tagMind ControlJapan Guide Ch. 02

Japan Guide Ch. 02



Arriving at the MKDN buildings up close was a daunting sight to behold; they just seemed to overpower everything around them. Mary could only stare in awe as the Limo drove into the main gate. It pulled up to the main reception building at which point the driver instructed her to make her way inside and ask for Takahashi-san. Nervously Mary entered the building and made her way to the reception desk.

"Sumimasen," she asked the receptionist, "I am here to meet with Takahashi-san"

"Oh" said the girl behind the desk with a giggle "you are new girl for Mr. Takahashi?"

Not quite understanding why the receptionist was trying to speak very broken English when she was clearly able to understand Japanese Mary continued; "Yes I am new girl for Mr. Takahashi"

"Oh good" chirped the girl "He will be very excited when he look at you, he will want you to cum for him, I will find you girlfriend so you can cum together for ten minutes"

"Arigato" Replied Mary trying not to sound aggravated by the butchering she had just witnessed of her mother tongue. She sat down and waited for this girlfriend (I guess she means another secretary) to arrive. Ten minutes later almost to the second a girl appeared in front of her;

"You and me cum for Mr. Takahashi?" she asked.

Trying not to scream Mary replied "Yes, I'm Mary; I'm here for an interview"

"Oh you do Japanese Mariko" smiled the girl (almost with a bounce in her step), "you have good oral skills on the Japanese" she said to Mary with pride.

By this point Mary had just accepted that she was going to be spoken to in this unholy form of English whether she liked it or not, "arigato," she replied "Thank you for your kindness"

"We must now cum for Mr. Takahashi, Please keep hold of my behind"

It was only at this point that Mary realized that all the female staff were dressed very suggestively. The girl in front of her (whose name she did not catch ) was wearing an impossibly short skirt and cropped top that only just covered what were for an Asian girl very large breasts. Looking now Mary didn't know how she had missed them. In fact there was something odd about this girl; almost as if she wasn't really Japanese but more a caricature of a Japanese girl. Her hips swayed as she walked and judging by the looks she got from the male workers it seemed her main job was to be eye candy. "What sort of place is this?" thought Mary. "I hope they don't expect me to dress up this way, I didn't come to Japan just to be something to look at. They arrived outside Takahashi-san's office; "This where you cum for Mr. Takahashi" smiled the girl. "He wants you all to himself so I must go elsewhere; I hope you show good oral skills to make him happy, Bai Bai Mariko!" With that the girl left walking in tiny steps in what Mary now noticed were impossibly high platform shoes. "How did she not fall over?" Mary thought as she knocked on the door. The door opened to reveal a large and impressive office, at the end of which sat a man at a desk.

"Hajimemashite" he said bowing, "You must be Mariko, welcome"

"Hajimemashite" Mary replied deciding it would be rude to correct the mistake with her name. "You wanted to see me"

"Yes, we have heard you are the most promising student at SIJ and so we would like to make you a part of MKDN. If you have not been to Japan before you may not know of us but I assure you; there is no bigger company in Japan. With one phone call I could make even a company like Sony or Toshiba go bust within days, such is the power of this company."

"Wow" remarked Mary, "So what could you want with a girl like me?"

"We, oh sorry please take a seat"

(Mary sat down as Takahashi-san continued)

"We here at MKDN are very proud of our country and its' language. Therefore when we employ foreign workers we want only the best linguists on board. Job skills we can teach you but correct Japanese is a natural talent, you either have it or you do not. We at MKDN believe you have what it takes and so wish to employ you here for your time in Japan"

"That is very kind of you, but what can I do for a company as major as this?"

"Please do not worry about lack of skills; this placement is more like an extended work experience program. We want to focus mainly on your language and etiquette in order to perfect it for Japanese business. For example I am about to offer you some tea, as your senior in both age and position in the company do you know the correct response?"

