tagInterracial LoveJamaican Holiday Ch. 13

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 13


Saturday - Last Day.

I woke up to see them fucking – or, more accurately, making love. My wife's eyes were closed and her body was moving in smooth rhythm to Samuel's gentle penetration. He lowered his head and their lips and tongues met as her hands roamed over his body. Although aroused, she didn't seem to be moving toward orgasm – no need to, that's what my mouth was there for. She was just receiving her lover and enjoying him while giving as much pleasure as she could.

For his part, Samuel wasn't trying to stretch things out, nor trying to get her off. He was just enjoying himself and her.

They kept up their unhurried rhythm for several minutes and then he groaned and started to speed up. Jaye wrapped her legs around his muscled thighs and urged him to cum in her.

Finally he groaned again and stiffened which brought Jaye to a small orgasm, and she used her legs to pull him deeper into her and hold him there until he was done shooting into her.

They lay together and slowly recovered, stroking each other and sighing, then she shifted down and sucked him clean.

When he went to the bathroom, she waved me between her legs to clean the cum running down her crack.

"Go gently and don't hurry."

I took my time, starting with the cum around her ass hole and working my way up to her cunt, then going as deep as I could with my tongue. She sighed softly at first then started moaning as I brought her to her Big Bang.

Breakfast was room service again. Jaye kept sucking Samuel while Andre delivered it. She had me suck Andre until he dumped his load in my mouth and then tip him $20.

Then Samuel left, telling us to be ready at 8 PM for a goodbye party.

Once he was gone, Jaye had me come up on the bed. She started stroking my cock and asked if I was enjoying my adventure.

"No, I don't like being a servant, and I don't like the way you are treating me. It's like you have lost all respect for me. For over 20 years I've been the dominant - being in the lead is part of my personality and necessary for the way I earn my lining. I now know I have a submissive streak, but it's mostly centered on seeing you having sex and enjoying it (Not totally true). I'll prep and clean you – both of you - but I don't like being excluded and belittled. And what's this crap about you belonging to him? I don't like being replaced as your "Man," even if it's just for a few days! It doesn't trigger any of my submissive switches – just pisses me off. (Not the full truth) I'll play it out while we are here, but don't expect to carry it over when we leave or we will have problems." (I didn't mention humiliation at the hands of Dominant Black Men and what that did for me.)

She responded with a deep sigh,

"Thank God! I was afraid you were really into it, and I was afraid of what was going to happen when we left! I need my real man to be a real man!"

"Then why the denial and humiliation stuff?"

"Like everything we have experienced here, multiple things: First, anger and resentment that you wanted other men to fuck me. I know you set it up to look like each step was my decision, but I knew you wanted it and weren't stopping it, particularly Tuesday night, and that was the final decider in each case.

Except for the games at the beach – those really were my idea as I felt more freedom and confidence.

But, I couldn't understand why you would want your wife to be fucked by others and pay them to do it. You are supposed to protect and treasure me. I still don't understand, fully, but I have to admit that it is fun. But I was and am angry, too.

Second, just as Samuel wanted to push me when he heard about my whore fantasy, I wanted to see just how far you would go – how much a part of you was this submissive, cocksucking B.

Third, it was interesting to take the dominant role. Again, a fun experiment, but not something I want as a lifestyle – I prefer you in charge, or at worst 50/50.

Finally, truth be told, we are leaving soon and I just wanted as much of Samuel and his cock as I could get. But I don't want a sissy doormat as a life partner!"

"So, what now?"

"Like Samuel said, balance is the key. I'm an exhibitionist, you are a voyeur. So far a good match. Apparently I'm also a shameless slut who craves to be publicly debased, and you get off on setting it up and letting the world know it. Still a match. And I also like being in charge now and then. You like being submissive now and then. We have to work on the limits there.

But you are still my husband and protector, not my servant. The last couple of days has been testing your limits as you tested mine. You haven't lost my respect and won't if you stay as you've always been. OK?"

And with that she started sucking my cock. When it was hard, I rolled her on her back and for the first time in three days slid into her wet cunt, starting the rhythm I had learned from watching Samuel fuck her so that I could last longer and bring her closer.

As we built up, she rolled over on top and whispered to me as she worked her hips down onto my cock,

"There were some things you liked about the last couple of days, weren't there?"

