Janice was lashed spread-eagle into the punishment frame her master had created for her. It was a sturdy frame of 2" x 4" wood that had rings in each corner for her wrists and ankles. The rope he used to tie her breasts cut in and was secured to the top of the frame and tightened each time she moved. Her black hair was tied up in a ponytail and secured to the top of the frame to keep it clear of her Master's work. Her ice blue eyes were closed in delight and her pale white skin marked the lines from the lash. Her silence was kept by the plastic bit in her mouth and her sight restricted by the blinders she wore.

The lash whistled through the air, signaling its approach, and she tensed in delicious anticipation of its impact. The whip struck and she groaned in pain and delight. She wanted this, need and longed for it. She had begged to be put in this position and now that she was, it was a greater thrill than she had hoped for. While awaiting the next blow she reflected quickly on how she had come to this point in her life.

Janice had been only 35 when her husband of 10 years was killed in a car accident. The insurance and his money had ensured that she would never have to work again, but it was paid monthly, not in a lump sum. Since her husband had done everything for her, the sudden freedom had been too much and she quickly overspent herself. She had gone to the bank to get a small loan to clear this up and Kevin had been the officer she met with. He was 24 tall and handsome. He offered to help her with credit counseling, but she wanted nothing that would go on her record. He had offered to do it for her informally and she agreed to meet with him that night.

Over dinner at her house, Kevin had shown her how to layout and follow a budget. She claimed to understand, but when they met the following week, Kevin saw that she had already overspent. Going through it again in the living room, Kevin told her that if she did it again, he would have to spank her. Janice laughed and said that he was free to try, but it wouldn't do much good; she was used to her husband controlling things. Both had a good laugh at the thought of her being spanked but nothing more was said. The following week Janice again over spent and this time Kevin was very angry.

"Remember what I said last week. If you go over your budget this week I am going to spank you. You went over by $200.00. The monthly income you have will not support this kind of thing. You have to get control."

"I am trying." Janice whined. "I am just not used to budgeting. But I did over spend and now I have to be punished." She lowered herself to her knees and bent over his lap, her ass well up in the air. Kevin was surprised that she gave in this easily, and swatted her gently a few times, not being sure how far to take it. "Is that it?" She questioned. "I thought you were going to punish me, not tease me." She wiggled her butt in an obvious invitation and Kevin took her up on it. Flipping up her skirt and pulling down her panties Kevin reached back and struck with full force. Janice howled and squirmed but Kevin kept on striking her pale globes till they shone red. She felt his growing excitement beneath her and they both could smell her wetness spreading.

When he finished Kevin pushed her off his lap back onto her knees. Without thought she crawled to between his legs, unzipped his fly and released the monster within. It was larger than her husbands but just what she needed. She swallowed him whole and sucked him hard, wanting to show that she was thankful for his treatment of her.

Kevin grabbed her by the ears and pulled her off him. He spun her around and draped her over the coffee table, flipped up her skirt and mounted her from behind. Janice howled in delight as she felt him sink into her depths. As he fucked her he spoke to her and the words were music to her soul.

"You want to be controlled, don't you?" He asked. "You want to be dominated? You want to be made into a slave? Admit it and I will make you into my slave." Kevin pounded into her without mercy as he said this.

"Yes, yes, yes, I want to be your slave. I will do anything you ask anything you say. Please treat me like the slave I am. I beg you Master." Janice shrieked as she came.

Kevin grinning as he heard this started pumping into her even faster, his own release approaching. Grunting he emptied his balls deep into her waiting snatch, causing her to cum again. Pulling out, Kevin sat back down on the couch and said, "Come and clean me up slave." Janice hurried to comply, happy to be under another man's control.

The sting of the whip brought her back to the present and she shook in the frame. Kevin landed the blow on her dripping pussy by coming up between her spread thighs. Janice jerked and swayed, but moaned in delight. She always liked that move, it made her wetter. Kevin stepped in front of her and set the whip aside.

"You are a lovely shade of red my slave, do you want more?" Kevin asked. She nodded, unable to speak. "Good, because you are going to get it anyway." Kevin picked up a handful of clothespins from the table next to the frame and Janice knew what was next.

Kevin attached the clothespins to her nipples and breasts. He had already had both her nipples pierced and gold rings installed. Next he applied several to her cunt lips and inner thighs. She was shaking with pain when he finished, but each move only tugged the ropes around her breasts tighter. Kevin then picked up a roll of thin twine and tied off her clit to the breast ropes. He then closed the blinders on her mask to keep the last step secret, this was a new step for both, but Kevin was sure she would enjoy it.

