tagIncest/TabooJail Bird Dad

Jail Bird Dad


Connie had not seen her dad Pablo since he was put in jail six years earlier. They had kept in touch through mail but her mom had discouraged her from seeing him. She never took her to visit him and made sure nobody else would drive Connie to see her dad. Now that she was 18, Connie could go without permission. It was scary walking through all the gates, metal detectors and officers as she made her way to the meeting room. Everything was old, dirty, and cold.

Too many people were crowded into the tiny room. The noise was too loud for her taste. People were talking and were very animated, they were either very happy to see loved ones or they were having a drag out fight about unresolved issues. Everyone was too busy minding their own business to bother each other. Connie noticed visitors handing contraband to inmate, heaving petting by inmates and their visitors (and more than she cared to see), and other "illegal" activities. None of the guards noticed, more correctly they were paid not to notice.

Connie scanned the room for her father. Amongst the sea of strangers she saw a familiar face. Connie was twelve the last time she saw her father, but she could not mistake his face. She ran to him and they hugged for a very long time. They cried and hugged and cried some more. Father and daughter brought each other up to date on their respective lives. Regrets and "should haves" were too many for both their liking. The guards asked Connie to leave because visiting hours were over. It seemed too short of a time and she vowed to visit him again. Before she left her father told her he had a connection in the library and he had access to the internet. He gave her his nickname and a room they could meet and chat on line. She promised to IM as soon as she got home.

Connie had a great day. She was even more excited to get home to email her dad. As soon as she got home she got on line and sent him a message. Nothing came back until the next day. Pablo replied with the dates and times he had access to the internet. The timing was perfect because Connie would be out of work and home during those times. She waited two days before they could talk.

Connie saw the little icon of her dad's message. They began their online relationship. What they didn't have time to cover or discuss in that tiny room full of people, Connie and her dad talked about on line. She was happy to be talking to her father. Before they logged off, he asked her for some pictures. Connie promised to take some and email them to him.

The next day Connie went to the mall and took some "glamour shots." She posed in her three best outfits. Some of the photos she thought were too sexy to send but others were just right. Connie took the CD home and sent off the pictures to her dad. Pablo loved the pictures and commented on what a beautiful woman she had turned into. He wanted more pictures. He missed her so much. She told him that the pictures were expensive so he would have to wait until she got paid again. Pablo was hurt and he expressed how much he loved her and he would do anything to get more pictures of his pretty daughter. Connie broke down and sent the rest of the pictures on her CD. Pablo told her those were the loveliest pictures he had ever seen.

In his next email Pablo told Connie he was sending her some money he had saved up so she could buy a digital camera. All she had to do then is down load the pictures. Connie promised to take more pictures. Over the next month, she send Pablo pictures of her in different poses, different outfits from throughout the house. Afterward Pablo began to request certain pictures. He told her she hand beautiful legs and she needed to show them off more so most of the pictures where of her in skirts or shorts.

Connie was very excited when she received her own webcam. Their next intern meeting she was broadcasting from her room. Pablo asked her to stand up and model her sexy outfit for him which she did without hesitation. He asked her to dance for him which she did. She had a great time fooling around on cam. During the next few weeks this was their normal routine when they chatted. Every time they logged off Connie was tired from dancing.

Pablo sent Connie a head set so they could finally talk with each other. He asked her to wear his favorite mini skirt and tube top. Connie did as she was told and when they connected Pablo told her she looked lovely. He began to instruct her to pose for him and dance. She was thrilled to make her daddy happy. If she could brighten up his day in that old dark depression prison, she would do it. Every time they talked Pablo told her it was the best part of his day.

After a few days Connie was shocked by one of Pablo's request. She had put on his favorite mini skirt and top and was dancing for him. He asked her to turn around and look over her shoulder and smile. When she was in that pose, her dad asked her to raise her skirt a little. Connie hesitated but then raised it to right below her ass. Again Pablo asked her to raise it.

"Uhm dad, what are you trying to do?" She asked.

"I'm sorry honey. I've been locked up for so long I haven't seen a woman in a long time. You have such the perfect ass and I just wanted to see it. Can you please show it to?" begged Pablo.

