Japanese Game Show


"My God Hitomi, is this kind of show even legal? Is this going out on the public airwaves for all your family and neighbors to see? Did you know what things would be going on here?" Finally taking a deep breath.

"Yes Kevin, this is ok to show in Japan, but not on national TV. Perhaps you also have local broadcasting in the states?"

All I could think of was local type closed circuit stuff that cities allow on a narrow waveband, like public access TV. But even at that the audience could number in the thousands depending on the density of the population where broadcast. It was unnerving to me none the same.

Hitomi looked at me with her head tilted to the side and asked if I was ok.

"Sure, why do you ask?"

"You are quite red in the face and neck, you're sweating and your voice is cracking."

Thank goodness she made no reference to the cock tenting in my Dockers. I wanted her to get the attention off me, so I repeated the last of my questions about what they knew.

"Yes, Aiko is a big fan and watches every week. Kaito and I miss it sometimes but they repeat so we can keep up. They have been on TV for 5-6 years and we have seen since the beginning."

Well you learn something everyday. My house mates were a porn watching lot, something they certainly kept hidden from me up to now. The broader issue is that they really didn't have a problem with incest, again something I was clueless about. Except for the occasional nudity, nothing could have been farther than the known reality I had of this family.

I had many more questions, but before I could utter them, music started up and the headset guy wanted people back in their seats. Within moments the show was back on and the remaining 3 men, including Kaito were called onstage. Again a drawing was made and Kaito got the selection. The girls had also moved behind the partition wall and Aiko was now under B.

Kaito was given the same instructions as the first man, but for some reason he was blindfolded. I was puzzled, maybe I thought, because with two girl's clean shaven he could guess better, but on the same token if he felt them up, that attribute would be a dead giveaway. None the less, since Kaito had seen Aiko nude before, he had a 50/50 chance of selecting her I thought.

And so it began as before, the drapes were pulled off and the tits and pussies put on display. Kaito got assistance from the host, guiding him to the first set of tits on A. For an added wrinkle, the hostess was rubbing his cock through his pants while he inspected, both with hands and tongue, the first girls tits. He went down the row, with Aiko at B, repeating the same process. Aiko did not hesitate and pushed her pert frame flush with the wall and looked as if she enjoyed the licking and sucking of her tender breasts. After that round he was asked for a decision, he declined. It finally dawned on me, even if you knew at this juncture, why stop?

So now with the help of the fondling hostess, Kaito went to his knees and started fingering and tonguing those sweet cunts. He did not spend a long time with A, but when he got to B, he worked his lips and tongue deeply and lovingly. I suspected he knew at this point, but this pussy was hot as reflected by the juices dripping down her legs and the sheen on Kaito's face. Aiko herself had her legs bent slightly and her body shuddered which to me said orgasm.

The longer Kaito spent with his daughter, the tighter and closer Hitomi held me. The heat her body was generating on my left side was intense and my cock with no place to go, was strangling to death. I had never been so aroused and in such agony at the same time. My sub conscious wanted to open my pants, drop Hitomi and tear her pants off and fuck. The conscious part would not allow it. How the rest of the audience was handling this I don't know, but with the constant stare and shallowness of breathing I heard they had to be closer to my state of mind.

Back on the stage, Kaito had finished with the pussy exams and stood upright again. Again no decision from him; which certainly did not surprise me. I did detect a slight grin on my friends face; he defiantly knew what he was doing. The hostess commanded the girls upright and to turn around, pushing their posteriors out the bottom opening. Helping Kaito drop his drawers while jacking him a little was our little cocktease hostess. Putting her mike down she guided him by the dick with one hand while her other hand cupped his ass toward the girl under A. Kaito made a few lunges since he was still blindfolded, and finally slid in. He rammed her for 10-15 strokes and went next to B, his adorable daughter. She too got only 10-15 strokes before daddy moved on. After making one full round, he again, was asked to make a decision. Again he could not and wanted to "recheck" some of the girls. I took that as he wanted to fuck some more.