"Yeah, I have to admit."

"Sucking cock is wonderful, isn't it?"

"Yes!" I groaned.

"And you like the taste of cum, don't you?"

"Yes!" I groaned again.

"And we haven't finished our adventure here yet, have we, my cum eating cocksucker?"

She was milking my cock with her cunt muscles and making her tiny tits bounce.


"B. I'm not going to cum now. I want to feel you shoot into me, because you are my man. And then you are going to clean my cunt and lick my sensitive clit to another Big Bang so you can hear me scream!"

We were back together . Afterwards, we cuddled and talked about what we had learned about ourselves in the last two weeks.

Our mutual love of her exhibiting herself was of course high on the list.

Another was that she liked being taken and used. Gag-fucking took her to a special,submissive, slutty place and started her juicies flowing.

Our "traditional" routine of me eating her to Big Bang and then mounting her was OK, but she wanted to reverse it more often. Besides the timing aspect, it was erotic to know I was sucking cum out of her cunt.

A deeper and unsettling insight was the effect that certain men had on her psychologically: Samuel, and a few of the others, projected a sense of power and threat that reduced her to a puddle of cunt juice with no will of her own. She felt she would do anything demanded when she was in their presence and that worried her. Prior to Jamaica, she had encountered men who had disturbed her but she didn't know why and was able to set up a defensive wall of herself as a married house wife/mother. After the last week she was worried that, when faced by such men again and knowing what would happen, she would willingly submit.

That was another reason she wanted me strong and in charge. Just thinking about the way Samuel looked at her made her cunt ache and twitch. She needed to know that I would protect her from them – and herself. Sometimes.

I assured her I would, even if I had to put a dog collar on her and lead her around. She snuggled in and purred,

"That sounds like fun! Any time you want!"

"Since we are talking, what about you and the girls – the Wife and Marianne?"

She didn't really know – girls didn't interest her sexually, but tit-rubbimg and making out with the Wife just sort of seemed the natural thing to do at the time.

As to Marianne fisting her, she was so far gone in lust that she wasn't aware who had finished her off until we told her.

Then she looked at me seriously and asked me about my cock sucking. She had thought I was doing it as part of the adventure and felt it was actually kind of hot, but when they had come back from lunch to find me sucking the maintenance man and eagerly taking his load, she had been shocked and worried. I explained that I had fallen into sucking Samuel and the waiters as she said – part of the game. It wasn't gross and kept me involved and excited my sub feelings, but wasn't a real part of me.

But then, the maintenance guy had walked in and taken complete control of me. Something snapped in my head. Then he shoved his Black cock in my face and I had to suck it, not just because he told me to but because something deep inside me forced me.

I admitted that he had been back several times since and I serviced him with my mouth and the final time with my ass as well (That upset her, but she told me to go on). It seemed so natural to have his cock in me and I was so happy when he would cum, then sad because he was done. . "Seeing all the other cocks we have for the past two weeks had no effect on me, no desire. Even Samuel only triggered this reaction once – any other time I sucked him or the waiters was just part of the adventure. Pleasant, but part of the game.

But this guy was different. If he walked in here now and pointed his cock at me I'm not sure I wouldn't drop to my knees and suck it. I still prefer girls, but stick a Black cock in my face and ...."

"Sounds like we have some traits in common. But no more taking it in the ass and,like you told me, no secrets. So, you protect me from myself and I'll protect you from yourself.

Only, don't protect me until we get home.

Anyhow, we probably won't ever do this again. (Something about her tone made me sad.)

Why don't you get dressed and take me to lunch? That way you won't be here when the maintenance man comes back."

I slipped on shorts and a T-shirt and Jaye grabbed a T-shirt and dance skirt – no underwear - and we went for the best snapper sandwich I've ever had.

Last Evening

For our last night in Jamaica, I gathered in some food and booze for a final fling with Samuel. He'd been gone all afternoon, and when he came home at 8, he had a friend with him! Jamal!

He gave a quick smile. "It be a surprise. Play along, Mon – ja both will enjoy."

