tagMind ControlJamie Performs For Her Boss

Jamie Performs For Her Boss


"Bye baby, I'll see you tonight."

Jamie kissed her husband who lay in bed sleeping. She always liked to get an early start especially these days since her boss, who also happened to be her husband Steve's boss, was always on her case.

Jamie didn't have to work as Steve made enough money to support them but her pride always got in the way. She needed her own money, needed her independence. Still, Nick was a constant nag asking why she couldn't keep up. Her work load was overwhelming but she never complained. She wanted to prove to them that she handle whatever they threw at her.

"Where are you going honey?" he asked grabbing her wrist to pull her into bed. "Today is a holiday".

"I have to catch up my love, now kiss me goodbye."

"Don't go...we'll both go in early Monday morning, I promise."

"Don't worry my love, I'll only be gone a few hours."

He did as he was told. He loved kissing his gorgeous wife.

"This will have to wait till I get home," she said as she fondled the bulge in his boxers.

"I'm glad I'll be alone," She thought as she walked into the office. It would give her the opportunity to get a lot done. She heard footsteps in the hallway as she sat down at her desk.

"Oh great!" She thought to herself.

"Jamie?" It was her boss.

He was a very handsome man, standing at 6 feet with an athletic body and salt and pepper hair.. He was nice to look at but the fact that he thought he was God's gift to women was a turn off for her. Besides, she had married the man she lusted after and he was at home always ready to please her. Still, the way Nick looked at her made her uncomfortable, not only because he was their boss but because he was one of Steve's close friends. She was sure Steve had divulged the details of their sex life before they got married.

"Oh hi, I didn't know anyone would be here today," she said.

"Of course you didn't," he smirked. "I noticed you're really behind in your work Jamie."

"I know but I will catch up."

"You're gonna have to or we'll have to let you go."

She and Steve hadn't been married long and she didn't want to seem like a failure

"I know, I'm sorry," she lowered her gaze.

She looked so innocent, so vulnerable yet beautiful and sensuous at the same time. Nick often wondered how Steve had gotten so lucky. He had pictured himself fucking her many times as Steve told him all the delicious details about how she had fucked him in ways no other woman ever had. Nick had masturbated many times, while fantasizing about being the one she was making love to.

"Look Jamie, I wish I could help but unfortunately...my hands are tied," he said as tears welled up in her eyes.

"What do you mean?" She sniffled. "Aren't you the boss?"

"I am, but in order for me to keep you, we'd have to come to an agreement."

She looked up at him in shock. What was he talking about?

"I need something from you Jamie."

"What is it?" She asked looking almost like a child.

"Come to my office, I will show you," he added as he walked away.

She felt uncertain but she followed anyways. She didn't want to lose her job and feel totally dependent on Steve.

He sat at his desk and told her to close the door. Reluctantly she did as she was told.

Sitting across from him she regretted wearing the mini skirt this morning.

He leered at her long smooth legs and allowed his eyes to feast on the sight of her panties covering the junction of her soft promising thighs.

"You see Jamie, if you give me what I need, I can reduce your work load by half".

She was too afraid to ask.

He walked around the desk and leaned back against it directly in front of her, and much too close for comfort. He was cool and calm.

"I've always wanted to know what it's like to fuck you."

"What???" She was shocked and scared.

"I think you heard what I said...but unfortunately you are married to Steve and he would kill me if that ever happened."

"Then why are you saying this to me?"

"Well I am human after all. And you are a very seductive woman Jamie but you already know that."

"What do you want Nick?" She was petrified. She wished she had stayed in bed with her husband that morning.

He whispered in her ear, "I want you to masterbate right here until you come. If I can't fuck you myself, at least I can watch you come."

"You must be out of your mind," she said as she stood to leave.

"You see, it's not only your job that's at stake here."

"What do you mean?"

He went over to the drawer and pulled out a report.

"This firm has been losing a lot of money and because Steve has access to all the accounts, I can pin it on him and ruin him."

"You wouldn't!"

"Trust me, I would. Sure, we've been friends a long time but sometimes there are things we want that make us forget who our friends are."

He and Steve had been friends for a long time but she knew how jealous Nick was of Steve. Everything Steve touched turned to gold. Steve had a certain charm about him that would make people feel at ease and they trusted him. Although Nick was the boss, Steve brought in all the business and he was fast becoming a threat to Nick.

"But he never took a cent from this firm, he works his ass off."

"That's not the point now is it?"

She considered his threat for then headed for the door as she said "I'm leaving."

"I hope you can live with yourself knowing you could have saved your husband and didn't. Remember, he will not only lose his job, he will have a criminal record also."

She stopped dead in her tracks. Steve had worked so hard. He always said he would work as hard as he could so she could have the kind of life she deserved. This would devastate him and he would probably never be the same again. She couldn't let this happen, she wouldn't. He had always been there for her and now she had to do what she could to help him.

"I don't care," She challenged.

