tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJAG: The Seaman Brown Case Ch. 03

JAG: The Seaman Brown Case Ch. 03


This is a series of television shows that I watch. These are fantasies of the shows as I wish would appear on television. I will list the cast members and their television show names at the beginning of each episode that I write about. I hope you enjoy and join in my TV fantasies.

Cast of JAG; David James Elloitt (Captain Harmon Rabb Jr.); Catherine Bell (Colonel Sarah MacKenzie); Karri Turner (Lt. Harriet Roberts); Zoe McLellan (Petty Officer Jennifer Coates); Patrick Labyorteaux (Lt. Commander Bud Roberts); Tracey Needham (Lt. Commander Meg Austin); John Jackson ( Rear Admiral A.J Chegwidden); Nancy Chambers (Lt. Loren Singer); Anne-Marie Johnson (Congresswoman Bobbi Latham)

As I stated in my previous stories, I am an author of sexually explicit fantasies. I never claimed to be a "so called writer". If you are looking for a perfect composition please stop reading now. There may be grammatical and spelling errors (even though I do use spell check). So if you love sexual fantasies involving television stars, please read on. If you are an English teacher leave now!

Part 1 and two were done under TVFreak the rest will be contnued by me Baranbrat

Captain Harmon Rabb rang the doorbell at Colonel Sarah MacKenzie's apartment around 5:30 PM the evening after Seaman Brown's trial was dismissed. He was dressed in an open collared shirt, dress pants and a dark tweed sports coat.

That morning he was busy on the phone making arrangements for a couple surprise guests at Mac's dinner party. They probably wouldn't make for dinner, but hopefully they would be there for the evening adult fun.

Mac opened the door and Harm was blown away by her amazing beauty. Her long dark brown hair was curled and rested on her shoulders and half bare breasts. Sarah's make-up was done to perfection, topped off by her full lips that looked like they were dripping wet; they had a bright red gloss to them. She was wearing a bright red satin halter gown that barely contained her large breasts. It was tight and hugged her every curve. Harm's eyes scanned her body and as she turned to let him into the apartment he noticed a slit up the side of her thigh that went nearly to her hip. She showed her fantastic legs and he noticed black stocking and matching red high heeled shoes. The dress molded her bubble butt and he had to restrain himself from reaching out and caressing those round cheeks.

She followed Harm into the living room and as he sat down she looked down at him. Licking those full red lips she said; "Harm would you like a drink?"

"Sure Mac." He got up and followed her into the kitchen. She put on her apron and began mixing his drink. Once she had it done she handed it to him and their fingers touched and they both held onto the drink momentarily, their eyes fixed on one another. Slowly their faces closed in and their lips met. Sarah let out a tiny moan as the kiss intensified.

Harm took the drink from her hand and placed it on the counter behind her. He encircled her waist and as the kiss grew he drew her lush body against his.

Sarah could feel his huge cock pressing against her thigh and she wiggled her hips trying to lodge that monster between her legs. She slipped her tongue out and darted into his mouth and withdrew back to her own.

Harm's tongue followed hers and dueled with hers and pulled out slightly and ran them around her puffy red lips. His hands slid off her hips and cupped her gorgeous ass. Again she let out a groan; ""Oh Harm I wanted you to do this for so long. My god I can feel your big cock rubbing against me."

With that she slipped her hand off his shoulder and gripped his cock through his bulging pants. Her slim fingers slid up and down its length and when she found the zipper to his pants she began to tug at it.

Just then the doorbell rang; "Oh fuck!" was all she could reply. Breaking the heated embrace she looked up at him with those dark smoky eyes and whispered; "This isn't over Harm, WE WILL continue this later!"

He smiled weakly; "You better go and let your other guests in."

As she left the room she turned and looked at him, her gaze dropped to his straining pants and laughed; "You better get that guy under control before Ken and Jennifer come in."

When she opened the door, Ken let out a low whistle and gave Sarah a kiss on the cheek. He was dressed similarly to Harm. Behind him was Jennifer and now Sarah let out a little whistle; "My god Jennifer, you look ravishing!"

They came into the apartment and Sarah's eyes were on Jennifer's legs and fluid ass cheeks.

