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Jamaica Vacation


I was getting really pissed off. Pissed at my wife for the way she was acting. Not that she was doing anything overt, at least not anything that I could call out of line. It was just so obvious that she was responding to the flirtatious behavior of a guy we had just met two days ago.

We were on a dream vacation in a posh resort on the north coast of the island of Jamaica. We had left New York on a steel gray blustery morning in February and landed in this tropical paradise in the middle of the afternoon. Naturally, our room wasn't ready yet. Management, ever so accommodating, said it wouldn't be long, but drinks were on the house if we would wait in the bar until house keeping finished their preparations for us.

Well, one Pina Colada led to another (since they were on the house), and Alicia and I were beginning to get over our impatience because of the delay. We were half way though our second round when another couple sat at the table next to us, obviously just as vexed as we were when we sat down.

As Americans often do, we began a conversation by assuring them that by the second drink the wait becomes very bearable. And by the time they finished their second drink we had become best friends and we made a date to dine together at seven o'clock.

We were already seated when Roy and Rachel Carter joined us, apologizing for being late. Roy making no bones about the reason, leering as he put the blame on his insatiable wife and she, giggling, as she obliquely cited his generous endowment, as the reason for her demanding desire.

Dinner was fine and we found out that he worked in the financial district in lower Manhattan and that they lived in Short Hills, NJ, not more than a little over an hour away from our home on the North Shore of Long Island. We even promised that we would get together from time to time in the city.

As the evening went on it began to dawn on me that Roy and Alicia seemed to be conversing more between each other than with Rachel and me and that his eyes were always fixed on either her face or her cleavage. I was getting a little peeved, besides being tired from the traveling, and by the time we finished the coffee and dessert I was ready to turn in for the night.

"I hate to break it up guys, "I said, "but it's been a long day. We were up early to get though security and catch our flight."

"But honey," my wife protested, "It's not even ten o'clock yet."

"It's time for bed," I answered wriggling my eyebrows, "and time for us to officially start our vacation and catch up to them."

"Oh, OK," Alicia said, she was giggling as she made a date with Rachel for us to meet them for breakfast at pool in the morning at ten o'clock.

"They're a nice couple." she said, as we walked into our room.

"I don't know," I replied, "I don't know if I could trust that guy around you. His eyes hardly ever looked away from your tits and I thought you were a little too flirty in return."

"Whatever are you insinuating?" she said as she dropped her dress and then her bra and then offered her beautiful bosom to me. "You know these only belong to you. Come over here and show me how much you appreciate them."

The moment my lips touched her nipple all thoughts of Roy left my mind. She kept me up, both ways, until midnight when she finally let me fall into an exhausted sleep.

In the morning we were down first and we got a table in a corner of the pool area in the shade. Roy and Rachel arrived a few minutes later. Both of the women were knockouts in their bikinis. Not that the bikinis were too daring or revealing, it was just that they were two beautiful women who did justice to their bathing suits.

Roy on the other hand was the attention getter. He not only had six pack abs, he was wearing a Speedo that looked like it had two pair of socks stuffed into the front of it. His broad shoulders tapered to a narrow waist and from the back I could see the dimples and cleft of his ass. He made me look like a slightly paunchy, thirty year old, out of shape salesman. Which I was.

Breakfast over, the women decided to get some sun and they pulled two chaises, side by side, into the sunshine, to recline on. I, knowing how easily I burned, opted to take one further away in the shade. I saw Roy, cleanly parting the water, as he dove into the pool and start doing laps in an Olympic quality freestyle.

I must have dozed off for a while because when I woke up Rachel was gone. Roy was sitting on the side of her chaise talking to Alicia, who was still lying on her back. After they talked for a few minutes I saw Alicia turn onto her belly and Roy poured some sun tan lotion on to her back. He smeared it around for a bit and then he got up and straddled her thighs. His application of the lotion on her back became more vigorous.

To facilitate his actions he opened the back of her bikini top. As his hands moved up her back, his obviously obscene package seemed to disappear into the cleft of Alicia's behind. The way her body moved forward with each of his thrusts, if they both hadn't been wearing bathing suits one would have been sure he was fucking her ass.

