tagInterracial LoveJason's Story Ch. 01

Jason's Story Ch. 01


Chapter 1: New Job

Jason was so excited to get the job. Since his graduation two years ago, he'd been pretty much just enjoying life, holding down odd jobs just to support travel and clubbin'. He'd finally tired of both enough to put his MBA to good use (and to hopefully get his dad off his back). It was the first time he'd sat through a "serious" interview, hoping to be chosen. They did, but just for a second interview. This dance continued for two more months, and two more interviews. When he finally got the call it felt like he'd just won "American Idol" or something. He had two weeks to get it together.

The first 6 weeks in the new Financial Advisor position would be spent in training. Like an excited new employee, he showed up 30 minutes early. He'd always liked being the first one in because he could check out who showed up after him. There was a wide spectrum of new employees, anywhere from the guy in his late fifties, to the bubbly blonde in her early twenties. There were some really cute girls in the room, but nothing that really did it for him, and then she walked in. All he could think was DAMN!

She had this air about her that you'd have to be dead to miss, even the gay guy next to him picked up on it. Jason could tell by the way he'd said "Mmmph, work it girl" under his breath when she came in.

She looked about 6 feet tall, mostly due to the almost stiletto 4 inch heels she wore. Never before did a woman look so hot in a business skirt suit to Jason. It wasn't that it was skin tight, or super short, but the way the material hugged her thighs and that ass, it didn't need to be. Her jacket hit just past her waist (he assumed so her ass wouldn't be covered by it) and it was fitted to accent her teeny waist. She wasn't stick thin, she was probably a healthy size 8, and her body was bangin'...and she knew it, she had to! She was a real woman who was proud of being a woman, and Jason was glad she was one because as excited as he was about the new job, he was way more excited about her.

She'd come in with about 5 minutes to spare, but she knew the instructor and other established employees, so she probably didn't have to worry. He had to meet her, talk to her, know her. He'd never felt this kind of obsession about any woman within seconds of seeing her, but this one was different. Her skin was the most beautiful shade of brown, it should've had its own name. It was a honey brown with a red tone, kind of like Halle Berry, only richer, redder, hotter. She looked like those brown-skinned Brazilian hotties he'd seen on DVD once or twice. Her hair was so beautiful that at first he thought it couldn't possibly be real. It was extremely thick; almost black, glossy, it fell past her shoulders, and was cut into a lot of layers that were flipped in all different directions. She wore her long, layered bangs in her face swept over one eye. Jason didn't know why she'd want to cover those eyes; bright, round, dark, and seductive, all at the same time. She had the best pair of lips he'd ever seen. They weren't so big that the bottom one split in the middle, but they weren't small either. They were for lack of a better word, perfect; the shape, the volume, the outline, the shade, perfectly kissable. He could picture them on his own, on his neck, his cock, damn he wanted her and it was starting to show. He thought to himself 'Think man; dead puppies, old saggy boobs, fat nuns. Whew! the last thing I needed was my stiff 10 incher trying to flee its woolen prison.'

It was time to get started and she made her way to the one empty spot left, thankfully it was about two seats in front of him just to the left. When she walked all the right things bounced and jiggled. She took her seat and then he saw her legs. He was surprised to see that someone who was dressed so professionally, had neglected to wear hose, although legs like that should always be naked. They were long and shapely, like a Barbie doll's, and that same special shade of brown that was uniquely hers. Not that he had a fetish or anything, but even her feet looked great. Damn, he wanted to know her.

The first training exercise was to state his or her name, tell a funny little story, and to walk up to one of the other new hires and introduce themselves. He really had little interest in anyone else, so the five people before her remained "old guy", "bubbly blonde", "Boobs McGee", "wannabe stud muffin", and "soccer mom", but when she spoke, "Nigha" was all he heard. The most beautiful name he'd ever heard for the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Her voice was deep, raspy, sexy like a 900 number chick, but she sounded so educated, which made it that much sexier. Nigha's funny story was about her falling flat on that voluptuous ass of hers in the gym, and when it came time for her to pick someone to introduce herself to; she walked to the front of the room and then started to walk in his direction. She got right in front of him and extended her hand and said "Hi, I'm Nigha Stevens, and you are....." with a smile that lit up the room.

He stood up and noticed her eyes widen at his stature, "I'm Jason Branson, and it's my pleasure to meet you."

She smiled slyly and said "My goodness you're a big one!" commenting on his stature.

