tagInterracial LoveJamaican Vacation Ch. 01

Jamaican Vacation Ch. 01



"I do." Sherri whispered in her wedding dress standing next to her soon to be husband Robert.

"Than you may kiss your bride!" The reverend said with a bright smile on his wrinkled face.

Sherri felt elation as their lips met in a lustful kiss and her betrothed and her rushed out the door hand in hand both feeling like they were in some fairy tale. The day was rather gloomy with an occasional cool breeze but neither seemed to notice it. They entered the Mercedes together both filled with their own thoughts about what they wanted to do for the day.

Sherri was a rather beautiful woman with long golden brown hair and dark green eyes. Her body attracted the male eye like honey did to bees with her ample D sized breasts and the way her body was so fit and yet shapely where all her curves were in just the right places.

Rob was less significant looking but still showed a lot of class with his neatly trimmed beard and dark brown eyes. He had one of those office looking bodies that was in a desperate need to get in shape but that was something Rob simply just didn't have the time or luxury for. He was also a only a couple of inches taller than his bride who stood only at five four.

Robert was scared for this would be their first time together as a wedded couple and they only did it once before albeit very briefly and lasting no more than three minutes. Neither had much memory of it for they were both drunk. All he really remembered was that Sherri looked more than a little scared when he pulled down his pants, his six inch hard cock came bouncing out announcing its presence. The love making was awkward and he found that he came in less than a fifteen seconds. Sherri's disappointment was all too audible afterwards.

"I so can't wait till we're alone together." Sherri said breathlessly breaking his musings.

"I know I just can't believe we waited so long to get married." Robert said giving her a gentle kiss on the lips causing her to giggle slightly as his beard scraped against her chin. "I promise it will be better than our first time together."

"Well I think one thing that needs to come off is this beard." Sherri said giving him a playful smile as she gave it a gentle tug, apt not to answer his comment about sex finding it crude and even unattractive.

"Owe!" Robert winced in mock pain as he pulled away from his pretty bride eyeing her with wounded pride.

"Well anyway I hope that this honeymoon is worth it. It's going to cost us a fortune." Sherri said referring to their getaway to a Jamaican resort.

"You bet it will be worth it. Everything is booked and what's more my parents helped pay for everything just as they promised they would." Robert replied.

As they drove off to the hotel before taking off for Jamaica neither knew that this honeymoon wasn't going to be the perfect one that they envisioned.

Week One At The Jamaican Resort

"Honey how do I look?" Sherri came out of the restroom dressed in a string sheer bikini that she bought just the other week. It showed her her curves, particularly her large breasts and her generous ass and when wet she was virtually nude with the wet material would show off her nipples and her pussy would become more noticeable. She bought it knowing that it would excite her husband.

Excite him it did. He could feel himself instantly harden at the sight of her centerfold looking body. Nothing looked hotter than his beautiful new bride decked out in one of the skimpiest bikinis he ever saw.

"Uh you look beautiful." He whispered hoarsely, wanting nothing more to take her in his arms here and now but was afraid that their would be a repeat performance of last night.

They were making out hard and heavy, his cock about to enter her beautiful tight pussy when he came in a loud moaning grunt much to Sherri's protest. Embarrassment filled him as he rolled off her and turned to his side away so she wouldn't notice his flushed face, giving away his embarrassment.

"Why don't we head down to the beach." He offered, breaking away from his musings, nervously offering his arm which she graciously took.

Arm in arm they walked to the beach together in an uncomfortable silence, both wrapped up in their own thoughts. As they walked down the beach feeling the hot sun on their backs Rob couldn't help but stop and stare in disbelief. Two very large black man came running past looking like olympic runners their harsh faces taking on mock concentration. What was so surprising was that they were naked as the day they were born and their large cocks were swinging freely about.

He felt inadequate as they raced past them his wife's yelp of surprise as she too stared with something bordered on shock. Her face reddening from embarrassment, was glad that her husband looked just as shocked and didn't notice her embarrassment. Never in all her young life did she ever see such huge cocks and the sight made her compare the large size to her own husbands rather average cock wondering if they lasted longer in bed or not.

Not to say that she was a real size queen nor did she have sexual intercourse with her former boyfriend no matter how many times they insisted on having it. No Rob was her first and no pain but just disappointment at the way he came within less than a minute when he entered her. It was almost anti-climatic at the way he just rolled off her too embarrassed for words as she just laid their wanting more. The sight of those cocks awoke a primal need in her that she missed with Rob.

"Hey dear what do do you want to do?" Her husbands voice snapped her out of her musings and she found herself staring after the men speeding past them and was instantly embarrassed for herself.

"Why don't we for a swim?" She said noticing that her husbands jealous expression quickly changed.

