tagRomanceJamie and Tina's Journey 02

Jamie and Tina's Journey 02


After the mess of looking forward to getting Stacy out over a four month period of time, I was finally at the day of her leaving then had a mysterious text message from an area code which was from Tina Lee.

Believe me, it was a welcomed message to learn that my love had found her way to me, and I questioned how she had arrived, and what was she doing there at that exact moment when I needed her?

At that moment, I had no idea, and didn't care, all I knew was I needed to see her, and have her in my arms.

I abandoned the idea of going back home, and called the number, and her southern sultry voice answered:

"Hi babe."

"Hello Love." I responded.

I sink into her voice as I step out into the street, and ask:

"So where are you?"

"At the hotel you suggested if I ever decided to visit, and you're right it is very nice here." Was her response

I decided to leave the why's and what for's for whenever I get to her.

I knew exactly where she was, considering we had discussed her visiting for months, but I never thought it would happen knowing that I still had Stacy with me, and also everything seemed to be going wrong.

Once I arrived at the hotel she was already at the desk, and we embraced like long lost lovers would, and she was like one of God's angels which I could sink into, and let go, because I was under a lot of emotional stress at that point.

She took me back to her room, and we closed the door, and embraced again, and it was like she had never left my arms.

She wrapped her arms around me, and I laid my head on her shoulder, and just let her sent sink into me, remembering the feel of her next to me, relaxing into her, and letting all of the stress of the last four months go.

She stroked my back lovingly, and caressed my head, and her fingers touched my skin, and the electricity stoked that fire within me.

Our lips came in contact slowly for the first time, and all thoughts went away, and I just held her, and we sank into the kiss, loving the feel of our lips on each other.

We finally stretched out on the bed together, and she massaged me gently, and slowly, and with her tender touches, and the exhaustion I felt, I drifted off to sleep.


Waking up next to my lady love, I couldn't do anything but revel in the wonderful scent of her, and just enjoy the feeling of peace and love that was there enveloping me at that moment, and I caressed her gently, as she laid with her back to me, and my arm was draped over her.

She snuggled back into me, and purred an inaudible response, and I continued to enjoy the feeling of whatever it was we were sharing. Then drifted off to sleep again.


Once again, I awakened with her next to me, but this time, she was facing me, and she was stroking my face gently, and we just laid there as if not sure what to do next.

We stroked each others cheeks,, each others lips, I caressed her jaw line, she caressed down my neck, and that made me shiver, and she shifted in closer.

I repeated the same movement on her, taking a finger tip and caressing down her neck, and she shivered as well, and we just enjoyed the warmth of lying next to each other, no kissing, no sex, just touching tenderly like lovers would.

Slowly, tenderly, learning what we didn't have a chance to learn the first time around, and remembering and recognizing features we enjoyed.

Feeling her soft skin under my finger tips had a way to make the rest of the world go away, and feeling her soft hands caressing my face, had a way of relaxing me, and I couldn't help myself, I had to kiss her.

I leaned in, taking her face in my hands, and slowly nibbling her bottom lip, I kissed her with more passion than I thought I had in me, and with more passion than I had felt in a very long time.

She shivered and shook, and we both were kind of breathless when I let go, but it was worth every second.

It was dark by then, and we hadn't watched any TV, had barely even spoken to each other, but I knew in her arms is where I wanted to be, and where I was supposed to be.

So I slowly kicked off my pants, and pulled off her pants, and we curled up next to each other, and just slowly began to explore what it was like to kiss like lovers who weren't in any hurry.

We wrapped our arms around each other, and kissed slowly, I climbed between her legs, and kissed down her neck and over her lips as my cock got hard between her legs, she flipped me on my back, and repeated the same motion, but she proceeded to then bite my neck as well, causing my hips to thrust up into her also.

Then as a final act I flipped her off of me, and had her on her stomach, and was between her legs, and she couldn't get away from me, and I was kissing her lips as I leaned into her, nibbling her neck, and nibbling the little bit of her shoulder that was exposed through her shirt.

By this point we both were very much ready to rip each others close off, remembering the animal instincts that we had, being that we both had a nap, and forgetting the rest of the world.

I wouldn't let it happen that way though, I wanted to enjoy just being with her, and to ensure that I cleared my head of Stacy for at least one night.

It wouldn't be that easy though, because there was a real connection between Tina Lee an I that I couldn't deny, that everyone around us saw, and that was real.

I felt it the first moment we spoke, the first moment we touched, and she had me at "hello."

So we talked about all things positive, and what I needed to do over the next few days while she was in town, but there was this soft, sexy woman, who I was certainly attracted to, and I had a chance to love on her all night long, and I was denying myself that.

I had to get control of myself, so I tried to keep distance between us, we went out for a late dinner, we watched TV, we cuddled, and nothing could get her scent out of my nose.

Finally, sleep overtook the both of us for the night, and we snuggled up close to each other for the night, and I'll be dammed, both of us were naked sleepers.

All 5'5, 200 LBS plus of her, thick and luscious in the right places, soft hips, nipples always hard it seemed, clit always calling out to me, thick thighs, breast just a little more than a hand full at a D or double D.

I just couldn't get enough of looking at her, or touching her, she was so soft, like butter, and that womanly soft scent, just made me want to lap at her all the time.

I had to accept it, I was hooked, and there was nothing I could do.

She had a tender heart, she was very mysterious, which always kept me on my toes, her spirit continued growing in strength everyday, she was full of hope and wonder, and a body to boot, what more could this man have asked for.

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