tagLoving WivesJane and Lisa Ch. 01

Jane and Lisa Ch. 01


My wife Jane and I have been married for 13 years and they have been wonderful, loving and quite sexy. Jane never had much use for sex before she met me. She had been in a few relationships, but brief and far between. They never produced any real love of sex with any of her previous partners.

After she met me she began to understand just how wonderful I thought sex was, how intimate it could be, how close it could bring two people together. She began for the first time in her life to have orgasms, which had been elusive until our third year together. As the years progressed, and through two kids, she began to really understand her own body and her sexual energy and desires. By our thirteenth year it had become only better and more frequent that we would have passionate, intimate sex.

It was me that first suggested the idea of exploration. I didn't really know what I meant by it, but she heard it as my being bored with her and wanting someone else. It took a year to convince her that I wanted only her, but by that point, she knew all my tricks, all my 'hot moves'. My ability to turn her on and make her more and more aroused and thereby more orgasmic was waning, (I thought). I had a lot more experience than her when we met and my thought was that something 'extracurricular' would make her more turned on and give her more excitement. I didn't really know what that meant.

We went nude sunbathing, which was exciting, skinny dipping was another way to get excited when we would travel to new places. I actually began to email with other couples that had similar ideas about expanding their sensual horizons. We made love once at a deserted beach, but there were a couple of people that happened by and could see us clearly having sex in the open. Jane found that very exciting. We went skinny dipping in the public Jacuzzi on a ski trip one time where other people were also nude.

One of the couples we were conversing with about our various experiences, suggested we meet for drinks at one point. We did, and the tension was more nervous-making than arousing for Jane. A week later however, she thought that it might be fun to have them to our house for a soak in our Jacuzzi.

Sam and Allie came by one evening late and we all went in the Jacuzzi. Sam and I jumped in nude while the girls changed into suits. Jane chose a suit that showed her beautiful body perfectly. Allie and she shared almost the same shape; petite, curvy, perfect breasts with sexy nipples and both shaved, we found out later.

We soaked for awhile and then I removed Jane's top. Both Allie and Sam thought she had beautiful breasts and asked if she would show them. Shy and embarrassed, but also pretty turned on Jane slowly rose out of the tub and gave them a long view of her tits. They both were very complimentary and then both leaned in and suckled her nipples together for a short while. I was incredibly turned on by this, as was she. Then Allie did the same. Hers were perfect as well, high and tight with kissable nipples.

Shortly thereafter I pulled the knot loose that was holding Jane's bottoms together. They instantly floated away and Sam boldly pulled her onto his lap. Jane told me later that he had already placed her hand on his cock, which was completely erect and felt really good to her. They began kissing and then very quickly escalated into major making out.

Allie and I did the same, but I was a bit distracted by watching my wife get so incredibly turned on! She and Sam were all over each other. His fingers were deep in her pussy and she was stroking him constantly. Allie and I made out as well and then at one point briefly, and surprisingly, Jane moved over and kissed Allie on the lips. Allie was turned on and responded nicely. Jane was suddenly overcome by the sense that things were spinning out of control too quickly and we took a breather, which then pretty much finished the evening.

Situations conspired to prevent our getting together again. We had set up an appointment that Sam would come by and give Jane a sensual massage, while I was around but not involved. Jane thought she would be more comfortable if I was there, but not "right there". This plan fell apart and that was the last we saw of them.

A month or so later we met another couple that we liked, we both liked her more than him. David was nice enough, but not thrilling. His wife Lisa though, 'Whew' was very cute, and vibrant and sexy! We met for dinner one night and then, much later, after we had been home for some time, they called and asked if we were up for meeting later that night. We told them we'd talk and call them back.

The kids were already away for the night, we had no plans, and we had already had a couple of drinks, so we thought why not? I called them back and David and I chatted briefly, then I put Jane on the phone with Lisa and they chatted quietly for a while. When they hung up we had a plan.

An hour later they were in our living room and it was approaching 11:00. I made us all drinks as Jane gave them the tour. Jane and Lisa then told us to sit and relax in the living room. We have two huge, overstuffed chairs in there, so we made ourselves at home while the girls went upstairs to do ... something of a surprise.