Connie was confused and did not know what to do. Pablo continued, "Please mijita. I'm not even in the same room. It's like you're wearing a bikini ok. Just lift it up." Connie's hand slowly picked up her skirt. She couldn't see Pablo which made her concede to his request. Up came the mini skirt ever so slowly. Her nice round firm brown ass came into view. If Connie could see Pablo, she would see him stroking his fat cock looking at her ass. All she could hear was low guttural moans. At that moment she knew her dad was jerking off to her ass. She was frozen. Pablo asked her to bend over more and Connie but her hands on her bed. A few seconds later she heard Pablo grunting. He had shot his load. Pablo breathed heavy into the computer thanking his little girl for the great show.

Connie logged off and went to sleep. She dreamt of her dad. He was sitting in the same room asking her to model sexy lingerie, bikinis and the tiniest outfits she ever saw. In her dream, he was stroking a huge fat cock with both his hands asking her to bend over or get on her knees. Pablo shot his load all over her face and tits, in Connie's dream. She woke up with a start. Connie was breathing heavy and covered with sweat. Her covers were on the floor next to her clothes. "When did she take them off? How did they get there?" She lay in bed trying to sleep but her head was filled with so many thoughts.

The next day Connie waited for Pablo to get online. She was scared and excited at the same time. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard his voice over the computer.

"Hi baby. How are you doing today?" ask Pablo.

"I'm good daddy and you?" she replied.

"Still in jail and still missing you honey," he answered. They both got a little chuckle from that.

"Stand up and show daddy what you're wearing today," he told her.

Connie stood up showing off her jeans and shirt. "Aw honey what happen to the skirts?" he asked.

"Well daddy I figured if I didn't wear them you wouldn't get hard and ask to see my booty," she replied.

"But honey, I've been waiting all day to see it. You don't know what it's like to be in here around all these men. Seeing you every day makes it all go away. Please can I see it?" he asked.

Connie's guilt got the better of her and she turned around showing her nice round ass to her dad. "Spread your legs and bend over for daddy," he told her. Connie put her hands on her bed again.

"Baby, do daddy a favor and take off those jeans. I really want to see that nice sweet ass of yours," he told her. "Come on please baby. It's the only thing that keeps me going in here," he continued.

Connie bent over and peeled her pants off for her dad. "Get on your hands and knees on the bed, sweetie," he asked her. "God it's been so long since I fucked a girl like that baby," he told her. "I bet your ass is so soft and firm huh honey," he asked.

"Yes daddy," she replied. Connie could hear her dad breathing heavy over the computer. She could hear the slapping of skin as he jerked off his cock. The taboo and nastiness of what they were doing started to make Connie very hot. Listening to the moaning and grunts from the computer she started to wiggle her ass as if she was fucking.

"Oh yes baby. That's it shake that ass for daddy. Oh fuck baby you're so hot. Show daddy how good you can fuck baby," her dad said over the computer. Pablo stroked his cock faster and harder as he looked at his daughter's ass. He could see the camel toe and she went to her elbows and put her ass in the air. Watching her fuck the air was too much for Pablo. "I'm cumming baby. Of fuck I'm gonna cum. You're making daddy cum you little slut. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. Ugnnnnnnn," he said as he shot his load all over the room. Connie grabbed her blankets and gripped her pillow. She wanted to cum but her came too fast for her.

Connie sat down at her computer again. "Are you ok daddy?" she asked.

"Oh god yes honey," said Pablo through his heaving breathing. "You sure do know how to shake that ass baby. Dam it looks good. When are you going to visit again honey?" he asked.

"I don't know daddy," she replied.

"Please make it soon. I really do miss you," he told her.

"I miss you too," she answered.

"Honey can you come next week? Thursday?" he asked.

"I don't know daddy. I got work and things," she answered.

"Please honey, I really do miss you. I want to see you in person again. It would mean so much to me if you came," he continued.

Again Connie's guilt got to her and she agreed. She also agreed to wear his favorite outfit. The week went by too fast for Connie, but for Pablo it dragged on forever. He was embarrassed, excited and scared to see her father again. Pablo could not keep his cock soft he was hard all the time. Both entered the tiny room with trepidation.

Connie saw Pablo sitting in a corner bench/table. She walked over to her dad and they embraced. "I missed you so much, baby," Pablo told her.