Jaye came out of the bathroom gorgeously naked: she had had her dirty blond hair done in cornrows that afternoon and had had her cunt waxed. Her cunt lips glistened, but I wasn't sure if it was from expectation or lube. Topping off her self-described "Black Cock Whore" look were the large hoop earrings, heavy eye makeup, lipstick, ankle bracelet, and the high-heeled sandals.

She was stunned for a moment to see Jamal, the bood draining from her face. But it was a testimony tohow much she had changed in our two weeks in Jamaica that she only paused a second. She just melted into Samuel's arms and gave him a deep French kiss, grinding her mound into his crotch. Then Samuel gently guided Jaye to Jamal and she gave him a kiss and crotch grind also.

As I've said, Jamal was a big man – about 6'3" – early thirties, well-muscled. Bearded, he was shirtless yet had on one of those knit caps the Jamaican's wear to cover his dreads. His presence filled the room. It was obvious that the Master was in the house. I just stood there.

Realization of what his being there meant and what was about to happen hit Jaye. She looked at me for guidance and I nodded my head.

Samuel spoke up. "Jus relax. Like da song say "Evry ting gonna be all right!" Ya'll like it jus fine and we send ja home wid memories of real Jamaica!" Jamal grinned,

"Samuel tole me lots about ya missy. An' seems it all be true. Ja come along real good."

She smiled and visibly relaxed.

He stared appreciatively then told her to turn around, keeping her hands at her sides. He wanted to inspect her close up. When she had completed her pirouette, he hefted her tits.

"Small but nice1"

He thumbed her nipples and she closed her eyes and moaned gently, arching her chest toward him.

"Nice big nipples. Pretty."

Then he took a nipple in each hand and gently tugged and twisted. Jaye moaned louder and bit her lip.

"Sensitive, too."

"Open ja legs!"

He slid one of his large hands between her legs and ran his long fingers over her labia. Then he unceremoniously shoved two fingers into her cunt.


In her spread half crouch I could see her clit already sticking out. He did too, and pressed it between his thumb and forefinger. Jaye let out another cry and her legs quivered but she held her position and kept her eyes closed, biting her lip even harder.

"Already juicy and dat big clitty askin to be banged. She a right slut, Samuel, I tole ja she be a good one!"

With that he walked behind her and told her to bend over and spread her ass cheeks. When she had done so, he wet his finger in his mouth and probed her anus. More moans but again she held position.

"Already lubed!"

He told her to stand up and stuck his probe finger in her mouth. "Clean it off!' She sucked like it was her favorite ice cream.

This was all so erotic and pushing so many buttons in my head I wasn't even hard – just awestruck at his control over my wife and the situation.

"Why doan we get acquainted? Get us some drinks, boi!"

He took her by the hand and sat down on the sofa. Samuel sat on her other side.

Jamal turned her head toward him and kissed her – long and wet – and she returned it enthusiastically. At the same time, he parted her thighs and started massaging her cunt.

Samuel started massaging one tit and sucking on the other nipple. Jaye put each of her thighs over one of theirs, opening her cunt completely. From my position across from them I could see the wetness glimmering and that her labia were puffing up, her clit starting to emerge even more. She also started to massage their growing bulges through their pants.

I brought their drinks and Samuel pulled out makings and rolled some joints then lit one each for Jamal and himself. Jamal sucked on his joint and offered it to Jaye. She surprised me by taking a long drag on it – neither of us smoke – and then started coughing. That made the guys laugh and Jamal tilted a glass of rum down her throat.

Jamal resumed the kissing, sucking on her lower lip, and they both were using their hands on her cunt. This went on for several minutes. Jaye was moaning steadily and her hips squirming.

Finally, Jamal broke a long kiss. Jaye was panting, her chest heaving.

"Samuel tell me lots about ja. He say ja like to suck Black cock. Dat right?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Sir!"

"Git on it!"

And with that he pushed her down to her knees on the floor in front of him. She immediately pulled down his pajama pants and shorts, revealing a flaccid cock that was longer and thicker than mine when I am hard. I had seen it at the beach from close range, but here in the cabana I saw how big it really was.

Jaye grabbed his cock in both hands and there was still almost 3 inches left for her to suck. She slid back the foreskin and started, first working the head lightly then all of the head into her mouth, then working the shaft. As he started to grow hard, (he didn't get longer, just thicker and stiffer) he pushed her hands off his cock and pulled her head farther and farther onto it.