David and I made small talk while the girls were gone, enjoying our drinks and waiting for the surprise. I glanced up and noticed the two of them emerging from our bedroom wearing some sexy lingerie.

"Ooh a fashion show." I said excitedly.

"We thought that might be a fun way to break the ice." Lisa said as they started down the stairs.

Jane looked a little nervous, but was stunning in my favorite little short silk robe, that I got her a year before. It was very delicate fabric, and was cut just below her cute bottom. Her erect nipples were poking through the material very obviously, which was stunning. Lisa was wearing a sexy bustier with tiny boy-short-type panties, thigh-high stockings and tall black pumps. David and I spent a while admiring our own, and each other's wives.

They scampered back upstairs and then came down with Jane in a tight, fairly sheer white top and black thong panties and Lisa was in a completely sheer aqua camisole and matching thong. Her breasts were absolutely adorable and I told her so.

We each pulled our own wives into our laps for a bit to kiss and hold them, reveling in the intense sexiness of their show so far. They then ran upstairs again, giggling like girls and were gone for quite a while. I began to wonder if changing clothes, and obviously being nude together was leading to something extra. David and I became very quiet, trying to hear if there was any noise from upstairs that would tell us anything.

When they emerged again, my cock got such a jolt. Jane was in a fishnet bodysuit and nothing else, which left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Lisa was wearing one of Jane's thongs that was floss in the front and the back. She had one of Jane's little costume tops on that was like a tiny sweater, but didn't close in the front; very lacy and sheer; totally sheer! As she came closer we could see that Jane's nipples were both poking completely through the fishnet, completely erect and sexy as hell. Lisa's sexy tits were completely on display, as were the swollen lips of her pussy, spilt in two by the material.

Another beautiful feature of this latest display was that both girls were completely shaved. Their beautiful, hairless pussies were on full display as well. I was rather excited about this fact, because Jane's hadn't been shaved about 20 minutes ago. She keeps it closely trimmed but not shaved. Now I knew what was taking so long. Had Lisa helped out? I was dying to know, but couldn't ask right then.

Lisa was totally excited and ready to play. Jane was excited as hell, (maybe more than ever), but was really nervous at the same time. Lisa suggested that we go into the other room and dance for a bit. I told her that I had created just the disc of music to fit the mood. I got up to go put on the tunes and David made a trip to the bathroom. I kicked off my shoes and socks and stripped of my shirt. I had turned on the heater, specifically to keep the house warm, which it was!

The girls came in and I started dancing. I love to dance, and dressed in just my jeans and no underwear, my excitement was showing. Jane and Lisa came over and began dancing with me. I was touching each gently in turn as we danced close. At one point I stroked my fingertips over one of Lisa's nipples. She oohed and ahhed for a moment and then pulled her cute little sweater aside so that I could do the other one as well. Jane was right behind me and reached around and stroked my cock through my jeans.

Lisa just watched as Jane's fingers traced the outline of my cock. Jane then reached up and unbuttoned my jeans leaving them flayed open. My pants would have fallen straight down, but for my penis which was holding them up.

"Mmmmm very nice." Lisa said quietly, gazing at the exposed root of my cock. Jane responded by reaching down into my pants and stroking my length inside my jeans. I still remained covered from Lisa's watchful gaze. "Ooooh yeah! That looks so hot!" she murmured.

After a long moment of Jane stroking me, she withdrew her hand and Lisa's reached out and gave my cock a squeeze.

"Oooooh! That feels so big!: she said. "Oh Jane, he's so big."

"Yes he is." My wife told her from behind me. Jane looked around me to watch Lisa squeezing my cock. I was certain that she was going to put a stop to it, at least for now. She admitted that she was a bit jealous of Allie, that first night. She had told me that she wasn't sure how far she was willing to let another woman go with me.

"Do you mind if I pull his pants down?" Lisa asked her. The moment of truth I thought.

"Feel free to help yourself." My wife told her. My cock was aching it was so fucking hard! Lisa began gently to tug them down me. As soon as my cock sprang free, bouncing up and down, the jeans disintegrated into a puddle around my ankles. Jane knelt down to help me out of them, as Lisa took gentle hold of my shaft.

"Wow! She said. "God you feel so good. You really are big, Jeez!"

