tagHumor & SatireJane's Coming of Age

Jane's Coming of Age

byRosko Busby 2005©

Jane's, English, 18 and exactly 5 feet tall with natural long blonde hair, stunningly beautiful, with blue eyes and the most fantastic slim shapely figure. She had just finished her final year at school gaining three "A" Levels and looking forward to university, when her life was changed forever.

Although Jane excelled academically at school her real ambition was to be an Olympic athlete and, although she was good at athletics, her lack of inches gave her an obvious disadvantage over the taller girls. She then tried gymnastics and, even though she was supple enough, she'd started rather later than the other girls and never caught up. Being a realist she settled for just keeping very fit and eventually her new PE teacher called Patsy persuaded her to look at a sports degree at University with a mind to being a Sports Teacher or a Coach. Patsy was only 21 herself and she and Jane had become very good friends, sharing those girlie moments that only real friends can and now sharing everything two people can share. Jane had enjoyed a good working relationship with Andy, the previous PE teacher, and she was rather shocked when he left a couple of years ago. He'd encouraged her and she had quite a crush on him as he was very good looking and the older girls used to flock around him.

Patsy's 5ft 10inches tall, very slim and strong, as you would expect for a PE teacher. She's quite pale skinned but with long jet-black hair tied back in a ponytail.

Jane had been with her one-and-only boyfriend, Jason, for over two years and she'd had her only sexual experiences with him, up until now. They seemed to get on well and Jane never realised that Jason was about as unfaithful to her as any lad could be, as he was always putting his good looks to full use, bedding every girl he could. Jason was not very tall either and, although Jane was devoted to him, he reverted to the typecast little bloke, arrogantly trying to prove he was better than everyone else. Jane had not really looked at other men in a sexual way while she was with Jason because of her misplaced trust for him. She probably expected to spend the rest of her life with him in some kind of ideal relationship. Oh was that going to change?

Jane really was quite naïve as she was an only child and had no really close girl friends in the school, until she got to know Patsy. Jane was popular with most of her classmates but her time with Jason had kept her away from them and she never got very close to them individually.

It was Patsy that finally let Jane know what everyone else already knew about Jason and, after a very traumatic break-up; Jane was now enjoying herself again, albeit with a hole in her life, which she could not seem to fill. There were always plenty of lads around but she kept them at arms length, no trusting any boy after what she'd suffered, and concentrating on her studies, but now she had finished school, her mind started to wander. Although she was incredibly pretty she was strangely unsure of herself. She had the confidence of most modern young girls but her bad experience with Jason had put her on her guard. She felt used and betrayed, not only by Jason, but also by her school friends who had let her believe Jason was her one-and-only, even though some of them were among Jason's lovers.

There is no doubt that Jane was missing sex, as she'd had nothing since the break-up. Jane honestly believed that what she enjoyed with Jason was how sex should be, but she now knows how wrong she was.

It was on a Tuesday afternoon in late July and Jane had volunteered to stay at home and look after the cat, while her Mum and Dad were away. They had left that morning for a month in Hawaii to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Her Dad recently had Broadband Internet access installed and Jane took the opportunity of looking through various sites to do with her University and other related issues. One of the subjects she was looking up was about massage for sports people and Jane was suddenly confronted with a porn-site pop-up showing a naked girl being massaged by a well-built man. Jane was intrigued and opened the thumbnails, which were on show. She was visibly shaking as each one opened and she could feel herself getting really turned on. When she reached the third page she saw the final stages of the massage as the man rubbed and licked the girls open pussy. Jane burst out with a squeal of, what can only be described as lust, as the girl was obviously in heaven. With one shaking hand on the mouse her other hand reached down to her own panties and she pulled them to one side and started masturbating. She was really wet as she found a video clip of the whole scene, which she quickly downloaded. As the beep sounded to inform her the download was complete, she quickly opened the clip and the on-screen massage and the girls screaming orgasm coincided with Jane's own orgasm as they came together. Jane shuddered and shouted out loud as the waves of her self-induced orgasm blasted through her. It was as though someone had turned on a light in her head as she realised that this was the first proper orgasm she had ever had. All those lovely feelings with Jason were nothing other than just nice feelings – This was the real McCoy. Her chest was heaving as she calmed down and the video clip started all over again. This time she watched more closely to learn what he was doing to her. Jane had never had her pussy licked before either and she suddenly realised that she was almost angry with Jason again.