She was dressed in a tiny navy blue wrap-around dress. The material was soft and flowing and the full skirt ended several inches above her knees. Her legs were encased in matching navy blue stockings. The material covered her chest, but her full firm tits billowed out the v-neck where the dress folded. Around her waist was a wide belt and it showed her tiny waist and accented her firm tits As Jennifer took a seat, the dress parted and showed the dark lacy tops of her stockings and Sarah caught her breath.

Harm helped her break the tension by walking into the room with his drink in hand and started the conversation off; "Hi guys, anyone need a drink?"

Sarah's eyes dropped to her crotch and noticed he had gotten that monster under control.

Ken jumped up; "Hell yes Captain, I really need one, how about you Jennifer?"

"Sure, how about some white wine?"

"Harm put his arm around Ken and his skin crawled, but wanted to put the Seaman at ease, he didn't know he would be blind sided soon. "Hey Ken, here we are off duty, call me Harm!"

"Okay Harm, will do."

After some casual conversation Sarah came into the room; "Come on you three, dinner is on."

Sarah was seated at the head of the table and Harm was next to her. When he looked down, her dress had slipped off her leg where the slit was and he got a great view of her stocking top and bare thigh.

She caught his gaze and spread legs open even further.

Across from Harm, Ken and Jennifer sat at the other end of the table.

Dinner went well and from time to time Ken's hand would disappear under the table and you could see Jennifer jump slightly. Everyone knew where his hands were, just the same as Harm's, but Sarah was a little bit more discreet with her reaction to his advances. She opened her legs wider and closed her thighs around his invading hand.

The wine flowed freely during and everyone but Sarah, seeing she doesn't drink any longer, was loosening up.

Ken and Jennifer went back to the living room and Sarah and Harm told them they would bring out the coffee and dessert and to relax.

Sarah began pouring the coffee and Harm came up behind her and placing his hands on her hips kissed her long graceful neck. She turned her head and their lips met. His hands slowly slid upwards and just as he was about to cover her full breasts, she pulled away and whispered; "Later Harm, just be patient."

As they entered the living room they stopped in their tracks. Ken had Jennifer's breasts uncovered and her hand was down his open pants, stroking his fat cock.

Harm cleared his throat and Jennifer quickly pulled her hand out of his pants and moved to cover her hard nippled tits. She blushed and mumbled; "Sorry Colonel!"

"Don't worry about it Jennifer. Hell, from what I saw I wouldn't blame you if you went for it right now."

Ken looked at Sarah, then Harm and reaching over to Jennifer grabbed her hand and placed it back over his growing lump.

She, like Ken looked at Harm and Sarah and they both nodded. She slowly unzipped his pants and fishing her tiny hand into his pants and pulled his cock out into the open. Licking her lips she lowered her head to his crotch and rolled her tongue around and around his thick spongy head.

Arching his back Ken slipped his pants off and kicked them off his feet. He placed his hand on the large hairclip that was holding her large mane of hair up on her head. He pulled at it and it gave way. Her hair cascaded over her head and covered his entire lap.

Sarah and Harm could hear her slurping away at his cock, but seeing it was difficult because her hair covered his entire lower body.

Sarah placed the tray with the coffee on the table in front of the sofa that Ken and Jennifer were occupying. Standing up she stepped back and into the arms of Harm. She leaned back against him and let out a tiny moan when he wrapped his arms around her and turned her face to his, kissed her. Their tongues flicked out and Sarah broke the kiss.

She took Harm by the hand and led him to her bedroom. As she reached the doorway she looked back at the two on the sofa. Ken had her dress open and it was now down to her waist. Still unable to see his cock, Jennifer's head was bobbing up and down at a very vigorous pace. Ken had his head resting on the back of the sofa. His eyes were closed and his mouth was open, moaning and groaning as if he was about to cum.

She lost sight of the couple on the sofa as Harm pulled her into the bedroom. Sarah stood beside the large bed. She had changed the sheets, putting cranberry satin sheets on and had the bedspread turned back. The room also had dozens of small candles lit. Looking up at Harm, her dark eyes sparkled and she licked her red glossy lips in anticipation of Harm kissing her.

He smiled down at her once again looking in her stunning beauty. He whispered just before kissing her; "I see you had the bedroom prepared for this, I'm glad."

She let out a tiny whimper when his lips brushed lightly across hers, still not kissing her harder. His tongue slipped out and painted her lips with his tongue tip.

When Harm pulled away from Sarah and smiled; "My god Sarah, I can't believe how gorgeous you look in the candlelight."

