tagInterracial LoveJamaican Holiday Ch. 12

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 12


Last Friday – Two Black Cock Sluts

I woke when Samuel called me over to the bed. Jaye had his Black cock down her throat and was drooling heavily.

"Get missy ready!"

I got down between her spread thighs, washing out her cunt with my tongue until the smell shifted to "Woman in Heat."

She was starting to moan regularly and her juices were flowing when she pushed me off and headed for the bathroom to pee, telling me to take over on Samuel's Black Cock and keep him hard.

As I crawled up to his crotch, he fixed me with a hard stare and grasped his cock at the base. That was all it took – I needed that Black cock in my mouth! I opened my mouth to suck it, but instead he slapped me in the face with it, back and forth. I stayed there on all fours, my mouth open, then he grabbed my head and brought it down onto himself. I started bobbing my head up and down on it, going faster as the desire in me built.

But he slowed me down, told me to take my time. I held his Black cock to his belly and licked the shaft down to his balls and back up, then repeated. On the third trip I stopped at his balls and tried to suck them, but they were too big for my mouth and I had to do one at a time. Then back up his shaft to the tip and slide it into my mouth as deep as I could take it. There was something calming about this routine and his soft words of encouragement and I found my entire being focused on the cock in my mouth. I had totally slipped into subspace and didn't care if I ever came back.

All too soon, I felt Jaye pull my head off that beautiful Black torpedo.

"You are supposed to get me ready, cocksucker!"

Reluctantly, I resumed my duties at her cunt and ass while she gobbled the Black cock that had become the center of my existence. I felt empty and abandoned and realized how Jaye had felt all week whenever there wasn't a cock inside her.

I kept sucking and licking until her Big Bang hit, then she pushed me away and mounted Samuel in a reverse cowgirl facing the open windows. In this position, anyone passing by on that side of the building could have a great view of her cumming, her tits flopping. She told me to kneel in front of her, and lick her clit as she bounced and shook. I had just swirled my tongue around it and his Black cock going in and out of her when I got a squirt in my mouth, so I stayed there, mouth open while a series of squirts flooded my face.

Samuel moved her to doggie position and stroked into her, matching his tempo to her waning orgasms. When she was done, he rolled her onto her back and fucked her at an even speed for 5 minutes, while she begged him to cum in her and screamed when he did.

On my knees at the side of the bed, her squirt juice running down my face, I tried to process what had happened to me. Nothing had ever affected me like these Black cocks. Was I really gay?

I was pulled out of my reverie by Jaye pushing Samuel's cum-slimed cock between my lips. I licked and sucked like it was my mother's nipple, happy to have it in my mouth once more, wanting the feeling back.

All too soon he pulled out and by that time his load had made its way to Jaye's cunt lips. Well, maybe I was only Bi, because as I buried my face in my wife's used cunt I had an overwhelming desire to fuck her and my hard on backed me up. However she wouldn't let me enter her, telling me to kneel there and jerk off but not cum.

Breakfast was room service again, with me naked on my knees jerking off in the presence of a different Black waiter. He said the staff was talking about how Andre had taken pictures and asked if he could take some. Jaye told him to go ahead. She posed me kneeling, legs spread, hands behind my head, my cock shriveled in shame, then had him take a few of me sucking Samuel, then a few more of both she and I licking his Black cock together, and finally several of her feeding his Black cock into my mouth while she kissed him and showed off her rings (tough to pose, but they did it).

When the waiter was done, Jaye had me tip him $40 – $20 for bringing breakfast and $20 for taking the pictures.

While this was going on the maid came in. Samuel told her to stay and do what she had to do. He and Jaye headed off to the shower and as they giggled and splashed, I caught her eye a few times and she was sneering at me.

Again they went off to lunch together, leaving me naked and alone in the room.

I grabbed a beer, set it on the coffee table and got on my knees in the center of the room, waiting expectantly. Sure enough, within minutes of the departure of my wife and her Black Master (I now had the right words), the door clicked open and there was my Man.

He had me get his Black cock out and hurry – he had calls to make.

He had been fucking my mouth for several minutes and I was drooling uncontrollably, my hands on his butt cheeks pulling him into me when suddenly I heard Jaye exclaim "What's going on here?"

She and Samuel were standing in the open doorway taking in the sight of me naked on my knees avidly sucking the Black cock while its owner's belly hung over my head. Instinctively I pulled off the Black cock and looked ashamedly at them. They came in and walked around the two of us.

"So this is what you do when we leave you alone! Don't let us stop you!"

"Teachin him to serve the Black man proper!" said the maintenance man, grinning at them.

"Git on wit it den! He need de practice." said Samuel.

Jaye came over and grasped his dripping cock with her left hand so that I could see her rings and fed it into my mouth, pushing my head onto it with her other hand.

"I thought you were just doing it for the adventure! Maybe it's really your thing?"

I cringed at the contempt in her voice, but the influence of the cock in my mouth was too strong and I lost myself to it again, only dimly aware that my wife and her lover were sitting on the sofa watching us while she stroked his Black Cock with one hand and jerked off her clit with the other.