Over the next couple of days Jane spent virtually every waking moment at the computer screen, as she looked at all kind of sex acts. She was especially fascinated with Bondage where the girl was fucked with her legs tied open and the also huge penises on the Black men stretching the girl's pussies so wide. She looked at oral sex, lesbian sex and was convinced that she had missed out on one hell of a lot thanks to that bastard Jason.

Patsy rang Jane on the Thursday morning asking if she was OK, as she hadn't seen her that week which was unusual. Jane was still full of all the things that she had watched on the computer and she had to talk to someone, so she quickly invited Patsy round.

Jane knew a little about Patsy's love life with her various men but not much else. Although she was only 21 Patsy had been around the block sexually and had enjoyed a colourful sex life with lots of men, and occasionally with women. Jane knew about none of this. Now, if she looks back at what was about to happen to her, she realises that Patsy was always making little innuendos to her but Jane had not taken her seriously.

When Patsy arrived at the house it all came pouring out like a flood out of a broken dam. Jane just went on and on until she stopped to take a breath and Patsy quickly jumped in.

"Whoa Jane!" she interjected out with her hands up. "I think we need to do something about this before you burst don't you? You need a good sorting out and I think I know exactly how to do it. I'll be your teacher again, OK?"

Jane looked back at her with a quizzical look with her mind all over the place.

"Look Jane, the first thing you found on the Net got you going, Yeh? So why don't we go back to my place and let's give you an intimate massage to relax you for a start, then we can take it from there OK?" said Patsy moving towards the door.

Patsy was inwardly cheering to herself as her best mate, who she actually fancied like mad but hadn't dare let on, was now bursting for sex and God was she going to get it.

Jane just followed as she really didn't take in what Patsy meant by intimate, but she trusted her enough to go along with it, after all Patsy was a trained masseur.

Whilst Patsy was driving the short trip across to her flat she was encouraging Jane to relax.

"Jane you've come into the real world of sex with a bump over the last couple of days and it's unsettled you, Yeh?" she glanced over at Jane who nodded. "Just try and calm down and let me do everything OK? Just follow my directions and I'll sort you out, right?"

The big Nissan Patrol stopped in the underground garage and the two girls got out, and Patsy took Jane's hand and pulled her gently towards the stairs. Jane was feeling slightly wobbly as she started to register what Patsy was planning. "Intimate massage?" she thought back to the video which had set her off and this was going through her mind as they walked into her apartment, Patsy locking the door behind her. They went straight through to her second bedroom, which was fitted out as a massage parlour with the large padded table with a hole for the face to fit in. There were retractable arms at the bottom end which pulled out at 45 degrees to the table and a large loop at the top end, all three with Velcro straps attached, which Jane looked at but they didn't register as her mind was working overtime and she was starting to get quite excited. A big mirror was fastened to the ceiling above the table covering the full-length, which intrigued her.

Two things here that Jane also didn't know, but was to find out much later:

1.Patsy had two digital movie cameras hidden behind each end of the mirror and all the proceedings were going to be recorded on video; and

2.Patsy had been making porn movies for well over two years now.

Patsy went to hang her coat up in the cupboard and reached the side and turned on the cameras. The monitors glowed and she could see virtually the whole room. She closed the door and returned to Jane.

"Come on Jane," Patsy ordered. "Let's not hang around. Let's have your clothes off and I'll get to work on you OK?" Jane bent down to take off her trainers as Patsy immediately got hold of the thin tee-shirt which Jane was wearing and whipped it up and off over her head. Her tiny bra followed as Patsy deftly unhooked it and dropped it on the floor. Jane's small but beautifully formed breasts had no sag in them and her nipples stuck out proudly from the raised aura around them. Patsy took no time at all to undo the chord fastening her friend's hipster slacks and down her legs they went as Jane dutifully stepped out of them. Patsy very adeptly pulled Jane's thong type panties down and Jane could hardly believe that she had been stripped naked by another woman and it had only been two minutes since they came into the apartment.