"I missed you too dad," she replied. They continued to hug squeezing each other tightly. She could feel his hardness on her stomach. The more they squeezed the bigger it got. Connie could feel every inch of her dad's cock pressing up against her. After several minutes of hugging, Connie felt her dad's hands started to move down her back. He cupped her young tight ass in her big strong hand and squeezed.

"Oooooohhhh honey. Your ass feels as good as it looks," he said as he continued to massage her booty. He turned her back against the wall and put his hands under her skirt to feel her ass. Connie was surprised and shocked. They were in public what will they people say when they see them. Since Connie was facing the crowd she noticed nobody was paying attention to them in the corner. The people were fighting, laughing, or groping each other. Every little group kept to themselves and didn't bother anybody else. Again the guards were talking amongst themselves or turning a blind eye.

Pablo pushed Connie up against the wall and spread her legs with his knees. Connie was a little confused and held on to her dad. "Daddy what are you doing," she asked.

He picked her up and wrapped her legs around his body. "Shhh baby, daddy just needs to feel good is all," he whispered in her ear. Connie realized what her dad was going to do. She tried to struggle but was too ashamed to cry out. What would people think? What would they do? She felt him undo his pants and he pressed her back into the wall. His cock sprang out of his jumpsuit right between her legs. Connie could feel the hot throbbing cock as it rubbed up against her pussy. Pablo was in a frenzy moans and grinning himself against her young body. "Oh honey you have such a tiny bald wet pussy," whispered Pablo into his daughter ear as he ran his hand over the front of her little thong. He pulled it to the side spreading the pussy with two fingers and inserting one. "Fuck you're so tight. My cock is going to feel so good honey," he told her. Before Connie could answer, Pablo was holding his cock right at her pussy and rubbing the head on her lips. He shoved it in her with one push.

Connie let out a small yelp as she felt her dad's huge cock go into her teenage pussy. She left the head invading her body as is penetrated deep inside her. Her hands clenched his shoulder as her leg squeezed Pablo's body. Nobody had ever been this rough before and no other man's dick was as big as her fathers' cock. The more she tried to resist the harder Pablo worked to be inside her. Every fat hard thick inch was buried deep in Connie's young pussy and she could feel it throb. Connie's tiny hole had never been stuffed this much before.

Pablo wasted no time in pumping his daughter's pussy. It has been years since he's been inside a woman and he was going to relish every second. Grabbing her ass cheeks Pablo pushed Connie onto his fat hard dick. He shoved his hips making sure shove the entire length of his dick into that young tight pussy. Pablo ravished her young pussy like a starving meal at the dinner table. Deeper he pushed with every stroke. Pablo exorcized his sexual frustrations with every thrust. Connie's tight young pussy was the best he'd ever felt and he fucked it hard and deep.

In and out Pablo worked his cock. Connie just clung to her dad as he violated her in the tiny room. Her head kept hitting the wall every time he pushed it in. His hands were digging deep into her bubble booty as he squeezed and spread her cheeks. She bit her lower lip to keep from screaming every time he rammed it in. Pablo was giving her a brutal fucking and she could not stop him.

Pablo stuffed his face between his daughter's tits and gave one hard deep long push. Connie's tits muffled his groan as Pablo exploded into her young pussy. His cock felt like a water hose spraying semen into her tiny body. He shoved and shot. Pablo's body stiffened as he spewed every last drop of sperm into Connie. Slowly he pumped his cock into her pussy making sure his balls were dry.

He pulled his cock out of her tender sore pussy and cleaned it on the inside of her skirt. Pablo pulled her thong off and placed it inside his suit. After Connie had pulled down her skirt and fixed her clothes he grabbed her hand on sat her down next to him. "Thank you honey, daddy needed that so very much. Not time it won't be so hard. I'll get us a room so we can have more privacy," he told her. "Daddy's got to go baby. I have some business to take care of. See you next week same time ok," he told her as he kissed her forehead and left.

Connie walked out of the room in a daze. She had no panties on and could feel cum running down her leg. In a zombie like state she made it to the bath room. "Next week? A private room? "What the hell is he thinking?" she thought to herself as she cleaned the mess between her legs. Connie looked in the mirror and thought what have I got myself into?

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