tagIllustratedJanet & Julia

Janet & Julia


I'd helped Janet and Julia out with their English homework all semester. We'd become good friends and they both seemed grateful to me. But their gratitude proved to be genuine beyond any shadow of a doubt the time they decided to give me a 'graduation gift'...

Julia's parents were rich Americans. They had paid for her fake tits (because they claimed that they would give her more 'self-esteem') which were huge for her body size, round and hard. The family had adopted Janet the year before, a girl from undesirable circumstances in China, and given her the same fake tits for the same reason. Both girls were 18.

Janet had long, shining, raven-black hair; she was very slim, gorgeous of face, with a cute, tiny, marvelously sculpted ass, and of course her new set of enormous, fake, round, hard F-cups, sporting her own tiny, pert nipples.

Julia was only slightly larger of build, but still very slim by Western standards, with long, shimmering, completely bleached platinum-blonde hair, a gorgeous ass, only slightly bigger than Janet's, the face of a model, and of course, her powerful man-magnets: her new fake tits, identical to Janet's in size and shape, only her nipples were a bit bigger, but also very pert.

The two of them hung out together all the time and were the fantasy, no doubt, of every man for a thousand miles with a pulse.

And I'd been helping them with English Literature at school, which came easily to me. We'd often meet after school, usually at Julia's family's mansion in one of the dozens of beautiful rooms there, to study.

Of course we'd get to flirting, but I thought it was all just benign, that is, until graduation came and they invited me over to 'celebrate,' promising me a special 'gift.' I was really unprepared for what happened next.

They led me to a bedroom in the mansion where a digital video camera was set up on a big tripod.

"What's this?" I asked, genuinely stupefied.

"OK," Janet began, "We thought we'd give you a little 'thank you' for all the help you've been giving us this semester..."

I waited for the explanation, still not getting what was going on.

"And," Julia continued, "if you'd enjoy it, we thought we might make a little movie with you tonight..."

'Wha? No way!' I was thinking...

"What kind of movie?" I asked, trying not to dare hope, but my cock growing anyway at the thoughts which trickled through the filter of my efforts...

The young ladies giggled, posed and gestured saying, "You know!"

Oh, snap!

"Ladies..." I said (nearly swooning) "it would be an honor!"

So we settled into the room, onto the bed. The two left me momentarily, saying they were going to get changed. They suggested I freshen up in the adjacent bathroom if I felt like it.

So I took a shower, and splashed on cologne (which luckily I'd brought with me in my bag.) 10 minutes later the girls reappeared. They were both a bit nervous and giggly, but their discomfort was only superficial as they soon proved.

Janet had on thigh-high black fishnets which contrasted her clear, pale skin, towering black shiny 6" platform/stiletto-heeled hooker boots, and a skimpy, shimmering silver thong and micro-bra. Her gorgeous jet-black mane hung loose around her shoulders and lower back.

Julia's shining-white hair (in contrast to Janet's) was up in 2 long, sexy, youthful-looking pigtails. She had on a red-plaid micro-skirt (the typical 'sexy-schoolgirl outfit' design) white socks that reached almost to her knees, shiny black buckle-up 'schoolgirl' shoes, and a ridiculously tight white, short-sleeved button-up shirt.

Both girls' boobs were on the verge of bustin' out of their confines, and their pert nipples were on full display through the fabric of their outfits...

I lay waiting on the wine-red silk sheets of the king-sized bed in just my boxers, my dick making a tent therein.

Janet undulated towards the camera and hit a button. A tiny red light lit up next to the lens. We were on!

Julia crawled up on me like a spidery whore, Janet slithering up alongside her like a snake... a snake about to fuck.

I felt for the first time, my study partners' hands touching my midsection and gently peeling my shorts down and off of my legs, freeing my dick from its tent.

My young rod reached for the ceiling as Julia's mouth encircled its head, a hands-free blowjob at a nice angle to the camera.

