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Jamaican Valentine


Tim had driven down so that we could fly out together. Sitting on the plane, I thought about how I had come to be here. After those great days in Chicago, he had begun calling me, and we had become close. I found him as gentle and considerate about most things as he was in bed. What was more, with a few carefully chosen images, he could light me up over the phone as easily as he did in person. Of course, I was at that point where his voice was enough to make me lubricate and begin to go there.

At the airport, we met at the gate and -- rather than be demonstrative (there are always too many acquaintances at airports) -- he simply took me in with those big hazel eyes. He started with my eyes, communicating both his affection and desire, and then slowly moved down my body. I was ostensibly traveling on business, so I was wearing a pink silk blouse and a grey wool straight skirt with pink pinstripes and slits on either side. I turned slightly in my pink heels, preening as he devoured my breasts. Moving down again he took in my hips and abs where the wool draped, accentuating my curves. I could tell he was starved to see me, and my body responded by melting under his gaze. On the Jetway I brazenly rubbed my bottom up against him and was pleased to find him semierect. He told me to behave.

We could only get away from our families for a couple of days and were flying business class to Jamaica. The extra space in the seats allowed me to curl up against him. My skirt had pulled up, and his hand rested between my thighs. As we talked I could feel his little finger lazily trace up and down that soft sensitive area high on my inner thigh. I silently willed him to move a little higher so that he would find how much I wanted him. I even squirmed around his hand in my seat, but he would have none of it. Finally, I said "It has been so long. Please..." At that he told me that he had intended to wait until there was less activity in the cabin and the lights were turned down. Then he said with a big smile, "But if you want to run the risk of being caught, I'll accommodate you."

He pulled his hand out and turned his pinky ring outward before putting it back between my thighs. I cuddled close, pushing my breast up against his arm and knew he could feel my nipple hardening. He smiled again as the side of his hand came up against my sex and he realized that I was pantyless. He cupped my pussy, plumping my labia and hastening the flow of blood into the region. The connection between my nipples and pussy was made, and I sighed my contentment into his ear. He slid two fingers down either side of my clitoris, squeezing it gently and allowing his fingertips to play around the entrance to my tunnel. As my breath grew short he asked in a whisper, "Have you ever come against an emerald before?"

Before I could answer he straightened his hand and slid the side into my canal, allowing my nether lips to close around him. Slowly at first, he pressed his ring against my clit and began to move it up and down and all around. The table of the stone was hard and smooth, and the feeling was kinky and wonderful. I was quickly approaching my orgasm as one of the flight attendants came down the aisle. I was too far gone to stop as she made eye contact with me. Her smile indicated that she knew exactly what was going on. She winked and passed on by. It felt so good... I began a cadence in Tim's ear, "That's it... That's it ...Yes, that's it...Ohhhhhhh yes." He pressed his arm into my breast and his hand deep into my groove as my pussy convulsed around his ring finger. My body finally relaxed, and as the pulsing of my pussy eased he removed his hand and sucked his finger and ring clean. With a twinkle in his eye he said, "I thought you said you do not care for emeralds." I told him a woman always has the option to change her mind.

It was late when we headed south from the airport toward the lodgings Tim had booked for us. It was an old resort made up of small private bungalows. He told me some of the celebrities who had owned these little villas at one time or another. The one we were staying in was owned by Oscar Hammerstein long ago. The villas were spread out around a hill overlooking a bay on the Caribbean. We stowed our carryons, which were all we brought, and Tim encouraged me to put away my working clothes and get comfortable. The temperature was still in the mid 70s, so I undressed, put on a short silk robe and wandered out on the deck to look at the stars.

The moon had set some time before, and the stars were so bright one could almost reach out and touch them. I was leaning on the railing overlooking the bay when Tim came up behind me and gathered me in his arms. He said, "I've missed you" as he began kissing my neck. I relaxed and laid my head back on his shoulder, giving him better access as his hands slipped inside my robe and traced the curves of my body down over my hips and back up the inside of my thighs, briefly brushing my mons and following the curves of my belly up under my breasts. Releasing me for a moment, he removed my robe and commented how lovely I looked in the starlight. He stood behind me, and we looked out over the heavens once again.

