19-year-old Jasmine walked slowly along the deserted road heading south. She left home 3 weeks before, leaving the hell she used to call home, as her stepfather was getting more and more violent. She left school at 16 and with no school degree; it was tough to find jobs. She has no money and she ate her last piece of cookie she had the day before. She felt so tired but she kept on walking while looking at small feet. No one seemed to use the road. If she fainted on this road, she could be left for dead and no one could save her. Her delicate face was covered with the hood of her sweatshirt and she was sweating under the sun.

A glimmer caught her eyes and she raised her hands to stop a coming car. Her savior! It was a black limousine and it stopped in front of her. A smile formed on her lovely face and her light green eyes lighted. She took her hood down and peered into the tinted mirror. After a few moments, the chauffer emerged from the car.

He opened the door for her and she timidly got into it. She loved the smell of the limo, closed her eyes and sniffed hard the scent of tobacco and a strong male cologne, smiling. Her eyes suddenly snapped opened when she realized that she was not alone in the limo. There was a handsome man sitting facing her and she quickly took a seat and smiled at him. He did not respond to her sweet fake smile. He was in his early 40s and he was wearing a white shirt that was opened at the neck showing his tan neck, black trousers that framed his lean long legs and an expensive pairs of leather shoes. His blonde hair was short and his deep brown eyes studied her making her felt so small. Her eyes then darted to the luxurious fruit basket between them involuntarily licked her lips while her stomach started growling for it and she tried to control the urge to ask the man for one piece of sweet red apple.

Eric Blake's cock stirred when the girl in front of him lick her lips eyeing the apples in the basket. He could simple sum up that this smelly, messy, long-legged red head was desperate. She looked slightly thin for his taste but her eyes and those legs mesmerized him. He could imagine those legs wrapping his waist while he pumped his cock into her and those eyes begging for more. His was becoming more aroused with that image in his mind. Her hands were dirty as well as her snickers and the backpack that she had with her. Yet, Eric was interested to know how those fingers can make him a very happy man. Eric knew that she was hungry, penniless and lonely.

The limousine moved swiftly along the road and Jasmine could not help but was lulled into deep slumber. When she opened her eyes, the car had stopped and someone had opened the door. She was brought into a big mansion on a top of a hill and the butler took her to the kitchen and served her with food. She thanked the butler with all her heart, but he did not say anything and left her. She ate to her heart content and in all her life; she had never tasted such wonderful food. The butler came into the kitchen again and instructed her to follow him.

She was in a huge office with a big table near the window and the handsome man was waiting for her sitting on his arm back leather chair. She stood nervously in front of him but she could not deny that those piercing brown eyes made her heart skipped a few beat. The silence was deafening.

"Thank you for the ride sir...Mr. And thank you for the food! You are my savior!" she broke the silence.

"Not a problem. What's your name? How old are you?" His voice was deliciously deep and that made her heart beat even faster.

"J...Jasmine...Jasmine Malloy. I...I'm 19."

"Jasmine Malloy...I have an offer for you."

"An offer?"

"Yes, a simple offer. Let me have sex with you and I will give you fifty thousand dollar every time you can satisfy me."

"What? I'm not a hooker!" She shrieked.

"I did not say that you are Jasmine. I just want to have sex with you and since you are in dire need of money, I will help you. Just consider this as a job."

Jasmine whole being trembled and she was so shaken by this man's blunt offer. She did need the money and that was a lot of money. She looked at the man facing her and shuddered with the thought of him fucking her pussy. She was not a virgin but she had sex only a few times when she was 15 and having Steve as a stepfather prevented her from seeing any boys.

"How many times do...do you want me to...h...have s...sex with you?"

"As many times as I want. Don't worry Jasmine. I won't hurt you and I am a man of my word."

"If...if...I refuse?"

"You can leave. You can continue hitchhiking, being penniless, while waiting for your next meal."

Jasmine contemplated her options and she had nothing to lose. Having this man fucking her was better than being penniless and hungry. She agreed and she later was brought into a large grand bathroom that was bigger than her own home. Her eyes dilated with the grand sight. Eric was standing behind her towering her with his physique and Jasmine at 5 feet 10 inches suddenly felt like a small child with his 6 feet 7 inches stature. He stopped before they reached a bathtub. From behind, Eric first loosened her ponytail and her long fiery hair covered her back. Then, he took off her sweatshirt and dropped it to the floor.

"Turn around Jasmine....Good. Look at me." He commanded.

Jasmine eyes rested on his handsome face and she noticed that his eyes were piercing into her green ones. She could feel his long fingers making their way up from the front of her baggy t-shirt to her breasts, his warm fingers played with her nipple, and she clenched her teeth to prevent herself from moaning. Eric then took out his hand from under her t-shirt and took the baggy t-shirt off her. To his surprise, her breasts were quite big compared to her frail frame but he was annoyed that her boobs were encased in that filthy cheap bra.

