he wants.

Adele told me to close my eyes and picture him fucking me. I was not sure why they were doing this, but I trusted them and began to call his name.

''Jason, stick that big dick inside me. I won't tell. You can do anything to me. You know you can have me whenever you want...''

As I went on, the thought of lowering myself to fuck such a snake began to blow my mind, and it made me desperate for real cock. Paul continued to work in and out of me with what felt like a tree trunk, and I always lost my breath as the helmet popped inside me.

''I want you to use me Jason, and tell everyone in the office about what a cheap whore I am. You can pick any hole you like.''

Adele didn't need to say anything as I was offering up the dirtiest and vilest of thoughts, as Paul pushed another couple of inches deeper..

''You can take pictures if you want, show them to your mates and snigger at me in the office. Please stick your big cock in further, Jason! I want you to treat me like a useless cunt.''

Adele told me that I was to stop when I felt I might cum, then asked me for another subject, this time closer to home.

''What about Luke's younger brother, Adam?'' said said. ''You told me he was always looking you over when you went on holiday with his family. Pretend it's his big, young dick.

This was so wrong, and the thought had never crossed my mind. As you know, he is 18 and a young 18 at that, but I did as I was told, spurred on by the fact that Paul was now moving six inches of thick, black dildo in and out of me, and he still had half in his hand.

''Mmm... faster. Your cock is so much bigger than your brothers. I bet you have wanked over me a thousand times you dirty little bastard. How does it feel to be fucking my cunt? Faster, Adam, please do me before your dad and Luke come back from playing golf.''

I was lost in my fantasy, and just kept asking him to fuck me harder with his young dick, forcing myself to believe it was him. I felt so ashamed by my actions but, as you know, the more I am coerced into doing things, the more I want to be abused. And the more I was digesting my words, the more I wanted to talk.

Paul was now reaming my fuck hole with seven inches of hardness, thumping it in line with my demands.

''I want you to empty your balls into me Adam, so I can feel you dripping out of me when we all have dinner tonight. I know your dad wishes he was fucking me now, I see the way he looks at me. You can take my panties with you Adam, and keep them to jerk into. Any time I am alone, just come around to the house and stretch me open.''

Soon enough, I had to put my hand down to my pussy and tell Paul to stop, as I was on the brink, but I still kept talking.

''Do you think your Uni mates might want to fuck me too? I could come to your dorm and you could all use me as your sperm bank.''

Adele asked me to pick the last subject... to close my eyes as my tide of orgasm subsided, and go further than just your brother and a guy at work. I did as commanded, catching my breath and lowering my heart rate as I thought. I wanted the person I decided on to disgust me, so that I could live up to Paul and Adele's expectations.

''Okay, the guy who lives two doors down from me. Steven, the old builder guy who always make the perverted comments when I walk past on my own. He did it to you too. Fat fucking prick.''

Adele approved, as her other half began to build his pace once again, pummelling my slit with this obscene dildo.

''You disgusting fat asshole. I bet you have never had pussy like this. You can fuck me any time Luke is away. Come on, you piece of shit, fuck me then after all your big words.''

I was now so full I felt like my sloppy cunt had no room left in it, as Paul battered my back wall.

''That's it. Stretch me so wide that a normal dick will not satisfy me. Hurt me, Steven, fucking use me like you kept telling me you would!''

I couldn't believe Paul had managed to impale ten inches of that thing into me, but even he knew that any more was not possible. Still, he made sure he was pulling it all the way back to my opening, then smashing it all the way back in, time and time again.

''You can take me in the back of your van to work. Tie me to an old mattress and allow your dirty old disgusting friends to defile me.''

Adele whispered as I finished another verbal volley of smut.

''Do you want Paul's cock now, slut?''

''Yes! Please. I need a real dick. Please. I will do anything.''

''You will already do anything. What have we got to gain from letting you have some real meat?''

''I will do anything, please! You can call me any time and I will carry out your every word.''

''Mmm,'' she teased, ''I am not sure Luke would approve.''

Paul continued to shove their new purchase inside me.

''No, he would. I know he would. He knows its going to happen. He would allow me right now, as long as it's Paul.''

''Do you like his cock?''

''Yes, I do. It's so smooth and perfectly formed. I love it in my mouth and I want him to fill my nasty pussy.''