Rachel came back and sat down on the edge of my chaise. "It looks like he is giving her a massage," she said.

"It looks more like he is fucking her," was my aggravated reply.

As we spoke Alicia turned her head so that we could see her face. Her eyes were closed and the smile she had on her face clearly meant she was enjoying his massage.

"She looks like she is enjoying it." Rachel continued, "Would you mind if he did fuck her?"

"What kind of a question is that?" I asked.

"We swing," Rachel declared as her hand moved up my thigh to my crotch. "We think you two are an attractive couple and we would like to know you better."

"Well we don't. Never have and never will." The hand that had just stroked my cock through my swim trunks retreated.

"OK," she said, "We'll respect that but we would still like to be friends. Can we still have lunch together?"

"Sure," I answered, "As long as you respect our boundaries."

"I'll go pull him off of her but I have to admit, I'm the one really disappointed."

"Thanks for the complement Rach, but friends it will only be, with no benefits."

And that's all it ever was until the last night of the vacation. Roy came to us the day before we were leaving and said, "I found out about the hottest night club on the island. It'll be a great way to end a great vacation."

It may or may not have been the hottest club but it surely was the blackest. We were the only four white faces there. Not that anyone made us feel uncomfortable but no one was that friendly either.

The music was loud and mostly to a reggae beat but it was the dancers who set the tone for the place. The women were incredibly sensual in their movements. It was as if they were trying to fuck their partners right there on the dance floor.

Roy was irrepressible and after our drinks were delivered he excused himself and went to the men's room. When he came back he triumphantly held up a baggie and said, "I've just scored some of the best ganja on the island."

Alicia and I looked at each other and smiled. We had met eight years ago at a pot party when we were still in college. We both were stoned that night and we ended up in bed together. Neither of us remembers much about the night, but the morning after we cemented our relationship and guaranteed our eventual marriage.

Although it had facilitated our romance we never used any pot subsequent to our wedding. We both knew how turned on she got when she smoked it.

We certainly wouldn't use any at home, especially not since the children had arrived. But we were on vacation now and I could tell that she, as was I, was ready to fall off the wagon tonight.

Roy gave me a cigarette paper and poured some weed into it and I rolled my own. I lit it and took a deep lungful, it was good stuff. I gave the toke to Alicia and she repeated my first inhalation. We both held the lungful as long as we could and then slowly exhaled into the other's face. Then we kissed and it was as if we were back in college.

We each took another hit and kissed again, each of us passing the smoke back and forth between us. She moved from her chair onto my lap and my hand, that was around her waist, moved up to her tit, The other hand, that was on her knee, moved up inside her skirt and when I touched her panties, she was soaked. I glanced over at Roy and Rachel and they were similarly engaged.

Then realizing where we were I looked around me. I saw several dark faces; split with wide white grins waiting to see what kind of show would develop. I wasn't going to put on that kind of a performance. I lifted Alicia off of my lap and said, "Come on love, we have an audience. Let's give them a show on the dance floor."

Now I 'm a pretty good dancer but I have to admit that Alicia makes me look even better. We did collect an audience out there and we were soon joined by Roy and Rachel. Maybe it was the novelty of four white people putting on a show for the blacks but they did egg us on. Then we changed partners and as the novelty began to wear off our audience slowly petered away. That's when Rachel really began to dance sexy with me.

We had more privacy now and when we were face to face, she was up against me from knee to chest and when she was faced away; her ass was plugged into my crotch. When she got behind me, her tits ran a foot race up and down my back. I had a hard-on for the whole half hour I was out there with her.

Finally I gave up and said to her, "I've got to sit down." She gave a little pout but followed me back to the table.

When we got back and seated I asked, "Where's Roy and Alicia?"

"I don't know." she replied, "Maybe they went out to smoke some more or cool off. I don't know about you but I am all perspired. No don't get up and look for them." I had started to rise out of my chair. "I told Roy you were not swingers. Nothing is going to happen. Our deal is we swing only when both of us are there together. See, here they come now."