Picking up a small glass jar Kevin sprinkled itching powder over her breast and underarms. He even wet his finger and applied some to her clit. Stepping back Kevin watched the show. As the powder did its work, Janice started to writhe and jerk in her bonds. The sweat from her body made the itching more intense and soon she was moaning and whimpering in agony and orgasm. The powder on her clit caused it to jerk and twitch, tugging gently on the ropes around her breasts. Orgasm after orgasm swept through her body leaving her drained of all strength. Kevin, when he felt she had had enough, brought out a small hose and rinsed the powder off her. As the cold water hit, she screamed in delight and came one final time as he showered her clit.

Leaving her hanging Kevin went to his workshop and pulled the latest creation into the dungeon. Janice heard wood scraping across the cement floor and wondered what was next. He had been working in the basement on something new for them for sometime, but would not let her see it till it was finished. She remembered her delight when he showed her the rack he had made for them.

"Are you ready for my latest invention slave?" Kevin asked her. She nodded, still unable to speak from the bit and the exertion. Kevin undid the leg bonds and then her wrists, as she sagged to the floor she stopped and screamed through the bit. He had left her hair and breasts still secured to the frame. She straightened up and stood quietly waiting for him to untie her. When she felt her hair brush the back of her neck and his hand pushing down on her shoulder, Janice dropped to her knees.

Standing behind of her Kevin opened the blinders and pulled her head up. She was kneeling before a wood frame with a flat wood base, big enough for her to stand on. The frame was just a little wider than she was and there was a flat board across the top with two holes. The top board was split in half horizontally. It looked like a set of stocks, only it was too narrow, as if for arms only. Pulling her up by her hair Kevin had her stand on the board, the holes were just below her breasts, and she realized what it was.

"It is a set of stocks for your breasts my dear. Although, I am not sure the holes are the right size. I think I made them a little too small." Kevin laughed. Janice could see that the holes were far too small for her breasts. Flipping the top section up Kevin pushed her forward and she lowered her tits down until they sat on the lower half circle. Kevin had made the unit well, there were eye rings for her wrist and ankle cuffs that he her locked into. This forced her into a slightly hunched posture. Pushing her head back he lowered the tops of the stocks and latched it shut. The holes were indeed too small. She winced as the rough wood cut into her tender flesh, but the pain only made her wetter. The stocks were set so that she had to bend her knees and keep her back straight in order to keep pressure off her tits. The problem was that she could not keep this up forever. Occasionally she had to straighten her knees and this bent her back and pulled on her tits.

"I have some errands to run, but I will be back soon." Kevin said as he closed the blinders once more. "You be a good girl and stay put." Turning to leave Kevin paused at the door and returned to her. She felt him spread her dripping lips and insert a large vibrator and turn it onto high. Squealing, she barley heard him say, "You better still have that in there when I return. Oh and I almost forgot, we may be having visitors later today. Some friends said they might come by to watch the game this afternoon." The last sound she heard from him before she groaned in orgasm again was his laugh as the door closed.

Kevin went quietly upstairs and turned on the closed circuit TV to watch Janice suffer. He had almost ready to lose control and mount her downstairs, but he could not allow that to happen. He had more planned for her and wanted to keep her wanting. She had professed that his cock was the most important thing in her life and she would do anything to feel it inside her and feel his cum. He had taught her over the last 6 months that she had to earn that, and each time he demanded more.

A cup of coffee and a short rest later, Kevin returned silently to the basement. Janice was exactly where he left her, the vibrator still dancing inside her sopping slit, but she had let it slide out slightly. Kevin slipped up behind her, grabbed the vibrator and shoved it back in sharply. Janice screamed through her bit and jerked in surprise. "I thought I told you to hold onto that. Didn't I tell you to hold onto to that?" Kevin questioned softly in her ear. Janice nodded meekly. "And since you did not obey me, you must be punished." Again Janice nodded.

Kevin went to the equipment rack and pondered his choices aloud. "What do you think bamboo?" Janice heard the swish of the cane and shuddered. "The buggy whip." This time she heard the snap of the whip and whimpered. "No, I think today it shall be this." Leaving her to wonder, Kevin picked up the round paddle with the holes drilled through it. Heavy and black it would cause her much pain for the transgression of letting the dildo slide.

Having removed the clothespins before putting her into the stocks, Kevin picked up a pair of alligator clips with weights and attached them to her distended nipples. Janice screamed as they tightened but remained motionless until both were attached. Between the clips, weights and piercings she felt as though her nipples were coming off. Kevin went further by attaching more weights to her nipple rings. He stepped behind her a swung the paddle.

The slapping of wood against her tender ass flesh echoed in the small room. It added to the discomfort she felt in her back. A muffled yell escaped her and Kevin smiled as he swung again. She yelled again and started to wiggle her ass, trying to avoid his blows. Kevin put his hand in the small of her back to steady her and kept swinging. After he blistered her ass, Kevin moved around to the front and started to gently apply the paddle to her nipples and breasts.