Patsy stood back and gasped at the beautiful apparition in front of her. There was no doubt that Jane's body was perfect in every way. Jane went quite red in the face as she stood there with Patsy staring at her, looking her up and down. "God Jane! You're fucking beautiful. I'm going to enjoy massaging you darling. Come on climb onto the table and lie face down sweetheart" Whilst Jane was doing what she was told Patsy went to the top of the table and opened the cupboard again to get her massage lotion and to check that the cameras were getting everything. She could see the naked form of her victim as she dutifully did as she was told. Patsy returned and helped get Jane comfortable with her face through the hole to ease the strain on her neck, her arms straight out and over the sides of the table and finally her legs slightly apart with her feet near the sides. Patsy reached out for her massage lotion and liberally spread it all over Jane's shoulders, back and legs. Then she rubbed it in gently before starting to massage Jane's shoulders. Patsy was humming quietly and with the soothing massage Jane started to relax and nearly fall asleep. Her arms, shoulders, neck and back were expertly massaged and Patsy slowly moved down Jane's spine and spent a lot of time on manipulating either side of her waist and massaging Jane's firm buttocks. Patsy then concentrated on Jane's bottom and hips and upper thighs before moving down her legs to her feet. This was pure heaven and Jane almost forgot she was naked as the relaxing foot massage made her feel wonderful.

Patsy finished off her work on Jane's feet and started to move slowly up her legs massaging her muscles all the way back up to her bottom again, before pulling Jane's legs slightly wider apart and starting work on her inside legs. She started at the knees and moved up towards her inner thighs where she concentrated her efforts just where the beautiful curve of the inner thighs opens out near the vagina. Jane was starting to squirm a little as Patsy's hands got so close to her pussy as she moved around the upper thighs and back onto her lower bottom. "Are you enjoying your massage Jane darling?" whispered Patsy in a low seductive voice and Jane could only moan a little and try and nod her head. Patsy suddenly stopped massaging and gently placed her fingers right close to Jane's pussy and just tickled the wispy pubic hair. Jane's body jerked slightly and she moaned again giving Patsy the excuse to actually stroke Jane's hot vagina lips, gently moving her fingers in a feather light touch around her clitoris. Jane's whole body jerked stronger now as Patsy's touch caught her unawares. "Oh God!" she moaned a little louder as her hips shook reacting to the beautiful sensations she was getting.

"I think your ready, roll over darling, let's do your front now," ordered Patsy and Jane slowly did as she was told, like a dutiful pupil.

Patsy moved up the table and took both of Jane's wrists and wrapped them up with the Velcro strap to the loop at the head of the table. She had to leave plenty of slack on the Velcro; with Jane being so small she hardly reached the end of the table. Patsy then moved back down the table and pulled her by her hips, down the table until her arms were stretched above her head. This made Jane's little breasts stick out as her back was slightly arched. Patsy then tucked a pillow under Jane's waist to raise her up off the table a little. Patsy then pulled the two arms at the bottom of the table out a little and then Velcro strapped each of Jane's ankles onto them. She adjusted the arms until Jane's legs were as far apart as they would go, and then locked the arms into place with Jane's legs stretched her wide open and her bottom slightly off the end of the table. Her wet pussy was now clearly visible with the lips spread open. Jane's whole body was now stretched from her bound wrists, tight across her chest and tummy and then down to her wide spread ankles.

Patsy let Jane lie there for a little while, getting used to being bound so tight and making sure she was not uncomfortable. Jane was looking up at her reflection in the mirror and was very red in the face with anticipation. Patsy realised that the cameras were getting a beautiful view.

Patsy went between Jane's stretched thighs. "Now comes your real massage Jane darling," said Patsy and she started tickling Jane's skin all over her body with that same feather light touch as Jane squirmed and wriggled, but should could not move as her bonds held her tight. All those dreams engendered by her time on the Internet were about to come true as Jane was about to find out what an orgasm really should be like.

Patsy gently tickled and caressed Jane's nipples until the whole centre area stuck out like a second mini breast as Jane moaned louder as Patsy's expert touch was bringing her to heights of arousal she'd never felt before.