Jane responded by moving in close and slipping her lips around my cock. She bobbed gently for a moment and then stood again. We continued our dancing, close together and rubbing up against one another, my fingers finding all four gorgeous nipples.

I pulled Jane to me and turned her so her back was to me. I ground my cock into the small of her back while we moved together. Lisa was right in front watching my finger toy with her nipples through the fishnet. I gently pulled the straps off her shoulders and then slowly peeled that material down and off her body. She was completely nude now. Lisa was watching every move and gazing at every new bit of revealed skin.

"Oh Jane," she sighed, "you have the sexiest breasts."

"Thanks." I could tell that Jane was in a place of nervous energy blended with incredible arousal. Her skin was shiny with the glistening sheen of sweat, which she gets when turned on. She was wildly turned on!!

I threaded my fingers through her left hand and held it to her thigh stroking gently. I took the wrist of her right hand and brought it up until it was around the back of my neck. We continued to sway to the sexy sound of Sade singing "Is it a crime."

"You have such a beautiful body." Lisa said, almost too quiet to hear. She moved a bit closer and slowly, slowly brought her hands up and took hold of Jane's hips. The three of us were moving in perfect rhythm.

Lisa leaned in, in slow motion, and gently kissed Jane's right nipple, Jane and I just watched, kind of detached as she gently swirled her tongue around it.

"Jane, stop me if you don't want this." Lisa said without looking up. Jane made no movement at all, just kept watching her and reveling in the sensation. Lisa had a 50:50 chance of picking Jane's more sensitive nipple and went right for it.

"Oh Jane. I love your breasts!" she said, as she began sucking and working it a bit harder, then shifted to the other. Her right hand came up and cupped the soft flesh and began to knead Jane's full breast, as she sucked on the other. Jane was practically panting now, leaning back against me. Lisa went back and forth as I waited for Jane to call a halt to it. She didn't.

David finally emerged from the bathroom, saw us dancing together, his wife sucking my wife's tits and almost dropped his jaw. He quickly tossed off his pants and was erect already. Not a very big guy or big cock, but I didn't get the vibe that Jane was into him. Sam was going to be a really hard act to follow.

David came up behind Lisa and immediately yanked her clothes off. He was a bit too eager, which I knew would put Jane off. He had done a few things throughout the evening which set him miles apart from Sam in my book. This continued as he began molesting his wife, interrupting the gentle flow we had created in his absence. I suggested to him that he and I go sit on the couch and simply watch for a bit. I turned Jane's head enough to kiss her mouth.

"Stop if you want, or simply enjoy if you want, or explore to your heart's desire." I whispered in her ear. She smiled dreamily as Lisa went back to her nipples. "I am totally fine with whatever you want to do."

David and I moved to the couch and sat as far apart as we could, guys being guys, as we watched the girls still gently swaying to the music. He and I both had a firm hand on our cocks as we watched in a trance as both girls just moved as if in slow motion. They had exquisite shapes, gorgeous tits, firm tight bodies, beautiful bottoms as they moved together.

Lisa was still bent over suckling at Jane's tits, her hands on Jane's hips. Her hands began to move though, around her body a bit, back to caress Jane's sexy, tight bottom, over the flat of her tummy.

"Is this okay?" Lisa whispered to her again.

"Yeah." Jane said hesitantly. "I think so." Lisa moaned into her breast as she continued. They were gorgeous in profile. The lights were dimmed and the fireplace behind them silhouetted them perfectly.

Lisa's left hand, facing us came around to caress Jane's bottom. Her right hand stroked over Jane's tummy and then, slowly, worked down to the area just above Jane's clit. We all waited for Jane to make a move to stop her but her head slowly fell back and she just waited. Lisa's hand slid down Jane's thigh, moved to the inside and then, with agonizingly slow progress came up the inside of her thigh.

No one breathed as we waited for contact. When it came Jane moaned loudly. Lisa began to slowly work her fingers over Jane's sex, slipping in and out between her legs.

"Oh God!" Lisa moaned. "Oh Jane, you feel so warm, so wet, so open." Jane was panting loudly now.

Lisa let the nipple slip from her mouth and stood up. They were almost the same height. Keeping her right hand busy stroking my wife's pussy, she brought her left hand up and gently pulled her head up and kissed her lips. I continued to be surprised at my wife's response. Jane put her arms around Lisa and they kissed deeply and passionately. I glanced over at David who had a trance-like look on his face.