Though he could not see he knew that her eyes were closed behind her blinders and he could see the tears leaking out from under it. She was savoring the feel of his punishment. Saliva rolled down her chin and dripped to the floor, as she could not swallow properly due to the bit. Kevin thought that she had never looked more beautiful. Pulling the clips and weights off her roughly, Kevin heard her gasp.

"That will do for now." Kevin said gently to her. "We still have guests arriving later and things to do before they get here."

Janice shook her head violently. She lived for this and only liked it when she was bound and beaten by her master. This was the only validation that she wanted or needed. Kevin undid the stocks and cuffs and pulled her chin up. Janice meekly obeyed him and let him remove the bit. She knew better than to speak and contradict him. She needed much more, but this was all he was going to give her now. She would have to find a way to get more of what she craved.

He removed the blinders and tossed them on the floor. He undid the cuffs from the sides of the stocks and then unlatched the top, freeing her breasts. Janice straightened up with a groan as her back and knees had cramped from her hunched posture. Kevin indicated with a flick of his wrist that she was to remove her cuffs and she did so, placing them gently on the bench. Bending over to remove the ankle cuffs Kevin pulled the vibrator from her depths and replaced it with his throbbing dick in one motion.

Janice squealed at the removal of the vibrator, but grabbed her ankles and pushed back against Kevin with a sigh as she felt him sink deep inside her. Rutting her from behind, Kevin drove his cock into her without mercy, feeling the walls of her cunt grab and clutch at him. Moaning she rammed her ass back against each thrust, wanting more and more from him. Janice felt her orgasm approaching and clenched her pussy walls around him, milking him to make him come.

Kevin felt her contract her insides and pulled out before either reached climax. Janice moaned in protest and pushed further backward to find him. She was so close, one more thrust would finish her, but Kevin stepped back and slapped her round bottom. "Go and take a shower and clean yourself up. Have the water ready for me in ten minutes." Kevin commanded and turned away from her.

"Yes Master." Janice replied quietly. She stood up and hurried from room to do his bidding. Kevin adjusted a few of the items on the bench and followed her. He would send Janice down to clean the dungeon later, after he had finished with her.

Coming upstairs, Kevin heard her in the shower and smiled. He walked into the kitchen and turned on the hot water tap in the sink. Janice screamed as the shower went ice cold, and Kevin laughed. Now she was ready for him.

Continuing upstairs, Kevin walked into the bathroom and immediately turned off the lights. The frosted glass doors of the shower showed Janice's silhouette kneeling on the floor of the large shower, her head bowed. She was waiting for him. Pulling open the door Kevin stepped into the shower and stood over her with his back towards her. Janice stood up and started washing him. She began with his hair and worked down. Her quick fingers missed nothing, touching him as much as he would allow; she caressed him through the soap. She heard him inhale when her fingers slid between his ass cheeks and probed gently at his asshole.

When she finished his back Kevin turned without a word and closed his eyes as she washed his face. She stopped until he rinsed his face off and could watch her. She worked her way back down, avoiding his crotch until she was back on one knee and washed his feet as he used her leg for a stool. When all but his groin was finished she reached up and foamed up his groin with a deep lather. She stroked him vigorously to keep him hard, but did not want him to shot till he was inside her. Just by handling him she was getting wetter. Janice lathered him until she could not see his cock or balls under the lather and then he turned and she stroked him till he was rinsed clean.

Kevin reached down and ran his hands through her wet hair and pushed the back of her head forward. Janice opened her mouth and took his cock deep into her throat. Kevin held her head and started fucking her mouth, Janice remained motionless and relaxed her mouth and let him fuck her face. She tasted the pre cum running out of his dick head and she worked her tongue up and around his moving penis as much as she could. Her hands were on her knees and she was totally submissive to him. This is what they both wanted and Janice felt her orgasm crash in upon her from her submissiveness. She clenched up and shuddered as she came. Her tongue fluttered on his penis as her teeth tightened slightly and dragged down his cock. Kevin lost control and shot his load. Shaking Kevin fired blast after blast into her throat. Janice swallowed as fast as she could, but he was expelling too much and she drooled some of it down her chin.

Kevin let go of her head and grabbed the shower walls to remain upright. Janice swallowed and licked his cock clean, lapping up his semen wherever she could find it. Finally she was licking just the head of his dick and he pushed her away. The shower rinsed the rest of his orgasm from the head of his cock and her chin. Kevin turned and stepped out of the shower. Janice turned the water off and hurried to follow him. He had stopped on the mat and she quickly dried him off. The towel was thick and warm and she was skilled in doing this for him. Her tongue licked the water off his crotch and he smiled as blood flooded back into his dick.

"Dry yourself, and then come into the bedroom. I need a fuck before our guests arrive and you greet them." Kevin left Janice alone in the bathroom and she shuddered as she dried herself. When he said that she had to greet guests, it meant that they would use her if they wished. She went in to the bedroom to get what would be only the first fucking of the afternoon, she hoped.

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