tagRomanceJamie and Tina's Journey 04

Jamie and Tina's Journey 04


Tina Lee and I truly enjoyed our first real day as lovers, and it was unreal how connected I felt to her, how free, and how at peace I felt, but there were so many things to get done, considering I knew she had to leave to go back home.

So we tried to freshen up, and to get out and visit a few of the places that I knew I would need to have taken care of in order to be on my own, cable, phone, mail, and all of that good stuff, and before you knew it the day was gone, and we were having dinner.

It was amazing that the day could fly by so quickly, and that we shared so much time together, laughing and joking around, even while getting things done.

It made me imagine what it would be like to have her all to myself all the time, to have her as my wife, and for the most part, I hadn't pictured a woman in that role in a very long time, but the reality was, that there were a lot of things that needed to be taken care of before we could get there.

I knew that I would be living on my own, at least for a while, so I was prepared to do that, but it was a scary thought, but I knew that it was time for it to happen as well, and that I needed to gain that independence, because I had become to dependent on being taken care of.


That second night, Tina Lee and I went out to a Chinese buffet to have dinner, and we talked more about what we wanted out of life, continuing to learn about what we wanted from each other, and that caused us to gaze lovingly at each other.

We talked about our hopes and dreams, and we talked about how to meet goals for our relationship, the biggest one being that we wanted to be together, living in the same place, in order to advance our relationship in the same direction, in order to let our love blossom into whatever God had intended for us

By the time we were done with dinner, the sun was down, there was a chill in the air, and we were ready to just chill out back at the hotel watching a movie, or whatever we could find on TV.

We couldn't find anything, so we ended up snuggling up together, and enjoying the feel of each other, and letting the sound of the TV wash over us, and nuzzling at each other more, but then, she went off into the shower, and I decided to follow her.

It turned out she liked her shower piping hot, which was an adjustment for me, but having all of her loveliness on display for me, and her allowing me to lather her up was a plus, that didn't have me thinking about how hot the water temperature was for to long.

I stood behind her, lathered up her full tits, all the way out to her sensitive nipples, and rolled them between my fingers, and she relaxed back into my chest, and then she allowed my hands to roam down her belly, soaping her up completely.

She soaped up her legs, down to her feet, and she did this by bending over in front of me, and I soaped up her back, and her ass cheeks, and her taut thighs as they were exposed to me.

As I rinsed off my fingers, I teased her vaginal opening, and rinsed off her back, allowing for the water to run between us.

She then turned around, kissed me with passion, as she began to soap me up all the way down to my cock, which was standing at full attention.

I then Turned my back to her, and let her soap up my shoulders, down my back, and my ass, all the way to my feet, as she directed me into the spray of the water, and rinsed me from head to toe, front and back, by getting on her knees in front of me, and this way my cock was directly at mouth level, and once it was rinsed off, she took it into her mouth, and began sucking me slowly, getting me to maximum hardness, as she pushed me to the back of the shower wall.

This left me with no where to go, and she took full advantage, and I leaned back to enjoy what she was doing.

I ran my fingers through the wet strands of her hair, and over her wet cheeks, as she swallowed as much of my thickening cock as she could, then she slid her mouth back and forth up and down on my shaft, then when I least expected it, she lifted her head all the way to the tip of my penis, and flicked over the sensitive head, and that made me shiver all over, it made my knees buckle, and she grinned wickedly.

Then as she held my hips, she sucked my hardness with great urgency, nibbling on the base, and loving the feel as it tapped at the back of her throat on every down stroke.

I couldn't hold out for long, and she knew it, so she held me in her mouth, and I held the back of her head, and in rhythm, we brought me to a long climbing orgasm deep in her throat, to where she didn't miss a drop.

Drained, and with my toes curled, I climbed out of the shower slower than ever to recover.

Flopping to the bed, and trying not to be touched, I laid with my back exposed as I covered up, as Tina Lee triumphantly pranced around the room, naked, brushing her hair, and humming, but I had a plan.

I knew that she couldn't resist the cock, so I would give it to her, as best I could, once I recovered.


Finally after dozing off for a little while, I awakened to Tina lee's warm nakedness next to me, and that did it, my cock sprang to life, and that was all I needed to give her the hard pounding that she deserved.

I tossed back the covers, and climbed out of bed, and with no warning, I pulled her to the end of the bed, and slowly began fingering her pussy from behind, and as she started moaning and getting into it, I was ensuring she was ready for action.

Then as her head went down, and her ass went up, and her knees spread to provide me the best access, I knew she was sincerely ready, she didn't have to say a word.

I slid on a condom that would provide maximum friction and pleasure, and then I held her hips steady, and as I positioned my head at her entrance, she whimpered, wanting my cock deep inside her.

I teased her, by poking at her entrance, as if I couldn't quite get it into her, then as if it slipped out, and her hips wiggled, and she whimpered even more.

Then when she least expected it, I slid all the way home, until my hips met with her ass.

Holding her in place, I slid back and forth over and over again, ensuring that she couldn't move, and making her vaginal walls clinch on my shaft, and making her moan her pleasure, so that I could hear her juices as I pushed in and out of her.

Then as I let her go, and our bodies began to move back and forth together, and to find a rhythm, and our hips would meet in the middle, we would pound together with such force that the bed would rock, and that we began grunting, and our movements became much more deliberate.

One after another, we pounded into each other, slow, hard, and deep, and what we took, we gave right back, and it was like there was no sign of giving up.

One stroke after another, I slid in and out of her pussy, and her sloppy wetness took my cock, and the sounds drove me over the edge.

I held her hips, and pushed myself into her as deep as I could, and she squeezed my shaft tight, and we came together in two spasms which had us shivering from head to toe, and with our toes, fingers, and bodies curling up in submission.

With two long spurts my cum burst free from my cock, and I collapsed on to Tina Lee, and she fell on to the bed, and with me on top of her is where we stayed for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a couple of minutes.

I regained enough strength to roll away from her, but of course her pussy was holding on to me, and I just couldn't help but to wiggle my hips to tease her awake, and she moaned her pleasure, but we were both so drained, that I couldn't even think about trying to give her any more in that moment.

So I rolled to her right side, and then we relaxed together until we could recover more strength to move further.

My stiff rod was now just a mess, and having taken the condom off, her vaginal lips were swollen, and puffy.

She rolled over to her side, and just let me hold her, and we went off to sleep.

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