"Oh so you're saying I don't look in regular light?"

"No, no you know what I'm trying to say, don't you?"

Shaking her head, her long dark hair covering her upper chest and shoulders; "No Harm, but that has been a problem for the two of us since day one."

"What are YOU trying to say Mac?"

"You know!"

"No Sarah, I don't."

"Well just let me say, when I was down in Pensacola and heard from Meg just what a great fuck you were, well I had mixed emotions."

He cupped her face and she cuddled against it and turning her face placed tiny kisses on his palm. Once again he kissed her tenderly and looking down at her fawn like eyes smiled weakly; "What kind of emotions Mac?"

Looking down she took his hands in hers, kissing them she spoke; "Well Harm, I felt sadness, disappointment, excitement and most of all stupidity"

"How so Sarah?"

"Sad because it was her and not me. Disappointment because you found her more attractive then me, excited because as she spoke of how the two of you meshed so well I thought of you and me that way, but most of all stupidity because she had enough nerve to put herself out there, to be hurt and finding you receptive to her longings."

As Harm stared down at her, Sarah's eyes welled up and tears flowed from her sad looking eyes. Wiping them away he kissed away the ones that formed again; "Please Sarah, don't cry? All of your questions and doubts are so, so far off base. Yes it was Meg there down in Pensacola, but just let me say, there doesn't go a day without me thinking about how it would be to make love to you. If you only knew how many times I've been with someone and had a fleeting thought about how it would be, if it was you instead of them. Please, never and I mean never think Meg or anyone I've been with since I don't know when could hold a candle to you in the looks department. My god Sarah, sometimes when I know you're not looking I just stare and I take in your beauty. Sarah, simply put, you take my breath away!"

Hearing him say that she broke out into a huge smile and throwing her arms around him hugged him hard and cried out; "Oh Harm!" and was cut off by his mouth covering hers. Their kiss intensified as their tongues dueled with one another. Sarah broke the kiss; "Harm, if you felt that way why didn't you say something sooner? Still having sex with those other women hurt me to no end, don't you know that?"

Kissing her forehead tenderly he swept the hair from her shoulders and placed tiny kissed on her neck and shoulders.

"No Harm, please talk to me!"

Shaking his head he looked at her pleading eyes; "Sarah, I'm just like you, I take the easy way out. Shutting you out and having meaningless affairs is just easier for me. I guess thinking about my father and how being shot down and how my mother felt. I wouldn't want to put someone I truly love through something like that. As far as having sex with women like Meg, Allison and the others, well that is exactly what it is, sex, not making love"

She smiled when she heard that; "So Harm are you saying you love me?"

"I guess so!"

She let out a half hearted laugh; you can't say it can you?"

"Can you?" his eyes searching hers. He brought his mouth to her right ear and placing a tiny kiss on her ear he whispered; "I love you Sarah MacKenzie. I've loved you since the first day I saw you on the front steps of the courthouse."

"Oh Harm: please make love to me and never stop>"

"Sarah you just wait and see, not only will I make love to you, I'm going to lick you, kiss you and fuck you so hard you're going to beg me to stop."

She let out a laugh, "Yes sure fly boy, Marines don't beg!"

She let out a yelp and a scream as Harm picked her up and dropped her onto the bed. Being satin sheets she slid halfway across the bed. He took off his shirt and climbed up and straddled her constant moving legs. He slid his hands up and down her upper body and her laughs slowly turned to tiny moans as he cupped her large breasts through her dress.

Looking up at him she smiled and whispered out. "Harm, I love you!"

She pulled him down and their lips met and they kissed until both thought their lungs would burst. Breaking the kiss, Harm reached up and undid the clasp behind her neck and sliding the material down, her huge tits came into view. He let out a moan as he saw them for only the second time. The first when he caught her and Brumby on the beach in Australia. That time really didn't count seeing he couldn't do what he was about to do.

Lowering his mouth he drew one large erect nipple between his lips. Rolling his tongue around Sarah thrashed about on the bed nearly tossing him off.

She ran her hands through his short hair and guided his mouth to the twin next to the one he was sucking on. Harm ran his tongue around and around the large aureole surrounding the second fat nipple.

She let out a moan and groaned out; "God Harm, suck my fucking nipple, please don't tease me. Ohhhhhhhh yessss, just like that suck my tits, fuck that feels great!"