She was right; he was about 6'5" and 250lbs. of solid muscle. He played football in high school and college, but never wanted to go pro. He'd kept his physique in shape after he'd stopped playing due to vanity; he loved the ladies feasting on him with their eyes and didn't want to lose the attention. He was naturally olive toned, only a few shades lighter than she because of his Italian heritage, which also attributed to his almost jet black hair, but had the good fortune of inheriting crystal blue eyes from his father. Eyes that could look straight into your soul, and would always let you know that you were wanted. He'd been told that he was a "hottie" on more than one occasion, and loved to hear it.

After she laughed at her double entendre, he leaned over and whispered in her ear "You have no idea" as he took his seat.

With that she felt a chill go down her spine and when she went to speak, her voice changed it's pitch a little and she said with a smile "Well Jason, the pleasure was all mine", and sauntered back to her seat.

It came time for lunch and the gay guy, who's name Jason actually remembered was "Clyde" asked if he knew of anywhere good and they decided on this little barbecue place. Clyde was a damn trip and on the way to the restaurant, he mentioned Nigha. "Damn Jason, that woman is fierce! I saw you checking out her legs and ass, hell, I was checking them out too and I'm strictly dickly!" Jason laughed out loud at that one, and then they walked in. There she was, sitting at a big table with about 3 other girls and there were 2 empty seats.

"Hey Clyde, (long pause) Jason! Why don't you guys join us." She remembered his name, and he loved hearing her say it.

Jason lurched for the empty seat next to Nigha and heard Clyde mumble "Down boy" as if he were a misbehaving dog.

"Guys, this is Kim, Sam, and Janie; Kim, Sam, and Janie, this is Clyde and (another pause) Jason. They're new hires like me" she said with a chuckle.

"Oh girl, you know you're an old pro around here" Kim said.

They all exchanged hellos and handshakes and Clyde and Jason sat down. Sam kicked things off "So Clyde, where are you from?"

"Well honey, I'm from Hotlanta where all the rumors are true, and I got my Bachelor's at Georgia Tech in Finance".

Janie then turned to Jason " How 'bout you Jason? Judging by your (clearing her throat) size, I imagine you played football at some point."

"Very astute Janie, yes I did play in high school and in college, and I finished up my MBA at Duke two years ago and ..."

Nigha interjected "Damn, all that and brains too, your girlfriend is one lucky lady".

"She didn't seem to think so, she cheated with my short, fat roommate".

"Then sweetie, she did you and single women everywhere a HUGE favor!" and she winked at Jason.

He looked at her and smiled "So what about you Nigha? What kind of hand has life dealt you?"

Kim gave him a knowing look and said "Yeah lady, how are Brett, Sean, and Stephen?"

"Well Brett is wonderful as always, and I can't believe that Sean and Stephen will be 11 and 12 in a few months."

'FUCK', he thought, afraid of the answers that were sure to come "Wait a minute, who are these people because I really can't picture you being somebody's mom."

She laughed and said "Well Duke Smarty Pants (as if it were his royal title), I have three men in my life, my sons and their father. So why can't you picture me being somebody's mom?"

"The fact that you have to ask is really cute. Well let's just say, I'm glad my mom didn't look like you when I was growing up. At least I knew that when my friends came over, it wasn't to check out my mom! That would've sucked. I'm sure your sons will be telling you just how much soon enough."

Though he was laughing, inside a little piece of him was dying. Someone else had gotten to her first, and he was the smart one for making sure she wouldn't get away. Nigha's eyes lit up when she spoke of him and Jason was surprised at the twinge of jealousy he felt. He'd just met her and in his mind he would've been fucking her brains out shortly. Damn it, he still wanted to and every time he looked at her, heard her voice and laugh, he was convinced that he would make it happen. Fuck Brett and the kids, Jason was about 95% sure that her husband couldn't give her what he could in the sack. He could make her forget, if only for a few hours.

With each passing day, he'd try to be where she was. He was completely infatuated with her, and she made it worse. He could tell that she liked him too. She started to sit next to him and Clyde in training, and when they would talk, she always looked Jason in the eyes intent on every word he said. When he made her laugh, which she loved to do, sometimes she'd put her hand on his thigh. Once she even commented on how tight they were, and he was flattered that she noticed.