Roy was his usual convivial self but Alicia had the giggles, just like she used to have in her co-ed days when she was stoned. There was something else though, when she sat down she was animatedly talking to all of us but she never looked at me. She talked to me, but when she did, she never looked at me. I knew something had happened.

That put the capper on the night for me. "Time to go." I said, "We have to pack in the morning and get ready for our noon flight tomorrow."

"Aww, don't be a party pooper." "One more drink," "It's only midnight." "One more dance." Were only some of the complaints I heard.

"I'm getting a cab and going back to the hotel." I said to Roy and Rachel and then transferring my gaze to look at my wife, "Are you coming with me?"

She knew I was angry and still not looking at me, gathered her purse and stood up. "Of course I am honey." she answered. The other two, not wanting to be left there on their own, reluctantly agreed to return with us.

We piled into the cab, all four of us in the back. Alicia was in my lap. She was snuggling against me, her lips kissing my neck; she even pulled my hand to her tit. I knew she was aroused, her nipple was hard. I knew that they had been intimate when they were outside. I just didn't know if she had been fucked. I didn't respond to her advances and the tension between us became palpable.

Rachel and Roy were so busy necking and kissing next to us that they never noticed a thing. We got to the hotel and after promising to keep in touch after we got home we said our goodnights and went up to our rooms. .

"Why are you so angry?" Alicia asked after the door to our room closed behind us.

"Why? Why were you outside with him for nearly an hour? Are you going to tell me you just talked the whole time?"

"We had another drink and smoked a couple of joints,"

"That's all? He didn't kiss you?" Silence.

"He didn't feel you up? Maybe suck on your nipple?" Silence.

"Did he finger you? Get you to cum for him?" Silence.

"Did he fuck you? Did you bring back a creampie for me?"

"No," she finally answered angrily, "I would never do that to you." But she didn't deny any of my other accusations and she stomped off towards the bathroom. As she walked in she pulled her dress off over her head and just before the door closed I saw her bare ass.

Her panties were gone.

We didn't see the Carters at breakfast and it was probably a good thing because I don't know if I could have held my temper. We never did say goodbye to them.

The plane ride back to New York began just as frosty. I didn't want our vacation to end on such a bad note.

"Honey," I said, "I don't want get home feeling that our vacation caused a rift between us. What happened in Jamaica stays in Jamaica. The pot, the drinking, the flirting, we'll forget about it all and come home with a clean slate."

She looked at me and smiled. "Good," she said, "I don't want to get home with either of us being angry, but does that include forgetting Roy and Rachel."

"Yes Babe, they stay in Jamaica. The flirting was just too much for me. You don't call her and if she calls you, you just make excuses. We're better off without them."

She agreed with me, albeit a bit reluctantly I thought, and as it turned out later, not at all. We got back home and everything was fine. The kids were glad to see us and there were no repercussions affecting our love life. Roy and Rachel were never mentioned.

At least not until the night a month later that she told me that she had spoken to Rachel that afternoon. We were undressing, getting ready for bed when she sprung it on me.

She opened with. "Rachel called me today."

"Did you brush her off the way we agreed?"

"I didn't get a chance to because she hit me with a proposition I had to listen to."

"A proposition?"

"Well an offer really."

"What kind of offer?" I was immediately suspicious.

"Two weekend nights in a two bedroom and living room suite in the Waldorf Towers. Roy bought it in a silent auction at a charity affair for a thousand dollars so it would only cost us five hundred and it includes a dinner at their best restaurant. It's a weekend that is worth at least five times that amount. Please honey, think about it."

I did think about it and I guess avarice clouded my judgment, I knew those accommodations were easily worth two to three grand a night and I had always wanted to dine in that restaurant but I would never spring for the price. So I gave my qualified acceptance.

"OK," I said, "but none of that flirting that you and he carried on with in Jamaica."

"No sweetheart, that was vacation fun, I'll be good, I promise."