Time seemed to stand still and then I felt his Black cock seem to swell even more in my mouth and he grabbed my head and face-fucked me furiously. I concentrated on keeping my mouth soft on that marvelous cock. Suddenly he stopped still and groaned, filling my mouth once again to over-flowing. Jaye and Samuel heard the groan and she came over and scooped up the cum on my chin and fed it into my mouth.

When he had recovered some, he pulled up his shorts, thanked Samuel and started to leave. Jaye asked him to wait and ordered me to tip him $20. He took the money and leered at me then left.

As soon as the door shut, Jaye stripped off her dress and the two moved up to the bed.

"Fuck me Samuel! Any way you want, I need a real man's hard cock inside me!"

As they fucked, I just knelt there until they were done and called me over to clean them.

That afternoon they made me wear a towel for the walk through the public area – normal looking but I was naked underneath it. Jaye was dressed the same. She had wanted me to wear her dancing skirt but Samuel thought that was a little too much. On the way out at the beach, she made a point of stopping at the gift shop and picking out hoop earrings, making sure the clerk heard her talk about piercing my ears later that evening.

At the beach, Samuel trolled his naked white wife trophy and her naked husband through a crowded area but moved on to a quieter one with no views from the resort. Jaye, of course, was smiling and flirting, waving to her fans.

Setting up, I oiled both of them. Several folks had followed us in expectation and were watching the show.

As I got to Samuel's crotch, Jaye said in a loud voice,

"Do his Black cock too, cuckie!"

Several cat-calls came from the crowd.

When I was done, Jaye gave Samuel a body massage, then he told her to lay down and started on her. As her legs raised and his fingers slid into her cunt, they closed in for a better view.

She raised her head and told me in a loud voice to suck Samuel. I hesitated, but the crowd closed in even more. Marianne appeared and knelt down, her full, bruised, pear-shaped tits swaying, and guided my head to Samuel's Black cock. When I was 6" from it, all resistance faded. My mouth started watering and it was all I could see. On a whim, I put my hands behind my back, only using my lips and mouth, and started gobbling as the crowd began to chant "Suck it!"

Jaye was getting more aroused and moaning loudly as Samuel now had three long Black fingers in her cunt and was working them steadily, her knees splayed as wide as they would go.

I looked up at one point to see her face contorted and her head rolling from side to side, her hands twisting her bruised tits and nipples viciously. I also saw that several white women were being openly fingered by their Black escorts. Marianne and two or three others were on their knees sucking Black cock. Kevin was on his knees beside her and looked like he was waiting his turn. The object of their attention was yet a different Black man who was holding leashes attached to both their dog collars

A few more minutes and Jaye told me to shift. She started sucking Samuel and squatted over my face to keep me licking her.

Eventually, Jaye came with a shout and a squirt into my face. The crowd cheered. Once she calmed down we went back to the room, where Samuel fucked her into a Big Bang.

After a nap, they went to dinner, once again leaving me behind and hoping for my meal of cum.

They had only been gone minutes when the door clicked open and in walked my Man. I was waiting on my knees. He grinned, sat down, pulled out his cock and started stroking it, and told me to get going.

Without hesitation I lowered my head and started sucking. Since Jaye already knew, the resort staff already knew, and a good number of the resort guests now knew, I didn't have to worry about being caught and totally lost myself on the rubbery hardness in my mouth.

He had me work up and down his shaft and bathe his balls. He pushed his ass at me and this time I licked it enthusiastically, running my tongue around the rim and even pushing it into his puckered whole. But as before he wanted a blow job. After a while, he tensed and flooded my mouth again. This time I swallowed it all. He wiped his Black cock on my face, stood up, put it away and said,

"Clean out ja man-pussy for tonight!"

I scrambled on my knees to my wallet and handed him his $20 and he left.

Samuel and Jaye came back from dinner and Jaye announced they were going to the club down by the port – alone.

I asked her why there.

"Tomorrow night we are staying in so this is my last chance to whore before we go home. And you've been telling me to go with the adventure! Besides, this is Friday night and there are two cruise ships in town!"

She showered, douched and flushed out her ass, then had me shave her cunt smooth and lube her anus. Hoop ear rings, short skirt with panties ("More material for wiping up," she pointed out), triangle top, ankle bracelet, high heel sandals and heavy make-up and eye liner completed her outfit.

After they left, I rushed into the bathroom for an enema. When everything was clean, I lubed my virgin hole heavily to where I could get two fingers in.

I was barely done when the door opened and in came the maintenance man – and another Black man! Immediately I dropped to my knees.

"We off shift an ja wife and her man look they be gone awhile, so we doan gotta rush! Watch dis Leon!"

He fished his Black cock out of his shorts and rubbed it in my face. I immediately opened my mouth and started to suck it.

"Real slut huh?"

He pulled out of my mouth and told me to get them beers. I scampered on my knees to get them, and by the time I arrived at the couch they were both naked and stroking their cocks.

"Git started boi! Don't rush and make sure no teeth!"

I started sucking him, slowly, lovingly, quickly drifting into subspace. I loved his Black cock and his big belly and especially his attitude. He was my Man. When he was mostly hard he told me to suck Leon.

