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Jasper’s View



The instructions were clear, Jasper was not to write anymore until he thoroughly read the texts of acceptable writings. His fingers we poised above the keys, sweat ran down his brow and he felt a slight trembling in his legs as he pondered the heresy. Did he dare to ignore the texts, did he dare to take the chance of writing write something differently?

Seeking wisdom he considered the prophets but found himself cramped, confined within the walls they dictated, instead he sat back in his chair, leaned his head to the side and watched as outside of his window the leaves fell from the trees. One by one the red, yellow, brown and green leaves trickled from the sky and all Jasper could do was watch.

That was all Jasper could ever do was watch and then write. He supposed it was the falling leaves, they way they spun in the air, the colors flashing in the light. It seemed that with just the slightest breeze he'd watch the leaves and then it would start.

She was not someone Jasper would consider beautiful, attractive perhaps, in an earthy way. Her hair was very dark and curly, often unkempt. Her face, while delicate, showed a lot of facial hair along her cheeks, heavier above her upper lips and very bushy in her single black eyebrow.

He would see her walk across his yard as the leaves fell around her. Often by the time she reached his door, several of the leaves were tangled in her frizzy curls. Unable to resist her by then, Jasper would open the door to her and let her in.

It was odd for him because he knew what was happening and although the woman seemed the exact opposite of the petite women that he was normally attracted to as she undressed he felt his cock grow. As the woman removed her blouse and bra the thing that drew his attention was the damp, matted hair in her armpits. Normally he'd love to run his tongue through the soft, carefully shaved armpits of his lovers, and yet this dark hair seemed to draw him.

Looking down past her sagging breasts and around the heavy curve of her large stomach, he noticed the trail of hair running down from her belly button and widening as it disappeared into her panties. With her pants off, he could see the dense tufts of hair curling out past the elastic waistband and leg openings.

Remembering the neatly trimmed blond pubis of his current lover, he watched the woman remove her panties and saw the thick patch of dark hair that ran down over her pussy and onto her hairy thighs. As he reached out and ran his hand up her leg, he felt how soft the unshaven hair felt to him. His face brushed against her thighs and as he burrowed in between her legs he felt her hair tickle his nose some.

Slipping his tongue into her pussy, he took a deep breath and immediately tasted and smelled her at the same time. She tasted and smelled of a much needed rain, falling on a drought ravaged soil. Not a repulsive fragrance, but distinctly strong, considering the flowery scent and slightly tangy taste of his girlfriend.

Moving his mouth and tongue up to her clit, Jasper sucked the large knob in between his lips and gently slid his tongue over it as she began to moan and writhe in pleasure. As she came, she clamped her thighs around him and he fought to breath in the dense jungle of her tufts of hair.

When Jasper was able to wrestle out from between her thighs, he'd remove his pants and then move back between her legs. Watching her part the dense thatch of hair, he'd lean forward and see her guide his cock into her pussy. The intimate sensation of warm wetness that surrounded his cock as her hair seemed to caress his balls and pubis had him thrusting himself into her with complete abandon.

As the pleasure jolted through his body and the pressure on his balls intensified he moaned loudly and then pulled his cock form her soft warmth. Her hands quickly grabbed him and stroked his glistening cock as he spurted his white cum into her dark black hair. He continued kneeling above her watching the glistening white globs slowly oozed deep into the black hair.

The woman would then pull on her panties, smearing his cum further into the hair, and then finish getting dressed. She would then kiss him on the forehead and while Jasper rushed into the bathroom retching, she would leave, walking out through his back yard.

Only then could Jasper return to his keyboard and contemplate the heresy. Picturing his girlfriend, his lover, he began to describe her smoothly shaved legs and armpits, her light blonde hair, her neatly trimmed pubis. The words flowed easily from him now as he wrote of his forbidden love, completely hypnotized by the thought of her hairless, naked body.


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