I cannot say for sure what I thought the first time I saw Janet. She started work at the office, and cut her way into the place at the young age of 22. She had a big smile, blonde hair, wonderful skin, and a very nice figure (during the next 4 years, she always had a flat stomach, except when she was pregnant). It was instantly apparent that she had the largest breasts of any other woman at the office. And you know women; some were instantly a bit jealous. All you had to do, however, was to speak with her and you realized just how smart she was, as well as pretty. Great eyes that always looked at you when she spoke, and smiled at my goofy ass jokes. Then if I was to talk to her alone, which I did, I realized just how much sexuality she exuded. She seemed to be very aware of the effect that she could have on men, and used it to her advantage.

She turned every head in the office, including mine. I, however, was dating and about to be engaged. She was dating some guy in Canada, or somesuch. She told me about him, but within months she had broken it off with him. Her eye turned rapidly toward one of our barrel chested co-workers. I found out through talking to her that she preferred larger guys, the "offensive lineman" type. Somewhere along the line, against my advice, they had some sort of an encounter, and things went south fast. They did not speak for some time.

Somewhere through the years, she and I became friends. She dated several different guys, and was engaged to one, who, we all heard eventually, had a 9+ inch shaft. I know one guy at the office, Donald, who liked her, but was intimidated by the fact that he did not believe he could measure up to her current boyfriend. That guy got left, because 1) he was a loser, and 2) he apparently couldn't do much with what he had. She would often come into my room and rub my shoulders, and talk to me, and just be nice. Invariably, she would rub my shoulders, and run her gorgeous (38D or DD) tits over the back of my neck and head, just because she could. Sometimes we went to lunch together. She was a VERY sexual person. We talked about sex sometimes, and what we did and did not like. She claimed to be VERY good at giving oral sex.

We established through the years that we each found the other the most attractive member of the opposite sex at the office. The topic of sex came up on occasion between us, but that's as far as it went. She never failed to make me smile, or try to cheer me up. I was one of the first ones, if not the first, that she told when she got pregnant by Chris, her longtime boyfriend (possibly her longest relationship to date). This ended her short lived softball career, which, as it turns out, participated in just because I asked her to play. I often daydreamed about her, but never really said much to her about it. Once or twice she confessed to a few dreams about me, and I did the same.

Then one day, it all changed. She came to my office to tell me something.

"Carter," she smiled, "I am moving. To Michigan. With Chris and Andy" (her less than a year old son). "It's for a better job, at the national level"

I know my face fell when she told me. I liked having her around. I knew that she had looked for work, to provide for her son. I didn't think she'd really do it though.

"Janet, I'm sorry to see you go, and I am really going to miss you" What else could I say.

The weeks passed, and we made arrangements to spend some time together, just her and me. One day, we went to lunch. Sex eventually came up. We even got around to the topic of hot tubs.

"I don't like them," she said. "Too much water, too many things in the way." By this time we had gotten back to work, and I leaned over and whispered "You're doing it wrong. They work best for you to sit on the edge of them. and for me to kneel down, between your legs." A fire lit in her eyes right away.

I earlier had admitted that I had not received oral sex in 4 years, due to my wife's TMJ. She admitted that Chris did not give oral sex, due to a sore jaw from "highschool football"

We walked away, not knowing what we had started. She came to me 2 days later.

"We cannot talk about that anymore. I'm trying to have sex with Chris, and all I can think of is you and a hottub"

I thought "Oh yes.. WOW."

We talked a bit more, and I said, "want to have lunch today?" She agreed.

On the way back to lunch, the topic turned to sex in a hurry. I had only ever had sex with my wife, and Janet's sexuality had finally worked its way into my thick brain to the point where I saw her as a possible playmate. Or at least someone to talk to about sex more. Besides, she was leaving in two weeks. Now or never, right?

We were talking about sex, and about a mutually disliked co-worker. She said "I always wanted to have sex on Taren's work area."