Paul yanked the dildo from my insides, and as I was begging Adele to give me some real cock, he had taken his phone out and was videoing the gaping hole that remained after my latest ordeal.

''Well,'' she concluded, ''lets see if you can tighten up again a bit and then, maybe, he will fuck you. Take me to the toilet.'' She walked ahead of me, removing her bra and panties as she went.

I was now used to this, after last night, but instead of making me wipe her folds with my hand after relieving herself, she lifted her pelvis off the toilet seat, and forced my head into her warmth. I lapped up a mix of her juices and the last droplets of piss that remained. She goaded me on, urging me to lick faster and within two minutes she was cumming, falling back onto the seat as her liquid exploded from her pussy and onto my face. She had to bark at me to stop attacking her clit, which was now too sensitive to touch.

Paul was stood at the door, unknown to me, as he slowly clapped the performance, before helping his accomplice off her seat and standing in her place, pointing at his softening member. I knew what to do...

Once again I held it as he began to pulsate, only his semi-erection meant that his stream was interrupted a little before gushing out, with early trickles running down my hand. Soon he was finished, and turned to me, knowing that it was my job to clean him up.

This time, he told me to stick my tongue out and open my mouth wide, then trailed his two fingers from the bottom of his shaft to the top of his hood, squeezing two large drops and a few smaller ones onto my waiting tongue and down my throat. I flinched at first but held my position and was soon sucking him dry and enjoying the fact he had reduced me to a little piss whore. I was now over the line and out of control, just like yesterday, and was totally in their hands. How far would I go? I was completely ready and willing to follow their every whim.

I was brought into the bedroom, put on all fours and gagged with the ball I bought on friday, which strapped around the back of my head. Adele demanded that I closed me eyes until I was told I could open them, and she began rubbing my clit, tightening my cunt back up after the pounding it had taken just before.

''That's better, slag,'' she purred, then ran her finger up my back, sending a shiver down my spine. She then put her finger under my chin, raised my head slightly, and told me to open my eyes. As I did, my pussy lips were parted and my fuck hole was full in one split second...

Paul was fucking me, Luke. After all that teasing over all those nights, he just stuck it straight inside me without any notice. I could hardly catch my breath, Luke. I was so grateful for his length, but I was in a state of shock at how it happened, without warning. I think we all knew that this weekend would be a new level for us, and I think we all knew that we would be going all the way. I know you will be hard right now, stroking your big dick.

Even though Paul is a little bit smaller, he knows how to use that beautiful cock of his. He's like a jack-hammer. Relentless. I was on fire inside, my screams muffled by the ball in my whore mouth.

''This is the half-way point of your weekend, and you have done well, so this is your reward,'' said Adele. ''You can cum now.''

Luke, Adele had to reach underneath my stomach and hold me up. I orgasmed fifteen seconds after she said I could, with Paul's gorgeous manhood still bludgeoning in and out of me from behind, his hands grabbing my hips to make sure he could slam into me right up to his balls. My mouth leaked with streams of saliva, my forced open mouth unable to stop my spit, as both ends off my body oozed with bodily fluids.

I thought I was going to pass out, and as I began to get my my breath back, he just kept going... same position, same speed, same ferociousness. Luke, he was insatiable. I was getting a little sore after cumming but it was merciless. Just as I began to worry, Adele removed my gag and started to quiz me, and I started to feel my shameless, used pussy soak once more.

''Did you like talking like a cheap harlot to your workmate?''

''Mmm, yes.''


''Because... because you made me.''

''Did you like your ass being stuffed last night, and then being forced to lick the beads clean?''

''Oh God... don't stop Paul, please. Yes! I fucking love it. I loved having to force myself.''

''And are you a little dyke now, happy to lick women as well as suck cock?''

''I am a filthy little fucking bitch and I love eating you out.''

I started to feel flutters in my stomach, as I grabbed a handful of bed sheet to help deal with Paul's non-stop abuse. How the fuck had he not cum yet? Even when I was at College I was never fucked for so long at such a fast speed in one position.

''And are you a little cleaner for us when we need to piss? Are you so fucking hungry for us that you will do anything?''

''I will do... ahhhhh... any....''