So it was the first weekend in April that we took our 'Weekend at the Waldorf'. Roy and I went right from work that Friday evening and met the women at the hotel. They had each driven into the city with the luggage. By the time we had settled in it was time for a drink and an early dinner to be able to take in a Broadway show. By the time we got back to the hotel and had a drink in the bar, it was time to go to bed. Every one was on their best behavior and any apprehensions I had were laid to rest.

Saturday the women wanted to go shopping on Fifth Ave, somehow I knew that this weekend would cost me a lot more than five hundred. Roy had managed to get two tickets to opening day at Yankee Stadium so we left the ladies and went our separate ways and met back at the suite at five in the evening. It was time for a drink and for the ladies to show us what they had purchased. They had both bought dresses and they held them up for us to see.

I said to Alicia, "There doesn't seem to be much material above the waist and not a lot more below either."

She giggled and said, "No, there isn't."

"But then you can't wear a bra."

"There's support sewn into the dress," she replied, "and it fits perfectly. I won't have to have it altered a bit."

She was right; the dress was perfect for her, sexy yet sophisticated. She was gorgeous and so was Rachel in her new dress when we went to dinner at eight. It was a lovely dinner with two lovely women and some how we managed to finish three bottles of wine. When we got back to the suite none of us was feeling any pain.

I was sprawled out on the sofa, my head against the back and my legs stretched out in front of me when Roy had pulled out a pouch and said, "I got lucky and got this great weed, anybody want to join me on the terrace and share a joint."

You can't smoke anything inside a hotel room in New York anymore.

"Not me," I said, "I'll get dizzy if I stand up."

"Not me either," said Rachel as she sat down next to me.

"I'll go with you," said Alicia, "I haven't had a puff since we were in Jamaica."

I saw him remove his jacket and drape over her shoulders as they went out onto the terrace.

"You know you disappointed me." Rachel said to me.

"How did I do that?"

"In Jamaica, when you told me that you two wouldn't swing."

"Haven't changed my mind."

"That's what you say but this tells me different."

She had my cock out and she was stroking it. It was hard and in my inebriated state I hadn't even realized it.

"You're bigger than Roy." She said, "You taste better too." She was licking the precum from the tip. "I want to feel it inside of me."

She stood up and straddled me and the guided my cock into her pussy as she sat down on it. I heard her say, "It feels so gooddddddd." I never knew what happened to her panties.

She moved on me, slowly at first, taking all the time in the world, and then with increasing speed and thrust and I responded in kind. We were both fucking and we climaxed together. She with a loud scream and I, with a softer groan. She fell forward, her tits flattened against my chest, her face buried in my shoulder. It was then that I saw Alicia standing on the terrace, watching through the glass of the sliding door.

The expression on her face changing from bewilderment to anger, and then to acceptance and even a satisfied smile when I saw Roy's hand disappear inside the bodice of her dress to manipulate her tits. I watched him raise the hem of her dress and slide her panties down as he bent his knees to lower himself behind her. I saw the startled expression on her face change to one of satisfaction when I saw her body move as he fucked her from behind. Every thrust pressed her belly, tits and thighs against the glass. Her palms, raised up along side of her head and even the side her face pressed against the glass, reflected the pressure of his movements and I watched her climax as she had watched mine.

I saw her arms go up and back and hold his head as he kissed her shoulder and then I saw her turn her head and offer her lips to his and I couldn't do a thing about it. I had been the one to break my vows first. We spent the night, each of us with our new lover. Breakfast was in the suite, Roy and Rachel were bubbling, so happy that we had seen the light and were swinging with them.

Alicia and I more subdued knowing that we had a lot to talk about. We both knew that we had just made a very serious change in our marriage. It wasn't until we were in the car returning to our home that I brought up what was on both our minds.

"Did you have to let him fuck you against the glass, right in front of me?" I asked.

"Let him?" was her reply, "He practically raped me. He was in me before I knew what was happening. Besides, I didn't see you putting up much of a fight when I saw Rachel straddle you and sit on your cock. I had to watch her naked ass rising up and down while your hard-on kept disappearing into her cunt."

"It was the booze, I was half out of it when she started coming on to me. She had me hard before I knew what she was up to and when she swung over me and sat on it, I was too far gone to object."

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