tagRomanceJason and Julia Ch. 2

Jason and Julia Ch. 2


Jason drove home that night, but he didnt go inside he decided to go for a walk. He thought about what had happened between him and Julia. He has always wondered what it would be like to be with Julia, and now it had. Him and Julia had taken that first step, and it was amazing! He relished in the though of what had happened today. It wasnt enough though. His feelings ran deep, and his wants did as well. He wanted to take Julia, and he knew she wanted to be taken. He couldnt wait any longer, so he walked bacjk to his home and got back in his car. When he was within walking distance of Julia's house he parked his car and began to walk. When he reached her house it was past midnight and all the ligts were out. He walked behind the ouse and began to tap on Julia's window. Julia opened the window looking like she had just been woken up. "Jason what are you doing here its past midnight."

"Julia you know why im here. Ever since we first kissed, and first took that first step I want to be with you constantly. I feel alone at night with out you, I was walking earlier and every where i looked i saw your face, I had to see you."

"Jason sweety get in here." Jason climed in the window, and before he was even all the way in Julia was kissing him hard on the mouth. Then she stepped back and layed down on the bed wearing just a large t-shirt.

"I'm glad you came tonight, I was having a dream about you when you woke me up. We were here in my house like this, the only difference is look at tat abundance of cloths you have on."

"Well why dont you show me what was happeneing in your dream Jules."

Julia stood up and walked over to jason, he leaned in to kiss her but she moved away. She pulled her shirt over her head and stood there for him to see. Standing 5'5 dark hair down to her shoulders. She ran her hands over her georgous breasts, and down er whole body. She turned around and placed both her hands on her ass and rubbed them up and down. "Is this turning you on baby?"

Jason had to pick hi jaw up off the floor to awnser this, but before he could Julia did something else. She reached forward and gripped his crotch hard. "Mmmm looks like i got my answer."

She slowly unbuttoned his pants and slipped her hand inside. She gripped his raging hard cock and pumped it hard and slow. She bit her bottom lip and squeezed a bit tigter. "Jules that feels so good."

"Just returning the favor."

This was it, Jason couldnt wait any longer he was going to take Julia right here and right now. He pulled his shirt over his head and threw it across the room. He grabbed Julia and kissed her hard, and layed her down on the bed. He began to take his pants off when Julia reached out and stopped him. Jason had no idea what she was doing, but Julia knew. She smirked and got his pants to his ankles with one yank. Jason stepped out of his pants and stood thier in front of Julia wit just boxers on. Julia stood up and walked behind Jason. "You want me dont you baby? You want me right here right now? Well if you want me Jason take me."

Jason stood there for a second and just smiled, he knew what was about to happen and he felt like the luckiest man in the world. He stripped his boxers as quickly as he could and turned around. When he did Julia immediatly pulled him close and took one of his nipple into her mouth. She sucked his nipple hard and reached for his cock. She jerked it hard when she grabbed it. This was all the incentive Jason needed, at last the two would be one. Jason picked Julia up and put her down on the bed. He gently gripped her legs and pulled them apart. Julia was dripping with anticipation, and this only made Jason want her more. He crawled on top of her and looked into her eyes. "Julia this is going to be amazing."

"Its allready amazing Jason." The two kissed and prepared themselfs for what was about to come. Jason grabbed his cock and began to rub it up and down Julias wet opening. His cock was soaked with her juice instantly, and he knew she was ready. He pushed the head in ever so slowly, feeling her warmth and her rightness grip is penis. He pulled in and out a few times enjoying the sensation. "Jason dont tease me i need you in me now." Julia grunted out into his ear, trying not to wake her parents up. Jason did wat Julia asked and slowly started pushing inside her. Her soaking wet pussy enveloped his cock as he pushed forward. After he was all the way in he stopped and kissed Julia " Dont move julia, just let me feel like were one, let us be one person."

The two young lovers held each other tight and didnt move. When he couldnt take it anymore Jason began to pull in and out of Julia. Her walls gripping him so tight like nothing he had ever felt. They rocked theyre hips back and forth making a nice smooth rythm. They both moaned deep to each oter while they commited this act of passion. "Julia your amazing." Jason grunted out between thrusts.

They were both covered in sweat, thier bodies sliding over each other with ease. Jason knew he wasnt ganna be able to take much more of this so he thrust one more time as deep as he could and pulled out.

The two cleaned up and layed down in Julias bed and held each other tight. "This is amazing Jules."