Harm rose from her tits and smiled; "So Sarah MacKenzie, how do you like being made love to so far?"

"Incredible Harmon Rabb Jr., just don't stop." She reached for his belt buckle and opened it; unzipping his pants she yanked them down and fished his huge cock out. Her eyes went wide' OH my fucking god, you're huge Harm, oh shit I can't wait to fuck this monster."

Her tits were covered in Harm's saliva and as she stroked his growing cock, he shuck out of his pants and shorts and slid higher on her body. Placing his cock between her slick tits he pushed them together and began tit fucking her. With each upward thrust his cock slid across her full red lips.

She opened her mouth and lapped away at the large helmet like head and it made a popping sound when he slipped back out of her mouth.

He winched when he pulled back.

Seeing this she said; "Harm reach over, the top drawer had a bottle of body oil you can use. I know we'll both love it! She giggled, Harm never heard her giggle before and he loved the way she sounded.

As he reached over she playfully slapped him on the ass and he laughed; "So we want to play huh?"

He grabbed the bottle and placed it on the end table. Gripping the bottom of her dress he pulled and at the same time Sarah wiggled her hips assisting him on removing her dress. She laid there wearing high heeled slippers, thigh high stockings and a red lacy pair of panties. Once again he sat back and took in just how gorgeous she looked.

He slowly lowered his naked body against her nearly naked body and truly began to make love to her. Starting at her head he rained kissed all over her face and neck. While he was doing this his hands were moving about her lush body, caressing and teasing her flesh. His lower body rocked around her teasing her with his huge cock, it rubbed against her panty clad pussy and slid around her belly and thighs.

Her mouth was open to receive his mouth, but he teased her again by placing tiny kisses on her and moving away.

She moaned in frustration, but at the same time loved how he was playing with her body, slowly bringing her up a few degrees every minute or so.

He began moving lower leaving a trail of kisses and wet skin as he moved between her enormous tits. He made sure to leave her nipples untouched for now. When he reached her flat washboard belly he drove his tongue into her bellybutton and she groaned her approval and wiggled her hips. Moving lower he left his hot breath on her panty clad pussy and slid to her shapely legs. Reaching her feet he took off her slippers and sucked on her stocking covered toes, this drove Sarah crazy. While doing this his hands were busy sliding her stocking off her tapered calves. Pulling first one off one foot and then the other, he once attacked her dainty feet.

Sarah was rolling her head from side to side as he had her near orgasm without even touching her pussy or huge tits. "Oh fuck Harm; you've gotten me so fucking hot I feel like I'll explode with the slightest touch."

He smiled up at her past her heaving tits and her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth open as she was breathing heavily through her mouth.

Harm worked up one well muscled calf to her knee. As he slid his tongue along her thigh she spread them wide and tried to guide his head to her dripping pussy. While playing with her legs his hands were busy tugging her panties off.

Sarah willingly raised her full ass allowing Harm to pull her panties from her waist and down her thighs. Harm out a gasp when he came eye to eye with her dripping full lipped pussy. Using his thumbs he spread open her lower lips and he was treated to a river of thick creamy juice that flowed out of her bright pink hole. Running his fingers through the tiny river, Sarah arched her back and nearly came when he came in contact with her budding clit.

Catching her with his gaze he smiled; "Sarah, I truly love you, are you ready for some real loving?"

"Oh god yes Harm, I love you too!"

That was the first time he heard her said that and he immediately dropped his mouth to her dripping pussy. His tongue drove as deep as he could into her hole and she exploded. Her cum flowed with a huge gush, nearly a squirt, but not quite. He lapped away as fast as he could and his cheeks and chin were covered with her sweet essence.

Sarah thrashed about on the bed as she came again and again. As one orgasm ended another started. She never felt anything like it before and knew exactly what Meg was talking about. Harm was relentless attacking her pussy like a starved soldier. After about ten minutes of licking, sucking and fingering her pussy and countless orgasms Harm slowly rose from her drench pussy. He was a mess, with cum dripping from his lips and chin.

Sarah pulled him up to her and as she kissed him, she licked her thick creamy cum from his face. Running her shaking fingers through his hair she whispered to him; "I sure hope meant when you said you loved me, because there is no way I'm ever going to let you go. I love you Harmon Rabb, now let me rest a few minutes and then I want you to fuck me!"

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