At one point she gagged and he released her head but as soon as she got some air she dove back on it, going as deep as she could, trying to deep throat the Black sausage, its girth stretching her mouth. Again and again he pulled her head deeper down on his cock, holding it there a little longer each time as she gagged, until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. He held her like that until she started convulsing and her eyes rolled up. Then he pulled her off, tears and make up running down her face and long streams of pre-cum and saliva hanging from her mouth, grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her back up to the sofa.

He grabbed his stiff cock, and told her to straddle him. Jaye eased herself down onto his thick sausage. As she got the head into her cunt, (Oh, gawd,! He's big!") he let go of his cock and started to play with her nipples, lifting and twisting her tits with them. Her eyes were clenched shut and she was moaning, but she reached down and guided his cock deeper into her. She worked it slowly, adjusting to its girth, and had it about half way in when he nodded to Samuel, who took her by the shoulders and pushed her all the way down.

"Garghowww!" It was a noise that was part pain, part surprise and part orgasm.

Jamal gave her a minute to catch her breath then told her to start moving, yanking up on her nipples until she raised up a few inches, then down to bring her all the way down again. She got the idea and placed her hands on his shoulders and started bouncing.

"It feels like he's coming out my throat!"

As she became accustomed to his girth and length, Jaye started working her hips,finding the best angle and speed. Jamal grabbed her butt cheeks and lifted and dropped her, each drop bringing out another yelp. But she didn't slow or ask to stop.

Samuel got up on the back of the couch and stuck his cock in her face. She grabbed it without hesitation and started to suck it.

After a few minutes, Jamal told her to get off and turn around, then he pulled her down in a reverse cowgirl. He ordered me to kneel in front of them. From that position I could see his sausage pumping in and out of her, her cunt lips stretched obscenely. It looked as if her cunt was being pulled inside out on each stroke. He told her to speed it up and she started bouncing up and down, her small tits flopping, thick Black cock going in and out. Jamal told me to lick her clit and his cock as it went in and out.

After some more time, Jamal came, and Jaye as werll, squirting a stream into my mouth. Cum spurted out of her stretched cunt and Jamal had me lick it up, then lay on the floor.

Samuel lifted Jaye off him and had her squat over my face. Big gobs of Jamal's cum from his huge load streamed into my mouth as I cleaned her up.

Then Samuel took her to the bed where she sucked his cock like no tomorrow while Jamal had me clean him off. Once I got him hard again, he got on the bed and spread his legs. Jaye shifted from Samuel to Jamal's cock and Samuel started to fuck her doggie style.

As she grunteds and moaned, tits flopping, Jamal grabbed her nipples. Her motion caused them to stretch and she groaned.

Samuel came and she let go of Jamal to clean him while I cleaned her again.

Then she grabbed Jamal's Black cock in both hands and jammed it down her throat, gagging hard. After a few minutes, Jamal removed his cock from her mouth and told her to suck his balls, shifting himself up over her head.

Samuel was still recovering, which left her cunt empty. She slipped one hand down and pushed two fingers in, moaning louder. Samuel grabbed her hand away.

"Not so quick, missy." He shoved two fingers into her ass and jerked off her distended clit with his thumb and forefinger. She moaned and moved her hands up to Jamal's hips.

Jamal shifted again so that his asshole was over her mouth.

"Lick it white bitch!" She did with abandon.

"Now stick ja tongue in!"

From where I was at her crotch I had a perfect view as, without a pause, she stuck her tongue into his ass as far as she could, grabbing him by the hips and pulling him closer. This was driving me crazy and I watched as Samuel pushed a third finger into her ass.

Her moans got louder and faster and her body started to squirm and then she came!

From tongue fucking a Black ass and being finger fucked in her own ass!

As she caught her breath from the orgasm Jamal stuck his Big Black Cock back into her mouth again.

Samuel had stopped pumping into her ass when she came. Now he positioned himself between her legs and started rubbing his purple cockhead up and down her wet puffy cunt lips, and around her clit. Sensitive from her third orgasm, she started mewling and twisting her hips away.

Jamal's response to her feeble protest was to shove his big Black cock deep into her throat, gagging her. Samuel grabbed her hips and slid home.

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