Then he flattened his hands and began circling my breasts, just grazing my nipples with his palms. He knew it would tickle, and I squirmed against him. We both laughed, and he took a slower tack, lifting and gently kneading my breasts. His hands felt so good as he fondled me, ending with his thumb and forefinger lightly massaging my strawberry nipples. My breasts are extremely sensitive. Knowing this, he worked them like a pro, sending thrills through my body. He explained that he was exhausted from a long week but that he knew he would not be able to sleep without making love to me. He asked what I would like. His phallus was rising, probing my bare bottom and calling to me in the night. I said, "Take me here under the stars, from behind, just as you are now."

With my short legs and his long ones, we both knew that the penetration would not be vaginal. We also both knew he loved to take me just that way. With one hand he continued to stimulate my breasts, and with the other he reached between my legs enticing my sex to lubricate so that he could apply the juices liberally between my cheeks. Pressing a finger against my anus, he waited for me to relax and admit him, wetting me thoroughly inside and out and guiding me up onto my toes as he withdrew his hand. Positioning the head of his cock against my entrance, he told me to hold on to the rail and slowly ease myself back. I love the feeling of fullness I get when he lets me control taking his cock up my ass. I moved ever so slowly, feeling my sphincter release and open fully to pass the mushroom, then narrow again as the head went over the rim. Finally I felt it widen out as his shaft forced itself deep inside my bowels. We sighed together as I pulsed around him. I felt empty as he began to pull back out....but only for a moment. Oh, this was good! He began to ride me, and I moved my ass around, enhancing the feelings that had us moaning with pleasure. He bent over, kissing my back and gathering my swollen breasts in his large hands. On the next inward thrust he whispered to me, "Oh, baby, it has been way too long." As we reached a plateau, he eased up just enough to hold us there prolonging our pleasure. Our hearts beat out our own music on the romantic tropical night. Before I tired too much, he asked if I was ready, and I replied, "Oh yes...Faster...Faster, baby...Come for me....Come for me now!" I could feel his balls tighten against my perineum as my own orgasm began to roll through me. I squeezed his cock with everything I had left as he began to squirt. He cried, "Oh, babyyyyyy........" as spurt after spurt pulsed into my bottom.

As we eased apart, he wrapped me in his arms and gave me long and tender kiss. He said, "I think I can sleep now." We moved into our bungalow and crawled up onto the big four poster bed. As he cradled me affectionately, I wanted to tell him how much I was enjoying myself, but he was already gone.

We slept in late, awakening to a bright sunny day. I threw on a suit, and we walked around the resort and down to the beach. Each bungalow was unique, and the vegetation gave each one a great deal of privacy. Tim said I could go topless on the beach or completely nude at our private pool but that I must be very careful of the sun. I of course opted for the pool. At one end of the pool was a double chaise lounge that could be pulled under a thatched shelter to escape the intense sunshine. I discarded my suit and brought out a book. The heat felt glorious on my body, warming my sex in a very different but enjoyable way. Tim was doing calisthenics on the landing above me.

Shortly after I got situated, a huge black man came to clean the pool. Initially I was startled, but since he went about his task, I assumed that naked guests were a common thing for him. He wore a spandex suit, and it was clear that he was well endowed. As he bent to his work I could not help but notice his broad shoulders and well developed body. Under the hot sun, a sheen of sweat made his body glisten, and my sex begin to pulse. I tried to read my book, but my arm kept brushing my breasts, and my hand would steal down and cup my mound. He bent over in front of me, and his balls were silhouetted against the blue water of the pool. Of its own volition, my finger slipped down between my nether lips and fondled the nub that was twitching there. As he passed by me, I noticed that his cock was growing in his suit. His smiled, noticing me squirm in my chair.....

Tim joined me on the chaise, smiling broadly. The man was finishing up, and Tim said he would ask him to stay if I liked. Passing, I told Tim that I found his timing impeccable. He said he had been watching my reaction to the man and enjoyed seeing my breasts, sex, and neck turn pink, then go to deep rose as my excitement grew. He commented sincerely that he had never seen me more beautiful and would always remember the passionate coloring of my body at this moment. Then he began laughing again and said that if my pussy lips had plumped any further we would have had to have them for lunch. I slugged him in the arm and assured him that there was a very large question as to who might benefit from my excitement. We both laughed now, and since my stomach was now growling, I told him that any further exertion would first require nourishment.