My answer "what night this week is good for you"

Her response.. was "well, not tonight.. maybe Wednesday.. Oh my god I cannot believe I am entertaining this idea" My response was for my shaft to immediately get rock hard.

I just smiled "well, we'll see"

An emailed message came to me about 1 that afternoon "I cannot work, or think at the moment"

"Me either".

This went on for the rest of the day, and she came to see me several times. My blood boiled every time she walked in the door to my office, but I always had someone in there with me. I went to see her twice, and she wasn't in her office. At the end of the day, I helped her move some things to her car, and we walked back in together. "I don't even think just kissing you right now would do what I need," she said. I walked back into the building, locked the door, and turned around, with "aaah, fuck it" running through my head

I stepped closer to her, put one hand behind her head, and pulled her to me.. HARD. Our lips met.. and we instantly melted to each other. My tongue probed her mouth deep, long.. slipping along hers.. which she pushed into my mouth.. her teeth found my lower lip.. I could feel my heart beginning to race, and could feel her body as it pressed and ground against mine. Her breathing quickened, but our lips never parted. She placed a hand on my chest and felt my heartbeat as my other hand slid down her body, pulling her ass, moving her groin into me. My other hand stayed behind her head, wrapped in her gorgeous hair.

We looked at each other.. and in the same breath, whispered "WOW". I knew that a kiss like that was hard to come by, my breath was gone, and my pulse was racing like I had just run the stairs at a football stadium.

She whispered "Are we the last ones here?"

I replied "oh, yes.. and I locked up earlier. It's just you and me"

With that, her lips met mine again.. and my pulse raced even higher. My hips ground into her, and her lips moved along mine like nothing I had ever experienced. My blood roared in my ears. I pressed her back onto my co-workers desk.. and she sat on it, wrapping her legs around me. She pulled me to her, and ground her heels into my ass. I knew she could feel my hard shaft against her. This kept going for some time.. as one of my hands moved up from her ass… to her wonderful stomach.. and slid gently under her blouse to cup one of her phenomenal tits. She gasped as I slid my fingers across her nipple, which came to life under my hand. Her hand went to my crotch.. and she broke the kiss and smiled at me when she felt how solid it was at her hand. I whispered "you've been doing that to me for years"

"Come with me," I said.

I took her by the hand and led her to the next room, where Taren's work area was. I pushed her back on to the table, and her eyes came alive.. smoldering fire and her lips parted in a slight gasp. My lips went to her neck, biting and sucking, nibbling on her neck a bit. Her eyes closed and she gasped again. My hands moved under her blouse, undoing her bra and freeing her large breasts, which I cupped with my hands. (my hands are quite large, and thinking back, she often stared at them). Her head rolled back, she leaned back on her elbows, and my lips dropped to her nipples. I gasped as a fantasy of mine came true.. her soft white skin and hard nipples moving under my lips as I sucked each one to firmness, then licked around it and over it again. My fingers tweaked each nipple, and finally I ran my teeth across each of them, gently biting. My lips began a trek from one mound to the other, tonguing each nipple and loving every second of it. Then I began a slow trip down past her once-pierced navel.. as my fingers unbuttoned her jeans.. pushing them down. She helped by lifting her hips and letting me slide them off of her, until they reached the floor. I sat in a low chair kept in that room (it was orange, and from the seventies, but who knows why we still had it). My lips moved to her leg, just above her knee. I gently kissed her there.. and kissed again up higher, moving up her inner thigh. I glanced up at her face, and her eyes were shining brightly at me. She smiled that killer smile as well. I smiled back slightly, and kissed her higher up on her inner thigh. Her legs spread as I worked my way up, my fingers tracing up one leg as my lips worked up the other. I let my fingers move ahead of my lips, and my fingertips found the hem of her panties.. I glanced up, and saw the leopard print.. I smiled and met her eyes again. She knew how I felt about animal prints. She smiled back.. like she had planned this. I traced the outer hem of her panties.. then slowly slipped a finger underneath them, along the very moist lips of her sex. Her breath caught rapidly.. and I kissed up the other thigh even higher.. as my finger traced along her sex to find her clit. I smiled to myself as her breath caught.. she tensed… My lips kissed right below the hem of her underwear as my finger slid across her clit.. her breathing quickened and my pulse roared in my ears. My fingers pushed her underwear aside as my tongue traced up her well-trimmed and glistening labia to join my finger on her clit. Another fantasy fulfilled. My tongue flicked rapidly across her clit as my fingers trailed slowly down into her slit.. she gasped "your fingers.. please.. give them to me.. I've wanted them .." (I have fairly large hands).