"Whats that Jason?"

"Us being here together lying in your bed naked together. I can feel you all over. I've never felt so close to anyone."

Julia nuzzled Jason and said "Me either baby me either." and they fell asleep.

"Julia!" her mothers voice rang through the door.

"ohh shit" she whispered "YEAH MOM?!?"

"Jason's mom just called and said he didnt come home last night." Julia shoved Jason into the closet and sprang to the door.

"Mom no do you think hes ok?!?" Julia cried out to her mother.

"His mom said that he came home went for a walk and left again, but didnt come back."

"No mom do you think hes ok?" Julia was doing her best to convinve her mother she was worried, and it seemed to be working.

"Baby girl dont worry I'm sure hes just fine he's a strong young man."

"I hope so mom. Can i have a few minutes to sit and think about this mom?"

"Sure dear, but try not to worry to much."

Julia shut and locked the door after her mom had left and darted to the closet. She found Jason lying on the floor her face burning red doing his best not to scream out laughing. "That was an amazing preformance Jules." Jason said sarcasticly

"You could have done so much better? Want me to get her and you can proove it?"

"Ohh Jules thats why you mean so much to me, you know im kidding."

Julia jumped on top of Jason and began tickle him "I'll show you funny."

The two rolled around kissing and concieling thier laughs. "You better get outa here before she comes back to check on me though."

"Yeah I guess I do."

Jason was walking down the street when he turned and said "I miss you already Jules."

"What you didn't miss me 5 minutes ago?" She called back in laughter.

As Jason walked to his car he thought about what ad just taken place. He had just made love to Julia and spent the night with her. He felt so light hearted, the sky looked bluer, the grass was greener, and he was never so happy to be alive. For the first time he saw beauty in things he had never even noticed before, and it was all thanks to Julia. Things were looking up for Jason, and life seemed to have taken a new meaning. He knew what it was he knew there was only one thing that could make him feel this way. He smiled to himself and continued to walk.

Julia stood light as a feather while the water ran over her face. She felt amazing after aving spent the night with Jason. It was something she had always dreamed of, and finally it had come true. She turned the water off and tepped out of the shower. She towled off and stood in front of the mirror. She looked at her self and felt confident, she felt vibrant, she knew there was only one thing that could be making her feel this was. She smiled to her self and finished drying off.

"Hello?" Julia cheerily spoke into the phone.

"Hey baby, how you doin?"

"Ask yourself the same question and you'll know."

"That good? Wow." The two lauged at each other.

"Got something to tell you huney." Jason coyily said into the phone.

"I've got something i want to tell you to."

"I have to see you to tell you mine." Jason replied.

"I do to"

They both knew exactly what the other one had to say, and they couldnt wait to hear it. "Can you meet me at the park in an hour Jules?"

"Of course baby ill see you then."

Jason screamed and jumped in the air when he hung up the phone. "I'm ganna tell her WAHOOOO!"

Both of them put thier nicest outfits on and did the best they could to make the other one happy. Julia wore Jasons favorite perfume scent, and Jason did his hair how Julia said she liked it. Jason got to the park 10 minutes early nervously anticipating Julias arrival. He was ready though, he knew it was right, and he wasnt going to hold back. Julia eased her foot down on the accelerator going a little faster than se should have been, but she just couldnt wait to see Jason again. She had spent the night before with him, and the minute he left she longed for him to come back. She knew why and she was ganna let him know.

Jason sat on a rock near the side of the road waiting for Julia to arrive, when finally he saw her pull up. She parked acrossed the street, and Jason stood up. Julia got out of the car and turned to see Jason running towards her. "Julia I loooo."

"Jason NO!!"

But it was too late te tires squeled, and couldnt stop in time. Jason rolled over the hood of the car and layed motionless on the ground. Julia ran to him as fast as she could, her eyes swelling hoping, praying, jason please be ok. She ran to his side and craddled him in her arms. "Jason baby look at me, look at me Jason please baby PLEASE!"

Jason coughed and spitted up blood. "Jules I love you. I love you."

"Don't you dare die on my Jason, I love you so much."

"It's ok Julia, Its ok because at least i got to spend my last night with you. I love you Jules." Jason muttered out with his last breath.

"Jason NOOOOO!" Julia cried out, and fainted.

Its hard sometimes the way the world works. Letting us fall in love and then ripping them away from us. Yet Julia knew what Jason meant when he said it was ok. Because he knew i would never forget what we had and he would live in my heart forever.

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