He wanted D as she was the other bald pussy girl and now he did spent a little more time slamming into her. Checking her out, she was smaller in stature to Aiko with smaller boobs. Her expression was not one of pleasure but of discomfort as Kaito was not small. Suddenly Kaito withdrew and you could tell by his bobbing cock, he was worked up. He had the hostess guide him back to B and line him up. Without any warning or fanfare, he pummeled into his daughters cunt. He was going wild and even grabbed the middle hole (one used for tits) with both hands so he could slam harder. His hips thrust upward and with his curved dick, he was without a doubt drilling into Aiko's clit. Aiko on her side was delirious and was driving her ass back into the dick fucking her.

I had forgotten about Hitomi but now she let go of my arm to place both her hands over her mouth. I could not tell if she was delighted or disgusted by her family's actions, but her eyes were sparkling. I knew of nothing else to do, so I placed by hot and sore arm around her shoulders. Her reaction was to drop her head and face into the cradle of my shoulder.

The hostess had the mike to my friends face imploring him to announce that this is the one; Kaito made no sound other than his urgent grunts as his pace quicken to the speed of the Tasmanian devil making the whole partition shake. Most of the other girls had turned around to help hold the wall and stare at the wild eyed girl getting the fucking of a lifetime. When you knew this pace could not continue, Kaito roared and literally left his feet as he obviously started to erupt into Aiko's pussy. He thrust over and over and held his clenched ass cheeks for seconds at a time while he emptied his nuts.

The hostess was unglued, first shrieking if he had cum into the girl, was the girl his daughter and could she get pregnant. The last cry hit me in the gut hard since I never thought of that happening. Kaito finally admitted that B was in choice and as he withdrew a steady stream of cum bubbled from between Aiko's legs and pooled on the stage. Kaito's cock still was hard and boiling as droplets of cum still oozed out.

The audience had been freakishly quite up until now, but the hostess announced his decision and that it was his daughter, they erupted into cheers and applause. Even Hitomi, who had left me wondering her reaction, was overjoyed, jumping and hugging on me. God, I thought how this woman can be so ecstatic after witnessing not only the fucking of her daughter by her husband but also the possible insemination of same.

Aiko was called out from behind the screen and now, oddly became shy. One hand covered her white coated cunt and her arm was stretched across her chest to cover her adorable creamy tits. The hostess announced that they had made a correct choice and their prize was an all exclusive trip to Hawaii. With that news, Aiko's shyness evaporated and she hugged her dad while jumping up and down. Kaito did the same all the while his semi hard cock bounced up and down to match his daughter's tits.

The ride home was one filled with joy; all three of them could not stop talking about their prize. Kaito and Hitomi had been there on their honeymoon over 20 years ago and longed to go back. Aiko had never been and was urging her mother to help her shop for the perfect bikini.

When we were home I had a nagging question answered as Aiko led me in her room and turned her TV on. She had recorded a previous episode of this game show and I now saw how they passed any censors. When the show aired out, the lower parts of the body, cunts and dicks were blurred out. It was still obvious what they were and the action that was taking place but the picture was not clear. In this episode I was watching a man had also blown a load into a girl and it was apparent even thru the blur what had happened.


The rustle of the ocean breeze wafted throughout the suite, the kamehameha suite to be exact, in the Royal Hawaiian hotel, the so called pink palace of Honolulu. I was in the bed on my back, peering out to the lanai and beyond at the great Pacific Ocean. My gaze was diverted as a long, beautiful mane of jet black hair came into view, attached to the face of sweet young Aiko. The sounds she made were of pure pleasure as she slid forward on the lounger out on the balcony. As I focused more on her charms, hands reached up and gripped her shoulders, the hands of Kaito, her father and lover. Her hair was caught by the ocean winds, tossing the strands everywhere as she moved up and down.Aiko turned to me and with a cute wink and sensual smile, continued on in the activity of climaxing with her dad.

I was glad to see this as I knew that soon I would also have the honor of imbedding my shaft into her love hole. But for now, the urge to come overwhelmed me as Hitomi riding reverse cowgirl on me, with her cunt and glorious thick bush, milked my rod to the max. Her pussy muscles drained every molecule of my load out, depositing it deep within her body. Her moans cascaded off of the beautiful red and yellow walls as she to had the richest of orgasms.

Our collective sighs abating, looking to the lanai to see the smiles of my friend Kaito and his beautiful daughter, looking directly at us. The meeting of east and west is a treasured thing.

Thinking about returning to LA, maybe I should set up a meeting with that Burnett guy, the one that does Survivor and toss out an idea for a game show.

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