Tim said he had just the thing. He went back up to the kitchen and brought down a platter of jerk chicken and a bowl of slices of ripe fruit. He explained that they were papayas that had come from a tree behind our bedroom. I relished the spicy chicken, and we began feeding each other with our fingers. The papaya was so succulent that it dripped freely down my chin onto the breast closest to him. Tim would occasionally bend over and lick the sweetness, pulling my nipple into his mouth and sucking it lightly. He reached across to the other breast and coated my nipple with the chicken grease from his fingers. I gave him a questioning look until I began to feel the heat from spices of the chicken. The warmth felt good, spreading out over my aureole into the surrounding tissue.

My legs began to open for an application there, but Tim suggested the spices mixed with my juices might be too much. He did dribble some of the papaya juice on my mound and spread it over my labia. Then he slipped two slices of fruit between my folds and eased them up and down my groove. My back arched, and I laid my head back on the chaise. Moaning my delight, I told him I could not decide which needed attention more, my swollen breasts or my hot pussy. He answered by leaving the slices in my cunt and sucking heavily on my nipples. My back arched into him as I guided his velvety lips from one stimulated nipple to the other. I knew how he loved to milk my big pillowy tits. For me, the stimulation always connected deep inside. He redoubled his efforts, and a sudden orgasm shook my body.

Tracing downward, his tongue delved into my navel and moved quickly to my hot pussy. Saying something about eating the "plumpers", he knelt between my thighs and went after the fruit slices. He clearly enjoyed them and continued to delve in my folds with his talented tongue. My excitement was growing and had risen to such a degree that I rolled my head from side to side, calling encouragement to him. He had expertly brought me up to a plateau as my pussy throbbed around his face, and my hands pulled his head in more tightly...

He pulled away and locked eyes with me. The golden flecks danced for me telling me of all the love, passion, and lust he felt for me. Then the lust took over, and he told me he wanted to fuck me. He wanted to bury his cock in my pussy and make me scream. He said he wanted to look into my big blue eyes and watch me come for him. I cried back, "Oh yes...please...but hurry..." Without releasing my eyes, he grabbed my strong calves and pulled me down so I was lying spread-eagled on my back with his straining cock just touching my pussy lips where it throbbed against me, edging forward only slightly with each pulse. Progress into my canal was way too slow, and my eyes begged him to give it all to me. "Please, Tim."

When he saw the tears of anguish forming, Tim lifted my ankles up and rested them on his shoulders. If he would have broken eye contact, he would have seen my pussy lips snapping hungrily for that silky steel shaft. Finally, I felt his member begin filling me. As the mushroom moved past my vaginal entrance, I clamped down and pulled, milking his cock with my internal muscles. I had him now, and his eyes told the story. The dance had moved from our eyes down to the centers of our sexual being. The animals were in charge. He began a rhythm, slowly at first, of moving in and moving back out. Using the hard-earned power in my legs, I moved my bottom back and forth. The overall effect was exquisite, as his cock visited every part of my seething cunt.

As the pace picked up, he went deeper and deeper until we felt as one. My breath grew ragged as I urged him to fuck me faster and harder. He reached around my legs and grasped my distended nipples, pulling and twisting as my frenzy built. Oh, how I had needed this! My orgasm was well along as I cried for him to join me. "Come for me baby...come for me... that's it... that's it...come for me! Again Tim's blazing eyes told the story. As his balls tightened against me, a growl came from deep in his chest. He pulled out to squirt a long string of white silk across my belly. Then he plunged back into the hilt and allowed me to milk the rest with my strong PC muscles. Rolling onto his side with his member still inside me, Tim pulled my drained body up against him and whispered endearments in my ear. We lay that way, regaining control. Genitals pulsing, hearts pounding, and words of love being spoken...sheer bliss!

