tagErotic CouplingsJames the Oxymoron

James the Oxymoron


Right now, we're at a celilidh, he's dancing with another girl, she's laughing at something he just whispered in her ear, but he winked at me over her shoulder. Even if he hadn't winked I wouldn't be worried, he's not my only lover, nor am I his - we have this strangely open relationship and it seems to work for us both. I was just thinking of when I first met him, a couple of weeks ago, this new person in my life - James. I'd spoken to him on the phone a few times, he was a customer where I worked, I always thought he was a nice guy, never dreamed I'd be attracted to him, let alone find out that he is as thoroughly depraved as me. That's why I say he's an oxymoron, on the one hand he's kind and thoughtful, helps out with the kids at the hospital, makes a point of remembering little things that are important to me and on the other hand he doesn't just love sex, he loves the darker side of sex and now at least I know I'll be in good company when they send me straight down to the big fire! I like him, I sense something in him, a sense of myself maybe, a recognition of the kindnesses within our so called civilisation, but also a realisation of the animals that we really are. A contradiction that to my mind is the best of both worlds...a reality, that I think that others refuse to admit. So many people think that to like dirty sex you must have something wrong with you, but they are the ones who are blind and not only that they are the ones that will go to their graves unsatiated. When I go my thirst will be quenched, because I drank freely of James and people like him and they of me.

He's stopped dancing with her and is walking towards me now, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth - he saw my glazed look and knew I was thinking of him, why must I wear everything on my face? He knows I'm feeling frustrated, I came with him, but we are masquerading as "just friends" since so many of his family are here and all I really want to do is get out of there and rip his clothes off in a frenzy of kissing and biting and scratching. He so knows it, he's starting to look smug, so before he gets to me I turn to the guy beside me and ask him to dance. Now who's frustrated I think to myself, as we whirl past James and I see the beginnings of his hard on - I know what he's been thinking about too. Then my mobile buzzes in my pocket, a text from James, sneaky, but smart...

"Save me, get me outta here, u r the only 1 who can save me, bcoz I have 2 have u now"

I make my excuses to the bewildered young guy, something about an emergency, then I go over to James and loudly announce I've had a message, family emergency, please can he drive me home. "Sure, no problem," he says, putting a protective arm around me - Mr Nice Guy for all the family to see, but it's his other side I'm interested in now... We can't help, but giggle when we get outside, he's announcing that I've won the oscar for best actress and I'm accusing him of cramping my style with that young guy.

We jump into his car, Pete the Polo, and James starts telling me that he plans to do all manner of nasty things to me when we get in, there's still a few miles to go so I reach across to the driver side and expertly undo his flies - oops a slight swerve, but he's regained control and luckily the roads are quiet! I feel his cock swelling and hardening beneath my fingertips, as I struggle my other arm free of my seatbelt, so I can lower my head and take his glistening member into my mouth...he has to pull over, can't concentrate on driving now!

James pulls me up by the hair, so he can kiss me roughly, we are biting each others lips, exploring our mouths with our tongues. At the same time I am still massaging his huge hard on and he has slipped his hand up my skirt and is invading me with his fingers. Suddenly my seat is right back and James has expertly turned me so I am on hands and knees facing the rear windscreen, which has of course steamed up! Every now and then we are lit up by the headlights of a passing car, we don't care, we're so hot for each other, in fact it just adds to the excitement, feeding our need for a little danger. James is behind, me but you're wrong he's not fucking me yet. He's fingering my hot wet slit and my clit while rimming me, oh god I'm going to come, I'm begging him to take me so I can come round him, it's too late I came already, right in his face I wonder if he feels me fluttering against him as the pulsing subsides. Then he does take me, he's thrusting hard into my pussy, he has a lovely fat dick, which fills me and he's fingering me ass, I'm reaching under myself to play with my clitoris, when he withdraws and enters my ass. I explode into another orgasm as he does it and he can no longer hold back as my ass tightens even more around him as I come and come. I feel him come in me, the pulsing of his cocks as he empties himself into me, the heat of his come spurting into me.

We have to get back to the house quick, so we can do it all again....and some other very dirty things as well. We might both be human oxymorons, but together I think we make a whole lot of sense!

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