Patsy slowly moved down Jane's tummy and onto her soft flesh below her navel, gently finger tip caressing down further onto her mound of Venus and her wispy blonde pubic hair. She allowed her fingers to spread right out as she went between Jane's wide-open thighs and encircled her very wet and open vagina lips. Jane was shuddering with anticipation, as she knew her pussy was going to be touched very soon and she tensed herself, still shaking. Patsy gently pulled Jane's pussy lips wide apart causing Jane to moan as Patsy's fingers sent spasms through her expectant body. Jane just managed to keep her eyes open enough to see in the mirror Patsy opening her up. The video cameras were also getting every bit as well.

Patsy waited a few seconds then said "Is this what you've been waiting for sweetheart?" as she knelt down with her head between Jane's stretched thighs and started furiously licking up and down her clitoris. The effect on Jane was devastating as she screamed loudly as her orgasm exploded immediately with a spurt of her cum covering Patsy's mouth and face. This surprised even Patsy as she'd made girls come quickly before doing this but never that quick and the ejaculation was a real bonus. She kept licking as Jane's orgasm seemed to go on and on with screams that only a woman in ecstasy could make. Jane was bucking in her restraints as the waves of orgasmic spasms engulfed her whole being. "Oh god, Oh god, Yes!" she screamed as another wave of orgasm ripped through her just as Patsy pushed two of her long fingers deep inside Jane's pussy and started to finger fuck her. Her other hand replaced her tongue in rubbing Jane's clitoris furiously until Jane's back was right off the table as she ejaculated again and another scream of animal passion burst out as another giant orgasm racked her whole body. Her back was arched and her whole body shuddering as the orgasm reached its peak. "Ah! Aieee," she screamed again "Oh my god, god yes!"

Patsy moved to one side and carried on rubbing Jane's spread pussy and finger fucking from the side until, eventually, Jane started to calm down as she was truly spent.

Patsy stood back and let Jane lie there almost gasping for air as her body started to settle down after her orgasms. She looked an absolute picture of one truly fucked girl with her red face and inflamed pussy. Her pubic hair was matted with her cum and her bottom was glistening with her juices, which had flowed out so freely.

Patsy undid her ankles and held onto them while Jane pushed herself back onto the table. The pillow was taken away and Jane's wrists released. Still gasping for air after her exertions Jane put her right hand between her legs and felt her sopping wet pussy. Patsy just leaned over and kissed her lovingly full on the lips. Jane could now taste her own cum which had splattered all over Patsy's face and lips. "Well Jane darling, I don't think I need to ask how it was for you, do I?"

"Oh god, I never believed anything could be so wonderful. Thank you," she gasped, still struggling to get her breath back.

"That was your first sex lesson. Not bad covering massage, oral sex, masturbation, bondage and lesbianism all in one go." Said Patsy smiling. "The only thing is that you've not quite finished your lessons quite yet." Patsy helped Jane sit up and hang her legs over the side of the table and she took hold of Jane's hand and carefully placed her hand between her legs and made Jane feel her crotch which had quite a damp patch showing. "It's my turn Jane!" she whispered. "You know what I did to you and now I want you to do the same to me. I'll forgo the massage. I just want you to fuck me Jane before I burst. Just copy what I did to you and make me come Jane please?"

Patsy was visibly shaking herself now as she was finally going to have her best mate, now her lover, make love to her.

Patsy took her top off as Jane couldn't reach and she was bra-less with her small firm breasts sticking out just like Jane's. Jane undid the tie-chord of Patsy's slacks and they fell down on their own with a little encouraging wiggle of Patsy's hips. She stepped out of them as Jane hooked her fingers in the waistband of Patsy's little thong and pulled them down and Patsy stepped out of them. Patsy was completely devoid of pubic hair as she regularly shaved to keep her pussy bald.

Both girls now stood naked facing each other and Patsy bent down and pulled Jane to her and gave her the most passionate kiss Jane had ever had with their tongues entwined, searching and licking.

As Patsy pulled away Jane was gasping for air. She now realised that Patsy was now more than her teacher, she was her lesbian lover as well.

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