Julia's head bobbed up and down as I felt the burning heat of her mouth and throat on my cock for the first time. I stared down at her cleavage, her beautiful open eyes staring up into my own, and her full pink lips wrapped around my shaft and sliding easily up and down its length, her tongue working the underside of my cock-head from the inside of her mouth.

Janet gently latched onto my balls with her lips like a leech. The two babes pleasured my lucky cock in tandem for the camera. It was all I could do not to cum right then and there.

They took turns sucking my shaft, then after some time they got up and strip-teased for me and the camera.

One angled the camera for the other as they both slowly removed their sex-outfits, Julia leaving on just her socks and shoes, and Janet leaving on just her fishnets and boots, then angling the camera back to the bed.

What a sight I beheld! Both girls' pussies were completely waxed smooth as silk! Neither the slightest blemish nor a single follicle of hair was there upon their bare seemingly-photoshopped snatches or assholes... I had to blink a few times to believe just how fucking smoking-hot these two naked females before me actually were. It was unbelievable!

Janet straddled my waist, her ass facing towards me, its cheeks self-parting to reveal her gorgeous perfectly waxed brown-hole, and lowered her drooling hot Asian cunt onto my rock-hard rod. Meanwhile, Julia straddled my face, her steaming-hot juicy American pussy engulfing my senses, as Janet lowered her velvety hot sopping wet cock-sheath onto my ready dick.

The young ladies rode me thus; it was heaven! They switched places, and sucked my cock straight out of each other's cunts. This went on for some time, when Janet asked me, "We'd better ask just to make sure: do you like Greek?"

My cock instantly reached new hardness up Julia's wet snatch at these words.

"Fuck yes!" I managed.

"We're all set, stud..." Julia advertised alluringly.

The girls arranged themselves in doggy position with arched backs side by side, their 2 asses facing up towards me, beckoning to be fucked.

I slid my erection up each of their hot, tight young shit-holes one by heavenly one. Lord, what ecstasy! Their butts hugged my meat as tight as vices as I fucked them deeply.

I would fuck Janet while Julia looked on, her mouth inches from her girlfriend's asshole, pull out, and she would suck my cock. Then, I'd plant it back up her adopted sister's bum, and repeat the process.

Likewise, I'd fuck Julia up the ass, Janet's gorgeous face almost touching my sweaty, swinging balls, pull out and she would suck my dick, then I'd slide it back up the smoking-hot American babe's ass.

I fucked their tits (how could I not?) using copious amounts of deliciously scented massage oil that the girls had handy. In fact, I eventually oiled up their bodies completely, so that they were 2 gorgeous, smooth-pussied, oily, shimmering, young international fuck-dolls for my cock: 6 fuck-holes and 2 cleavage-tunnels for me to fuck, all caught on camera for, indubitably, my countless future wanking sessions.

I slapped their big, fake tits as I rode them like mares. Their tight assholes stretched out around my pistoning rod and gaped wide-open as I would pull out and the other would suck my dick before putting it back deep into her girlfriend's butt.

I slapped their asses as I fucked them hard and fast, swapping holes at random. I fucked my cock into their gorgeous bodies like a man possessed. What sensual decadence! What lustful indulgence! What fucking gluttony!

We were a pile of sweaty meat by the end, the 2 sisters fucked-out, each having cum several times. It was a miracle that I'd lasted this long.

Finally, the 2 babes knelt before me with open mouths, their tongues out, moaning for my cum. Having been given the go-ahead, I had only to jerk my shaft momentarily before it spewed a great series of hot, sticky cum-webs all over the gorgeous young women's faces, hair and tits.

They licked it all off of each other and swallowed it all, still moaning, and, smiling, and waved 'bye' to the camera.

It was all too surreal.

Afterwards, we all took a shower together, during which I fucked them all over again, off camera. And we had tea brought to the room where we all spent the night together watching the movie, chatting, sleeping, and of course, fucking.

That summer they moved away and I never saw them again.

It was the best sex of my life! But also somewhat of a curse, because, I mean, how is any new girl I ever meet supposed to compete with a memory like this, huh???

(Wah, wah, wah, waaa...) : P

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