He often wondered how old she was. He was baffled by the fact that she had two children that age and she didn't look a day over 26. The more he thought about it, the hotter it made him that she was two of his fantasies in one; a beautiful brown goddess and an older woman wrapped up in a package hotter than he could've ever imagined. Then he would think of what her husband must've thought when he first met her. He had to have felt the same way: wanting to touch her, to taste her, to have her honey brown legs wrapped around him as he made her his. Jason hated him and wanted to be him at the same time. Her husband got to see those perfect curves in all their glory, he got to fuck the hell out of her daily, he got to see that plump ass free from the pants and skirts that hugged it so closely. Did he get to fuck that ass? Jason sure as hell would, and was determined to wear her down until he got the chance. She'd be his in a way she could never be Brett's. The constant thought of her was driving him insane.

After the completion of their lengthy training, he was pleased to find that his office was right next to hers, separated only by panes of glass. He could check her out daily and they'd gotten quite friendly, so it would be easy to stay that way. He'd find excuses to get her to help him out with something. She was brilliant, always willing to help anyone, and when she'd lean over him to point something out, he could "accidentally" brush across her breast, or just enjoy the scent of her. Once, he couldn't help but to reach out and touch her hair. It was so beautiful and shiny, and it felt like the most luxurious thing he'd ever touched. Mink and chinchilla had nothing on Nigha's mane, he imagined people lining up to buy coats and stoles made of it, it was that fabulous. It smelled just as awesome, like peaches and fine ass woman. He wanted her to like him, more than she obviously did already. He would hit on her at times, playfully of course, so she couldn't help but think of him. Jason decided to put a plan into action; he couldn't let her go, he didn't even want to. He wanted her to want him as much as he wanted her.

They went to lunch one day, just the two of them. He decided to find out just what she really thought of him.

"Nigha, I lost another one. What is wrong with me?"

He read the shock in her face "Sweetie, I don't know where you find these losers. They've got to be insane to let you get away!"

"I love spending time with you Nigha; you always make me feel better. Does your husband know how lucky he is? You know, I really wish he didn't" he said with a wink.

She smiled and winked back at him "Jason, he tells me he loves me and that I'm beautiful every day. He's a great father and my best friend. We've had our ups and downs, but we were made for each other. If you stop wasting your time with these idiotic girls you seem to keep hooking up with, you could find that too. You don't call on a girl to do a woman's work! You're a great guy and you deserve it."

"It's easy to tell you you're beautiful, but does he tell you that you're the hottest thing walking around on those legs that go on for days? When I find that girl, I hope I feel that way about her."

"Jason, you're smart, funny, not to mention fucking gorgeous. You're like the epitome of that whole Tall, Dark, and Handsome thing. You could have anyone you want. Hell, if I'd met you before Brett...who knows" she said with that super sexy grin.

That's another thing he loved about her. She was not shy about saying what was on her mind. It was like being with one of the guys, only way more fun to look at. Now he knew that she thought he was good looking, no; make that "fucking gorgeous."

"Nigha, does your husband know that you talk to me that way? Married women shouldn't talk to young single guys like that" he teased.

"I talk to people the way that I think they can handle. With my friends I just let it all out, and I'm usually more comfortable with guys because we speak the same language. I'm really a super macho gay guy trapped in a woman's curvy body, which works well for me!" she said with a laugh. "He loves that about me and he knows that I'm going to be me. We both look at other people, we're married not dead. But as long as that looking doesn't lead to touching, we're fine. I know what he likes, and he knows what I like, but we love each other and that's the important thing."

"So, say you were friends with someone and you became attracted to them. Would that change the way you were around them?" he asked knowing that she'd be brutally honest in her answer.

"Well, Jason I'm very attracted to you, I have been since the first day I met you. I'm attracted to most of my guy friends. If you look at them, they're all just different variations of the same guy. Tall, dark hair, built, that's how I like them, no matter the color of the skin. Strong sexual chemistry is a part of most of my male friendships, but I love my husband, so all I'll ever be with any of them is a really good friend that cares and they're cool with that. I'm that friend that will give it to them straight, but with a female perspective. I've been told that it's a cool thing to have insider's tips when they're trolling for booty. Just like you and me" she laughed and touched his hand.

It was that little exchange that put the final nail in the coffin. He always felt that if she weren't a married woman, then she would've been all over him. He thought he saw her shudder at his 'size' comment and now he knew it wasn't all in his mind. If only she knew what he wanted to do to her. He thought that all her guy friends probably felt the same way, but he just couldn't let it be that way forever.

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