For the next ½ hour I alternated between them, then my Man grabbed my head and started to face fuck me faster and faster. Finally, with a groan he unloaded into my eager mouth. Whether from hunger or lust, it was the best thing I ever tasted.

Immediately, Leon pulled me over and started the same action until he unloaded. I savored the taste of his cream, too.

They demanded another beer and sat and watched a soccer game while I licked and sucked their balls and assholes.

The maid came by to put on new sheets, but my Man told her to come back around midnight.

Then we started Round #2. My knees were hurting and I asked if I could serve them on the bed. While I sucked my Man back to hardness, Leon twisted my nipples and shoved a finger in my ass. I yelped in surprise.

"Ja all liked dat dint ja!" Not really, but I felt like I would put up with almost anything just to keep a cock in my mouth.

Leon discovered the lube and I felt a wet pressure on my ass hole. He went around in circles and I felt my sphincter relax. It was feeling good now and when a finger invaded I pushed back, enjoying the new sensations as he massaged my sphincter from the inside. Soon his whole finger was in, then two, then three. I was moaning around the beautiful Black cock in my mouth. This was a replay of what we had been doing to Jaye, but now I was the bitch in heat.

Then I felt a blunt pressure at my ass. Harder. The reality of what was going to happen hit me and I panicked for a second. I tried to move away but my Man kept me attached to his cock. I could feel my ass relaxing and tightening, and Leon timed his penetration to the relaxed periods - Pressure, release, pressure, release. Then he pushed hard. I opened my mouth to protest but my Man pulled my head way down on his Black cock, forcing it into my throat. I couldn't breathe and my body bucked which resulted in the Black cock in my ass bottoming out in one stroke.

My Man let me up for air and to process the feelings, then he and Leon established a rhythm. I had never felt anything like this and wanted to float but with my last piece of sanity I begged for them to use condoms in my ass. Leon did, adding more lube, and pushed in with no resistance.

From that point on I was in la la land. Leon came first. (My Man was well over 40 and had already cum in me three times today). He pulled out, removed the condom and stuck his Black cock into my mouth as my Man shifted around, rolled on a condom, and sank his tool into my stretched hole.

It felt so good to feel him enter me. The nervous virgin was gone. I knew my role now and welcomed him in, groaning around the Black cock in my mouth, and pushed back. At the end of each stroke I could feel his belly on my ass. When he finally came he collapsed over me and it felt like his bulk was enveloping me, that I was his and taken care of.

They continued the Round Robin until after midnight when the maid showed up, then got dressed to leave. My Man paused.


I scooted over and got out $20 for each. My Man gave me a hard stare.

"We each cum in ja mouth twice and in ja ass twice. Mouth be $20. Ass be $40. But since ja a sissy, we call it pussy rate - $30. Dat be $100 each!" "I, I, don't have that much cash!"

My Man pointed out that there was a cash machine near the pool bar. I started to reach for my clothes but he stopped me. I begged them not to make me go out there naked. Leon found Jaye's cut off knit skirt and cum-stained bib and tossed them to me. He also found Jaye's lipstick and did my lips heavily. Then my Man produced some electrician's tape from his tool bag and tightly bound my balls and cock. The result pushed up the short skirt in front as if I had a hard on. (Which I did) Then he slipped one of my belts around my neck like a leash, handed me my money card and said,

"Let's go!"

As we made our way to the pool bar in the moonlight, I was terrified that someone might see me. And yet I was excited and hoped someone would – that my submission to this large Black man would be seen. My cock and balls were throbbing from the constriction and arousal.

But at that time of night whatever partying was going on had moved into the club disco and there were only a few drunks left in the pool bar. We skirted the edge trying to stay in the shadows. I got the money without seemingly being noticed and we headed back. At the edge of the bar area, my Man stopped, removed the leash from around my neck and cinched it around my bound balls. The skirt now did nothing to hide my package so they had me take it off. He then paraded me back to the cabana, jerking on the leash every few steps. This time we did pass two white couples who stared at the naked white man being led by the balls by two Black men. Humiliated at first, I actually felt proud they had seen me. Back at the cabana, I got back on my knees and was told to kiss their cocks and assholes in thanks before they left.

The maid had made up the room while we were gone and was waiting for her "lick" when we got back. After the men left, she got on the sofa and hoisted her skirt and once again I found myself submerged in the smell of her hairy cunt. This time she also had me rim her. At the end, I paid her $20 and kissed her ass hole as I had the men.

Samuel and Jaye got back about 2 am. Jaye hadn't really had a chance to whore: the cruise ship crowd was mostly white and brought their own women, and the Black men could get all the white pussy they wanted for free. Under Samuel's watchful presence, she even tried street walking but only managed to attract one customer for a quick blow job in an alley.

"By the way, you owe Samuel $120 for the room and condoms. I didn't earn enough to pay him back and had to give the manager a freebie."

She had me lick and suck her to a Big Bang and then Samuel fucked her while I jerked off.

After cleaning them both I went to sleep on the couch, dreaming of my evening as a Black Cock Slut.

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