My pussy was retracting and expanding around my new dick, as I went over the edge again, cumming just from a good fucking - no, a great fucking - for the second time, without any break. Luke, you know I cum with you inside me sometimes, but never in my life has it happened twice. I almost screamed the house down, and I am sure any passers by would have thought a felony was taking place inside.

Panting, muscles tightening and sweat dripping from me, Paul just continued his assault on my hole, as Adele just kept talking.

''You were saying...''

''Oh fuck, I am not sure I can take...''

Before I got another word out Adele slapped my face and squeezed my cheeks together.

''Answer the fucking question, or we will make sure Luke and Paul do not give you any more cock for a month.''

''I will do anything you ask me. Anything. Even when I think... fuck... ah... even when i think I don't want to you are always right.''

With that, Adele move down towards my battered slit, then assumed the same position beside me, on all fours with her ass in the air. She looked me in the eye...

''Here's another thing you have never done before. Close your eyes. You do not deserve to see your master ejaculate.''

I felt my pussy empty as fast as it had been filled, then Paul groaned as he emptied himself, although I felt none of it on me. Fuck, Luke, he deserved the biggest orgasm ever after the fucking he gave me.

I was yanked from my thoughts by the hair, as Luke turned me a full 180 degrees, then dragged me behind Adele's upturned ass, which was now covered in cum, a pool of it caught in her asshole, some above it and a little more running down onto her blonde pussy.

Paul, who had been quiet for so long, issued the command I knew was coming my way.

''Don't leave a drop, slut.''

It was still warm as I greedily lapped it from my tormentors tight hole, sucking when I needed to and swallowing as I went. Even when she was clean, I began to tongue her dark tightness, only to be swatted on the ass and told to behave myself.

''Now, go and shower yourself, then you will be allowed to sleep until 6 o'clock. You will need the rest.''

As I rubbed the gel into my body, my little cunt was still puffy and raw from the fucking and the orgasms that had ripped through me. When i lay on the bed, I was asleep quicker than Paul had stuck his lovely length into me.

At six, I was awoken by a smiling Adele, who told me she had laid a nice new dress out for me in the bathroom, and I was to change into that and the see-through netted thong.

''We will play tonight, but for the next few hours we will return to normal. You need to come right back down to normal life, so we can bring you back to even greater heights, so hurry up as we have a table booked for dinner.

Surprised, I slipped in the lovely new outfit and bounded downstairs, then with smiles we drove for over an hour and a half to a stunning country restaurant, where we ordered wine, ate a stunning dinner and talked about anything and everything, much more like the four of us normally would. I could now see the method to their madness, as I was now everyday Jade again, but I knew they would be pushing my buttons soon enough.

After our second bottle, Paul paid the bill and we returned to the car. He had only had a glass of wine, due to the driving. As we approached the doors, Adele barked, ''Right, whore, into the backseat.''

They both climbed into the front, and Adele continued.

''There is a bag beside you. Take off your dress and change into the outfit. Keep the panties.''

It took me about ten minutes to manage it, as Paul hammered along some bumpy roads, but soon enough I had swapped my tasteful dress for a black bra top and a short, pleated skirt, which must have been a total of about 12 inches, and just managed to reach the bottom of my ass.. I am not sure how to describe it, other than slutty clubwear.

We drove in silence for another half an hour, before entering a smaller town, which I was not familiar with. We pulled up in a car park beside a medium sized building, and their plan was revealed.

''This place is full of proper, hedonistic clubbers. The men are either perverts or a little rough, or both. The women are cheap little tarts. You will sit with us, until we give you a mission, then you will immediately carry it out. Understood.''


We had no problem walking straight in, given the fact that it was two girls and one guy, and even though I was almost naked, there were other younger girls, maybe closer to 21, competing for the attention.

Once in, the shots and beer was coming thick and fast for Adele and I, the dancefloor was packed and the music pounding. My first assignment was not long in coming, and Adele seemed to relish every word.

''Go onto the dance floor and don't come back until three men have put their hand up your top or under your skirt.''

I immediately headed towards the mass of bodies, eager to please my controllers and to not defy my natural desire to be controlled by other people. Luke, I wanted to be touched by three men, not because of the men, but because of Paul and Adele. The more I had to force myself to go through with their commands, the more dizzy and wet I became.

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