"Take off you bra."

Jasmine was blushing from her head to her toes as she took her bra off before this man that she had just met hours before. Her ample C-cup boobs spilled for Eric's view and her pink nipples puckered under his intense gaze. His hard-on was getting more powerful with the sight of her breasts. The movement of her breasts from her labored breathing intensified his hard-on. Jasmine tried to cover her chest but Eric's strong hand prevented it and he put her hand to her side.

"Take off your jeans. Slowly."

She complied. She slowly unbuttoned the jeans, unzipped her jeans and unhurriedly used her fingers to pull the jeans down. Her tits dangled and jingled with the excursion. She was in her black grandma panties that looked so fragile with age. Eric grabbed the flimsy material with disgust and that made Jasmine felt so embarrassed. Tears started brimming in her eyes. Eric tugged and tore the material away and easily it was torn to shred. He threw the panties away. A tear fell down her cheek.

"Don't cry. I hate women when they cry!" he growled.

In the midst of comforting herself, the man grabbed Jasmine's waist and she shrieked when her ass suddenly met a cold surface. He had put her on a high marble table to their right near the wall. He forced her legs to open and she yelped. The man was studying her pussy that had never been shaven and her wild red pubic hair was a contrast to the pale skin and her pink pussy. Her feet were dangling either side of the man since the table was 4 feet in height.

"I want to shave your pussy." He said.

"W...what? N...no...I c...can do it myself!" Jasmine begged.

Eric did not listen to her pleading and took out a razor and she trembled in fear. He lathered her pussy with shaving cream and Jasmine instinctively tried to clamp together her thighs but he prevented it. She could feel her pussy stirring in pleasure and she did not want the man between her legs to know.

"N...no...please stop...p...please...M...Mr....s...stop!"

Eric held one thigh with his left hand and started shaving with his right. Jasmine steeled her body and the man slowly shaved her pussy. She was blushing red with embarrassment but the pleasure of this man creating was too great for her to ignore. Eric's lips formed a faint smile as her pussy started to drip its lovely juices. As he finished shaving her pussy, he inserted one finger and she buckled on the table moaning. He took it out and it was drenched. He put the razor on the table, took her down from the table and brought her to the bathtub that was already filled with jasmine scented perfume.

"Get in."

She obeyed. The water was soothing and she could not help herself but smile. It was wonderful. The dirt and grime of hitchhiking slowly disappeared and Jasmine's creamy skin showed its true glory. The man stood near the bathtub roaming his eyes over the young succulent body. Her pussy was shaven, her face now cleaned from dirt; fiery hair floating around her and her tits glistened with the watery soap. He took a sponge near her head and started massaging her neck. She inhaled a deep breath because she felt so relaxed making her boobs moved to man's pleasure. Eric wanted more.

"Open you legs. Not too much. Just enough for my hand."

Jasmine's eyes flew to his handsome face and she obeyed. The rough texture of the sponge on her pussy made her squirmed. Eric pushed the sponge into her slit and she inhaled a short breath. Every time he roughly grazed the sponge on her clit, she inhaled even louder. Her moaning got louder and louder making Eric's cock even harder.

"I think you are clean enough."

He toweled her wet clean body and hair. Taking time massaging her pussy and he could see her eyes hazy with the pleasure that he invoked in her. She was ready for him.

The bedroom was the biggest bedroom that Jasmine had ever seen in her entire life. There was a high four-post bed in the middle of it and she swallowed hard with the coming ordeal.

"Get on the bed. Get on your hands and knees; and look at me."

Jasmine's arms wobbled as she looked at the man commanding her. Her long red hair still damp and her knees too quivered with anxiety. Eric relished the sight of her breasts hanging and those shapely legs behind her. He walked around the bed, stopped just to stare at Jasmine's ass and her soaked pussy. He came on the bed from behind her and covered her eyes with a silk scarf.

"N...no...please...I...I...don't want this. I...n...need to see." Jasmine freaked out.

"If you refuse to follow my instruction, you can leave now,."

She was silent for sometime and she let him tie the material over her eyes. Jasmine used all her senses to sense her surrounding especially the man who was about to fuck her tingling sensitive pussy. The idea brought more juices flowing in her canal and Eric noticed that it started trickling down the lips of her pussy to left inner thigh. He was still behind her and her heartbeat accelerated. Her pussy and her whole being were centered on the man behind her ass. Waiting for him to make a move. Waiting. Her pussy was drenched with apprehension.

"Jasmine, call me Mr. Blake."