I gently slid my index finger into her, as my tongue flicked up and down her clit.. working my finger into her. When it was in, I bent it slightly upward, running it along the top wall of her cunt, moving it back and forth in time with my tongue. The tip of my tongue traced along her clit back and forth, bumping it gently and then moving up and down, as I listened to what made her breathe faster. As I licked her, I slid in a second finger, and she gasped as it penetrated her slick walls. I bent it forward as well, and started gently sliding them in and out, probing along the front wall for the spot .. and when I found it, she gasped again. I kept this motion up, slow thrusting with my fingers and started to lick her clit in a gentle circle with the tip and underside of my tongue. Then I changed, sliding my lips around her clit and sucking it between them as my fingers sped up their rhythm. Her hands went to my head, and her fingers entwined in my hair. This was all the encouragement that I needed. I sucked harder on her clit and sped up the motion of my fingers, working them in and out even deeper, feeling her start to really squirm under my touch. I sucked her clit into my mouth and held it in my lips.. then started to flick the hard bud with my tongue. She moaned louder and pulled my face hard into her .. and at that, I slid a third finger inside her VERY wet slit. When I bent that finger, that did it.. She started a moan that came from deep inside her throat, and her back began to arch.. she moaned louder as I continued to stroke my fingers in and out faster.. flicking her clit between my lips even more. "OH YES CARTER" came from her mouth as her back arched fully, and her hips began to thrust into my face I felt the sweet juices flow across my chin as I flicked her clit, and her legs thrashed as she came, moaning and gasping and panting. I kept flicking that clit as my hand was drenched in glorious wetness. I slowed my tongue, and left my fingers inside her, as she caught her breath.. but she was gasping.. "oh.. please.. don't stop.. keep it going.. Oh please don't stop"

I lifted my head and smiled at her, her face flushed reddish from her orgasm, and then sucked HARD on her clit again. Her eyes closed, her head fell back and I started stroking her with those three fingers one more time. I rasped her clit along my teeth gently before I started flicking it again with the tip of my tongue.. This sent her into another rapid spiral of gasping, moaning, and some thrashing. I immediately moved up to suck HARD on her wonderful tits. My teeth grated over her nipples in turn, and she pulled my head closer to her.. "oh yes.. that's So good.. Carter., oh YES suck those tits.." I kept this up while stroking her for a few minutes, keeping her gasping and moaning. Then I slid back down to lock my lips around her clit again. Her thighs squeezed my head so tight that hearing her moans was difficult.. and her hand thumped the top of my head. She was building to another orgasm rapidly, and I sucked HARD on her clit as I felt her body race and her pussy start to clench. My fingers worked in and out much faster, and kept rubbing against that front wall of her cunt. "oh.. oH.. OH OHHHHH was all I could hear as her legs dropped away from my head as her back arched, and she grabbed my hair and PULLED it into her sex, which I sucked and licked even harder as she did so. She exploded at my touch, her juices dripping down my chin again, my fingers soaked completely as she came. I slowed my fingers and tongue.. and pulled away from her slowly, taking a finger out of her one at a time as my lips slid off of her clit.

"Oh my.. what time .. I've wasted"… was all she could say, in a nearly inaudible whisper.

To be continued….

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