Tim pulled the chaise up under the shelter, and we spooned together, basking in the afterglow of great sex. We talked about our kids and the dreams we had for them. We also talked about our own dreams, knowing full well we were a long way from being able to make any kind of commitment. Tim expressed his love for me, but I was reluctant to say the words. We agreed that what we had was special and was enough for now. I thoroughly enjoyed the mid-afternoon heat, but our bodies needed refreshing, so we jumped in the pool. We swam and frolicked and splashed like children. Tim had told me that I would not need much in the way of clothing, and I had taken him at his word. Sandals, hat, bathing suit, robe, shorts, t-shirts, and a little jewelry were all I had brought.

The manager had said they had a passable jazz trio playing nightly, and Tim asked if I would like to go. I naturally told him I had nothing to wear, to which he said, "No problem; we can fix that." We showered together, and I made Tim stop kissing and touching me long enough to blow-dry my short hair. He took me to a shop where we found a little pink Jamaican party dress that displayed too much of my luscious breasts, pulled too tightly over my hips and round bottom, and was way too short for my "just above the knee" preference. I doubted out loud that I could put underwear in it with me. He said "Yeah, I think you will need to skip them, too." He added that the dress would be perfect with my heels. I told him there was no way I could wear that at home, and he said he did not care if I even took it home. He said, "Tonight I want every man that we pass to know that I am with the most beautiful and desirable woman on the island."

At dinner we shared a bottle of wine. Jamaica is not known for its food, so I did not eat as much as I should and was pleasantly high. With that added to my constant state of arousal around Tim, I knew that this night would be special. My nipples were hard, and I knew I looked hot in this outfit. Tim was right in that I seemed to be a big hit with the men. The women were not as enthused. I worked hard to keep fit, though, and they would just have to live with their jealousy. The lounge where the band played was open on three sides, and you could hear the waves splashing lightly on the shore. It was a warm evening, and a light breeze played over my body, keeping my senses on edge.

Tim had told me that he was not much of a dancer, but he moved me around the floor well enough. We rotated, dancing and listening to the old standards the band played. We played a game in which we made up stories about the other people in the room. We laughed and were constantly touching each other, letting the electricity flow. He told me that I positively glowed and that it was all he could do to keep from taking me right then. Occasionally I was asked to dance by others, and Tim encouraged me to enjoy myself. The other men danced close to me, often touching me intimately, but I did not mind -- provided they were discreet. I found it a complete turn-on and flirted with them, encouraging their behavior.

When I returned to the table, Tim would ask if I found the man attractive enough to fuck him. I made up outrageous stories about impossible couplings that kept us both howling with laughter. We'd stopped drinking anything but water early, finding that just being together was all the stimulation we could handle. The humidity gave me some problems with my asthma, but I loved the heat. All the exertion and my sexual state had me very warm. Tim would lean in from time to time and tell me I smelled like distilled sex.

Finally he suggested we go out and get cooled off. When we reached the beach, he took me in his arms and kissed me. It was one of those long, slow, wet kisses that go on and on. Initially I was aware of the physical contact of our bodies and was quite prepared to go there, but as we got into it, the kiss moved us to a higher plane, and we flew together. When it was over, we did not talk about it but knew we would come back to it. We walked on, soon coming to a jetty that formed a protected area of water for guests. We walked out onto the jetty, and at the end it widened into an area where water activities sports were sold during the day. There was a large table with chairs that served as a work counter.

The area was abandoned for the evening, and we found ourselves alone. Between the rising crescent moon and the lights from the club, we were barely able to see. Tim pointed out the bright star just ahead of the moon and told me it was Venus. He said he thought of me as having Venusian qualities and that he used the planet as kind of touchstone for me during the long period we were apart. I was deeply touched by the sentiment but kept my own counsel.

The music started again, drifting across the water. It sounded like they were playing only to us, and we began to sway. We danced, and Tim held me close. He asked if I was enjoying myself, and I said yes, very much. I was also very aware of his leg between mine brushing up against my sex and my breast moving against his chest as we turned. I was pulsing, and my need was becoming very strong. I knew he was being similarly affected, as his manhood pulsed against my belly. At the end of the song, he stepped back and commented about the heat as he pulled off his shirt. I stepped in and ran my fingers through the thick white hair on his chest. He was damp, and his nipples were firm as I found and tugged at them. I'm not sure what came over me, but I undid his trousers, and he stepped out of them. Then I pulled the dress over my head.

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