"Sure, sounds good to me." Rob said, fighting back his feelings of inadequacies.

As she raced ahead in the great beautiful sparkling ocean he laid the towel down along with the food that they took with them before racing to catch up and stopped dead in his tracks.

Sherri was half way and talking to what looked like a very dark and strong looking black man who wore a g-string giving away a rather noticeable bulge he was still standing on the beach but looked like he was going to jump in and join her. She seemed to laugh every once in awhile as he spoke and than gestured towards me which he smiled and looked towards me. It was too far away but Rob could imagine the scorn on the negroes face.

"What's going on?" Rob asked while rushing down the beach fighting back the breathlessness overwhelming him, noticing that this hulking black man was eyeing his beautiful pale wife like she was some piece of meat.

"Oh sorry honey this is Jerome. Jerome this is Rob my new husband." Sherri said brightly.

Reluctantly Rob got out of the water and went to shake his hand wincing instantly as his huge palm seemed to crush him. He couldn't help but wonder at the way the guy seemed to look at him that this jerk considered him in part as some worm to crush and dominate. He could tell that this guy had that bully look that Rob was used to seeing in High School as well as some parts of college.

"So this is the new hubby is it?" Jerome said with what could only be a smirk on his thick lips.

Rob merely grunted in reply and got in the water so he stood next to his beautiful wife.

"Yeah this is him." Sherri said giving her betrothed a gentle kiss on the lips.

Rob felt embarrassed but nonetheless kissed her promptly back. Afterwards he looked to where the black man stood and was privately relieved that he was walking away. He couldn't get rid of the impression that this guy had some attraction towards his Sherri and she didn't seem to mind at all at the way the guy looked at her.

He admitted to himself that he had some problems with black people but this was something he never admitted to anyone much less his beautiful and fairly non-racist wife. As they swam further down the ocean, the cold water chilling his insecurities as he realized that their was nothing to worry about, at least as far as his brides faithfulness was concerned. It was unheard of for the bride to ever cheat on the groom on their honeymoon of all things. Besides he knew that Sherri was one of the most chaste women you could ever meet.

Laughing as he struggled to catch up to his wife he grudgingly admitted to himself that Sherri was a way better swimmer than himself. She had him by a half a mile when she finally slowed down waiting for him to catch up with a playful frown on her beautiful face. Her long blond hair was slicked back from the cool ocean he could see the outline of her beautiful breasts in the water and if it wasn't for the freezing ocean he'd probably have a boner.

"What's the matter slow poke?" Sherri said playfully, "Are you just too slow for little ole me?"

Rob laughing replied, "No just not in the best shape of my life is all."

"That's for sure. What's the matter you used to brag at how much you swam every day." Her playful tone had a challenge to it that unsettled his male ego.

"Well if you haven't noticed I've been kind of busy at the office." Rob said feeling more than a little defensive all the sudden. "I haven't had the time as of late to go out and go swimming."

"Oh Rob don't get so defensive. You know I'm only teasing." She laughed swimming up to Rob and giving me a light kiss on the cheek before pushing away and swimming further off the shore.

Rob feeling a sudden need to prove himself rushed to catch up when he suddenly felt a cramp starting to creep up. Gasping he tried to call out to his wife to slow down when a bunch of water filled his mouth causing him to choke instantly. He could feel himself drowning as his arms waved about wildly trying to get his wife's attention which she didn't seem to notice.

He felt himself falling in the darkness and knew then that he was going to die. Suddenly he had a vague sensation of very strong arms grabbing around him and taking him but as disoriented as he was he couldn't be sure.

"It's okay buddy I got you." A rough familiar voice gritted in his ear as he swam him to shore followed by his wife's voice scared and anxious.

Choking loud and hard Rob sputtered in relief as the water fell out of his mouth feeling ashamed at the same time as this black man saved him from certain death. Embarrassed he carefully avoided Sherri's eyes as he got up from the beach and looked at his savior. He had a rather cocky look in his eye as if he took great pleasure in saving his ass, whatever made him look good in Sherri's eyes or so Rob imagined.

"Thanks for saving my ass man I most certainly owe you one." Rob grudgingly said feeling humbled despite himself and ashamed of his earlier coldness towards Jerome.

"Think nothing of it man. I'm sure you would do the same thing for me." Jerome replied giving me a wink.

"Well I for one think that we owe you at least a drink." Sherri cut in giving her husband a kiss on the cheek, feeling suddenly very warm towards Jerome as she realized that she would have been a widow on her honeymoon no less.

Rob readily agreed insisting on it even as Jerome voiced reluctance saying that he had some cleaning he needed to do at home but finally relenting when Rob offered to help him out. Jerome laughingly held his arms up in mock surrender and followed closely by as they headed towards the local bar that was no more than a mile away.