"No I'm sorry, Should I decline the offer"

"No, you must never decline an offer of tea it is a show of tremendous disrespect here in Japan. Even if you do not like the tea you accept the offer and you must over the course of a conversation drink three cups, less suggests you do not appreciate my offer and more is a sign of greediness. So if anyone offers you tea, always drink three cups full"

"Oh, thank you Takahashi-san, in that case I would love a cup of tea thank you"

Mary couldn't help but wince slightly at how bitter the tea was, she had always heard good things about Japanese tea but this was not a pleasant experience. However she knew she couldn't be rude so she continued to drink it as Mr. Takahashi continued.

"I don't know if you are aware but as well as being a major corporate organization, MKDN is a big sports loving company. We have put huge investment into Motor Racing, Baseball, Soccer even Cheer Leading. Our Race Queens and Cheerleaders are said to be the most beautiful and best in Japan."

"I didn't know that, you must be very successful to be able to invest in all those things."

"We are in fact. MKDN has decided to open a Sporting museum in order to show off our sporting history. It is due to open in 3 months. We would like to employ you as a Japanese speaking tour guide. We would spend the next three months training you to speak Japanese how we expect you to speak and behave in a manor as seen fit by MKDN. It would be intensive training and would give you invaluable knowledge of both Japanese language and its' culture. Do you accept our offer?"

"I don't know, I will only be here for six months after the museum opens, I don't see how it could help my future"

"You will be working for MKDN even if you were to just make tea for us for six months every Japanese company would want you. This is a perfect job for you; if you make us happy you make all of Japan happy. Please, have some more tea"

"Oh thank you" upon stating her second cup of tea Mary's jet lag suddenly seemed to catch up with her. She felt slightly dizzy but at the same time quite calm and agreeable. The ideas proposed by Mr. Takahashi suddenly were becoming much more attractive. "Well, if I am making MKDN and Japan happy then maybe I should accept you kind offer"

"I am very glad to hear that Mariko, I have a contract here ready for you to sign."

Mary glanced at the contract. It mostly seemed normal contract type stuff but a couple of things stood out which made her uncomfortable. "Uh, it says here I must wear the clothes suggested by MKDN, the girls in the reception area were wearing really revealing outfits. I cannot dress that way, it's well trashy."

"Do not worry Mariko; we would not expect that of you. Those girls are employed for their looks; inside their heads it is empty they just care about make up and boys. However they do make good eye candy for the male workers. It keeps up morale and so they serve a purpose. Tell me the same does not happen in America"

"Well yes it does but..."

"So there you go, We just do the same as every other company. Attractive as you are, you are not being employed for your looks. We want you for you brain, your Japanese, Those girls could never do what you will do. This part of the contract if anything is there to stop you dressing that way not make you. We want you to look respectable and you not yet knowing our culture will not know what respectable Japanese attire is. It is purely a safeguard for you so that you do not accidentally offend anyone. Also you will get free clothes; it is only fair if we make you wear something that we also pay for it. So come the en of your time with us you shall have a whole new wardrobe. Please have some more tea"

Mary began on her third cup of tea, now her head was really spinning whilst paradoxically seeming completely clear, "Of course that is why the dress code clause is there for my own safety. MKDN are only thinking of me, they want me to be happy so I should try to make them happy" she thought to herself.

"Thank you Takahashi-san, I did not realize how highly you value your employees. I do have one more query though."

"Of course ask me anything."

"At the end it says MKDN will hold all rights to person's image and name. What does this mean?"

"Oh that, that is just to make sure that if you happen to become famous working for MKDN we are financially rewarded for it. Being an American Japanese speaking tour guide may be quite a big event here and newspapers may want to interview you. To make the pressure of this easier for you we will buy the rights to your name and image and then do business on your behalf. MKDN does not want you spending your time in Japan just signing forms and making contracts. If you look you are heavily rewarded for these rights, so even if nothing comes of it you will make money. Again MKDN just wants to make you happy so that you will want to make us happy."

"Oh thank you. The people at MKDN think of everything. I think I will love being a part of MKDN. I accept your offer"

"I am happy to here that Mariko. Now if you could just sign the contract then you will officially belong to MKDN"

Not picking up on Takahashi-san grammatical error in her Jet lagged dozy state. Mariko signed the contract. Amazed at just how well her time in Japan was going. Takahashi-san just smiled at her.

"Congratulations Mariko, You are now an MKDN girl. I will have someone take you to your room.

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