"Y...yes Mr. B...Blake...p...please...I...I...want...,"

Before she could finish her sentence, Eric shoved his long thick cock inside Jasmine her sheath. She screamed with the force and her canal was so tight that Eric had to brace himself with the pleasure. Then, he slowly drew his cock slightly out creating friction on her sweet soaked vaginal wall that made her whimpered. Eric pushed his cock again into her and she instinctively moved her hip to receive his intrusion. He withdrew his cock slowly yet again, and Jasmine writhed and whimpered with the pleasure. He could not control his lust, held her small waist, and drove in and out with such force. Jasmine had to rely on Eric because all her senses were focused on his cock that ramming into her pussy over and over again.

"Ah...ah...Mr. Blake...ah...mmm...ah...ah...,"


Eric incessant attack on Jasmine's pussy was so different from the sex that she had when she was 15. Her pussy was stretched now and she felt that Mr. Blake's cock was deliciously big and long. She loved the feelings of his pants behind her thighs, his belt buckle clinking as he shoved his engorged member into her cunt.

"Ah...ah...ah...p...please...Mr. Blake...please!" Jasmine moaned asking for her release.

Eric found it irresistible looking at the girl's ass slamming on his groin and the way she arched her body in delight. He knew that she was about to cum as the wall of her wet canal started to convulse even greater. He rammed and rammed his cock inside the tight young pussy and Jasmine finally cum moaning and moaning so loud that it filled the entire bedroom. He continued shoving her pussy with his cock and he held her waist tightly as he slammed his cock to fill her pussy up with his semen grunting and growling as he cum inside her.

Jasmine's hands and legs gave way to the intense pleasure of their climax. She could feel Mr. Blake's cock still in her pussy quivering for the last time and it slowly becoming flaccid. The man was breathing heavily behind her and he too was on the bed laying there. She still could not see with the scarf still covering her eyes. She felt he withdrew his cock and felt him move beside her. She lay on the bed in a dreamlike state after such rapture. Both were still breathing heavily. It seemed like eternity. Suddenly, he touched her face and took off her blindfold. Her eyes adjusted to the bright room and her mouth was opened looking at the mirror on the ceiling of the bedroom. She was naked, hair strewn and her pussy soaked and dripping with her juices and his semen. She felt extremely vulnerable because the man beside her still had his clothes on.

"You're...magnificent...Jasmine." He said to her.

"T...thank you Mr. Blake."

"You are mine. Mine alone." He continued and that made her shivered.

He then slowly took off his shirt revealing the hairy chest that he had and he took off his trousers and boxers. He was like a Norse God and Jasmine could not help but lust over him. He moved between her legs and Jasmine could see how she stretched her long legs opened to accommodate the man between her legs. The sight that she saw on the mirror made her pussy oozed with her juices. He nuzzled her neck and licked it. Jasmine squirmed offering her neck to him. His hands squeezed and massaged her tits. Her nipples puckered under his palms and her body writhed and thrashed with the pleasure building. He nudged his knee lightly on her pussy, grinding it to her opening and she ground her hips to it. Eric felt the dampness on his knee and he could not wait. He brought his mouth to her tits and bit them a few times and that made his lovely Jasmine squirmed even more. He used his tongue on her responsive nipples and she thrashed on the bed again. His cock had risen to its former glory and he put his penis at the opening of her wet pussy. Not moving even when Jasmine hip tried to get his penis slightly deeper in her sweet canal. She became restless.

"Mr....Mr. Blake...p...please...you're...cock...I want...your cock!" she pleaded breathlessly.

He did nothing.

"I...I...want...you...to fuck me...p...please...fuck me!" she begged.

Eric loved when it when they begged and he rammed his cock deep into her waiting pussy. He shoved, slammed and thrust his rigid cock into Jasmine's womb. The feeling was unbelievable and she raised her hip to meet his cock. He grabbed both her long lean legs and wrapped them around his waist so his cock could penetrate deeper and with that angle, Jasmine moaned even louder. Again, and again Eric drove his cock deep in her pussy. Their bodies now were covered in sweat and their slick skin glistened under the lights. Jasmine cherished the view on the ceiling, she looked so wanton, and she could see how Mr. Blake's ass quivered with every pump of his cock into her young body. They cum together and he squeezed all his semen in her sopping pussy.

* * *

It was dark and Jasmine woke up startled as she was still disorientated. Mr. Blake did not switch the light on but she could see with the help from the soft glow of the moonlight. Still naked on the massive bed, she realized that Mr. Blake's big strong hand enveloped her from behind possessively resting on her pussy. Suddenly, the hand between her legs started massaging her pussy and she moaned.

"Mr. Blake? Are you awake? May...I...I ask you...something?" she whispered in the dark bedroom.

"Yes." A deep satiated voice answered.

"Have...have...I satisfied you?"

The hand on her pussy stopped moving and there was a dead silence.

"Never Jasmine! Never!" He whispered into her ears.

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