"Once more I thank you for saving me." Rob said for what had to be the hundredth time.

"Think nothing of it bro." Jerome said whilst eyeing Sherri while he was sure her husband wasn't looking.

Sherri was instantly flattered and found herself admiring Jerome for his courage the more she got to know him. The fact that he saved the man that she loved was an instant plus in her book. She absently noticed how handsome he was and couldn't help but compare his dark hard muscled body to her husbands rather pudgy frame.

"If there's anything that I can do for you just let me know." Rob said taking another swig from his fourth beer feeling more than a little drunk.

"Well how about you let me dance with your pretty wife?" Jerome suggested with a wide smile that showed off perfect pearly teeth.

"That's the least we can do." Rob said looking over at his wife for confirmation who nodded an affirmative

Jerome smiled as he got up on his feet Sheri followed shortly, nervously as Jerome grasped her hand in his large paw like hand. She could feel a thrill of electricity rush her body as they strode hand in hand to the dance floor, conscious of Rob's eyes following them.

Rob took another sip of his beer as he watched his bride proceed to dance with this black man. Grudgingly he admitted that although they looked like an unconventional couple they still looked great together. It was something that he would only admit to himself because he was drunk. Yet Jealousy began to overwhelm him despite everything as he watched them dance to a particularly slow song.

It was almost as if they were dry fucking at least in Rob's drunken induced mind as there bodies moved together as if they were one.

"Your a terrific dancer." Sheri said breathlessly feeling at ease dancing with this tall dark handsome man. A scandalous feeling came over as she felt herself drawn into those dark intense eyes, their bodies swaying with the music.

"Well I have had some practice." Jerome said conversationally, "I am black after all."

Sheri laughed at this comment finding all nervous tension leave her trim body, "Your really funny you know that?"

"Yeah and I know that your not exactly at ease with me but trust me." She gasped as he pulled her closer till his lips almost brushed hers. "I wont bite unless you want me to."

Abruptly she pushed away suddenly feeling awkward noticing as she turned around walking towards her husband that her he had this simmering look that bordered on jealous rage.

"Honey I think we should go." Sheri abruptly said giving her husband a kiss before turning towards Jerome for he followed her off the dance floor. "Thanks for the dance Jerome. I hope to see you some time later." Sheri said trying to avoid Jeromes all to hungry eyes as she grabbed her new husbands hand and stormed off out of the bar determinedly all the while carefully avoiding her husbands questioning gaze.

"What's going on dear?" Rob asked worriedly, "You looked like you were having such a good time."

"Yeah well I just feel like it's time to go and enjoy the rest of the honeymoon is all." Sheri said, holding her husband's hand determinedly.

Rob didn't respond but felt the confidence in his wife start to strengthen and with this the love he held towards his wife grew all the more. The sight of his wife being held so close by another man, his large black hands pawing her like some lecher. He was angry at himself for letting that black bastard dance with his wife never mind that he saved his skin from drowning.

They made it back to the hotel room Rob was exhausted but Sherri was having none of it. She pulled off her bikini and began to pull off her husbands shorts. It wasn't even hard when she put her hand around it and began to stroke it eagerly.

"Come on baby get hard for me." Sherri said feeling more turned on than she ever felt in her life.

Rob was in shock at how eager almost possessed his Sherri was acting and could feel himself beginning to cum in such a short time as she eagerly began to jack him off looking at him what was an angelic innocent look in her eye.

"Shit baby I'm going to cum all over your pretty face." Rob warned trying to pull away so he could have a chance to enter her.

Getting up on her feet she pushed him roughly on the bed feeling an inner demon take hold of her as she straddled him feeling his half hard cock pressed against her sex. "I love you so much."

Rob closed his eyes as he felt himself entering her pussy trying desperately to fight off the ebbing desire to cum to very little avail. Finally at the half way point he saw stars and began to cum in her trying to ignore her cry of frustrated dismay as he jerked away inside her all too tight folds. Sherri couldn't get past her rage and almost slapped her husband across the face. Instead she pushed off of him and rolled over to her side suddenly wanting to cry as she still was unable to cum with her husbands pathetic performance in bed.

"I swear we really need to do something about this." Sherri muttered angrily feeling her teeth clench painfully. "You cum in what less than twenty seconds every single time."

Rob's ears rang as he realized that his wife was truly pissed at him for his lack of stamina feeling as if she just slapped him across the face. "I love you and will try to look some things up in the local stores maybe they have something like viagra..." Rob stopped as he realized that his wife was already asleep.

For a long moment he just laid there feeling himself start to doze off to sleep in dreams of her and Jerome dancing the night away.

-End Of Chapter One-

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