It was Jane's turn to bend over and kiss and lick Lisa's nipples. She went at them with passion, holding her hips. Lisa reached down and took both of Jane's tits in her hands and squeezed and caressed them.

"Oh sweetie. Your boobs feel so nice!" she moaned into the back of my wife's head. Jane was moaning as she sucked Lisa's left breasts deeply.

"Mmmmm, you too!" My wife moaned. "your breasts are so beautiful!" Jane brought both hands up and took hold of both breasts and just held them, feeling them, gently squeezing, gazing at the hard little nipples. "This is so wild. I've never done this before."

"Me neither." Lisa told her softly.

Both women embraced each other and kissed and stroked each other's bodies. Jane's hands found Lisa's cute butt and held it and squeezed it. Their tongues were obviously passing back and forth and they kissed. I had never imagined I would ever see Jane this turned on. I think David had a similar feeling. I was never so turned on to be excluded from anything.

When they finally came back to earth for a moment they turned to look at us. Arms around each other, they continued to stroke each other's bodies and breasts, almost shy at having forgotten that we were there.

"Are you okay?" Jane said to me, looking almost sheepish.

"Fine." Was all I needed to say, with a huge smile, which made her visibly relax. David was still in a trance, as Lisa just smiled at him.

They kissed once more and then Jane came over to me and leaning over kissed me so deeply. She tasted different, subtle but different. She gently took hold of my cock and stroked it a few times. Lisa had followed her to me and was pressed up against her bottom reaching down to hold both of her breasts. I looked down to watch as Lisa's hands milked my wife's sexy tits, started at the base and stroking out towards the nipples, ending at a nice tug on her sensitive tips. She did it again and again, in no hurry at all. Jane was moaning loudly how good it felt.

Lisa then moved to sit next to me on the couch. She turned to kiss me briefly, slipping her tongue into me. She then took Jane's hand and led her close, guiding her to straddle Lisa as she sat in her lap facing her. Lisa's hands slid down and took gentle hold of Jane's beautiful ass as Jane leaned down for another deep French kiss. I watched as Lisa's hands stroked around to the front, up and over Jane's ribs and then took both tits in her hands and began to knead them again.

Jane pushed up a bit bringing her nipples back to Lisa's mouth which she happily sucked on the nibbled; back and forth. David broke the trance a bit by trying to work in and suck on Jane's other nipple. He was a bit clumsy and overly excited, disrupting the slow, sexy flow of their exploration. I stood up and went and got a couple of chairs from the other room. I could sense the girls didn't want us to be involved at the moment. I told David to join me sitting across from them. He did so reluctantly.

"Come kiss me." Jane said. I went over end we French kissed deeply for a bit. She then guided my mouth to Lisa's who took my tongue and gave me hers passionately.

"Thank you for moving." She whispered into my ear, when we parted, not wanting David to hear her.

"You two look so beautiful together." I told them quietly. My wife smiled with the most gorgeous smile, filled with arousal, appreciation, ... I don't know what, but she looked happy and comfortable.

David and I sat across the room. He was looking distracted, almost upset that he was not allowed to be involved. He was obviously aroused, his dick was straining, but I got a weird vibe from him that prevented me from allowing him to touch my wife, much less be sexual with her. He could watch but nothing else, not with Jane. His wife, on the other hand was exquisite and sexy and passionate and was welcome to have my wife.

His wife was kissing mine deeply and feeling her body and I could even see her hand playing with Jane's pussy some more. Jane was practically dancing in her lap, but not to the music, she just couldn't sit still. At one point Lisa removed her hand from where she had been easing a finger into Jane, and brought it to her mouth and sucked on it. I couldn't see Jane's reaction but she didn't move, just watched. Their eyes must have been locked as Lisa was just gazing at her as she tasted Jane's pussy on her fingers.

Lisa slid 2 fingers inside of my wife's wet puss and then brought them up and fed them to Jane, who took them without hesitation.

"Oh yes, sweetie. Taste it." Lisa whispered to her. "Oh, you taste so good." Jane was busy gently pulling Lisa's nipples as she sucked her own juice off her new friends fingers. Lisa dipped them back into her again then fed her again.

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