"Yes you do. I can tell just by the way you look at him. He means everything to you."

He had her exactly where he wanted her. Steve did mean the world to her.

"So you either work that pussy for me or both you and Steve are out of a job and you can visit him in jail, your call."

She thought to herself "If I get this over with, Steve won't ever have to know and his job and self-esteem are safe."

"Let's get this over with." She said.

He smirked. Kneeling next to her, he ran his hand up her smooth leg and slipped his hand under her skirt making his way in between her legs. She stood absolutely still staring into emptiness.

"You little slut, you're already wet at the thought of performing for me."

"Fuck you, you son of a bitch," he got up and as he turned towards his desk he continued

"I wish you could but I actually think Steve would rip my heart right out of my chest if he thought I had touched you. He once told me that is the one thing that would make him kill someone."

He was now sitting comfortably at his desk.

"Go ahead sweetheart...Don't keep me waiting."

She slipped her hand under her skirt and touched herself.

"Nice try hon. Sit on the chair and spread your legs like you do for Steve."

She sat on the chair and opened up her legs.

" I can't see anything darling." She shot him a look that could kill.

She lifted up her skirt exposing her skimpy g-string which was caught between her pussy lips.

"Take'em off."

"That's all I am taking off."

As much as he wanted to see her whole naked body he knew he couldn't push too far.

She did as she was told and threw her panties aside, they landed under his desk. She spread her legs for him like a stripper would for a stage show. She leaned back on the chair, her skirt over her hips, her legs open, she looked beautiful.

Even though she was being forced to do this, he couldn't believe how seductive and sexy she looked. He had wondered thousand of times what her pussy looked like. Now her shaved cunt was open and on display for his hungry gaze. She was a sight for sore eyes, he wondered how he would be able to sit across from her and keep himself from ravaging her. He had been with many beautiful women but none could compare to the perfection before him. He had felt her sensuality and sexual energy when he'd first met her. Steve's stories of their escapades had confirmed what he'd been imagining and now, here she was putting on a show just for him. It was like a dream come true.

She gently massaged her pussy. She doubted she would be able to come, but to her astonishment, the minute she touched her pussy, it was wet. Nick's obvious excitement was arousing her, but if Steve found out there would be hell to pay.

With her left hand, she opened up her pussy lips and Nick could see it glistening in it's wanton arousal. With her finger she gently traced the outline of her pussy. Slowly she rubbed and massaged her clit, that tender little nub that was the source of infinite pleasure

"Oh yeah baby, rub that pussy," Nick said mesmerized by her beautiful cunt. It looked unspoiled and virginal, but according to Steve it was well used and quite talented.

Jamie's legs tensed as her excitement rose higher and higher. His words only increased the level of her sexual need. She tilted her head back spreading her legs wider, rubbing her clit and squeezing the lips of her pussy harder as she moaned.


"You're enjoying this aren't you bitch? I would love to fuck that pussy."

With her head still tilted back and her eyes closed, she heard the zipper of his pants. She spread her pussy lips wider and inserted her index finger inside.

"Mmmmmm yes," Nick's eyes grew wider. He couldn't believe this was happening.

"Fuck yourself with two fingers."

She did as she was told and inserted another finger into her eager to be pleased pussy.

"Another one!"

"I can't I'm too tight," She told him. She worked her fingers in and out of her pussy alternating between fucking her pussy with her fingers to teasing her clit.

Nick was stroking his hard cock and was almost ready to come.

"Fuck you're hot," he told her as he stroked his cock harder and harder unable to take his gaze away from her cunt.

She cupped her pussy with her hand and continued to rub her clit, this time faster. She knew she would come soon and so would he.

"Look at you, you fucking love it. You're so wet...just like a whore would be. You were made to fuck. Steve is one lucky bastard."

Her orgasm was building fast and the dirtier he talked the more it turned her on. He had already picked up on that.

"Steve told me all the nasty things you do for him. How you beg him to fuck you hard and suck his cock 'till he comes in your mouth."

"Now show me how a real slut cums. Work that cunt and make it come for me."

She stroked it harder and faster ramming her fingers in again and again. In and out she worked it loving every second of it. She was surprised at her own arousal.

"Jamie, I want you to come hard, like you've never come before you little cum slut, do it!"

That was enough to send her over the edge. Her orgasm was so powerful she thought she would fall off the chair. She purred, then panted, moaned and finally screamed to no one, or anyone that she was coming.

"That's it you little tramp, work it for all you're worth". He stroked his hard cock and was ready to shoot all over himself.

"Ugggggggghhh Fuck Yes!" He came fast.

She collapsed back onto the chair as he did. A few moments later, he went over to her, grabbed her hand and licked her finger.

"Now, wasn't that fun?"

She got up and walked out of the office forgetting her panties. Moments later, he heard the door slam. She was gone.

He went under his desk and picked up her panties and brought them to his nose and inhaled.

He picked up the phone and dialed.

"Hey Steve, there something I have to tell you."

To be continued...

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