tagRomanceJake and Riley: The Beginning Ch. 01

Jake and Riley: The Beginning Ch. 01


This story, and the ones that are going to follow it, are my own personal fantasies about this guy that I met on the internet.

Jake sat at his desk. There were books sprawled out everywhere—on the floor, on the desk piled up. While everyone else was out partying, he was stuck here to do work. Even worse, it was for his most dreaded class: Calculus. He sat his pencil down in defeat just as a knock on the door reverberated throughout the room. Wondering who it could possibly be, he got out of the chair he had been positioned in for nearly three hours and went to go find out.

He was shocked at what he found. When he opened the door, he was confronted with Riley, a girl he had known for only a few months and from a few mutual classes. They had hung out a bit after class a few times, had a few in-depth discussions about love and life and the past. He felt they'd really connected, but for a while she seemed distant after their last chat.

She was clad in a sweater and a pair of skin-tight pants. Her legs looked infinite due to her sparkling gold heels. His eyes travelled up from those shoes to the curly blonde hair on her head and back down before he could say anything. "Hey," was the only thing he could think of to say. Why is she here?

"I was just in the neighborhood," she said, brushing past him into his room, "and I thought I'd stop by. I also need a bit of help with homework," Riley added with a smile, turning around to face him. She scanned his bare chest, almost biting her lip.

"Oh, alright," he said, still a bit amazed that the girl he'd been fantasizing about for the past two months was actually in his room. He closed the door.

A little chuckle escaped her throat, and she walked towards him as his back was facing her. When he turned around, she was right there, inches away from him. She smiled slightly, and reached her hands up, taking his face between her hands and pulling it down to her own. Their lips connected softly; he breathed the sweet taste on her tongue and lips and in her breath. She was on her tippy toes, so their faces were at the same height. Her fingers went into his hair as the passion built in the kiss, their lips moving together in an almost pre-choreographed dance that he'd been imagining for weeks.

When she finally pulled away, Jake's eyes slowly opened to see her looking up at him. Her luscious lips were open just a tad, and her breathing was heavier than normal, but so was his. She smiled again, taking away her hands from his face, sliding her fingertips down one arm and to his hand. Riley grasped it and tugged him forward, walking backwards but knowing where she wanted to end up—the layout of the dorms seemed to be all the same. She backed up towards the small bed, and then turned so that he was the one in front of it, pushing him back onto it.

He sat back, holding himself up on his elbows, waiting for what was to come. He'd imagined this so many times, exactly how it happened. She'd slowly start to take off her clothes, baring her soft, luscious skin for his eyes to behold. Then she'd climb on top of him, and one thing would lead to another and soon his face would be between her quivering thighs and her hands would be pushing his face into her.

But that's not what happened. Instead, she sat down next to him, still smiling. "Now that we've gotten that out of the way," Riley said, looking directly into his brown eyes with her big, blue ones, "let's cuddle."


They talked for a long while, sharing stories of their childhoods and their teenage years, as they laid there under the covers of his tiny bed. Their bodies were touching; Riley was sprawled out on her side, on top of him, while he lay on his back. Her face would occasionally nuzzle at his chest, and she would breathe him in. They both wanted this moment to last for a lifetime, but they knew that it had to end soon.

"I'm sorry," she said as the conversation slowly dwindled to them listening to each other breathing.

"For what?" Jake asked. "Coming here? Being adorable?"

Riley smiled. "No... for being so distant lately. I'm just—I'm just not used to being able to be with someone that I can open up to so completely, you know? I've told you things that I don't think I've ever really talked about with anyone else, at least more than passing comments every now and then. And you didn't even want anything from me. You actually care. That's so rare." She paused, looking for the right words, her hand rubbing up and down his chest, over the bare skin.

"I do care," he said softly.

Riley looked up at him, and he was looking back at her. Their eyes connected. She propped up on her elbow and leaned in to kiss him again. Jake slid a hand around her waist, accidentally moving his hand up the back of her shirt and feeling the soft surface of her back. She didn't push his hand away as it moved a little lower—she simply continued to kiss him, her hand resting on his face, eyed shut. Their lips did their dance again, and she felt his mouth smile as it worked.

After a while, she got up, standing on her knees on the bed next to him. She reached down with an X of her arms and tugged at the bottom of her gray sweater, pulling it up and over her head to reveal a nearly see-through black, lace bra. He could see her nipples standing out against the fabric, and was surprised to see that she bad a bar going through her left one. Then she was back on top of him, their bare stomachs squished together and rubbing against each other as she went to kiss him again. His hands went to her arched back as their tongues met for the first time, gently prodding at each other and sliding against one another. Riley let out a small moan, vibrating against his tongue, and it shot down a bit lower. She felt him grow against her butt, and she grinded on the bulge with her bottom and groin.

Jake's hands travelled lower down her back again, gripping her ass tightly, squeezing the globes, She moaned again, grinding with a little more force and pulling away from his lips. Riley sat up again, her hands resting on his chest and her hips still gyrating. She reached behind her back, fiddling with her hands, and his breath caught in his throat as he waited in anticipation. Soon, her small, perky breasts popped free, and the bra slid down her arms. Her nipples were a rosy pink, the same color as her lips. He wondered if her other special bits were also this shade.

When she went back to kiss him again, his hands went to the small of her back, and all of the sudden she was on her back and Jake was on top of her. She smiled, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her.

Between breath-filled kisses, Riley murmured, "Jake, I want you to make love to me."

"Oh my god," he breathed back at her, his lips moving against her neck and her earlobe, not knowing what he was supposed to say to this.

She arched her back and he felt her nipple piercing against his chest. "Tell me you want me."

"I want you," he said immediately. Jake did not hesitate.

Riley moaned. "I want you,."

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